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Found 4396 results

  1. These are some drawings I made for my SU centered (somewhat ask?) Blog 💕 for one of them I used real peridot as I am a mineral collector. That's what actually made me watch the show in the first place lol
  2. Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my SFM artwork here that i've made so far. I'm only gonna share a few, but I will update this with more as I make some. The first one is called Hugging Jewel. It's basically my engineer hugging Jewel, as they're brother and sister. Next up is Amalgam Crisis, the first of many artworks for it, though.This is us 3 meeting Inkfeather, a fusion of both me and Jewel. And the last one i'll be sharing for now (At least until I edit this and add more) is called Infiltration. Me, Jewel, and Skystar are infiltrating a prison to break out an important contact.
  3. Some shots from the past month. This'll probably be hard to load but Facebook compresses it rather harshly so it's probably okay. Sony A6300 with a cheap 16-55mm OSS lens Some are cropped and edited in Photoshop, others are not.
  4. This is a Google Doc containing most of my more recent art, particularly art done on ProCreate (but also containing a piece done on Notability, as well as several traditional sketches). It was originally created for my friends to view, so ignore any parts that look like would have been addressed to them. However, since it’s on view, you should be unable to view any Google users with access to the document. The dragons here are not dragons from My Little Pony. There is a pony section, though. ((I painstakingly made sure there is no personal information contained in the document.)) ((Please let me know if this is not permitted or otherwise breaks the rules.))
  5. One of my favorite shows of all time, so of course I have made signatures for it. I want to make more, assuming what I am doing is actually good. I will never truly know with me. Anyways, here's some Attack On Titan signatures I have made. As always I will provide my Deviant Art links with them as well. These will be ordered from newest to oldest. And this was the first one I made.
  6. So, I've been making a ton of pixel art and Perler Bead artwork lately, both pony and non-pony, so I figured I'd make a topic to keep it all in one place so everyone can see it. Non-Pony Pony Related
  7. I am in need for a character and background designer for a future film project I am gong to make. The designers will receive full credit for the positions, and art in the credits of the film. I'll show the volunteer the artwork of the characters once they are done. That is all for now.
  8. Hello, I've been meaning to post this art on here for a while now... I know it's not very good but I hope y'all enjoy!!! I'm currently working on something, I'll try posting it when it's done!!!
  9. Some sprite edits(1st&4th), commissions, and stuff I did for myself that I like. P sure this is where this sort of thing belongs? Rendering teeth is stupid satisfying. The stuff at the end is from the haunted house I work at. Yes I do have permission from them to put up the pic. Its 3d. Its awesome. If you live in upstate NY you should check it out. Pls dont yell at me, I cant remember how to make stuff into spoilers. Critique is chill.
  10. The Official Cover the First Novel in the Series.. Font Title choice for my entire Novel series.. AmperZand font creator AJ Pagli Partner for all novel cover designs and professional Illustrations. Alex Blue Bird. Her personal signature is displayed on the cover. I'm the owner of the Copyrighted Characters.. Decided to print my own name on the cover. Update on Novel Writing Process. Novel series Title’s so far....... 1.) Blossom and a Dragon 2.) The Story of Crystal 3.) Challenges of a Father 4.) Crystal Returns 5.) Family Unity Tragedy Shatters 6.) Journey Beyond Kingdoms 7.) Shattered Trust 8.) Star and The Dragon 9.) The Final Battle 10.) The Truth Will set you Free 11.) Christopher’s Sunshine 12.) Visions of the Blind 13.) Forbidden Flames 14.) Struggle For Survival 15.) Burden of Truth The rest of the Planned novels need their titles completed.. Planning to write more chapters tonight and in the morning. .........Sneak Peek From Chapter eight.......... Juliette.'' I can't lie to you Forest. I'm upset you gave the crib away. However I understand why you did. Timber had a lot of Family heirlooms in his home. passed down 4 generations. All sadly perished in the flames. Anna showed me some beautiful Quilts. Hoofed stitched by his great great grandmother. She was very talented in embroidery. Her fine skill was the envy in the day.'' Pausing for a moment.''I'm happy you chosen them to give our hoof-crafted crib too Timber and his family.'' Forest looking up .''You are?'' Juliette smiling.''Yes, Timber and their family take family heirlooms and treasures very seriously. With the crib in their care. It will be hooved down their family tree. for future generations to use, care for and treasure. Knowing our crib will hold many babies throughout the years. Makes me very happy indeed.'' Looking back at her husband .'' However, you still not off the hook that easily. You made a promise to hoof-craft a crib for our baby.'' Winking at him.'' You got two months left. So you better hurry before the baby arrives.'' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Surprises on the way. Will update you all once the novel is fully written, edited and ready for publishing.
  11. I've been recently getting into Apex Legends, so I decided to make an art topic for it. My first drawing was of Bloodhound (aka my main legend)
  12. I'm back on the forums again after a few years of hard thought and spending time on self-improvement and constructive endeavors like improving my art so I'd thought I'd post some in a brand new thread (mods forgive me if the clothed and obscured pin-ups are against the rules. I'll edit the post if they are)
  13. I just want to Publically Thank You all on the MLP Form. You all been a Big Help to push and Shove, even go Way over and Beyond to take the time to read and respond in my posts. Its people like You, not me, who helped make this dream a Reality. A Special Thank You to one of our Fellow Members on this Form '' Key Sharkz'' for helping me into pointing out what I was doing wrong all along, and gave me clarity and advice on what I needed to do. And so in Honor of Key Sharkz and All the Amazing People on the MLP Forms I come to you with exciting news... My Trademark Lawyer did the Detail Search and my Logo Is in the Green Light to Proceed to Be Registered in Canada.. I decided to Trademark the Name too '' The Clyonies '' Yes I plan to Register my Trademark both Word and the Logo in USA too. This will be after I get my Registration number For Canada first. For both Logo and Name The cool Part the Word Clyonies is a Coined Word and On a Trademark Level... ( Fanciful or Coined Marks. A fanciful or coined mark is at the strongest end of the spectrum because it is inherently distinctive. Such a mark consists of a combination of letters that has no meaning; thus, it is an invented word. Examples are GOOGLE for online services, ROLEX for watches, and XEROX for copiers. Since a fanciful or coined mark has no inherent meaning, in the beginning a bigger effort in terms of advertising is necessary in order to educate the public as to the relationship between the invented word and the owner’s product or service. However, these marks enjoy the broadest scope of protection against third-party use. ) Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Furry Creatures called '' The Clyonies '' In Celebration of this Achievement here is an Exclusive Chapter Sample from my Written Novel Series... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Front door swung wide open, racing to the backyard. Finding his father sharpening the blade to his knife. Panic in his voice. Grabbing his back leg, trying to get his attention ''Daddy.. Mommy up stuck.'' Knight Wing, cold cruel tone in his voice' Tiger is not your mommy, Crystal Frost is, and she is dead.'' Christopher, tears in his eyes. ''No.. Mommy stuck.. Need daddy help..'' Knight Wing, placing the knife in the holder, putting it in his saddle pouch. Taking this bow and arrow set swinging the holder over his neck a right shoulder front leg. Christopher begging him to come inside, to help Tiger Lilly bloom get down. Knight Wing ignoring his pleas, walking forward fading in the forests. Christopher consumed in mixed emotions, tears pooled in his eyes, realizing her was the only one who can help Tiger. Quickly going back inside. Closing the door turning around finding the objects, scattered on floor. Scrambling into the kitchen. Finding Tiger standing, back on the floor surrounded by a clutter of objects a few broken dishes on the counter and sink. Christopher feeling responsible.'' mommy sorry mess.'' Tiger Lilly Bloom, using her magic the kitchen all in light blue glow, putting everything back in its place. Hovering the broken dishes, floating them to the garbage pail. The light fading as the final object goes back in place. Looking down at Christopher. His face looking at the floor in shame, Smiling.'' You have some magic powers. Don't you.'' Christopher ears perked up. Listening to her voice, yet unable to look up at her.'' mommy stuck afraid.'' Tiger Sensing He felt his magic put her in danger. Too ashamed to look at her.'' Sitting down on the chair. "'When I was little, my magic was random, it would come and go. I too struggled to understand it . Yes my parents were both Unidales, however my mother had no magical abilities.'' Christopher confused looking up.'' Unidale magic.'' Tiger looking down at him.'' True, all Unidales have magical abilities, however only a rare few wields no power what so ever. Not to worry, even thought she has no magic, she was very good at the tasks of house hold chores, She was even better than my Father when it came to building furniture.'' cupping her hoof over her mouth, as if her father was easdroppin , ''Don't tell him I said that.'' Christopher. Looking up at Tiger.'' promise no tell poppy.'' Going back to her past memories.'' For those who wield magic, they had to figure it out on their own. If you had parents who had magical powers, you were very lucky. At least you have some one to talk to about your hidden powers. They know the challenges, hardship, fears and struggled to understand how to use and control their magical gifts. "' Christopher.'' Poppy help mommy.'' Tiger .'' my father said magic is the lazy way through life. He done everything without it.'' smiling as a childhood memory comes back to her.'' I do remember, going to the park with him. Taking my small red ball with me. Running and kicking the ball. Father was really good at playing the sport. Me... Well... I kept missing and loosing the ball half the time. Pausing for a moment ''yet curious, to quickly find the ball closer than I thought, covered in a Pink glow.''Hearing whistling sound, Quickly turning her head.. Her father pretending not to notice her puzzled expression.'' Once practicing my magic, I ended up floating,my entire body up in the air. I was afraid, i could not stop myself. Desperate I grabbed a tree trunk. Held on for dear life. My Light blue magic quickly faded. I was trapped in the tree. "' Christopher Staring at Tiger, wide eyed, lost in a suspenseful trance, holding on to every word. Tiger noticing the anxious expression on his little face, '' The branch broke, I felt my whole body tumble from the tree. My hooves still clutched to the broken branch, far to fearful to let go. My eyes closed shut tight, tears pooling in them.'' Pausing for a moment.'' Then I opened them. I found myself, floating low to the ground, inside a pink magic light. Right there in front of me was Father.'' Drifting off into that moment in time. Harold Waves.'' Hey look everyone, Raymond magic is girly pink.'' Fading back out.'' The locals started to laugh and make fun of father, calling him horrid names. Tease and taunt him. It got so bad, he sold our home and moved away, to Cloverdale Meadows . We were the only Unidales. In the Village. He left everyone behind, family friends, even his best friend Sheldon. It was not until then, I understood why he never used his magic.'' Tiger looking at the wide eyed child, Trying hard to hold back her tears.'' Yes many creatures can be cruel, however even our own kind can be cold too. To this day he never touched his magic. At the family reunion. Tommy would tease him about it. However he learned not to let anyone get to him anymore, perhaps he regrets leaving everyone behind. Even though he still refuses to use his magic to this day, rest assured if he ever seen anyone in danger, he would let his feeling go, to use his powers to help save a life.'' "'You see Christopher, Magic is not all bad, It can be used for good. And be very helpful at times. True my father still refused to teach me how control and use my powers. And ever since we moved away, I was alone to figure it all out. It wasn't easy, yet I kept trying, never giving up'' Smiling winking at Christopher,'' Perhaps I can help you, with yours.'' Christopher happy smile on his face.'' Yes mommy help magic.'' Straightening the old wind up clock on the wall, noticing the time. ''We better hurry if we want, get to the beach..' Christopher placing his shovel in his pail, picking up the handle in his mouth. Tiger hovering the picnic basket by her side. The two leaving the cottage, on their way to the beach. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Even though I have my own path in life of creation, I'm still going to watch the final season of MLP FIM. And tune in to Watch G5. All Cartoons Rule. The more the Merrier. Hugs Everyone, You are All my Inspiration Laurie Ann Garland
  14. I love drawing. I tend to draw cute and cartoony stuff from games, TV shows and anime. Here is some I have drawn in the past.
  15. I was bored and a big fan of my hero academia and I made my own OC based on that show I'm uncomfortable of sharing my drawings.
  16. I'm not very good at drawing as demonstated by the contents here but here are some drawing attempts of non-pony artwork I've made, the less bad ones anyway:
  17. New siggy. This one turned out alright I think, that is a compliment to myself as far as I'm concerned. It is for From Software's new game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, a game that I am not sure if I am sold on yet. It looks beautiful visually, but I am not sure about the gameplay, from the videos I have seen. Still, I wanted to make a siggy for it. And I did. Here it be: DeviantArt link:
  18. I was designing a few new characters, and one in particular just seemed to jump out at me. May I present Rio the Plush Dragonroo!
  19. Back with more signatures. More gaming related signatures. More Final Fantasy related signatures. Final Fantasy IX was recently released on Xbox One and I have been playing through it and enjoying it quite a lot. So, signatures! Made a couple for the game and may make more over time. As usual I will also provide my Deviant Art links as well. For now, these are what I have: Zidane Tribal Deviant Art link: Vivi Deviant Art link: And that is what I have so far. I think the Vivi sig turned out far better than Zidane's, I may edit that one down the line. Anywho, I may have more to show in the future.
  20. Trains Damaged by German Bombing A GWR pannier tank engine awaits his inevitable scrapping after being nearly missied by a bomb dropped on the yard where he was shunting. You can view on DA here: for a more detailed description of the events in this picture
  21. This is the book cover I made for my Deltarune and FNAF mix book.
  22. Phew! This took me a long time to make. I hope you guys like it! ^^
  23. If you are wondering why I made this piece of art I recently saw another thread on Deviantart exposing bullying and trolling on the platform here is the link to the thread.
  24. Finally been playing Final Fantasy VII again, this time with full intentions to finish it, something I have never done. It brings shame to my gaming honor. So I randomly got into a big FF7 mood and took an old signature I made, twisted it around a bit and made this. It is obviously not perfect by any means. The Cloud animation doesn't look as pristine as I would like but I think overall it still does a decent job. Here is the DeviantArt link itself for those interested:
  25. This is the demon form of my Tristan character for my fan fiction story on Fanfiction. I think this is one of my better drawings than the other ones, but that’s just me. What do you guys think? (Note: he looks like someone from a ninja anime series. Can you guess which one?)