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Found 180 results

  1. This is a topic I very rarely mention and usually just ignore for the most part. But I have been pondering and it has been on my mind today so I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic and hear others thoughts as well. Back in high school I did not really think much about dating let alone cared about it that much. I did "date" this one girl for what about 3-4 months but it was a joke and I would not even consider that a true relationship whatsoever. But I have been thinking it would be nice to get to know someone and develop a bond with someone where you like each other for who you are regardless of other things. I mean you know what I am say by this. I also believe building a relationship like this with someone takes time. But is seeking love or waiting for love to find you the right way to go about it? Well it is a nice thing to look forward to in the future. I also certainly believe things like this should never be rushed you know? But those are just a few thoughts if mine on the topic. What are your thoughts on love/relationships or just seeking love in general?
  2. So now that season 4 is finally over, what did every one think? Good? Bad? Ugly? A true masterpiece worthy of being remembered for the rest of human existence? Share your thoughts here. There wasn't a thread of this yet, surprisingly, so I thought I'd make one.
  3. All right, I'm in that mood of rambling about stuff again, so here we go. You might have realized from my more recent posts that I have come to some realization that I may have a slight inferiority complex. I try to not feel jealous of others who have done more successful things than me both on the forums and irl, but there is just something in the back of my head just asking, "What have I done that's so great?" When I see how people on here can easily make so many friends well it took me around 2 years to even make one. It's perplexing that I'm even relevant here at all anymore. I may seem nice and friendly on the inside, but on the outside I can actually be pretty angry and cynical. At school, people can inwardly piss me off to the point of anxiousness to get out of there. Online, some posts people make could get me angry to the point of feeling in the bad mood as the thought of it seethes through my brains for a few hours. And don't even get me started on when I play video games. I really do wish I didn't get like this. I'm trying to improve myself as a person, but they still come up every now and then. Leading to me writing a blog like this.
  4. Here are my thoughts on it. Oh, and prepared to be tortured by all the stumbling over my words.
  5. I would like to know your thoughts on working online. Is it worth it? Does it provide you with enough money? Are they all nothing more than scams? If you have an online job or have had experiences with one, feel free to share.
  6. Hello brony community! I'd like you to meet Lime Symphony (my OC) He can be really friendly but also sometimes be too down to want to talk to people. Plays video games but also sings a lot and makes music with all sorts (banging pipes,knocking against wood tapping benches etc). Sorta funny and people usually have a good time around him.He'stly energetic but as mentioned he does have his days where he's down and would rather be alone.he's had a normal life other than only having a father but one time on one of his down days his friends told him he should try playing video games,he did and found out he really enjoyed them.The more he played the more he noticed the music in them and how good it was which inspired him to produce game based music on any level.As long as the music is good he'll mess about with it. Because of this he is very thankful for having the friends he has and has always tried to be there for them. (Thank you to DexteriousWings for helping with the cutie mark)
  7. Seeing as there is another thread of a guy asking foreigners what they think of America, I'd like to create one of Australia. What do you guys think of us?
  8. Hey, guys and gals! I tought of an interesting thought experiment. Would the brony community be the same if the original show was in the style of Equestria girls and the spinoffs were with ponies? The show would still have the incredible writing, animation, humor, characters and all the things we love about it. What do you peeps think?
  9. Seriously, how many cameos are in RR? Let's see if we can name them all! NOTE: I did include the 1st movie cameos as a majority have a bigger part in this movie. And of course, the Mane 6 & Sunset Shimmer do NOT count! Lyra & BonBon Snowflake / Bulk Biceps DJ Pon3 / Vinyl Scratch Octavia CMC Luna & Celestia Gummy (he appears as a plushie in Pinkie's room) Photo Finish Hum!Twilight & Dog!Spike (seen at the end of the credits) Maud Pie Cranky Doodle (in the 'Music To My Ears' short) Diamond Tiara x Silver Spoon
  10. Johnny Test. It's become a pretty infamous show on the internet, and for good reason, it sucks. It's not the worst kids cartoon I've seen *cough*Breadwinners*cough* but it's painfuly mediocre. Akward, stilted flash animation, unlikable characters, repetitive, unorigininal plots, asspulls, and that goddamn whip sound effect. Its about as cookie-cutter as Canadian cartoons get. Canada has given us some great cartoons, this just isn't one of them. There was a point however, where the show was actually kind-of entertaining. When it first aired on Kids' WB, it was a Warner Bros. production co-produced by a Canadian animation studio. It was decently animated, the characters had flaws but they weren't unlikable, and it had a lot of Fairly OddParents' old humor in it. It was far from amazing, but it was watchable. But after the 1st season, WB pulled out of the show's production, and it was picked up by Teletoon, a Canadian equivalent to Cartoon Network, The characters became flanderized to who they are today, the plots became lazier, and they threw out the decent traditional animation of season 1, in favor of cheap, poor quality flash animation. And of course, added obnoxious sound effects like the aforementioned whip. If you have any interest in this show, stick to season 1. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague. What puzzles me, is how the hell this show is STILL on the air.
  11. What if the ponies in Equestria were ponies but they were the ponies picked from an audition to take role in a show meant for colts and fillies across Equestria. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn Twilight isn't really Twilight but an actor for the Equestrian Hollywood who takes sleeping med so she won't miss work. Celestia is a part time actor (Why she isn't featured a lot in the show) because she is actually a big time landscaper for whatever the biggest landscaping crew is in Equestria. Shining Armor isn't really a prince or Cadences husband but a model who so happens to know how to act. His real girl friend is a jealous slinky green pony who latches onto him like a leech, snarling at the other mares trying to get Armors attention. Lol....Whadddyathink mate?
  12. Do you ever feel from time to time when you post on here you get a bad sense that maybe your annoying others possibly? I don't know but I've gotten that feeling from time to time and its only led me to try and just want to lurk more and stay more quiet. I know silence is never misquoted either and well idk this is something thats been on my mind. Maybe others responses and thoughts can be more clarifed I suppose. I'll just have to wait and see for myself perhaps.
  13. What are your thoughts on having to pay for PS plus? (I just recently found out LOL) If there's already an active thread about this, please link me to it.
  14. So, I decided to make what feels like my thousandth thread regarding something to do with computers, which makes me realize how much I really don't know when it comes to computers, even if I know a bit more than the average joe. Anyways, today's topic is on CCleaner! For those of you who aren't aware, CCleaner is to my understanding, a program that goes through your registry and deletes errors and useless junk left in your registry and stuff like that. But as someone who isn't super techsavy or anything, I don't really know the in depth stuff when it comes to CCleaner, and i've heard from others that it can actually mess up your computer. And since again, I don't really know the ins and outs of the program or anything, i really can't say I know either way. So i decided to ask some more knowledgeable people on here about what they think about CCleaner, and if it's a program you use, or would use, or you believe is not a good program to use, and will cause more issues than anything. Feel free to explain yourself, but keep in mind I am not highly knowledgeable when it comes to this, so there is only a certain amount I may understand. Your free to just really discuss Ccleaner in general if you wish. So let the discussion begin!
  15. I think it's about time I randomly pop up again. Don't know if and when I'll be doing any more entries after this one, but we'll see. So anyway, I wanted to talk about the new Borderlands, because I'm assuming a lot of people don't have it yet (I pre-ordered as soon as it was available), and I figure on the off chance someone cares what I think, it might be nice to hear someone's opinion on the game. Or something. Mostly I just want to talk about it. So I will. That said, I'm not very far in, so I can only speak from what I've seen so far. I'd like to eventually make another entry when I've played all the way through, but who knows if I ever will or not. But from what I think so far, the game is pretty damn good. Borderlands 2 left some pretty big shoes to fill, and they didn't disappoint. The addition of laser weapons (essentially in place of E-tech) is pretty interesting, especially since they're counted as they're own weapon type with their own kind of ammo. I haven't seen much of the Cryo element yet, but it seems promising. As for playable characters, I can only really speak for Claptrap, as he's the only one I've played so far. And he's pretty much about as great as you'd expect playing Claptrap to be. His action skill is unpredictable and a lot of fun to mess around with, randomly selecting from a series of different "action packages" that give him various buffs or abilities, and in some cases summon a minion he calls Mini-Trap. His skill trees are pretty diverse, with him being viable either as a support/healer type in a group of players, or a more damage oriented character. A while ago, my friends were joking about having a three Claptrap party because we'd all want to play him, and honestly I think it would actually work pretty well if each went down a different skill tree. The tree I'm going down is based on a variety of "subroutines", one of which is randomly selected upon respawning, or when you run out of frag stacks (which serve no other purpose but that of a timer, although with later skills more stacks can be acquired to maintain a subroutine longer). There is always one (and only one) subroutine active at any given time, and each buffs a certain thing, at the cost of debuffing something else. For many of them, the debuff is general gun damage, which can be problematic, but there are also subroutines for each gun type that buff that type and debuff all others, as well as elemental subroutines that work the same way. Because of the combined buff/debuff, the player is forced to adjust their approach every few minutes to acommodate a new subroutine. Personally, I appreciate that it makes you switch things up and keeps things interesting, although having to keep one of every gun type on hand and rotate them around in my inventory is rather tiresome. Overall, I enjoy it, though some players who prefer a particular style of play may not. The story, I can't say too much about, really, but it's quite promising so far. It's interesting to get a different perspective on some of the characters, especially Handsome Jack. While he's essentially a good guy in this game, you clearly start to see how he ended up going down the slippery slope to being the asshole we all know and love, and you can also see where his constant belief he's the hero and his hatred of bandits come from. Some of the new characters are quite interesting as well, and of course the returning characters are as much fun as they've ever been. I don't know that it's as outright hilarious as Borderlands 2 was, but it's definitely still very, very good. As for visuals and whatnot, it's pretty much the same quality as Borderlands 2, although the landscape is different. Elpis is covered in giant cracks in the ground, which the player often has to jump over. and on the subject of jumping, the O2 kits and their boost mechanic are pretty cool. Slamming down on enemies is very statisfying, and being able to glide around and steer your jumps a little more can come in handy. Playing Claptrap I haven't had to deal with running out of Oxygen (robots don't breathe), but I can see how it might be frustrating. That said, there are no shortage of places to get your oxygen refilled, so it probably isn't too big of an issue unless you abuse the boost feature (which I do, because I don't need to breathe so I can get away with it). Overall, it's a pretty awesome game. I'd pick it up if possible. 9.5/10, I'd say. So there you have it. And now, farewell.
  16. Just some further - but fairly brief - thoughts: It often begins with physical attraction. Love at first sight is largely - if not totally - a fantasy. I was a clopper first, and it took me time to acknowledge my feelings. Once I did, though, I swore off all other women, equine or otherwise. Feelings are scarier than simple physical attraction; they demand much more from a person. Commitment. Devotion. Sometimes heartache. Though they also promise much greater, richer rewards. Before Dashie, my heart was thoroughly broken. I didn't expect to love again, and I wasn't looking for a relationship. It just happened how it did, and I don't think I could change the path and still end up where I have. And there are even some of us that were attracted to the candy-colored equine form from the get-go. We're somehow wired differently than those who like or prefer anthro and humanized. We aren't merely drawn to a personality, we're drawn to the entire woman. And the ponies are women: albeit unconventionally-shaped women. Growing up, most of the girls I crushed on were non-human animated characters. This has always been me, but I took a long, confusing detour through what society considers acceptable or "normal."
  17. I think there's a book section, but I saw no posts and it didn't let me make a topic so, I'm posting here. It seems to me everyone is posting about music, t.v, etc. so I feel a bit out of place (maybe just me). This is meh first topic/thread, so don't leave me hanging :'( I've read some pretty great classics like Call of the Wild, Edgar Allan Poe stories, Great Expecations, The Odyssey, Animal Farm, etc. I guess in highschool, you're required to read the classics (but I still enjoyed them) and next year I'll be rquired to read Rasin in the Sun (I'm also in Pre-AP English). I hope to become an author and write great books, and I figure these Classics were so great that they passed on down to our generation. So what's better to read (and learn from) than the Classics? So, I'm just making this to talk about the Classics of literature, how they influence your writing, what would you reccommend, etc. You can talk about anything on here, about all types of writing(from poetry to screenwriting, everything), just keep the book discussion on stuff you either really love(so much so they're your favorites), and mainly stuff that are considered Classics. Try not to discuss things too "mainstream" or modern. Just some rules: - no manga/anime - Respect and no flaming - try to give feedback, ask questions, make comments, give writing advice, etc. This is gonna be sorta like a "club" thread, so if all goes well, people will reply more and always find something interesting here to talk about - to join this "club", all you have to do is participate regulary, get to know people, and have a good time To "leave", all you have to do is stop posting. - Keep the books discussed PG-14 or lower; if something is past PG(aka Parental Guidance)*, then state so. - Keep discussion PG-13 or lower(no signifigant detail il; be courteous to younger viewers - no advertising - if you wanna have your writing critque, do it at the right time. Do not critque one's writing by posting, but do it by PM - Rules subject to change * = have been changed/modified for better understanding My booklist: Harry Potter series, Nurse Matilda(book that inspired Nanny Mcphee), A Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Time Machine (H.G Wells), The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, 3 Muskateers, etc... I reccommend: The Adventures of Pinocchio--- The original 1883 Italian book, long before all the adaptations. Very good read, and my favorite fairytail, as good if not better than the 1940 movie. (free ebook) or
  18. What are thoughts? Can you control your thoughts? Where they come? Are thoughts in some certain language? Are thoughts pictures, voices, words or are they all them combined or are they something else? Can you clear your mind out of thoughts? What are you actually doing when you are thinking? Can you lie to yourself? Do you ever feel you can't get something out of your head? If so why is that? What is imagination? Does it differ from thoughts? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think thoughts can be very complicated when you start thinking about them also I don't know why but I've started recently thinking in english. Maybe it is because I don't speak much IRL and in internet I use english. When I keep my eyes open It's harder to think as pictures because you are already seeing something. So then I'm basically saying things to myself silently in my mind. I think that is quite easy to control. But When I close my eyes that view comes harder to control, there are so many elements that you have to control and remember how they look like. Sometimes some sound or picture is stuck in my mind it just doesn't go away I don't know why is that. I don't like it because some horror movies are still bugging in my mind and creeping me out. I think there are lots of power in our minds that we are yet to discover.
  19. So I FINALLY got around to seeing this movie after weeks of everyone raving about it and now that I've finally seen it, I can honestly say it lives up to my expectations. Now I'm a little late review this since it's been out for weeks, I've just been busy or sick the last few weekends and the weekend is the only time I can ever go to the movies but better late than never. This movie might seem like a turn off at first with how much of a cash grab it might seem, but once you see it, you get hooked. The best way I can describe it is that it's like first disconcerting mlp, you think it looks like a lame cash grab and it turns out to be excellent. I think what made this movie so awesome for me was how much imagination it had. It did so much creative stuff with legos like user sharks and laser sharks, and even made the weapons and water legos. Everything felt so creative that you feel like a child again playing with toys with little worries in the world. The plot might seem convoluted at first and the cameos might seem pointless, but when you get to the end with the live action kid playing with legos, it makes since why the dialogue seemed childish and the plot was convoluted so it actually makes the movie better. I like how there was a connection with President Business and the kid's father how the father wanted his lego set to be the exact way it was and President Business wanted everything in the world to be orderly. The humor was spot on. They didn't resort to what most kids movies would do and just use toilet humor and dated references. They actually used well thought out, clever jokes. It defiantly makes the film appeal to all audiences. So overall, it's a great film that I'd recommend checking out if you haven't already. I give this movie a 10/10. Not much else to say but, everything is awesome.
  20. Is homosexuality acceptable under a Christian perspective? This is a topic that I found elsewhere from someone else. Now I have a very serious question to other Christian believers out there. Leviticus 20:13 13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Okay let me get this straight gay people should be punished under death right that is what is said. For the longest time I detested gay people and was very closed minded to many things but as of two years past I have really become more open minded to things. Gay people are like anyone else they are human beings wanting to find happiness within' this life. What right does anyone have to strip someone of that right there? Why would a all loving God wish upon death to gay people? That if I start to think about it is pretty sick. Death really people? what condones that? I don't have any problems with gay people should they not have a right to be happy in their life? So please I would really like some feedback on this with honest answers because it is really confusing to me as a Christian to hear this... Thanks
  21. You know that feeling when your busy with how your life's going on right now and you absolutely have to meditate and think about it? Yeah? Well, it probably has a more official name, but i just call it "Think-mode". So when you do your think mode, what exactly do you do to help yourself think better? I just pop a relaxing tune, drink a cup of coffee and doodle, letting ideas and thoughts pop naturally in my mind.
  22. Hello everypony! Before I make a character sheet for my second OC, I'd like your thoughts on her! Name: Destiny Fighter Age: 19/Mare Gender: Female Species: Earth Pony Cutie Mark: A book with a sword in it. It symbolizes her fighting spirit and her special ability to see her friend's destinies when the time comes. Personality: Destiny is an introvert who doesn't talk to anypony unless they talk to her first and they're not in a large crowd. She dislikes talking to ponies in a large crowd. She is a hardy pony who won't cry for anything and won't sugarcoat what she says. She exerts confidence and tries to stay positive despite her hardy manner. She's a solemn pony and often takes things too seriously. Backstory: Destiny has a special ability to dream about the destinies of people close to her when the time comes. She still doesn't know and realize why she gets sudden feelings of deja vu when something happens to her or her friends. Destiny was born in Appaloosa but her family moved to Ponyville for a change of scenery and to work different jobs. Her two Earth pony parents, Freedom Fighter and Harmony Fighter, were caring parents but they were always busy running a small store in in the outskirts of Ponyville, selling weapons to travelers. It didn't matter to Destiny though, since she was a pretty independent pony. Destiny never cared about her schoolwork or her grades. The only thing she cared about was her self-defense classes she took after school. She trained hard, learning defensive and offensive moves in case she got into any trouble. Destiny was a popular pony in school but never even wanted to be. Everypony always said hi to her and always wanted to talk. She always walked in the shadows of the halls and sat in the back, hoping nopony would notice. The only pony she would talk to was Skyla Starfall, her best pony friend. She wasn't as hardy as Destiny, but Destiny loved her to pieces. Skyla was always so nice to her, despite Destiny being a hardy, solemn pony. Destiny earned her cutie mark one day in self-defense class. She was battling one of her classmates, for practice and for fun. She didn't realize she dreamt she was going to kick him in the face last night. She kicked him in the face and he fell over. She got the sudden feeling of deja vu and quit the practice match. She wondered why she got the feeling, since she had never kicked him in the face before. She quickly grabbed a notebook from her saddlebag nearby and scribbled down the feeling. She decided to write down the feeling whenever she experienced deja vu again. She has been experiencing it all her life, she had to figure out what it was. Her cutie mark appeared as she was writing, and she didn't notice until after class. She didn't really care it was there when she found out, it didn't concern her. Today, she carries around her notebook in her saddlebag everywhere she goes. She still records the deja vu feelings and wonders why they come and go, not realizing she dreams about events to come. Thanks in advance! Anypony have any thoughts on her?
  23. This is just kinda a random topic that came to mind, and I just felt like putting out there because I wanted to see what kind of things people would say about it... wait a minute isn't that the reason for like every topic? Maybe I am tired lol. *Ahem* but enough of Zygen getting sidetracked. So as the title suggests this is about teaching yourself to sing, I've been trying to teach myself to sing for a bit, not maybe as much productive practice as I probably should many times, but I want to learn to sing, and while I don't think I could do lessons due to the fact my parents wouldn't pay for it mostlikely, and I am not super comfortable with singing around a professional singer in the first place anyways, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. And try and see how much i could teach myself. I'd like to also say that I play Trumpet for my highschool band, i've been playing that about 5-6 years, so I atleast have some form of musical experience. If it also means anything I recently started trying to teach myself guitar, and that's been going on i'd say around a few weeks. probably a month now. I can't say I've successfully taught myself any instrument on my own though, much less singing, but I've tried to. I've kinda just did some research on the whole thing and tried to find some tips and see how many I'd actually remember and be able to apply. Obviously not all of it may be 100% correct, or I may still be doing certain things incorrectly, but I tried to combine my judgement and the knowledge from my research on the internet to see how much I could learn. And as far as results go I think i've improved, i'm still honestly in my eyes only like half decent at best maybe, But atleast I think i am half decent where as before I'd consider myself pretty bleh. So I've made progress, the question is will I become good? Who knows. I guess that's part of why I made this thread, to see if anyone else has tried to teach themselves to sing, or has done so and maybe succeeded, or if some people have taken lessons, or some people just feel lessons are the only real way to learn to sing, or whatever your thoughts are. Maybe you just want to say that you'd like to learn, or something, although I feel like most people I know would like to be able to sing to some extent. I can say I certainly enjoy singing, of course a lot of times I'm just singing for fun and not really to sound good, requires a lot more focus to sing well ;p. Plus I don't like to sing full out while the rest of my family is home, because I don't want them to think I'm annoying or anything, or just weird idk, or bad or something, not that the rest of my family really has any singing talent themselves(Well my stepdad has some I think, but still.) Anyways enough of me rambling, (You can find plenty of that elsewhere.) Post away on the topic at hand, and have a good day!( Or night depending on what time it is when you read this and where you are and all that ;p.) Edit: I decided to test out my range and if I did everything right my range is something like B2-C5. I'm not entirely sure how super accurate it is, but i'd say it's pretty close, give or take a note I guess. That's without Falsetto.
  24. I saw several lists of loved/hated things. Some days ago I’d set myself the task of drawing up the same one, but I’m stuck with the second part. There are plenty of things I love. My playlist has songs in dozens languages and genres, I like to read about cultures of different nations and countries, and really dig dishes of Mexican, Japanese, American, Italian, and many other cuisines. Some things I love more, some things less, some things I’m not into, and some things I don’t like. But I can’t recall any thing I hate. Being hate-free means being reasonable, cause hatred is always emotional and therefore irrational. For e.g., if y’all hate sumthin’, just come to think of what’s the reason to hating it and, I’m sure, you won’t find any objective grounds for that. But it’s only one thing that makes me feel uneasy- why it’s so much hatred around me? Especially since I live in such country as Russia, where everyone hates something. Perhaps, nowhere I’ve seen so much negative information as in Russian Internet. People hate other cultures, people hate other people, seems like people hate everything, without any rational reason. They hate something just because it is so, not cause it did somethin’ bad to ’em personally. And I just can’t get it. If I would be the same, it wasn’t big deal for me: you hate this, I hate that- we’re all haters of somethin’, ok. But I’m not like them and watching ’em, dreaming ’bout somethin’ like striking New York with nuclear bomb, laying on my shoulders like the weight of the world. Some people may object that love is irrational too. I’d agree with it, but... Love to programming forces me to study it, lovely music supports me and keeps me in the right mood, and love to other cultures impels me to learn more about them and respect people of different nations, even when I don’t understand their habits. Love’s constructive and gives you somethin’ when hatred gives you nothing but self-abasement. Let’s love, not hate; and believe that good always wins over evil. Or at least more often than it seems.
  25. All right, we all know how most Spike episodes are generally not very loved in the fandom so what is your favorite of the bunch since it feels like everyone at least likes one Spike episode of the bunch. One of my favorites is Power Ponies. Just a perfect example of the writers having fun. Another is Equestria Games. Yes, I get that they didn't show the games. But I'm looking at the episode for what it is and not what it could've been which I feel most people have done. Also, I'm surprised it's not that liked. Spike is treated with so much respect and isn't that what a lot of people wanted? I wound't mind if that was pretty much the only criticism I've seen so far. So, discuss away!