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Found 4399 results

  1. Just something I did of Princess Celestia at her usual place when it comes to sunsets.
  2. Looks like she made a mistake on licking that candy cane,cause her tongue got stuck on it
  3. Just did a little sketch of Sketch. Man it has been awhile since I’ve drawn a single pony.
  4. So I have been working on this one for a bit and finally finished so I thought that I would share it. I present to you a portrait of the one amd only, Sebastian Stan! (The winter soldier for any marvel fans out there)
  5. Hello ^^ Today, I wanted to share some lips studies I did this morning with Krita. I hope you like this paintings
  6. I finished This is a birthday present for my friend. OC I really like the colors and hair.
  7. Hello everyone!! First post in the forums, thought i'd share some art I recently finished (*´∀`*)ゞ lunabestprincess
  8. A commission from devaintart, it took a few days but none the less i gotterdun XD Dont be afriad to contact me if you want more info <3 discord – tacobender#4156 insta – tacobend Steam – Tacobender devaintart – taco0bender Tumblr – Taco0bender Ifunny – Vaporwaver
  9. Hi, Yet another drawing from me, I think I should make a art dump in some point. anyways... It took forever and I started running out of time so the quality kinda lowers from left to right, but I hope I didn't accidentally leave too much mistakes in. The android form of Sunlight came out unintentionally creepy
  10. I drew these two cause I gone crazy with crystals lately
  11. She found her (meta)knight in shining armor.
  12. I never thought about a mechanic pony until I got to vector Small block. If you guys need more info feel free to contact me via: discord – tacobender#4156 insta – tacobend Steam – Tacobender devaintart – taco0bender Tumblr – Taco0bender Ifunny – Vaporwaver
  13. This is what I would imagine myself as a pony. The green is for my favorite villain Loki and DC character Green Arrow as well as my own mishcievous nature. The mane and tail are purple and silver for my two favorite marvel heroes being Hawkeye and Winter Soldier. The blue is for my favorite color. Anywho I present, MarvelMoon, aka me.
  14. A fruit looped theme pony i did a while back. A vector but 3 hours on that hair before i learned to do it the easy way. If you need more info contact me via: discord – tacobender#4156 insta – tacobend derpibooru - tacobender Steam – Tacobender devaintart – taco0bender Tumblr – Taco0bender Ifunny – Vaporwaver
  15. Fluttershy wanted to express some affection, but felt very unsure about it. When she noticed that you were down in the dumps, she decided to swallow her shyness.
  16. A small sample of my work. I am only an amateur artist, advices and opinions are welcome. My dA: Ig: #1 Art: Rainbow Dash in my chibi style #2 Art: Rarity with another tail, collab with m-miamo #3 Art: My Old artwork, Princess Luna
  17. I just finished the sketch on my OC, Sparky Hoof. It took me a long time since I suck at drawing, but it definitely came out nicer then I expected. Now it's time to spend months trying to get the coloring right and hating it in the end thinking that the sketch looked better.
  18. So.. there is two of them, maaaybe i'll do more uwu 1.Butterfly Koi 2.Texas Cichlid (too much stripes ikr)
  19. My first time posting here! I've posted this artwork elsewhere on Derpibooru and Deviant Art, so you may have seen it before. If not, bon legume! I'll be adding more stuff later so I don't spam you all with my stuff. Note: I drew the Mane 6 Alicorn group shot around... like... season 3? So, yeah. And I added stars to Alicorn Twilight's hair, even though it's an old drawing, because I always meant to but never did. Also, I have some new things coming in a few weeks
  20. I've made a collection of images, depicting Fluttershy interacting with animals, real and fictional. Since these pieces were made throughtout the years, you may notice changes in my art style, as I experimented along the way. These will not be the last images I make like this. Her encounters so far in chronological order: Pikachu, Python, Dolphin, Tails, Littlefoot
  21. It's time to D-D-D-D----DDDDULE! A couple of my friends are into Yu-Gi-Oh. Yu-Gi-Oh was a sizable part of my childhood as well. One of these days, I ought to watch season 0 and the Japanese versions of the seasons afterwards.
  22. Here is a drawing of Pixel from LazyTown. And of course it's in the non-pony category. Dagnabbit, I forgot to draw the hands.
  23. Made my Ender pony 1527710726082made the oc from pony town an hers my pony town oc
  24. This is an artwork that will appear in the animated work Equestrian Tales, based over 1000 years in the past of FiM, This is Sire Dusk, Lady Dawn and their two fillies, Luna and Celestia. This image is from the opening scene of the pilot. Image and character design created by Ruffu, character settings and story copy right to Hasbro Studios, and Harmonize Entertainment.