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Found 4407 results

  1. Come on everypony! Let's see those original characters! Here's mine ♥ The base for the .gif was obtained from here ^^ http://batlover800.d...-Base-220672936 (NOTE: Pumpkin is a unicorn, she is shown as an earth pony here because the images were part of a large scale project in which I did not want any differentiation between the characters ♥)
  2. I don't know what to say here. It's Twilight as the Cheshire Cat.
  3. Hi guys, I know we're suppose to only upload OUR art but, no one else is going too see my friends art. Her name is Jaidah and she drew me these two awesome pictures!
  4. (Wait, no prefix for poetry? RUDE. Well, you need to SEE to read, so visual it is!) Hello everyone! While I am not a horrible artist, my focus recently has been written word. I thought I'd post some of my poems that either were influenced by MLP, or I just wanted to share with everyone . So, uhm...yeah (Edit: By all means, feel free to post your own poetry here if you feel like it.) A Nightmare ”Walking across the scape, I peer on Through the white sheet I look upon A lone figure, curtains of light. The wavering horizon a cloak Over eyes in this land, I choke As I see the encroaching blight. I turn my head, my body follows. I emit a cry, the sound rings hollow. Instead a roar, a palpable spite. It overcomes me, it consumes me As quickly as I was, I cease to be. With her now, I become the night.” Sisters Have you ever seen the sun rise? Such power behind it, so wise In it’s execution. Have you ever seen the moon glow? In the night sky, it’s light doth show The beauty of the world. Together they call unto he To tell their tale of how to BE To look down and to comfort me With their synchronous existence. Within Reach A group of thousands A herd of compassion Rife with potential Full of interaction But to what end? I see no point Close relations Ignored and disjoint We're still alone A heart with a breach Searching for someone Who’s not within reach. Cutie Found such a cute mare Who’s time I did share Her eyes, a brilliant blue. In time I had found Our heart they did sound But alas, we must say adieu. ... But not without getting a number first.
  5. Welcome to my sig masterthread! I have recently gotten into making Pony sigs (300x100), and I will start to take requests for OC's/Obscure background ponies as soon as I finish with the mane cast/the more famous bg ponies. I am in no way that good at making sigs, and Revion's are probably much better than mine right now, but hopefully as I get better at this, I can remake some of these 'older' ones. Also to note, these were all made in These are actually resized for use with this forum, and you can find the true originals (450x150) for other forums here: http://flaedr.devian...allery/33021173 So, here is my current work: Octavia - Status: Open Fluttershy - Status: Open Luna - Status: Taken (Benofdoom) Trixie - Status: Taken (Flaedr) Twilight - Status: Open So please, give me plenty of feeback! I would surely appreciate it! Also, please PM me or post in this thread if you wish to use one of the open sigs, I don't want multiple people using the same one.
  6. Starting working on a drawing for the Allegrezza stories Any and all feedback can be helpful 2: Starting work on a couch 3: Cant decide on witch couch design to use >.> 4: working on some more details, like a Cello 6: More details :3 7: Working on getting a background set up, but having some trouble settling on something 8: Window with drapes taking shape 9: Art! 10: Working in the collors and all 11: And colored it all in with cutie marks 12: Shading and so on 13: Getting about done 14-15: Tested something for the painting, but decided i liked "Art" best, it has a funny ironic feel And it is done!! Really happy with this drawing DA link:
  7. This was a request by someone on DeviantArt. I think it will be the last lying pony I do. (I'm sorta getting tired of them) 900 x 900 Larger size on DeviantArt (5000 x 5000)
  8. Posting Octavia Wallpaper in Octavia's Hall >and my other walls What are you going to do to stop me? Hey look, Another one~ I'll throw in some of my Earlier work too
  9. The idea for this one came from Vinyl Scratch (the forums member, not the pony). I'm making three versions which I will release as I finish them. With Glasses: 2000 x 2182 | 770 x 840 | 358 x 390 Without Glasses: 2000 x 2182 | 770 x 840 | 358 x 390 Normal Without Glasses: Not Finished Full sizes on DeviantArt
  10. TL;DR first: Okay, I need ideas for pony related pictures, any pony from the show will do, even multiple characters. Here's The full explanation: Recent days I have had this urge to draw ponies, but my time is limited and my ideas are poor, So I feel like my motivation to draw ponies is bogged down by the lack of inspiring ideas. I am a professional comic book artsit, illustrator and visual designer. I've taken one year course on animation and have worked 3 years as background artist and character designer for an animation company in Netherlands before so in a sense I have grown accustomed to working from a source material of concepts and requirements. Brainstorming and detail work, scene building from basic ideas is my forte. But stemming ideas for single images or short stories out of the blue often leaves me staring at a blank page with a blank mind as any idea I come up is either too large, too irrelevant or just plain old boring. I feel like I would love to draw ponies with my free time a bit more but I can't really come up with my own ideas for them due not being very strong in the "feel" portion of art. I am more of a tool that performs than originator a kin to Lauren Faust. It doesn't help my adherence to the light-hearted mood of the ponies that I so much love about them that I am what psychologists would call a Intuitive thinker. Meaning my sense of humour generally is sarcastic and dry, favouring satire over slapstick. All of this long explanation sums up to my original requests that you people with more attuned to emotion and sensing world minds might perhaps provide me some artistic inspirations for good pony arts. All ideas are welcome and listened to and in Brony fashion loved, tolerated and respected even if not taken under process. So, if you have any good ideas you would like to see, do share and we'll make some wonderful art and participants/ Collaborators will be duly credited for their effort and ideas in the image as well as submissions to image galleries online.
  11. Hope you might find my first try at making a comic a little enjoyable Was great fun making it, stayed up drawing it over an evening till later at night than i should have DA link:
  12. This isn't really a vector, but I took therapist Twilight and gave her business formal attire. She'd be the one in the office over-analyzing the reports and figures and then demanding answers for why the slightest fluctuation occurred on an item that 95% of the office either dismissed or found trivial.
  13. This is actually just a shop of DJ P0N-3's glasses and expression on Apple Bloom's body but I don't think anyone else has done it so here it is.
  14. Decided to do a vector straight from the show for a change. This one's from s2 ep3 when Twilight finally starts losing it. 2500 x 1916 | 1044 x 800 Full size on DeviantArt (5004 x 3836)
  15. This is going to be the hardest one yet. I'm working with a 720p screencap so a lot of guesswork going on. Body and mane outline. Finished! 1842 x 2000 | 774 x 840 | 358 x 388 Full size on DeviantArt (4604 x 5000)
  16. Welcome to Project Luna, what this is, is a massively huge Pixel Art Luna made in the game Blockland. It's dimensions, I estimate, are going to be around 800x900 studs, which will make the surface area of it 720000 blocks. Also, I am limited with colors, and I only have 56 colors to choose from, 16 of them are for the eyes gradient, and 24 of them are for the "sparkles". So I only have 16 for the rest of the body. Log: 10.8.11 Luna's front left shoe is made and topic is started 10.9.11 Two other shoes are completed 10.10.11 Luna's front left leg and back right leg are done 10.11.11 Luna's back left leg is pretty much done, flank is started 10.12.11 The plot flank is done 10.15.11 The wing's outline is done. The wings are done Pictures:
  17. My, isn't that a rather large sweater, Fluttershy? DeviantART Link It's more like a snuggie, but aren't snuggies just backwards robes? Elongated, backwards robes? I think we may need a new topic for this. This took 3 hours in Paint Tool Sai, and I'm more than pleased with it. I may add her irides later, but I'm content for now.
  18. I Know that I'm new about the forum but it's like the greatest thing that I have ever imagined, only imagine some pony with a MLP theme in his BlackBerry it would be like the most amasing thing in the world, and if you can make one for brony's and other for girls it would be amasing. all yours: Pablo P.S.( excuseme because of the gramatical and ortografic faults, I'm not from a English-speaking country)
  19. My first ever piece of vector art (yay): It's a background pony, but does anyone know the episode he appeared in? The first pony who guesses it right gets a cookie. EDIT: Seb got it right so he gets the cookie.
  20. Heartstrings


    Hey guys, I've decided to try and make some sigs. I made my first one for Big MacIntosh, which was really fun, so I sat down and made a few more. I anypony wants one made I'll gladly make it for them. Also, these are unused, so if you want to use one you can.
  21. Alright, so I got an idea in my head. This idea translated to poorly edited meme pictures, congratulations. Because. More gentlemanly than you can possibly imagine. Also, I don't know if this has ever happened. And finally, because I figured the issue would probably arise (and because it confuses the heck out of me sometimes, especially when they both had avatars that were really similar. Actually, they do again so it's still kind of confusing. Oh, wait, I was doing something, wasn't I) These are posted on ponypic, so feel free to use these as image macros, just don't spam them. Unless Twilight Sparkle (the one with the space, that is) tells us not to. Then spam them everywhere. Also feel free to make better versions because I can't photoshop to save my life.
  22. Time for some Minecraft ponies! I don't use any creative tools such as MC edit, but rather just build based off other images, or just make things up as a go along. I'll post each image in various stages of construction, so you can have a shot of guessing which character (be it cannon or otherwise) i'm drawing. I'll update this thread as i progress, so check back every now and again. (i'll spoiler each one as it gets longer) Enjoy! Creation 1:
  23. The next in a series of lying ponies I'm working on. This one is going to be Lyra, or 'Lie'ra, as I'm calling her. As before, I'm going to be documenting my progress. Base | Outline Mane, tail, and horn done. Now for the eyes and cutie mark. And done.
  24. I've already done Lie Bloom but that was just a shop of two existing pictures. Now I'm vector tracing it so it can be scaled to any size you want without pixelation. I'm just now learning how to vector so this is my first attempt. I will be documenting my progress as I go along. Any advice/criticism is encouraged. I'm starting out with the outline. | Done. Now on to the tail. Mane and tail strokes done. | Mane, tail, and bow done. Now for the eyes. And done!
  25. Might as well put some art out into the open, freshen it up a bit. Nice balance of pencil and vector art, and mostly OC, too. The rest of them can be found on my deviantART, too, if it so interests anypony. My OC, Midnight Blade, and his Ai1: A friend's requested OC, Splatter Paint... ...and the duo of Violet Streak & Harmony: Finally, Midnight & Twilight: Feel free to comment/critique. Positive and constructive, please.