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Found 4407 results

  1. Is a old drawing of a flower that I made up
  2. Hi Everyone! Here is some Art i've made before based on The Lion King
  3. Hey guys! Wanted to share one of the art pieces I worked on while I was on hiatus from the forums! The Rito in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are almost exclusively based off of predatory birds like hawks and falcons, so I wanted to try designing a couple based on completely different kinds of birds! They don’t have names just yet, but I’ll get to that later. Let me know how you like them!
  4. I just finished creating this LEGO Dude Perfect poster to promote my latest product idea. Hope you like it! You can support the idea here: Thanks! - Regal Shadow
  5. I'm starting to get back into watercolors again! I want to show my recent work to you all. Feel free to tell me what you think. I'm also doing commissions on GoFundMe to help the people of Wuhan, China. I'm prepared to draw and paint all next month. This is my most recent work that isn't a commission. I wanted to go with something simple but colorful and nature themed. I do all sorts of stuff though! Plants, abstract and animals are my strongest points.
  6. And I sometimes draw whenever I'm up for it. I like to draw cute things and fanart things, more specifically. For example... (pardon the giant images i'll find a way to fix that, eheheh) Sometimes I like redrawing old relics from the past, like these two. Before, both from 2014 (not for the fainthearted) After, both from this year I still got a long way to go, especially with human proportions and proper colouring, but generally speaking I have more confidence with drawing now than what I did 4 years ago. I'll be using this thread as a dumping ground for art that I'm happy with. Feel free to give advice, or just look, or whatever
  7. Just a bunch of artworks I have done recently; It ain't much, but it's enough. Will upload new ones here within time.
  8. I really want my next tattoo to be TLoZ related so I drew up this Link in ink... I love how it rhymes lol.
  9. Just a little something that I got inspired by a old game that no one ever heard about The first on is a yellow rose and the second one is 2 red roses with a huge water lily on top of them and also is my first time drawing flowers to sooo....yep...
  10. I was messing around with my Black Friday Week camera and took a picture of the moon. There was a little bit of a process but it turned out pretty good!
  11. I was trying out a new coloring and lining style and really like how these turned out. For this i used Clip Studio, an xp-pen artist 16 monitor and my HP laptop. If you're looking for software I can really recommend Clip Studio! Out of all I tried it's by far my favorite.
  12. I've been thinking of a place to put sketches and stuff. This place'll do. Here are some monsters I'm working on for my fantasy setting: The Ray Wyrm, an aquatic species of winged serpent. Hags. Powerful, sorcerous fey creatures that resemble twisted old crones. A variety of mortal races. Not to scale. Angels. Celestial servants of one of the setting's gods. Said to be the returning souls of dead mortals, still hungry for righteous glory. And on a completely unrelated note, this custom pokémon that I made (but never finished) for a competition.
  13. I have decided to open this gallery to exhibit my art (Original or Fan Art), where I will be uploading works periodically ... in case you want a commission do not forget to visit my store here on the page. List of prices (Click here) without more to say I present some of my works (as well as work for other people.) I hope you like it if you have opinions or criticisms do not forget to comment, for direct contact do not forget to send a private message! Many kisses and hugs for everyone! PD: do not forget to follow me on: Tumblr Deviantart (for ponys) Deviantart (personal) Twitter If anyone is interested in support me, you can do it from Patreon or from the Ko-fi website, I would be very grateful As I said I will upload more drawings periodically, as well as commissions, a greeting and I hope you enjoy them!
  14. Thanks to the wonderful denizens of these lovely forums, I have been introduced to Hazbin Hotel and instantly I am hooked. The pilot is amazing and one can say it was obsession at first sight. With obsession, comes signatures! Yes indeedy! Below I will list the signatures I have done for this and the links of their upload on my Deviant Art. I will be making more of course. Alastor Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Angel Dust Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Charlie Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Vaggie Deviant Art Link: Sir Pentious Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Husker Deviant Art Link: Deviant Art Link: Tom Trench Deviant Art Link: Cherri Bomb Deviant Art Link:
  15. Welcome to my Edit/Art Gallery! So basically, I do a bunch of art and Gacha Life edits. And I'd like to have feedback on them, or something. So I've decided to post them here on the forums! My Style I use varying styles which can be seen in this gallery! ^^ Most of my styles are simple, yet some of them took hours to finish. Some of which I think are better than the others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Miscellaneous Information I'm currently working on backgrounds as I am horrid at those. Note(s): I have a deviantArt and Instagram account where I also post my artwork. Request Info O.O If you're interested in a request/art trade, do not hesitate to PM me here or on Discord (preferably Discord) My discord username is McFlurryMaddie#7197 Requests are currently closed as I am juggling 3 spinel O/C redesigns for someone on dA and not forgetting school hours and stuff. Gallery: Original Art QwQ Gacha Life/Edit Pony Artwork
  16. It took me ages but I finally finished this tmnt artwork.
  17. Prologue Prologue Earth, once a warm tropical planet teaming with a variety of creatures. Struck by a large mystic space rock, shattering to a blue powder dust. Spreading upon the lands and sea, ascending the planet into pure darkness. The temperature of the planet began to drop. Food became scarce. Devastating most of the creatures to Extinction. The Clydesdales, one of the lucky surviving species. First to experience the side effects of the mystic blue dust. Their mare's giving birth to furrier foal's. The newborns development stages spanning out taking much longer to grow from foal to adult. Their bodies sender, coats thicker. Manes and tails growing much longer. Severing from their ancestors, evolving into a new breed called the clyonies... The new species quickly advanced from their primitive state. Developing the ability to speak, and think. Forming tribes, setting rules. Yet the effects continued further down their gene pool. Some of the clyony mare’s giving birth to foals with strange deformities. A single horn sticking out of their head, ( Unidale ), or bird-like wings a little below the shoulder ( Clyasus ). Fearing the deformed foals to be an omen of bad luck. They were abandoned into the wild. Some chose to conceal their foals birth defects. Few years later, some discovered their offspring to wield magical powers. Fearing their foals tainted with evil witchcraft. Luring them into the woods, only to put an end to their lives. Some clyonies grew curious. Wondering, what became of the outcast. Eager for answers, leaving their tribes. Never to be heard of, or seen again. It was unknown if any other creatures began to evolve into a more advanced species. However, one thing is for sure. Life on the planet will always find a way to adapt and survive. Author and Artist : Laurie Ann Garland
  18. So what do you think about it??? OwO is my drawing been improving?? o-o Is a old drawing I know x-x
  19. The individual states themselves are far too often lumped together into the generic mass of "USA". We are always summed up by one flag, one anthem, one government, even though each state has its own individuality. So I am making this new series of signatures. With these, you can express the pride you have for your state, standing up for its individuality. Don't be a statistic that's lumped into the mass, embrace your state! As I make more I will of course add them to this thread. Tell me your state below if you wish, always looking for suggestions on which ones to go for first. DeviantArt links will be provided with them. Indiana DeviantArt Link: New York DeviantArt Link: California DeviantArt Link: Illinois DeviantArt Link: Wisconsin DeviantArt Link: Washington DeviantArt Link: Florida DeviantArt Link: Pennsylvania DeviantArt Link: Texas DeviantArt Link: Michigan DeviantArt Link: Ohio DeviantArt Link: Arizona DeviantArt Link: Alaska DeviantArt Link: Washington D.C. DeviantArt Link:
  20. So I draw stuff other than ponies so I wanted to draw to show it First up is this cat I made for a design contest basically the person had certain elements that they liked so I took the space, magical, night, and day parts they liked and made this. I love it! This is an older piece from July that I made with Ibis Paint. I experimented a lot and I will probably do a redraw in the future but in the meantime "Cat Sinatra" And finally a piece I made in May for a school project! We were supposed to draw a dragon since we were reading Journey of the Dawn Treader in my religion class so I made this
  21. Here is a character I made long ago, at the best of my ability (witch is not much I know) for any RP of Game of Thrones, Arda world (Tolkien Works) or any medieval world witch I could RP, but then again, back then I had hopes to find a partner that would agree to this piece of crap XD
  22. Started drawing a new comic, I'm still learning and practicing so some of these will be rough looking or at least eye bleed on the colors. But I'm proud of them still.
  23. Fanart for the best youtuber on the planet
  24. Cover Done... Chapters in Edit Mode, Yes it has a Prologue... I Promotion Scenes by Alex Blue Bird and I. Chapter 3. The Miracle Foal. I will be adding touch up's. ( Forest , Juliette, Their Foal, Blossom ) Coming Soon Chapter 9. Where did the Time Go Illustration. Chapter 11 The Wild Untamed Forest ( Blossom -Clyony, Skyler - Dragon ) Chapter 13 Ried Work in Progress ( Amos, Ried, Blossom ) Coming soon Chapter 17 Graduation Day Illustration. Coming soon Chapter 27 Diving Towards Freedom Illustration. Chapter 23. Battle over Blossom ( Amos - Unidale, Blossom - Clyony, Skyler - Dragon ) Coming Soon Chapter 31 The Last Dance illustration. Coming soon Chapter 33 The Last Breath New Life Illustration. Are there any request on which chapter you like to see an Illustration from? I'm open to suggestions. Personally if I had it my way I will have an illustration for all chapters including prologue. What do you think of the Progress so Far. Laurie Ann Garland