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Found 5 results

  1. Jonny Music

    Update #11 Vlog

    New Update Vlog regarding what is going on in the world of JonnySel Productions (which Jonny Music is a part of):
  2. Jonny Music

    vlog First Time Flying a Drone!

    Flew a Drone for the first time!
  3. ChikoritaCheezits

    Technology Underrated YouTubers

    All right so actually subscribed to some YouTubers who are not really that known. I mean they have subscribers, they're just not talked about a lot. So I wondered if there were any small YouTubers any of you know or are subscribed to. First of there is Dstcoyote22. He makes rants and seems to mainly make them off of life experience. He's sometimes talks about topics I'm not really that interested in like heavy medal music but he's still pretty cool to watch. He only has I think around 1,500 subscribers though. So yeah check him out. Next there is Doknot1999. He is a reviewer of miscellaneous topics. Sometimes he'll talk about just down to earth or everyday things like the 4 seasons and is very down to earth. I'm sorry if I'm having trouble explaining why I like his videos without using down to earth a lot but that's how I would describe him. I don't know how known he is but Pieguyrulz. He reviews cartoons and does a lot of stuff that draws me into watching them. Like right now he is literally reviewing every episode of Spongebob. He hasn't gotten to the later seasons yet but he will soon. TheNSCL: He reviews cartoons and anime mainly and I don't watch his videos a lot but they are still pretty funny. Also he's a brony. So list your underrated YouTubers. Discuss away!
  4. Hey guys, I’m not a Brony but lately I’ve decided to have an open mind and look into what the fandom is actually all about. I’m currently making a YouTube video series to document my journey. I apologize ahead of time if my videos sound condescending, it’s how I'm presenting myself on screen. The idea is to bridge the knowledge gap between the mainstream and the Brony fandom so I may sound offensive to you guys. It’s a way of connecting to a mainstream audience. Here are some questions that would really help me on my journey. Questions: What key episodes should I watch? What drew you into the fandom? The show or the culture? How has the culture affected your life? (The good and the bad) If you could educate the world on one misconception about the fandom, what would that be? Thanks, Boneyman