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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 4373 results

  1. Hello Everypony, As promised today's article will focus on another setting that will be introduced and used in Equestrian Tales. Today we will be showing you the kingdom of Dream Valley, or as its referred to in the modern stories as Old Canterlot. As some of you know our story dials the clock back over 1000 years into the past of the generation 4 timeline, however we are also using generation 1 as a historical base to bridge into one My Little Pony Universe. With the the idea of bringing back some of the stories from the original generation, and telling the tales of the years before the founding of Equestria we needed a new home location. Unlike FiM where we are in Ponyville, our main cast is out exploring the living, and changing world, returning from time to time, to share what they have learned and add that to the library being created there. Thus we needed a Kingdom that stood out from the others of the time, not torn by hate or race issues that ran its course in this point in history. This kingdom was designed based on the location and design from the original pilot episode from generation one, Rescue at Midnight Castle. The core of the first seasons will take place in Ponyland, the original location of the generation one stories. This is what the original location looked like in the show. This location served as the starting point of the creation of this new city. We took the bay, the rolling hills, the green, and began to redesign the entire landscape. The challenge was to create a living, breathing town, and a kingdom from this location that would serve not only our main casts story, but to be able to use in the second arch that takes place in this kingdom. We couldn't settle for a stand alone castle, we needed to go bigger, and bring the town that would have formed around this castle to life. Ending in the creation of a forth tribe, known as the Kingdom of Harmony in the time before the founding of Equestria. The King Dusk and his wife Dawn ruled this land after the fall of another power that kept the ponies in a forced unity that ended up breaking them up entirely. The royals wanted to create a safe haven for any pony that wanted to live their lives in peace, without the forceful rule of a tyrant, or the hate that followed the end of the former empire. In this time we are basically in the pony dark ages, and to maintain a peaceful kingdom, and the safety of its citizens it also needed to be defensible, something that was never accounted for in the original MLP stories. We needed to recreate the entire design as a functioning, and very real place. Taking in inspiration from real castles around the world to bring together into this new design. These are early concept works of the redesign process of Dream Valley- After a lot of thought and exploring farther into how this kingdom will interact with our story and the world we decided to go with image 3, with the castle on its defensive position looming over a bay, protecting the town and its citizens below. The waterfall adding some needed beauty to the scenes we will be building. Taking this image to color, Ruffu added the needed elements so we could get a better idea of how it would look in the living world, the structure of the castle was nearly the same as the original Dream Castle, adding some more realistic colors and elements to make it look more real. the town sits below that I'll get to shortly, and the forest that lay on its boarders, that will be a main location in the pilot episode. As time went on we needed realized the rather basic design of the old castle was not going to fit well with how we wanted to present the location, and some elements including the waterfall didn't look right what put to some testing. So the location went back to the drawing board, and became the castle that will appear in the story. Here is both first and final location drafts (the bottom being the original design, and the top being the fleshed out version)- The location itself didnt change at all, only the castle was originally touched, building it more like a true castle, adding the extra details, and a proper bridge to better frame the waterfalls. After settling on this design we moved to working on the town itself, that will be used in a number of episodes and stories throughout the intended series. For this we poured over the FiM series digging up every bit of information on the cultures and architecture of the ponies of the time we are trying to show. Most of the design elements for Equestrian Tales comes from the episode, Hearts Warming Eve in season 2, we still framed every frame from the story of the founding of Equestria and brought those elements into the design of not just this, but each of the pony villages, and structures that will be within the world. Here is some of the concept and design artwork from the location, you can also see some of the added elements from the episode within these structures- This is how these elements come together within a scene in the storyboard of the pilot- There you can see some of the different structures working together to create a shot. As time went on and our story began to grow, we developed a unique culture for each of the races represented in this time, the earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi. We wanted to farther expand the idea of the Kingdom of Harmony to showcase these different cultures within one location, showing how they can blend and work together. So the kingdom went back to the drawing board one final time, coming to the design that will appear in the show. Here is the final design of the town- From the base design to the landscape and feel of the town, we wanted this to represent the dream and ideals of not just the rules but the everyday pony aswell, Harmony is a dream the entire kingdom shares, and we wanted this to reflect in the design and soon the color of the setting. This is not just a set piece now, but becoming a living, breathing city with shops like the image above of an herbalist shop , to signs, tree, personal additions to homes, and so much more. We want this to be where Luna and Celestia grew up, and the reason they carry the dreams of their parents with them in the current show. This was the first canterlot, the beginning of the ideal that one day became Equestria, fulfilling their parents dream, Celestia in honor of her family named her capital after the place they were born, where they flew above the mountains dreaming of the day they would rule the land, in Harmony. The stories being told within it will be some of the best moments to come from this series, and we couldnt do less then give it our all to design something that would reflect the beauty characters, the fans, and the world that sparked the idea that became Equestrian Tales. We'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has been here through this long road, and hope you get something out of these articles. We dont want to make money from this, we want to help others reach their dreams, and help as many people as we can along the way. This concludes the article for today, if you'd like to see more articles like this dealing in the design and creative process of animation please leave a comment or a bro, we'd like to bring to you next the process of designing a character from the ground up. If it would be wanted. As always if you have any questions about the design of a setting, or anything else really please leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer. Thank you so much and keep it pony everyone!
  2. BlueBook

    Pony photo madness!

    So I decided to use this base (original maker unknown, but I'll add it when I find out) and make it look like a photo. Since my boyfriend hasn't met the people behind my mane 7, I decided to make it look like he just met some of them lolz. As you can tell, he thinks it's funny that Teeter is crushing my wings XD I put them all in positions that would match their human counterparts personalities. Glass Firework is the photogenic one, Golden Color is the weirdo, TBN the pon that is my boyfriend is laughing cause duh, I'm being crushed of course, and Teeter-Totter is the one crushing me and taking the picture.
  3. Oo, so I'm thinking something more like this:and less like this:
  4. Alpakachii

    Alpakachii's art dump

    Hey Everypony! I decided to put all of my drawings in one place just so they are all together. Im really excited to share more of my drawings here. And Im always happy if I can get some Ideas and Feedback. First one of my favourite villians King Sombra. I really enjoyed drawing him altough the pose is a bit of. but overall I really like how this turned out. next is one is Fluttershy. I wanted to draw soemthing really simple and quick ( I also forgot the coloured line art) but overall I like how it turned out Next is a drawing I spend a ton of time on and Im really proud of it. Rarity is one of my favourites and drawing her was really fun. Altough I had some trouble doing the mane and tail I think it looks good ^-^. also the background was WAY to hard and it took way longer than I expected. But I think its one of my favourites now. ( also what I thought was a wall is a curtain but I hope it doesnt bother anyone) so this is all I have for now and do keep in mind Im new to digital art so there will be a tons of flaws here and there but I hope you like them as much as I do. Bye for now Alpakachii~
  5. Thanks so much for your support on my last piece of Applejack! The next redesign is Rarity!! I'm having a ton of fun drawing these. It's interesting to try and figure out what kind of breed of horse each of the ponies might be! I went with a Clydesdale/pinto type style for Applejack, since she's tough! Rarity, I though she'd be lovely as the a lanky Arabian. If any of you guys are on Tumblr/Instagram, I'd love to follow you! My Tumblr/Instagram I'd really like to have more pony fans to interact with on social media!!
  6. Imartist22

    Lily (art trade)

    I finally finished an Art trade I did with a friend on Instagram! I hope it looks okay >v>
  7. monikakryza

    Morning Belle

    This is part of art, in progres. I'll be done soon. I will show her whole. I wonder what kind of background to give?
  8. BlueBook

    Latest work

    This is for a contest I'm entering on Deviantart :3 I really hope I win! Niji is part of a closed species known as Ice Cream Ponies. Art by me
  9. Hello Everypony, This is Cast Executive Director of Equestrian Tales, we'd like to start bringing to you a small series of behind the scenes visual articles, to help the fans learn how this stuff is done, or simply for anyone thats had an interest to see the process. We have hosted several panels since 2014 on the animation process in hopes of educating others, and sharing a little bit of the fun that goes into our stories For today's example I'd like to use a setting many original generation fans should recognize. Paradise Estate, she was the home of the original cast of ponies fro the generation 1 tv series, and will be returning to the MLP universe within our story. Our pilot and main story begins in the old Ponyland found in the original generation, if your interested in seeing more plans are to post another article tomorrow about the re-imagination of Dream Castle another original location also playing a part in this new series. Hope you enjoy, if you have questions please ask. Lets get into it! First up, for those who have never heard of Paradise Estate, this is the original design and how it looked in generation 1- (sorry for the small image) Firstly our crew wanted to try to preserve the original design and feel of the structure, as well as pay respects to the generation that started all of this. As a team we researched the entire series to find as many shots and angles as we could of this structure, including the toy that gave us a great 3D perspective on the entire building, and its layout. From these our settings designer Ruffu began to draw a few ideas that would start the process of its re imagination. These are the first drawings to come from this process- As you can see the structure is nearly the same as the original design from the TV show, however adapted with the over grown forest and broken elements as our story takes place many years in the future of the generation 1 time line, so we took into account the passage of time, how it would effect a mostly stone structure left unattended or cared for over many many years. In this next image, we decided for the scene in the pilot this structure will first appear in we needed only one of these angles as the rest of the scenes containing this build take place inside it, we picked a zoomed out shot, then added the needed extra elements to it for the scene to play out as we intend it to. Here is an example of the changes to the image, from its original concept drawing- As you can see the image was shaded to bring the depth of growth and how far the forest has invaded the structure, we also added the river in front of the building that will also play a part in part 2 of the pilot episode. This was the final image to be approved before going to coloring, where all the details are added. Here is the fully colored setting- At first we wanted to maintain a direct link to the original show, keeping to the pink colors and blue accents of the structure in the original design, but making aged and broken. This was a once happy home loved and cared for by the ponies, ponies now long gone, we wanted to preserve memories, also have that reflect in the design. This estate is broken, left to time as are the contents inside, a forgotten memory longing for the day ponies return to fill its halls with laughter once again. As much as we loved this design we realized we needed to update it to serve the story being told later in the series, so Paradise Estate went through one final over hall, and redesign. Much of the elements of the original were carried over however we wanted to give it the sense of majesty and beauty that we wanted to represent the characters, creators and fans of the original show. Here is the final design that will appear in the pilot- This is the final design as stated before, combining the elements of the original design, bringing in the river element, the over grown forest, as well as other elements we needed for the animation of this scene. With the intended new animation and design style of the series we needed to up the scale of the design and the colors to reflect as a tribute to the original show. When put with one of the characters the blend and effect convey everything we hoped it would, and will show a small example of what the animation style of this new series will look like once the traditional backgrounds are put with the character rigs. We will not vector these backgrounds, we want to maintain a level of fantasy and an older time, so we wanted to bring in as many traditionally drawn and designed elements as we could to help farther the story we are wanting to tell. Final Design with character Ink Heart as a test subject- This has been a small look at the behind the scenes of creating a setting for an animated production, for each and every setting thats added into the world we spend a great deal of time researching everything from basic architecture to make sure things are looking and operating correctly in animation, to spending hours watching MLP to get everything right, and understand what made it special to the show, and the fans it created. If not for Gen 1 we wouldn't have FiM, mlpforums, and lets face it many of our lives would be pretty different right now, so this is our way of honoring and paying respects to those that came before us, and making sure they are never forgotten. That concludes today's article. If you like the art you have seen here please pop over to our crews site at he has a lot more art then just pony, and we are truly blessed to have him with us for this production. If you have any questions about this process or any others about animation or story production please leave a comment, or fill free to PM me. Tomorrow I'd like to bring to you another article on the development of Dream Castle and the kingdom of Old Canterlot, also based in the original generation. Thank you for your time and hope this helped in some way, these articles will get better as we keep writing them. Keep it Pony everyone.
  10. Felicity505

    This will be a quiz

    Id k why, but mlp forums is telling me I have to fill this in :/
  11. AveryGamerDude

    Sonata Dusk doing a finger twirl

    Picture I drew of Sonata Dusk while I was bored at work. Once I ink it and color it I am probably gonna upload it to deviantART. Though I am scared anti bronies are gonna put it in a cringe compilation... Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
  12. monikakryza

    My new commission: Stith Michael

    This is cat-pony my friend Michael. (WIP) What do you think?
  13. monikakryza

    AntArt -

    Hey! I would like to present you my Reda. This is my first imaginary character. This is my drawing. Cute, creative golden-haired pegasus. Of course he has all the abilities like me. She draws, paints, crochets and sews. Redi is a pegasus that regulates dew in nature. It has a very long golden mane. He loves flowers and looks after them.
  14. honeybuzz

    Happy Derpy Day!!

    A little doodle I did to celebrate Derpy! She's got one of my favorite color schemes.
  15. 5 years later Star Shine is now old enough for school... the story is not ready but I could not resist displaying her art results... Here is a sneak peek of a new character in the works I'm working on... Sun Swirl... art is just so fun... I don't like art. I LOVE ART... More character creations in the works...
  16. RaphLuna

    From Newborn To Teen....

    Ihih hijj injh jnkji jj knni
  17. This is a vector of Twilight Sparkle after obtaining what looked like an ordinary harmless ring that transformed her into one of the feared Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings. The design was inspired by Talion's appearence from the video game Shadow of War, after the 3rd act. This was actually going to be part of a much larger project that had the other eight ringwraiths hooded behind twilight, with a battered and beaten Starlight glimmer and/or mane 5, as the former princess of friendship turns against equestria and brings darkness upon the land. The project was ultimately cancelled because I concluded that it wouldn't be well recieved, and for fear of it being labeled edgy for the sake of being edgy.
  18. SaburoDaimando

    An Underwater Derpy

    I suddenly want to draw Ponies swimming underwater(No drowning at all), so I did this one of Derpy Hooves swimming normally.
  19. Catpone Cerberus

    Miseria (OC)

    Hi, I drew again and guess what, it's new character again. I messed up the hands and forgot to draw scales and whiskers -_- But otherwise I'm satisfied with the end result, and if it isn't clear, head = cat, Body and hands = dragon, Hooves = pony, wings = bat, and tail = lion. I did this in about 6 hours, so it was rushed drawing, mostly because I didn't want to leave it unfinished for a week. I'm not really sure if it's he or she
  20. monikakryza

    Redi & Skradacz

    A little late. But only now do I know this forum. This is me and my boyfriend Krzysztof.
  21. RaphLuna

    d Mini story

    Ygg ihuh ijjiij jknijj jnnkj j
  22. honeybuzz

    A Luna Drawing! ♥

    A drawing I finished up today of Luna~ ♥♥ Please let me know what you think!! (The post on my Tumblr->
  23. iceestarz

    Dashie doodle!

    So I decided to break out the ole trusty crayons and doodle a little. (I only have big sheets of sticky notes so sorry about the lines lol) Here’s rainbow dash flying haha. Lol and my KO doodle as well I guess xD
  24. NomadSpellbrush

    please comment The Failure of Friendship

    This was based on a sketch that I drew back in 2015 a month before The Cutie Remark Premiered. The sketch depicted what I imagined what would happen in Season 5 Finale, with Starlight wielding a power greater than Twilight and just kicking her flank in the first half. After the Premiere happened, I never uploaded this and it just collected dust on my hard drive. Well, as I was ridding my laptop of programs and games that I no longer used over the weekend, I stumbled upon it again and out of boredom gave it a little TLC and fixed the anatomy, added shading and a vignette, and gave the crystal on Starlight's staff a glowing effect.