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Found 4396 results

  1. I don't really know if this is considered art, but I have 'drawn' some things using over some time. This is my most recent things. This here is supposed to be an orb form of one of my characters. A 'flag' for one of my characters followed by a more recent one. And a planet
  2. sometimes,your favorite artists surprise you and collaborate with eachother,and when you have no prior information of it,its the best feeling ever. for me it was when Avantasia and klaus meine(scorpions) made a song togather(dying for an angel) and when i first discovered ayreon albums(which have plenty of my favorite artists) and for books,when i found out that Brandon Sanderson will finish the Wheel of Time series so what was yours? it can be any sort of collaboration not just music
  3. For the past month or so, Mars has been engulfed in global dust storms. Thankfully, with Opposition only 3 days away, it appears that the dust is settling. Just a couple weeks ago, Mars looked like a butterscotch candy. The Polar Icecap, clouds, and some surface detail are visible in the color image. The Near Infrared image shows a bit more surface detail, since smaller dust particles are transparent in the longer wavelengths. Enjoy! Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Cameras: ZWO ASI224MC and ASI178MM
  4. It is quite late in the season for Jupiter, but with tonight's calm conditions, I couldn't pass it up. The planet's rotation can be seen by cycling thru the images. The last image is my color camera setup. Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Camera: ZWO ASI224MC
  5. I create new account in dA with my fan comic :3 Thank you in advance for your support. And here are two pages from the prologue:
  6. The weather has been great this week, so I've been enjoying the clear nights. Venus and Mercury go through phases like our Moon. It is currently around 50% phase and will slowly brighten and become a crescent as it gets closer to Earth. When viewed thru a telescope, only the phase can be seen as the surface is permanently covered with clouds. However, when viewed in the Ultraviolet spectrum, cloud patterns become visible. 1st image is in Near IR. 2nd is in UV-A. Enjoy! Telescope: Celestron C8 Camera: ZWO ASI178MM Venus from 1 month ago in UV-A.
  7. [. Back in 2016, I did a drawing that was basically a "What If" scenario: Starlight Glimmer vs Tirek. Here, I have done a complete remake of the battle between Twilight's Student and the Evil Centaur. All new poses, darker backgrounds that make the characters stand out more. I actually enjoy this drawing more than the 2016 variation.
  8. Hi there everyone! I wanted to share these posters I have made for DisneyFanatic's audio drama/fanfictions Bride of Discord and Daughter of Discord. Finding time to review them soon. (I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 8 OF DOD SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!!) Daughter of Discord probably took me the longest - lots of photoshop and my program crashed 3 times make me start over from scratch! I don't think she'll ever see them but at least they're somewhere. Would love to hear your thoughts - do you like it or it is lame? Thanks!
  9. All of these are commissions I've done in the past. #1- Original character reference sheet #2 and 3- MLP/Gundam 00 crossover. Making gundam armor fit pony bodies is rather difficult, but I managed! #4- Some Equestria Girls stuff. All the outfits are my design (except Rarity's). This one was rather fun; super0girly and all that (note: the Twi-Twilight here is "Sci-Twi")
  10. Hello everyone. Here's a topic where I show you guys my art. I design Shirt Designs as well as backgrounds and landscapes. (Im an animation student who wants to focus on background and concept art) Anyway enjoy! If you have any request for canon character designs feel free to let me know! Personal site: DA: Pony:
  11. Greetings to all of you! I loved this art so much I wanted to share it with you guys! Both OCs are mine (Mechanic Spark on the left, Blue Trainsfeather on the right) and are stalions, so it's a M/M ship, mind you So here it is, BlueSpark! Base here Background here What do you folks think?
  12. for the full gallery you can visit my DeviantArt ( the little demon you see is my original character Aya and she is the protagonist of the project i'm curently writing,the other demon and the white haired girl are also original characters from the same story
  13. (First of all, I mean I do not know English, and I'm using google translate, so I apologize for spelling mistakes.) (I do not suggest seeing the list if you do not like ships between oc and characters of the series, more specifically fluttershy, excuse beforehand if that upsets you, but when we do not like something the best thing to do is to simply walk away and ignore, respect prevails for two sides right? What should prevail is what mlp teaches us: 3) Well... I should give credit to everyone who has done it for me... But there are so many of them laziness "hahaha", so do not be mad at me. ;-; If you want to see the credits of each drawing, here's my google+ fanarts collection: There are many drawings and as the MLP Furums limits to only 25 drawings per postagen, I will go posting the others in the comments (well is what I hope to do hahaha) The two ocs that appear in most fanarts are called iGames and FlutterGames :3 At last... Here the list ^^
  14. Hi everyone! I love drawing, and I been doing it for real like a month ago or so, and I want to know how is my orogression and what do you think about my art! Please say what do you like most and what I can fix The OC's are Smart Line (the brown unicorn), my Ponysona, Thunder Head (the yellow pegasus), a friend's ponysona that I help to create, and Indigo Wood (the deer), my main OC I hope you like my art, thanks for reading!
  15. decided to take a quick request Ebony breeze belongs to @TheDragonflyArtShop
  16. Hello there! I had something in mind for some time. Um.. No idea what to say. Basically, since the rank system is one of the most frequently asked questions, I've decided to try to draw it in order to give it some fancy visual look. Does that make sense? Yeah, the concept seemed nice, but it turned out to be bad- or at least that's what I think. I may have derp'd or overlooked few things, but welp- originally I wanted to abandon ship and throw it to trash, but I guess I'll post it here, so that you all could laugh. At least I tried something-- SCIENCE YAY! So, I'll just leave it here and quickly run away. I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess you can count it as MLP Forums fan art? At least the book looks good. ... Does it?
  17. A Vectored Image from S8E13
  18. I got an inspiration after thinking about what I may make my cover of my fan fic so this is just the start. What do you think? I think I mess up with manes, tails, wings, and hooves. P.S I’m doing this at midnight
  19. With the famous SAn Diego Comic-Con less than 14 days away, I completed this drawing of Lyra as Captain America and Bon Bon as Wonder Woman(So what if I'm crossing the line between Marvel and DC. This drawing is to showcase that Friendship exists regardless of your interest in Superheroes)
  20. i don't claim to be a photographer,but i like traveling alot so i come across some very neat landscapes from time to time,i thought i would share some here with y'all Greece: thats one's from my home town and these are from the Islands everyone thinks of uppon hearing Greece(Paxi in particular) turkey:(Istanbul) Italy:(venice) Switzerland: France:(Lyon) i thought this was a palace when i saw it,but turns out it was a church Chech Republic:(Prague) i love that bridge Hungary:(budapest) i went a bit more artistic with this one,i named it "The Portal" since it reminded me of Minas Tirith and i thought its like a portal to another world Madagascar: there were rice puddles everywhere i really liked this vilage just under the mountain peak,so i drew it when i got back home the last one has to be my favorite (for some reason it doesn't let me edit this one out,so i'll just add its also from Lyon-France)
  21. Just a thread for my mlp-untelated art Did somebody say chili dog?
  22. Heya! I guess Octavia's Hall will be frequented. This will be my art dumb lol! Here are some artworks I have done! The first two are of my ponysona, Rosebud. The rest are prizes from a giveaway I did on my pony ask blog. Comments would be most appreciated! Will post more later.
  23. I am just wondering if the visual art section of non-pony artwork would be the appropriate place to put my photography, or if it would be more appropriate as a blog post? Just for some info on my pictures: they are not just fun pics of friends or updates on what’s going on in my life, they are simply well-planned, serious photos of nature and such. I consider it art, but I just wanted to check that I’m putting it in the appropriate place. Thanks! ~L.G.
  24. because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  25. Hey, everypony! This is my little nook of non-pony artwork; I love to draw even though I'm barely adequate, but I'd love to show my favorite community some of it. Hope you like it, my little ponies! I don't know how regularly I'll post, but it will be often. Here are a few to get us started!