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Found 180 results

  1. Some days I'm not quite sure who I am. In my past I've felt like a different person for each friend I'm around, due to the fact that I try to blend in with groups to avoid standing out and possibly being abandoned. It must be because I haven't talked to as many humans in the past two years as I have in these past two days. Among these friends I feel like I'm acting different ways when certain ones are around. The differences are much more subtle than they used to be, but I can still definitely feel them. I feel like I try too hard to impress people. I tend to think that if I'm boring for even a second then the friend or friends I'm with will get bored of me. So I end up being more of a character than a person, consistently trying to be entertaining. I'm not saying that I'm a boring person or that I don't like being random or entertaining through conversations. Although, I feel like there's a bit more of a serious or perhaps chill side to me that I don't show much. There's just a divide in my brain that won't allow it to appear in front of people, kind of like stage fright. All I want is to feel like one person, the same person. To be the same alone as I am around people. Whether it's being silly, or chill, or excitable, or the Doctor. I just want to know who I am. I don't know how to achieve that, or how long it will take, but it's my goal. To learn how to be a little more human.
  2. Hey all 10 days is a long time at sea. Now i'm back here is my question of the week: considering that Cadence is an Alicorn (former Pegasus) what could be the potential species of the Child/en? Dose alicorn effect the mix, and if it dose could this be the answer to how immortal Alicorns are created eg, Luna & Celestia (or are these two something else). Or It's does not affect the mix so is the likely child/en to be Unicorn & Pegasus the most likely and Earth Pony as the off chance? Give me your thoughts people as I have no clue towards the most plausible answer and as ever there should be a vid up on next Monday as usual. Update as of 31/10/15: happy nightmare night and the vid I have promised may take till wednesday, instead of mon (for those who are concerned) Update as of 3/11/15: here is the vid on this subject enjoy!
  3. So I am late coming into this but I need some time to finish the finale before posting this but what do you guys think about Season 5 as a whole? The writing, the music, the overall quality of this season? I'd say this wasn't too bad of a season, a few episodes a little difficult to stomach but it still had some gems.
  4. Yeah we all remember that certain griffon. But tell me what your thoughts on her are! I personally feel rather neutral towards her (except for that one time she yelled at Flutters, goodness that made me mad). In any case, let 'er rip!
  5. I personally enjoy Trixie for a variety of reasons. I enjoy her confidence, her dominating nature, and that beautiful cape/hat combo. To me she's awesome. What are your thoughts? Do you absolutely despise her, or would you gladly become her personal assistant?
  6. Hello this is gonna be a bit of a weird post from me. So here it goes I've been part of this community for a few months now and in the forums for roughly 2 months you may of seen me around or said hi. I have come to love this community as like none before everyone here has such great input into items and the amount of artistry from many is inspiring and depressing at the same time. You see I'm not artistically gifted I can't draw or sing or make animations etc... But I do have my mind a hive of activity, sometimes annoying as I can not turn it off so It keeps going. Nevertheless I was giving it some thought last night as too what do and what i'm capable of and what I can do is make analysis and theory vids as well as reviews you may of seen them around (I make COH2 tactics vids aswell), and I thought though many might be able to do what I can not everyone does and I do so i'm kinda of a mental artist (sounds like metal patient) anyway now for some self promotion (dignity somewhat dies now) I'm am making a direct appeal to those out there who like the sort of things I do to give me some consideration, or tell a friend of me. I never attempted this for fame or fortune but to leave a hoof print on the world something that would be here after myself (sounds a bit silly) my videos get for me great amount of views anywhere from 10-40 and more on some which is awesome, even 10 people out in the world stop and watch something i made it fills me with pride, but I'd like more of you guys to see it. Anyway I posted this video yesterday and I has some views makes me happy but I'd like you, yes you reading to watch it (ALL OF IT) it's 7 mins and post below your thoughts, on the subject or constructive criticism etc... Anyway here it is and I'm not telling you anything about the contents (it's a surprise) And if you don't watch I'm ok with that It may not be your cup of tea, and I will post it's message in a day or two so people can talk about it.
  7. Ya know what, Brain? One of these days you'll work. One of these days, maybe just for one day, one hour..a minute. Heck, I'd be lucky if it worked for a second. I will gain the ability to think. The question is, what would I think about? The answer? YouTube. Sounds like a strange thing to think about, I know, but I have my reasons. It's been about 10 years since I first discovered my interest in making videos. I'd make home movies and other little comedy bits and such. Over time I found YouTube, and I realized that I could post my stuff online for people to see. My destiny was set. I wanted nothing more than to be a YouTuber. 10 years, 6 collaborating friends, and 8(or more) channels have passed. I've made very little progress. Each channel only doing slightly better than the last, but always lacking consistent views, subscribers, and worst of all, content. I always run into the problem of not having ideas or inspiration for videos. Eventually it evolved into a lack of motivation after my many failed channels. So why do I keep going? Good question....too bad I don't have a good answer. The only thing that keeps me going these days is this feeling in my mind that I do still want to be a YouTuber. I still don't know exactly what content I love making, and I still have problems with inspiration and motivation, but I just know in my heart that YouTube is something I want to do. But why? How!? I don't know. Maybe my brain actually will work for a few minutes some time. And you can bet I'll use every second to try and figure this out, because I'm stumped.
  8. Hey everyone/everypony. I have an OC, but I don't know what to name him and I need some help. He is kind, shy at times, passionate and competitive in video games, likes winning, but enjoys having fun over winning, random and silly with friends, can be self doubt of his abilities when playing a game against someone more talented, he isn't afraid to speak his mind on certain things in a conversation or when somepony is being put down by others. His cutie mark is a video game controller that represents his love and passion for video games.
  9. I'm expecting my house to be burnt, a curse placed on my soul, and multiple hits to be issued on me for saying these things. So I've been thinking. Derpy is REEEEALY popular, like woah. I read up on Derpygate, and from what I read, it was like North Korea threatened to launch missiles... Wait. Maybe it was a side effect of coming into the fandom late, but I never really got into Derpy. I don't hate her, I rarely HATE anything on this show. I just dont like her. I'm fairly indifferent on most things Ditzy, or Muffins. I'll just get right into it: 1) Mainstream. This one is pretty subjective, but I have never been a man to follow the current most turtles follow. I always choose to save the guy no one else chooses in The Walking Dead. I don't like being just another sheep in a herd. I like having the other side in arguments, disagreements, or debates. It makes it interesting and for lack of a better word, more fun. 2)Last in the Gate. I joined the Fandom between Seasons 4 and 5 (but still know way more than some of the bronies I've talked to). I completely missed the graze on Derpy Fields. So I feel I don't have the same "she shaped the fandom" mentality that some veteran bronies may have. 3)The Last Round-up. That f**k took the spotlight from best pony. One of the greatest Applejack episodes was completely overshadowed by some 30 second cameo of Derpy wrecking the joint. The episode was so damn good. One of my favorite episodes to date (dat I Love Lucy reference *squee*) was pretty much forgotten by everyone else. Everytime you look up anything about that episode, at least 75% of the page is filled with "Derpy voice change", "Derpygate", "Derpy Scandal". I. Don't. Care. My apathy towards Derpy might not be so high if not for this one point. So how much do you like Derpy? Do you maybe share similar feelings to her as I do? Have your thoughts be forever memorialized by leaving them below.
  10. When someone hurt your feelings, would you stay positive and show kindness to them~? <3 <3 or show them anger~? T^T Everyone in my school is hurting me~ xDDD But I intend to show kindness and smile~!
  11. So, the finale of Epic Rap Battles of History came out. In case you haven't seen it here it is: Stan Lee VS Jim Henson Personally I really like it except for Stan Lee's voice. I don't know why it just rubs me the wrong way. I do love the way it ends though (no spoiler ) What do you guys think? Could it have been better? Also who would you like to see in an ERB? I don't know why but since season 2 James Bond VS Austin Powers has been one in my mind. Either that or Mark Zuckaberg VS Jonathan Abrams.
  12. My second, and probably last, OC His name is Slei (pronounces slay) Ansuz. Slei is welsh for sly. The main thing with this pony is he's an anti hero type unicorn who's really good with speech (like silver tongue, befriending ponies etc) here's his Character Bio thing if you want the rest of the details details: Attached image is him What do you think? Any improvements possibly?
  13. Which analyst do you find yourself returning to episode after episode, and why? My personal favorite is Gibbontake, he is so quirky and funny. He actually makes me laugh out loud. And he posts videos regularly. However, my actual number 1 spot goes to Antony C, but he hasn't been active recently, so I haven't seen him nearly as much as I'd wish He is so original, and his jokes makes me laugh. His whole character is just funny, he just have this way about him that makes me smile
  14. So some of my car friends get angry with me for filtering, they think it shouldnt be legal in the UK, what are your thoughts on filtering on motorcycles? Filtering: Filtering is the act of passing between stationary or moving traffic on a motorcycle, here is a screenshot of me doing some quite honestly reckless filtering so you get some idea of what it is: (notice i'm passing between cars on left and right) Legality: Filtering is completely legal all across the UK, regardless of if traffic is stationary or not. Some states and parts of Australia have it legalized too, some places only legalize using filtering whilst passing stationary traffic. The way i see it, it helps to keep congestion down in cities and being able to filter without having to worry about breaking the law means that you can get out of dangerous situations much easier, for example there is a video of a motorcyclist who is sat at the back of some traffic because he cant filter past legally, the driver behind doesnt notice him and slams into his back, causing a 4 car pileup. Had that biker been able to filter the crash would have been avoided.
  15. I've been noticing recently that, my feeling and well being, depends lot on my own actions. I try base my actions along my main principals and morals in life, but there are points where you go wrong, I didn't follow my moral and broke my principal. Usually after situations like that I feel more vulnerable on outside material and can't secure myself and my feeling that I have developed through consentration and following my moral. Because of the lack of security on my feeling it starts to go down. I seen that most efficiant way for me to battle against this drain of my feeling and emotion is to let my feeling away and start over from scratch. Basically it means than I spiritually recharge my energy after the drain and go on bad mood, then I convert my feeling into emotion, or words that I share here in my blog post area. That helps lower the pressure and I can start developing the new feeling by following the main principals and listening the sprout of my already growing feeling, and base my actions on those three factors. Then I battle against the feeling who got me into the bad mood situation in my mind and when I can extinguish that aspect out of my mind. My feeling gets more room inside of me. It is hard to maintain the feeling and stay pure because after every broken action I need recharge and start over again. It is one reason why my avatar changes so much, I identify my feeling with my avatar, and attach it into that object so the removing process could be easier if the feeling fails. With this style of thinking and developing the feeling I am able to alter the feelings that are attached into some morals and principles, it takes more time to alter remove and recharge already learned moral or principal, but it needs to be done if I want to grow as a person. Because some principles and morals, might not feel so good anymore after I've thought them for a while. And because of that it is essential for the growth to be able to alter the morals and principles that aren't so strong and if I make a decicion based on those they can fail me and I might need more resources to regain and recharge my feeling from so deep hole.
  16. P-Jay

    Blog number two.

    Well, lookie here, I'm adding on. I've been getting more interested in animation, but in all honestly, thats a lot of work. Hell, that Caliber trot one I did took me like an hour. AND it wasn't that good. But hey, I was a beginner animator back then. I'm still a beginner today, but that's irrelevant information. I've started to realize that I tend to try to focus on my OC's when I roleplay, which is really unfair to others who are roleplaying with me. I've tried to keep it under wraps, but...It still just slips out. I know that roleplays are supposed to be creative stories that everyone contributes to, and therefore, the RP is just as much about them as it is about me. It seems that I haven't quite wrapped my mind around that. But above all that, I should also say that I've just about given up on my FimFics. I don't know why, it just seems so...Fruitless. But enough about bad things, lets talk about how kick-ass my drawings are. granted, almost all the Digital Art I've drawn is usually the help of bases, and I'm not sure if I can even call that art mine, since technically, someone helped. But I will say I was really pleased on how my latest OC Sparren's picture came out: Used a base, of course. But I'm really getting good at traditional art. Hell, I might even get good enough to start my manga when I'm about seventeen years old at the rate I'm at. I'll make sure to include a Hiro picture next time I blog, since his design hasn't really come out, yet, but I do have a few characters in mind. My next entry will be complete information about my manga, which by the way, will be called 'Tourney' for reasons. Remember that name. This was short compared to my last entry, but even so, at least I got around to typing this thing out. This is PeytonJay, ending his second blog entry, signing off. Character Count: 1413
  17. I've been thinking today about how I choose to express myself artistically and came to some personal realizations about some things. So, this blog is aimed at myself, but if it resonates with any of you, that's great; which is why I chose to write this. The MLP fandom is made up of an incredibly talented people and some have pulled their talents together to make a name for this community. There is so much fan music, fan art, and fan fictions out on the web. Being a naturally artistic person myself, I know that I can be a part in adding to this fandom. And I have so far with writing a MLP fan fiction; with more stories that I haven't published. But upon some introspection, I realized that I've abandoned other original endeavors for ready-made ones. What I mean by this is that I have ideas -- original ideas -- that I have just sat on for awhile now in favor of writing or drawing MLP related things. Now, there is nothing wrong with fan works -- at all. But personally, I feel that I have paid way too much attention to it than cultivating other original ideas that I have. And now I know why. It is much easier, for example, to write for pre-made characters that already have their own personality and back-story than it is to make your own. It is much easier, to write in a pre-made world than it is to design your own. For me, I paid more attention to MLP related things, because I didn't know how to create a likable world and characters on my own. And this is mainly because I filtered it through what I see in MLP. How can I make such lovable characters? How can a fashion such an intriguing world? I became intimidated from deviating from what I knew worked; but I also was lazy in putting effort into my ideas as well. I came to the realization that I, in a sense, feared originality. I feared that I couldn't live up to -- or write up to -- what I saw in this show. But this was wrong frame of mind that I didn't know I had until today. I compared and in that comparing I discouraged myself from trying something new. When in reality, I can build a unique world just as intriguing and even more so in its own way. And I can create lovable characters the resonates with the reader. The only true limit is not only my imagination, but the limit that I place upon myself. That's not to say that I won't write fan fictions or draw art -- because I still enjoy doing it. But what it does mean is that from now on, I will pay equal (if not more) attention to my completely original ideas. Again this, of course, is not meant to put anyone down for MLP fan-works. This is personal to me and what I've come to realization about myself. Feel free to comment, if you'd like.
  18. P-Jay


    Well, this is my first time making a blog. I have no idea on what their for, but I'm guessing its like an online diary. So, I'll type in what I would for a diary. I've realized how beneficial sketching out the base of a drawing is, as it makes a huge difference in shape. The change is almost...unsettling. I'm really starting to see just how good I'm getting. Of course, I'm still not past amateur level, yet. But, I would like to believe that I'm better then most kids my age. If I were to, say, go to public school, no doubt I'd be one of the best, if not THE best, artists there. I'm still only drawing manga, and ponies. Which is weird. Someone would think I share a journal with a particularly talented girl. Of course, this excludes my many journals before my discovery of MLP. If I were to take a guess, I'd say I've filled up about ten thick journals with random drawings. Not to mention the countless times I'd doodle on school paper. I miss my ocarina. Funnily enough, I used to have nightmares about breaking it. I guess dreams do come true. But hey, my ocarina's long gone. For about four months, now. But even so...It was the first time I truly treasured something that was inanimate. Of course, my laptop replaced it, more or less. I treasure my laptop just as much. But, wouldn't you know it, I've had a nightmare where the screen ripped. But I'm sure its nothing. Been thinking about plots to the manga I'm gonna make. The best idea I have so far is a world where the human species evolved into three different sub-species, which have divided the world up into three chunks, which they would inhabit. Each species would be alone. As in, you'd be hard pressed to find one type, in another's land. One would be 'Divines' and would be insanely physically strong. Another one would be 'Humans' which would be, well, us. And the third would be insanely smart technicians. Admittedly, I haven't come up with a good 'label' for the third. The idea behind these three species is that they would be dependent on eachother. As in, the divines would hunt for food, the technicians would come up with ways to make that easier. Humans would cook the food. So on, and so forth, with everything from making buildings to developing weapons. Oh, yeah. Theres yet another species thats basically the embodiment of humankind's flaws. And they frequently attack. But the three don't see eye-to-eye on much, besides that they need eachother, so like I said, their species only live with eachother. Here's where it gets crazy. Divines would be insanely physically strong, even though they would never train in their lifetime. Sure, they could get stronger, and train, but their power wouldn't go that much higher. As a quick reference to their power, the stronger of the divines could stop a train with bare hands. Same thing goes for the smart ones. Born smart, could get smarter by studying, but wouldn't get that much smarter. Again, as a reference, a guy about twenty years old would be able to make insanely complex blueprints for a train, in about a couple days. Without ever studying for it. And humans...They got nothing to begin with. Absolutely nothing. But, they can train, and study. And this is where it gets cool: Humans aren't bound by anything. They have no limits. A human could become superior to a divine in terms of strength, but they'd have to work hard. Like I said before, divines hit a cap, and thats it. No more power beyond that. They could train, but it'd change nothing. Same for the smart species. But humans...They could become absolute god-like. If only they would work as hard as they could, around the clock. Ironically, the humans are seen as the weakest of the three. Can ya guess why? If you guessed that they're too lazy to work that hard, you're right. And my manga would be about Hiro, a human, who aspires to be a great warrior. One more thing about my manga, the three species hold a tournament to see who's the best of themselves. Well, the divines and smarts do, anyways. Humans cant really fight that well, so they decided on a presidential thing. Divines fight, to see who's the strongest, and therefore, most worthy of leading them. Smarts do a science-fair-type-deal tournament, and humans vote. A human could enter one of the two tournaments, but...With the way humans are, it's ill-advised. So, yeah. This is my first blog, signing off. Until next time. character count: 3426
  19. For as long as I can remember, music as always made me think of many different things. It often now makes me think of ideas, or perhaps 'scenes' for the world I have been working on for a few years, or anything in between. Pretty vividly too, music is great for that. Music is wonderful for inspiration. Does music make you think of different things while listening to it? Anything in particular? Does a particular music type inspire anything different?
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ask a question and I'll answer it (maybe)
  21. Have you ever looked at your best friend like "I could make him a brony, right now I could do it. But what if he thinks I'm weird? But I could. He might think I'm a freak of nature though... /)'O'(\ what if a show about friendship destroyed out friendship!? Why am I thinking about this!? WHAT IS LIFE!" I've thought that so many times... My area isn't really familiar with bronies though and I'm really scared about my best friend finding out, but on the other end of the spectrum I want him to find out D:
  22. While I'm no stranger to lengthy headcanon's and character analysis, this is the first time I'm doing this in Video form. Love to hear thoughts on the vid, and if you have advice on how to improve presentation or my performance that would be great! Hope you all enjoy!
  23. Hey forum, so one of the first OCs I attempted to make was a unicorn named Royal Script. At the time I wasn't happy with how I drew characters, and never really picked her up after that. So tonight I noticed her old reference sheet on my DA list and decided to give her a redesign. So now she is a deer XD I originally thought to keep her colors but then ended up changing her hair around. It just seemed like there were too many dull pastels and her designs was sort of flat? I was surprised when I added in teal/green hair out of curiosity and ended up with something I liked better. So what do you guys think? I don't generally ask for many opinions about OCs but keep getting stuck in the same color palette loop. There is one section of colors I like and everything ends up being warm naturals or dull pastels, haha. It is getting annoying .-. These were some of the other test colors, and the grey is one that I actually like. However, it feels too stern for her overall character. She is a linguist/translator and travels Equestria in search of the new and exciting.
  24. As title implies, what do you think of the comments section of EQD. Like some of their reactions to stuff and others. Personally, they can be hit or miss. On one hand I can find some funny posts, but on the other hand, there are those people who jump to conclusions and think the show or fandom is dying or something. So discuss away!
  25. Ah yes, Spring is slowly approaching. Almost done with the brisk cold of winter and to the calmer, warming up of Spring. Now in case you haven't figured out yet, Spring is my favorite season. I have my reasons that will care to explain why this season is so special to me compared to the others. For starters, Spring comes right after Winter. Now this might not seem like a good reason but let me explain, Winter is my least favorite. In fact, I hate Winter. It's too cold for me to handle being outside, it gets dark really early, and it feels like this season drags because sometimes, the snow will carry on into the beginning of Spring (I live in Illinois so that's the reason). So when spring hits, it gives me relief that Winter is over and it can finally get warmer. Another reason is that it feels like all the stuff involving me happens in Spring. First off my birthday is in "Spring (April 3rd by the way) so that's one thing I can always look forward to. Also, I became a brony in the beginning of Spring. As of writing this, my bronyversery is next week so yeah. Finally, I joined the forums in Spring which I'm still using to this day. So Spring just feels like a long holiday to me. Finally, it's the perfect balance of weather. It's not so hot that we have to leave the windows open and the fans on and not too cold where I have to stand in below zero weather at the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning. It's got the nice and warm feeling of summer, mixed with a nice breeze leftover from Winter leaving me to just want to prance around outside or take a nice walk. So this is why Spring is so special to me. Well the runny nose caused by seasonal change and me just not caring about school anymore are flaws, I can still enjoy this season from beginning to end.