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Found 4396 results

  1. Eeyup Octavia Is My Sexy Pony c: >>>>>>>>> I dunno if you guys can see it idunno why its not showing D: Tavi Sad :c
  2. The original post will be updated as more pages are being made. Also, feedback is welcome, critique recommended as well as greatly wanted. Story summary: Basil, a young boy cursed with a set of girly eyes and his single mother have been toughing it out since his father passed away. Until one day Basil's workplace undergoes changes when the owner changes and becomes a maid cafe. In order to keep his work and help his mother with the bills as well as fund hims music classes Basil needs to go "undercover" as a girl in the new maid cafe! Will his cover and spirit last!? Read to see. (Rest of the pages behind links) http://img.photobuck...lmaid/page2.jpg PAGE 2 http://img.photobuck...maid/page3b.jpg PAGE 3
  3. (just wanted to remove this piece of shit thread I made ages ago ok. fine) done. finito the end slut ..................... <-- (yeah that's swedish for the end)
  4. On day I was building and I accidentally built this. Or at least that's the story I sometimes tell people. I used to help on another popular project called PokeCraft where we aimed to create the regions from Pokemon in a 1 tile to 1 block scale in Minecraft. As a measure of testing myself I decided I wanted to do some solo work myself by creating something far smaller. So i decided on building both lands from The legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Labrynna and Holodrum respectively. Hope you guys enjoy! Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages (Labrynna) Isometric Render Reference image Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons (Holodrum) Isometric Render Reference image Also to why they are made in classic mode? I'm a sucker for nostalgia I guess.
  5. Hey ponies, wasn't sure weather to put this up here or in Octavia's hall, but I'm just having some difficulty thinking of a pony name This is my girl here. She has a personality, a speciality, and a rather complicated back story. But no name I had Sky High down for her, and Nimbus, but I'm not sure about either of them. This peg girl is witty and sharp, with a love of creating sky vehicle so other ponies can enjoy flying as much as she does. But I don't want anything that's directly related to her talent, just something sky/pilot/cloud pegasus themed So yeah, any help would be appreciated. And if I'm in the wrong place point me in the right direction
  6. Just something I made in Photoshop.
  7. This ad is what I edited, thought it would be funny.
  8. The complete trilogy of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle! Merry Christmas to you, Sweetie Belle
  9. That face of Pinkie's just makes me want to draw it. Now somepony tell the truth!
  10. Starting up a drawing I'm currently working on :3 Something fun and nice for the winter months, so i decided on making some Twixie fun nice and cute :3 Hope you will all like it, will update as i make progress, but wont have too much time to draw till a few days from now xD Anyone have any suggestions id love to hear them 2: Working on planing out the background, already have the general scene in mind just have to make it look good, scene wise For those who are wondering, what Twilight and Trixie are resting on is basically a furnace with a rock-slab on top of it, making it double as a heated rock-bed. Just a nice idea i had a while ago and playing around with 3: Adding in the background 4: More background work, got a few moments for it 5: Got a free hour of drawing in, added more to the background and hair highlights 6: Working in the rock-bed a bit, but really really unsure about it, might overhaul its design if i can think of anything better.... well that's what i get for just making stuff up cus i liked the idea xD And i finished it, hope you will all like it DA submission: http://zonra.deviant...ation-276731943
  11. I showed this artwork I made to some friends on Chatango, and wanted to know what you guys thought:
  12. Thought I should show you guys since I used some of your artwork. I'm not good at this kind of stuff and I had a little trouble with the formatting, hence the white bar on the inside left but the recipients liked it so that's all that matters.
  13. post your favorite mlp related/ask blogs here.... they are so amazingly cute _____________________________________________________________________________________________ at the moment im loving the ask fluttershy and pinkie blog its so amazingly cute *manly tears*
  14. If you've seen Doctor Who, then you know what these fellas are all about. If you haven't, they're a race of aliens that live inside a robot body and are the sworn enemies of time lords (which The Doctor is). I'm making daleks for each of the mane six and possibly more if I feel like it. First up is Dalek Dash. If you have any suggestions as to where I could swap some colors around, I'd like to hear it.
  15. I'm not very good at drawing ponies, however my artistic abilities lie in drawing Japanese manga style Humanized Rainbow Dash (This wasn't my best, I drew this in one night, while the best ones take two days or more)
  16. As always these can be found at my DA page
  17. This is what happens when ponies and dragons mate. It's not my best work but that's because I based it on one of my own drawings and drawing isn't exactly my strongpoint.
  18. Just something i drew together, trying to get me out of some serious low moods iv had lately. Hope anyone might like it
  19. I've been shouting out everywhere that I got a bamboo drawing tablet for Christmas, so for my first picture, I drew a Fluttershy!
  20. A Cutie Mark Crusader gets a desktop! Merry Christmas to you, Apple Bloom.
  21. Merry Christmas Everypony! This is a project that's taken me about 2 months to complete. I did these as Christmas prezzies for my buddies! I'm very happy and excited to share them with you guys too! I hope you like them and I'd love to hear any thoughts opinions and advice ^-^ (Dunno if this is useful but they can also be viewed here
  22. What do you think of my OC? And I know he doesn't have a cutie mark, that's because I couldn't find one. And I made him a Alicorn on the first one to see what he looked like. And he looked cool. But without his uniforn on, when he had the horn, it didn't look as good. Anyway, heres information about him: ''This is my OC, he's called Frostbite. As you can probably tell by his hair and skin colour. He's also a Alicorn. He is a member of the Wonderbolts, and he is the fastest member out of the team. He flys so fast that he freezes stuff around him when he's at super sonic speed.''