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Found 30 results

  1. We all love "VG Cats" and "8-Bit Theater," but this thread is for the underappreciated web comic artists out there. Let's Ask Violet- It's an interesting series about a college student who opens an advice service. The answers themselves are pretty insightful and can be funny when they need to be, and the characters are fun and likable. You can find the first strip here: I'd put more, but post of the other WCs I enjoy are popular. So, which Webcomics do you feel need more attention?
  2. Have you ever enjoyed a videogame from your childhood, found in the internet, or any good game that you noticed people don't even know about it?That it doesn't have the attention it deserves? As for me: 1 Mario Tennis Power Tour GBA 2 Super Mario World 3 Yoshi's Island GBA 3 Baseball Advance GBA 4 Digimon Battle Spirit 2 GBA 5 Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup GBA 6 Pokemon Pinball GBA 7 Punch Out!!! NES 8 Buck Bumble N64 9 Little Samson NES (OH, specially this one, check it out if you have the chance) (With no specific order)
  3. I just read this fic and it inspired me to write about why I think Fluttershy dosent get enough respect in the fans. 1: she is weak, but she is capable of some really extraordinary feats. She scolded a dragon and stared at a cockatrice. 2: when it comes to her goals, she is as determined as rainbow dash. You never hear her say: 'hey guys lets just give up and go home.' 3: In one my favorite episodes ever, iron will turned her into a monster, but she was able to realize that she was a monster and be assertive in the right way. Not many ponies can do that. 4: in hurricane fluttershy, she was driven to tears and self-pity, but she overcame her feelings of worthlessness and saved cloudsdale! 5: She has done a lot of really cool things without bragging about them. think. When rainbow dash does something amazing, like save the wonderbolts or do a rainboom, she brags about it to everyone and is very boastful. just think about The mysterious mare do well episode. she is bragging in everyponies faces about it. Fluttershy is one of the most humble ponies in the show. she saved all of ponyville from a dragon, saved cloudsdale from a drought, and saved the CMC's lives. she has never once boasted about it. 6: She often sells herself short. She never takes credit for something that was done. there has never been a parade for her, never been an award for her, but she seems fine with that. 7: she keeps falling down but she keeps getting back up. This is the part of her that reminds me most of my life. This reason is mostly mine, but i feel i can relate to her life the most. (faced with many obstacles in daily life) You can tell by now that she is my favorite pony. And I think, besides applejack, she is the most underestimated pony. What do you think of this majestic, but determined creature? and yes, she is the perfect mare, and only the best stallion (mare? I dunno.) deserves her. (Like big macintosh!) aww, they already love each other, see? <3 <3 <3.
  4. I think Scootaloo is a bit under-appreciated by the crew. Think about it: she has yet to have her own episode signifcant role that doesn't involve the other two CMCs. She also hasn't had much interaction yet with Rainbow Dash, who is her idol. It almost kinda saddens me, the other two CMCs have their "role models", in the case of both of their respective older sisters, while we've seen Scoot's interest/interaction with Dash only a few times. As of now, we don't know anything of Scoot's family, so that can keep interesting script ideas shelved for the time being. If anything, I'd like to see some Scoot/Dash interaction, so that can keep that trait of her's alive. I really hope she can become more of an important character in Season 3. Having her own episode would probsbly help, maybe involving her family, or something like that, because at this point, she's probsbly the least plot-interactive member of the CMC. I really hope we see more of her in this upcoming season. (D'awwwww she's so cute! )
  5. This is not about which of the mane 6 has the least screen time. This isn't about the Derpys or Octavias. This is about those minor or background ponies who, in your opinion, don't have nearly enough fans. They may not ever get the kind of attention those other ponies do, but this is where you can show your appreciation for those lesser-known Equestrians.