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Found 125 results

  1. My first tries on drawing dragons. I don't know if I'll color them. First, a baby dragon. And here's the head of a full frown dragon. The last thing you want to see. Drawn according to a model reference from "Drawing Dragons And Those Who Hunt Them".
  2. so i realy liked this one alot,it took ages to do the backround and the red dots are,,,well i dont know, they just showed up when i scaned it well the turnout is realy nice though,its my second time drawing deadmau5 just so you know it,comment what you like and vote on a scale from 1/10 and yes i know the suit is BLACK cuz i made it BLACK like that
  3. Name: Smoke Fumes Hair: icy blue Pelt: White Eye Color: Deep blue Cutie mark: Smoke (Shrug) Personality:Smart, Experimental Hobbies: Making Medicine, Science, chemistry Occupation: Pharmacist Backstory: (im bad at backstory) Well hope you like it it didnt take long to make, it was a very simple design. Reply, Share, and Scale from 1/10
  4. Here is my OC, Thunderbuns. Guess how she got her cutie mark? She likes broccoli. And probably asparagus. I want to take her into an rp sometime and see how she does.
  5. Hiya, I suppose I wanna share a pony drawing that I've had in progress embarrassingly long time :'D I started it back in December or so and I haven't touched it since. But I think I want to get it started again now. Anyway, here it is so far. I've used a regular mechanical pencil and a 2H graphite so far And plus, I have these two slightly older drawings I did that I still am just so dang proud of and can't help but show off These were also done with just a mech. pencil (HB) and 2H. For some reason I love to be very sparse with my materials in my pony drawings. I do not suggest doing this :'D So, hoefully I will be posting some actual new stuff soon. Thanks for looking!
  6. Okay, a big thanks to @@CamRad18, for this piece of art: I requested art, but left it open for him to do what he pleased, so he shortened my OC's (Mist Chaser) lifespan! all jokes aside thanks Cam, awesome work! From there i decided i wanted to digitalize it...sooo I did XD I took a few screen shots along the way to show how i did it. This is just the quick outline of it, traced off the image. Done on Inkscape. This is it when I had neatened it up (notice the lines are no longer straight and jaggered. from their I moved to Paint tool SAI and coloured it blah blah blah... and this.... Is the final product. Please reply what you think, critisizm is welcom as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE!!! thanks for viewing
  7. It seems everyone's creating an art page these days... ...So like any good bandwagon-er I'm going to make one to. Have some art. (advice for future drawing would be much appreciated) First drawing ever Second drawing ever Fluttershy Sweetie Belle Pinkie Pie (with gas mask!) Derpy Drops the Bass (request) (giant image, here's the link) img-1287325-1-derpy_drops_the_bass_by_camrad18-d5yezj5.jpg Luna is best giraffe (request) The most epic brohoof (request) (another giant picture) the_most_epic_brohoof_by_camrad18-d61dts5.jpg
  8. Yes, I know, some of you have already seen this in my request thread. I posted it here for critique, though. Comment, brohoof, criticize, and for the love of god DON'T EAT THE CUPCAKES!
  9. I don't know who I should draw!! Do you have any suggestions...? The only two rules are that it must be a canon pony (show canon, not headcanon), and they can't be too complicated. No more so than my OC Violet Wisp. Thanks guys. Although, I doubt anyone will read and answer (._.)
  10. A Fluttershy painting I made! I gave her large adorable eyes and she is sitting on a cloud. The photo is kind of dark. I apologize for the low quality photo.
  11. Well, this is my OC! Her name is Kaos Wind, and well, she's pretty cool. This is my first ever time trying very hard to draw well and and to make a pony that I am proud of. I think I did a good job. Constructive criticism would be appreciated and if anyone of you actual artists out there would like to draw her, I would be delighted. And her cutie mark, so you can see it better: And that's Kaos Wind! This is Nightshadow. I have to credit SweetJeans with this one! She's SUCH an amazing artist.
  12. This is an attempt to get back to my roots. i started with lead sketches but now i'm into digital. i have done a few digital pieces so i wanted to see if i helped my free hand any ... so did it i fixed it cant believe i forgot that. thanks for pointing that out and here is a link to my best free hand
  13. So today I started off my Easter picture, I have new pens and thought this would be the perfect time to use them! It's not finished yet, but I thought you guys would like to see my progress. I'll probably end up watercolouring this one. I hope you like how she's looking so far!
  14. So this is a thing I do now... Post a finished request in my request topic and then make a separate one just for criticism of the piece. So comment, brohoof, criticize, get into a flame war over which African mammal would win in a fist fight, or whatever else you choose to do. (Shout out to Blue_Moon for having an excellent taste in princesses)
  15. Hey guys! This is a a request I did for someone a few days back. It's already in my request topic, but I figured I'd make a separate topic for all ya'll to look at this piece specifically. Let the criticism pour forth! (and I'm terribly sorry the picture is so large.)
  16. So, I saw Lost's Art thread ( and decided that it was a pretty nice way to showcase your art on these forums! I've decided to do something similar. I will still make new posts for new drawings, but this is where I'll group all of my drawings together. I hope my tale of improvement will help others get motivated to draw more! Early Work: SRS BSNS (Traditional): SRS BSNS (Digital): Sketches and Sketchdumps
  17. I took a whack at drawing human eyes, since I got an awesome drawing pencil set for Christmas. Let me know what you think! I didn't have an eraser, though, so some mistakes can probably be spotted easily. I opened them in Adobe Ideas, but didn't tamper with them, I promise!
  18. I like the idea that Luna actively creates beautiful starscapes as a part of her duty, we do see several telescopes in Canterlot and in Twilight's treehouse so there is quite a bit of astronomy going on in the pony world.
  19. Sooo..It's been a while since I posted something here, I've got a couple of other drawings somewhere but I guess this is the best one yet (There you go Revenant, finally uploaded your OC xD) This was requested by If you want me to draw something for you, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment, I'm kinda new in this so..yeah xD
  20. Hello! I'm currently in my first year of my 'Diploma of Fine Arts' course at college. My favorite mediums to work with are oil and acrylic paints as well as gouache, soft pastels, oil pastels, willow charcoal and graphite pencil. Here's some of my pony art! For my friend 'Flake Twist' on the UK of Equestria forums. 'Scootaloo' Oil on canvas A small dry point print of AppleJack. (I forgot her freckles! ) A dry point print of my OC 'Brohorn'. Viking Pony. Drawing on a scroll of rice paper, with Japanese Sumi Ink using a bamboo pen that I made myself. Mixed Media Drawing of Human AppleJack. Acrylic and gouache wash on A1 Stonehenge paper, drawn with Japanese Sumi Ink, Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal. Mixed Media Drawing of Ashleigh Ball (voice of AppleJack & Rainbow Dash and vocalist of 'Hey Ocean'). Acrylic and gouache wash on A1 Stonehenge paper, drawn with Japanese Sumi Ink, Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal. Non-Literal Portrait of Ashleigh Ball. Soft Pastels and Willow Charcoal on A1 pastel board.
  21. so yeah, this is the last time I do threesome art, for obvious reasons, sadly Sugar Plum, was hit by a truck and died in the accident, after that, an extremelly cute it hurts anime-thing unknown creature devoured her rests like a wild animal, and now Sugar Plum doesn't exist anymore. If she doesn't exist, therefore, no more threesome traditional art can be done. So you all have been summoned to mourn the memory of Sugar Plum (pffffftt!!! XD). Alrighty, this time I went back to kindergarden, and tried to do my traditional with, yeah!!! crayons! it's been years since I don't use these bad boys. time for the art, critiques are allowed, but I'm not good at coloring and shading, I did the best I could I used Photoshop to adjust some levels and give it the effect of sunset, THIS IMAGE IS NOT EDITED EXCEPT FOR WHAT I MENTIONED BEFORE, so no filters, no layer styles. original piece (I need to use the scanner XD) PD: I'm sorry I forgot to take a pic of the original sketch before coloring if you don't have any idea what "threesome traditional art" is or don't know about the "series", visit my other threads. PART#1: PART#2:
  22. This my OC, Iron Bass. Originally, I created him via the famous Pony Creator by General Zoii on DevArt. (credits there!!) I had the idea, but sadly (like all programs/apps) it had certain limitations as to how he could look. SO! I had a crack at drawing him by myself and this was the result: I would greatly appreciate comments and criticisms (constructive, please), and perhaps some tips for next time around. Thanks
  23. So... as you could probably tell from the title, these are my first few attempts at drawing the characters. Note that I didn't really want to copy the show's style, but rather I wanted to draw them based on the style. Please don't be too harsh... ^Here's Rainbow Dash ^Here's Twilight Sparkle ^...and here's Rarity. So... what do you think?
  24. Some I've made as I've been doing other ponies I'm working on a pony that looks like he has stars all over him it's really a cool looking pony but between working on him I've done these I hope you enjoy them!!
  25. Hey everypony! Since I have never drawn ponies before (I know, it's a shame ) I am going to ask of you what you'd like to see me do to get into it! Since I'm very sure you all are amazing people I hope to make you all happy in return by giving you something you like. While I practice you get something cool! (Don't worry, I'm someone who always does her best, I won't dissapoint!) So please, if you'd like to make a request, please do! I'd be more than happy to draw it FillyRagdoll out~ ps. If you want to know what my art looks like usually, I have a deviantart page ( )