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Found 4353 results

  1. UBJkuhuh uhuhukh jkhhukhuk jjbukh
  2. bulldozerman185

    Game Cards

    A long time ago, while a friend of mine was playing on an MLP roleplay community ( before it got taken down for copyright claims ), the two of us had come up with the idea to make special cards based on the spells, and even some of the characters, from that RolePlay. From the major characters, to even the most minor of spells, I've made quite a few of these, a total of 82. I can't access the rest of the cards at this point in time; My usual computer that's got the files is out of commission. But when I can, I will definitely post the rest of them here for everyone to see. I CAN provide a link to the website/encyclopedia she was using to archive her RP adventures ( which I will likely start using should a similar RP start up here to keep track of everything ), but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post that link here, so I won't unless I'm told otherwise. I know some of the things these cards say may not make a lot of sense unless you read the information contained on said encyclopedia, so please try to bear with me here. Over half a month of hard work went into this whole thing! Here's 6 of these cards I made. 2 Of them I grabbed off Gmail, the rest were snipped from the website itself. Hence the different sizes of the images.
  3. LonnaKitty


    A commission done just recently I think he looks rather cute in the whale onesie dont you? This was for Demonic Hooves on CA, I dont know if he has an account on here o3o Commissions are open, send PM for inquiries.
  4. Hi, everypony more artwork enjoy!
  5. -Juniper-

    art Fluttershy Portrait

    I just finished this portrait of Fluttershy in one of her outfits from fake it till you make it, here it is haha
  6. rainbowdashacademy


    enjoy this art everypony !
  7. SapphireStar

    Sapphire Star's Second Art Post

    Just uploading a few more things. The comic and the picture of Rarity and Sweetie Belle in Titanic-style dresses were commissions I did over on Derpibooru. The one of Pinkie was just for fun. Also, an explanation for why Sweetie Belle and Rarity have such weird-looking ankles/feet. I did this commission back when the character designs of the movies made it look as though their feet/legs were supposed to be this shape. I guess they were going for more of a "pony" look to their limbs, before they just went with more natural human feet. You can see the change in the comic strip with Applejack and Apple Bloom.
  8. LonnaKitty

    Staring at the night sky

    Since I dont have any commissions right now I decided to do a large personal piece today.
  9. The-Warpony

    Derp Souls ((Interactive comic))

    Prepare to Derp Welcome to Derp Souls. An Interactive comic where the audiance must guide our grey mare through the dangerous halls of old Canterlot. Actions from comments will be taken due to majority, or randomly chosen when even. Actions will then be rolled to see if she succeeds or utterly fail. Be aware, that the challenges ahead of her are dire and in this interactive forum, Derpy may fall. If that happens, this Forum will cease to ever continue. ((The intro along with further details will be posted soon.))
  10. LonnaKitty

    A Meeting

    A meeting between Moon Streak and a new friend Jay I did NOT do the background, I found it on DA by Deathfirebrony, I tried a background but it didnt pan out
  11. A timid little fluttershy lies at your feet clutching her bunny plushie, and with a frightened look on her face. With a weak, scared little voice, she asks you, "Um... e-excuse me, b-but I'm s-so scared. C-can I snuggle with you tonight please? I promise I won't bother you again."
  12. SaburoDaimando

    Princess Celestia's Epic Sun Raising

    For those of you who are aware, today is Nicole Oliver's Birthday. And to celebrate, here's a drawing I did of Princess Celestia raising the sun in a majestic way And yes. This is a shout out to the Tristar Logo.
  13. Tone Shift

    Underneath Sunburst's Beard

    Legend has it that underneath Sunburst's beard there is no chin; there is only Rainbow Dash. These words, typed by someone in the comment section of a story of mine, spawned this picture. The context is kinda complex and time-consuming to explain, so... yeah. Plus, I started drawing at 2:00 in the morning and finished around 3:30-ish or something. I was not aiming for high quality; I was aiming to birth the joke. Now, I challenge you: Make Sunburst being akin to Chuck Norris a meme or something.
  14. Niniibear

    More of Ninii's Art

    Herro! Second post here! I hope everyone is doing great today. Today I bring you guys some of my art that I have been doing, mainly from a Species known as Northlings or Southlings. If interested in the species lemme know! So yeah, most of them were customs and adopts! I hope you guys enjoy. Please do leave your thoughts on the art! If you have any questions, just ask away~ This bab is an adopt I made today~
  15. LonnaKitty

    Aloette is confused(sketch)

    Practicing drawing ponies more, I think I might open pony commissions her soon with enough practice (I didnt add her cutie mark cause its hard af to draw)
  16. NomadSpellbrush

    Anti-Depressant Hugs and Snuggles

    Are You feeling sad and depressed? Well don't be! Nurse Redheart is here to prescribe to you Anti-Depressant Hugs that are sure to bring you back happiness Guarenteed!
  17. This is an old mlpforums banner I made about 2 years ago and never submitted as I didn't think it was good enough. After recently finding it again on my computer I thought I might as well share it since its almost Fluttershy day. Enjoy.
  18. abysia

    abyss's fullarts

    Hi again.. Im here to show some of my fullarts/illustrations OwO 1. My Oc- Crystal Eye 2. older art (12.2017 maybe), my main oc, Xue 3. Redraw (first was from 2016), Pinkamena uwu (Contains blood) 4. AT with friend from fb, winter 2017
  19. Jade The Pegasister

    My pone drawings

    Just starting out! I need tips on how to do neck, wings and full body in a easy way! Any comments or ideas are appreciated!
  20. Moonlight Aurora

    For my profile picture pls ignor

    I did draw it myself tho.
  21. RaphLuna

    delete me please.

    Gggg ijkjihij ihihihih hihihihkj knjnjnjh
  22. NomadSpellbrush

    A Basket of Crusaders

    My very late celebration of easter.
  23. BlueBook

    Brony Meets Pony

    My recent work is finally done! The background isn't too great since I'm still working on learning how to make them, but at least it's not blank right? Anyway, I thought it would be cute to draw my ponysona BlueBook meeting real life me. Yes, that is pretty much what I look like and yes, I have that exact outfit. Anyway, here it is ^^