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Found 4407 results

  1. I decided to try my hoof at making some VHS/vaporwave type art effects and I thought I should share a couple that I have made. Not bad for my firsts. I'm gonna get back into art and post my non-pony artwork here for now on.
  2. Made a signature for a group I recently discovered and I am already loving them. Something I love is something I often make a signature for, so here it be.
  3. So I just started and am getting into the fandom! Having a lot of fun drawing ponies. So far just my OC, Lunar Eclipse, but will see what the future holds!
  4. I'm not very good at drawing as demonstated by the contents here but here are some drawing attempts of non-pony artwork I've made, the less bad ones anyway:
  5. I decided to make a page where I compile all my fursona pics. I will start off with my newest fursona. She is a domestic kitty named Alex. (Warning: These may be borderline slightly suggestive) This first one took me a little while due to the clothing a little. She is in one of her favourite pencil skirts and midriff tops. (if you look closely, she has a pentagram on her top) In this one, she is in one of her favourite open top pentagram swimsuits: This one, she is in one of her favourite Pentagram harnesses. And this one, she is cosplaying as Celeste from Huniepop.
  6. Sometimes I draw non-pony related pictures. Sometimes I like to share them outside my commission shop. Maybe more people will see it beyond a status post. Whatever the case, I felt like making this to share any non-pony art I do. Maybe I'll make one for pony art as well. On a side note, my commissions are always open and I'm willing to draw most things at least once, as long as they're SFW. Link to my commission shop thread below in case anyone might be interested. Midnight's Commission Shop Thread
  7. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart:
  8. I'm not even sure if they are even chibi's cause is my first time drawing them Here's one from a game called Fire Emblem Heroes: Here's one from a anime show call Konohana Kitan:
  9. I REALLY love Rainbow Dash! Next to Pinkie Pie, she's my absolute favorite! Such a feisty attitude and such a tough cookie! BEHOLD MY POORLY DRAWN BACKGROUND!
  10. I'm SO pleased with this, I just wanted to share it with you all <3 I made it myself, by tweaking other pixel bases, and I did and sorted the arms, and made them fit together and everything <3 And them seperate:
  11. Hey guys! This drawing kinda shows how i feel somtimes, and i thought id draw myself as a filly to show it off more. Please let me know what you think Sad Music/Epic By Octavia! http-~~-//
  12. Yesterdays thread: Anyway, as per request of Electrobolt, I drew Twilight Sparkle. I tried to take a closer up picture...meh. I absolutely DETEST the coloring on this. I never should have colored her in the first place, I don't have the right colors. Anyway, please point out the flaws, besides her left back leg... Also, tomorrow I will draw Vinyl Scratch for DJ Clock Work. Hopefully it will be better then this monster...
  13. OKay so this is my first attempt at drawing my favourite pony i hope yu like it lett me know if i should draw more
  14. Only so you know I didn't spend more than 5 min on this pic
  15. Hello there, everyone. After a long time of waiting, I finally got my scanner. Now that I am able to upload my pictures to my computer, I want to share them with you and see what you think. The ones closer to the bottom of the post are the latest ones I drew. Here is a pony version of the avatar I use on most forums. It is a Space Marine Terminator from my chapter. A character I made named Amity Clawhoof
  16. That face of Pinkie's just makes me want to draw it. Now somepony tell the truth!
  17. Yay I made a pony! It is my first attempt and I know I screwed up a little bit with the outline and the shape but whatevs >-< Please don't hate it too much
  18. I am just wondering if the visual art section of non-pony artwork would be the appropriate place to put my photography, or if it would be more appropriate as a blog post? Just for some info on my pictures: they are not just fun pics of friends or updates on what’s going on in my life, they are simply well-planned, serious photos of nature and such. I consider it art, but I just wanted to check that I’m putting it in the appropriate place. Thanks! ~L.G.
  19. gonna start posting here instead of status updates :3!
  20. Just a bit of art I did based on Neptune from the game Hyperdimension; Neptunia Re;Birth 1. First one is of a furry version of Serpah (my take) in her Lady Scarlet Heart form And this one is of her in her casual gear:
  21. Is nothing special is just a snowglobe with random water type pokemons slapped onto it
  22. Here I be again. Back with more of my great(?) signature things. This time I wanted to showcase different sigs that I have made with different bands and musicians in mind, mainly ones that I really enjoy. Gonna share those here with their DeviantArt links. Nero Bellum DeviantArt Link: NoLongerHuman DeviantArt Link: Hocico DeviantArt Link: Static-X DeviantArt Link: SHIV-R DeviantArt Link: Suicide Commando DeviantArt Link: Ludovico Technique DeviantArt Link: Gojira DeviantArt Link: Otep DeviantArt Link: Vitalism DeviantArt Link: Sven Friedrich DeviantArt Link: Nightwish DeviantArt Link: DIO DeviantArt Link:
  23. I drew this a week ago cause I wanted to try color blending technique using prismacolor pencils
  24. Okay I'll admit. I'm not the greatest in drawing cars only because I barely draw them. I thought this was a good first attempt so I thought I'd share.
  25. If the sky is clear after sunset, I'm usually outside with a telescope. Saturn is my favorite planet, so I tend to image it the most with my gear. A storm can be seen near the Polar Hex region in the color image. The monochrome image is in the near Infrared spectrum. Enjoy!