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Found 4393 results

  1. Ahh I've been quite busy with school and commissions, but here are some things I've drawn over my spring break and stuff, and a little while back, too >w<
  2. In case anyone wanted to see it, lol. My OC, but her palette is a bit washed out. Closer to the palette I wanted, lol. And of course, this abomination I'm sure to draw more of.
  3. Hello! I'm Rebecca and it's nice to meet you! I decided to finally make a post on here XD I got a tablet recently and I've been messing around with it! I drew some things with it as well! :3 I hope it looks okay! They're both for my gf X3
  4. What do you think of this piece as a cover for a book or a Movie Poster... Granted I love to give my art a personal touch to it.. The color part of crystal frost I done today, so I decided to make the cover of her story like it adding personal illustrations I done to help it stand out more.. Newbor Youth Adult What do like and or Dislike about it..
  5. Here are more Animal Ponies I been Working on.. More coming soon.
  6. This was something I did in Artrage 5. A simple painting of Alex Jones that is definitely as creepy as his personality. I was suppose to do an assignment as early as next week when it came to doing portraits of anything I choose. So I did this in a flash. What are your thoughts on this disturbing picture of the craziest man in media?
  7. Wanting to differentiate my work from the show's art style, I spent a year experimenting in order to create my own. I borrowed heavily from BerryPAWNCH on DA, and then simplified it down into something that went with my ponies in onesies lines. Here are some examples;
  8. yes this is the Oshawott that i did in 2012. and if you do not like then i understand is bad and i feel bad about it. but if you like it.then that make me feel a little better.
  9. Jhhh jhuhhi nkhjhn ijijjij jbhjn
  10. Randomly saw a pic of Bubbles (a Gen 1 pony) in Google images, I really was looking for a pony to draw this Chistian Doir dress in and thought she was perfect And even after drawing it, I still can't wrap my head around what this hat is trying to accomplish The pony The pose The outfit
  11. UHhuh kjkijjiijoj ijjji
  12. Here She is in all her Grace, Beauty and lovely Elegance, The Queen of Long Heart Stone, put your hoofs together, and give her Highness a warm Welcome, Queen Light Ray...
  13. I was inspired after seeing several characters from overwatch with their hair redone, so here is my take on it with Mercy. She has long hair and fringe bangs. What do you all think?
  14. I'm just gonna dump art that I do in here. Feedback is always helpful, but bear in mind that I don't have a drawing tablet and I'm relatively new to doing this. These are the first few I have. If you would like to see me creating this one:
  15. Hi, I drew again, and it's new OC again. I know there's lot of text, my skills aren't enough for me to tell all that information visually in the little time I have to draw.
  16. Small doodle of my ponysona and me! I hope y’all like it may color at some point
  17. So this is my newest piece. I decided to draw something for a user on my favorite furry forum (yes, I'm a furry) because his picture was pretty much art thieft cause it was just a recolor of someone's art. I took insparation from the image, but id it my own way. I referenced this picture of Tempest from the MLP movie And I used this base as reference for the wing It took forever, but it's so worth it to see his reaction ^^ anyway, here's the piece
  18. "It's cute that y'all think yer the heroes of this li'l adventure, but you ain't. Welcome to Equestria, sugarcube!" Base here.
  19. After months of Procrastination, and a couple of last minute delays, I was finally able to finish this thing. Enjoy some diabetes! This is a remake of If there was a story to go with this, I would have to say that the princesses were temporarily turned back into fillies by Starlight who has to babysit them now. So the princesses decide to have a royal slumber party in the meantime.
  20. I finished a headshot commission recently :0 I hope it looks okay!
  21. The Beautiful yet Deadly Soul Stone.. looks like a Beautiful, Smooth, shiny stone. the pony is lured into holding it into his hoof. as he feels the luscious smoothness, and admires the dark deep colors . He is obsessed to keep it into his hoofs... As his hoof grip tightens, as to not let the stone go, his body starts to adsorb into the stone... The Soul Stone starts to grow and morph into a demon like pony creature, a light orb, the soul of the pony, seen trying to get away, is quickly sucked back to the spirit demon like pony.. then the spirit demon awaken from his slumber fades off into the deep woods, looking for its next victim . The Soul Stone once it is picked up and consumes its first victim, it turns into a Spirit Demon... This spirit demon lives off absorbing the body of its victims and consuming their souls, it has the power to shape shift and it lives among the ponies.., it has the power to possess objects and lure the victims mostly baby ponies and young ponies by possessing their favorite toys. it consumes only Unicorn Earth Pegasus and Alicorns ponies young, old, even expecting Mother's to be as well.. Being a demon he is very crafty, and know how to keep well in hiding.. and how to blend in.. Unlike the Dark Shadow creatures he is immune to the light.. He can go out at day or night. . They have no enemies however they compete with dragons for food, dragons eat ponies however spirit demons need ponies bodies and their souls to survive... there is no known way to defeat a Spirit Demon, however the only way to stop him is to starve him back to his dormant state...when his time runs out to feed, move and live among the living , he is sucked back into the spirit stone there he stays dormant until another pony victim find the stone and is consumed by the stone and the Spirit demon is free to roam and feed... Quick brief story very errie and dark.. Granted this Villain is perfect. Crystal Frost mother is an earth pony, and this misshapen creature stalks her to absorb her body and take her spirit.. he fails in his attempt to consume the expecting earth pony. in the past he took the lives of ponies even the ones that were pregnant, it snarles hissing at her, very hungry, not understand why it can not feed off this pony.. her unborn baby half dragon, immune to the Spirit Demon, is protecting her mother from this dangerous deadly creature.. when the father Dragon Appears it sees the dark vile creature hissing and starling wanting too feed off his love, he attacks it and the creature backs off and slithers back into the woods. and fades. looking for another victim to feed off... Through this vile creature the tale of the pony snatchers is born.
  22. I've decided to //finally// do a meet the artist for myself. One slight problem, I have no idea what to put on/in it. So other than the basics (a drawn picture of myself, likes, dislikes, name, age, gender, country, and height) what do you guy want to see on my meet the artist picture?
  23. Does anybody else get super excited when they're confirmed for a panel at a con then go out and make a bunch of fancy banners to advertise for it? Cuz I do. Here's some examples of what I mean.