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Found 4395 results

  1. A drawing I finished up today of Luna~ ♥♥ Please let me know what you think!! (The post on my Tumblr->
  2. So I decided to break out the ole trusty crayons and doodle a little. (I only have big sheets of sticky notes so sorry about the lines lol) Here’s rainbow dash flying haha. Lol and my KO doodle as well I guess xD
  3. This was based on a sketch that I drew back in 2015 a month before The Cutie Remark Premiered. The sketch depicted what I imagined what would happen in Season 5 Finale, with Starlight wielding a power greater than Twilight and just kicking her flank in the first half. After the Premiere happened, I never uploaded this and it just collected dust on my hard drive. Well, as I was ridding my laptop of programs and games that I no longer used over the weekend, I stumbled upon it again and out of boredom gave it a little TLC and fixed the anatomy, added shading and a vignette, and gave the crystal on Starlight's staff a glowing effect.
  4. I just started collecting ponies, and I absolutely adore the larger Celestia and Nightmare Moon with their lankier bodies, and I decided I wanna try illustrating the Mane 6 with more of a realistic style, as my favorite type of pony, Alicorns! This is the first one I've done, Applejack, who is my favorite pony. ♥ (Sorry if I mess up formatting- I'm very new. ._.;)
  5. This is a portrait of a carbon nanofiber robot dragon I drew with a mouse, the lighting is pretty accurate on the carbon nanofibers used on the robot (I have a carbon fiber skateboard) so hope you guys like it. resolution: 640x480
  6. Yo dudes, did a little doodle of twilight in my notebook for history of psych. Hope you dig it!
  7. Here's my oc, Bluebell, with her adoptive mother, Sunset Shimmer. Thought I share this cute moment.
  8. i just wrote a story today, about how Crystal Frost learned to fly. and i just finished her illustration with the baby bird... hope you like the image and enjoy the read.. more to come Crystals dragon Father refuses to teach his daughter to fly, he needs her to stay out of sight to be safe. Not teaching her to fly keeps her grounded and gives him less to worry about... While her fathers is away catching their dinner Crystal wanders off into the woods. The warmth of the sun shining bright, the beautiful new smell of the clean forest, after a lovely small light shower, Crystal walks into the thick forest,, she hears chirping sound coming from a very tall tree, Curious on what it is, she tries to climb the tree, after many falls and a few bruises, being stubborn refusing to give up. She finally reaches the branch. The chirping sound chattery grew loud, coming from a nest. On a think branch on the tree Baby birds. Five baby birds. Overjoyed and happy to see the creatures. She lays down on the branch to watch the baby birds, being very still and quite hoping not to scare them off.. Flap flap flap, the baby birds in excitement quickly flocked to the bigger bird, the bird open its beak to feed her baby birds, crystals expression quickly changed from a happy smile, to a gross look. Yuck... How can they eat that stuff... However the baby birds seem to like it.. She was relieved she was not a baby bird... The big bird flies off, while the baby birds continue to chatter and chirp.. Worried that the baby birds might fall and get hurt, she stays behind to keep an eye on the baby birds.. Growl, feeling hungry, she looks around for some food. up above her head she sees a big shiny red apple. She slowly and quietly stand up on her hine hoofs trying not to make a sound, grabs at the apple with her mouth, quickly yet quietly goes back to laying down on the branch.. .Munch, munch munch, crunch, eating her snack. she looks back at the nest, one two three four...! Where is the fifth baby bird, looking quickly past the nest she finds the missing baby bird on the edge of the branch, tiny wings spread out, chipping happily, bobbing up and down, Freaking out and not thinking she quickly spings into action to catch the baby bird, only to find herself falling from the tree, afraid she closes her eyes, however suddenly her wings spread open and she find her self flying in the breeze, and coming to a Crash landing in a blueberry bush. Covered in small leaves, broken bush branches, and squished blueberries. She quickly scrambles up, looks in the sky for the baby bird. Tweet Tweet Tweet that sound familiar.. She quickly turns to see the baby bird perched on the broken bush, eating blue berries with her beak.. still hungry, She joins in eating the blueberries... Muzzle covered in blue, full and content, she watches the baby bird, The baby bird lifts his little wings flaps and flies.. Crystal realizing her wings can do the same thing, desides to spend the rest of the day following the baby bird, imitating the birds wing movements , and in the ends learns to fly Excited about what she just learned, she quickly rushes home. the bird perched on a branch watches as she fades off into the deep forest. just getting back , with his catch in a old cloth, crystal cries look what i can do.. she spreads out her wings, flaps them and takes to the sky, does a loop, glides, and lands on her rock.. feeling happy and proud at what she achieved. Seeing his daughter fly for the first time, he frowns, fearful and angary, he lashed out in anger, scolds her for wandering off and tells his Daughter never EVER to fly ever again.. tearful feeling she did something very wrong she promises never to fly again.
  9. Did not get a chance to post this for Valentines day here. I hope you like it! More importantly, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your significant other, if nothing else, at least a large bowl of ice cream Thanks for your support! DA Link:
  10. She loves her newborn baby so much... It just breaks her heart that she can not be with her baby, worried what her father might do to her baby, if he finds out, she gives her to her father Night Wing to raise on his own.. she feels this is the only way to keep their baby safe..
  11. Crystal Frost and Night Wing had a little bundle of joy, a newborn baby girl, they named her Star Shine, they chosen this name, because she was born in the clouds under a starry sky late at night. .. When she was born, she had a birth mark of a star on her right cheek, and she also was born with a cutie mark.. This has never happened in the history of Equestrian. than again, never was 3 bloods mixed into one.. Dragon, Pony, Bat... Crystal afraid what her father might do, gave their daughter to Night Wing to care for and raise on his own, Night Wing Pleads with Crystal to come with him and they could raise their daughter together.. Tearful and fearful of what her father would do to him, to their child, and afraid to the Danger and Destruction he will put upon Equestria ''I can't, i have to stay here in the outlands, it is the only way Equestria will be safe... '' she holds their newborn baby girl, eyes full of water as tears fall on their newborn child, she sobs... Night Wing wraps his wing around her trying to give her comfort..''If you will not come with me and Star Shine we will stay here with you'' .. Crystal Worried ''NO! you do not understand , my father does not know about you, and if he sees you around, you will... he will..''. so full of emotion she did not even have the heart to finish the sentence... "Please this is not about you, or me ,'' Feeling that her father would do harm to their daughter,'' It is about Star Shine, doing what is best for her,'' Seeing Crystal so full of hurt,, trying to stay as strong for the both of them, doing the best at keeping control of his emotions agrees to care for their daughter, alone... "we can always come to visit.'' Crystal Choked up ''Please it's not safe here, you and Star Shine will be in danger.'' Thinking back to an episode, of her young childhood, pony poachers were venturing in outlands. Looking for some rare creatures, to capture and sell over seas to a wealthy Camel Prince. Crystal got snagged in one of the poachers traps, Skyler noticing his daughter gone AGAIN, went out looking for his daughter, he sees a camp, with ponies, cages scattered the camp site, he hears the cries coming from his daughter, quickly he swoops down, the Poachers tried to capture the dragon beast, however they ended up being burned alive, Crystal watched in horror as her father destroyed the camp and took the poachers out with flames.. She stays as long as she could with their newborn in her hoofs, Night Wing staying by her side, Wishing she could stay with the love of her life and their daughter. Noticing the moon lowering in the night sky, she gets up hands Star Shine to her father, With her hoof she reaches for her blue ribbon. Unties it from her mane, '' Here, please give it to our daughter,, so that she will remember me,'' he takes the ribbon from her hoof. She turns and flies back to the ground in the outlands, Tears fills his eyes as he watches Crystal fades into the night sky, and disappears into the deep treed forest.. here is a second photo to compare features.. With her parents..
  12. Hey everypony! I'll just be using this thread to update the progress of Cinnamon Rose's first piece Critique is always appreciated!~ First: sketch numuro un! Wanted to show her cutie mark so I put her body in the profile/side view position, and gave her my favourite classic pose: one hoof slightly raised. Made her turn her head to that nice 3/4 view to best show her mane style.
  13. Hey everyone, I just thought I would share the St. Valentine's/Hearts and Hooves day card I made for my boyfriend. So here it is! The base was by applejack002 (as far as I'm aware since that name couldve changed)
  14. In celebration of Valentines Day, I give you Filly Cadence and Colt Shining Armor in love.
  15. Its valentines day and Fluttershy wants You to be her very special somepony!
  16. Uhuhh ijjh kjij nknij m
  17. During the month of November and at Equestria LA, I gave Tara STrong a drawing of her character Twilight Sparkle as Risha Drayen from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since today is Tara Strong's birthday, I have decided to release my drawing of Twilight Sparkle as Risha Drayen. And fun fact: Tara Strong provided the voice of Risha Drayen.
  18. Now I've never actually done MLP fanart before (Other than a drawing of Pinkie Pie on a friend's birthday card). This is my first piece. The train is late. With practice, hopefully I will get better!
  19. Is just a drawing of 2 shiny pokemon's that Chatot sure like's to chat a'lot there
  20. The art dump nobody asked for, But you got anyway. -.- Welcome to my art dump feel free to leave some constructive criticism, Or if you just wanna leave a comment on an oc design or anything really. More ARTZZ! Nearly forgot here's my DA. Hope you like my art.
  21. This is my first actual post on the forum, other than my intro, its been so long since I've been on an internet forum in a long time and I feel like my the first few posts are always the most awkward, So I'm just gonna throw myself in here. So I drew the first iteration of my ponysona in 2014 and decided to try to revamp her since its been about four years (kinda on topic, I haven't used an pen tablet in a LONG time so I'm very out of practice). I was kinda just playing around when designing her while trying to keep hr design familiar to her first. I was seriously just playing around when I was drawing her haha. This is no where close to my best work, and I'm just going to trash this since I have no intention of finishing it, starting from scratch tomorrow. I'm also not going to draw her in this style my next attempt and probably draw her closer to the show's style. I was kinda just drawing her in this style for fun and as a challenge. I still wanted her to see the light of day though, since I think this half baked design still kinda looks cool, especially the hair.