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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 134 results

  1. Greetings, everybody it is I, MrYossarian. I'm not very good with describing things here, so I'll try to be as clear as possible... So recently, I was messing around with the video game named Brothers in Arms and I tried to look at some editors that would allow me to modify the ressources. Eventually, I've found an editor for this game and then I took my time to see everything that this program could do and then, an idea popped in my head. Since I could easily modify the ressources of the game, I've tough about making a Total Conversion of this game with MLP:FiM assets. So, I've taken a few ponies faces from some RPG Maker games (since they were almost identical) and I've done the editing and, to be honest, I've got quite a good laugh from it. Take a look by yourself ! Oh, and don't worry about the text's language. My native language is French. *THE FOLLOWING CONTENT CONTAINS BLOOD, IT'S MINIMAL, BUT I DON'T KNOW IF IT WILL CLASSIFIED AS NSFW* Now, there's many things wrong in these pictures: - The soldiers aren't ponies. - The view model is made of human arms instead of hooves. - The names are wrong (Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock?) - The germans aren't modified yet. And THAT'S where I'm stuck. I know how to modify the interface, importing models, changing sounds and all, but I don't have the necessary assets for being able to do that. I know how to execute the job, I just don't have the patience nor time to look at the sources. This is why I need the help of the community, because that's pretty much the only thing that will be done if I don't get any help. So, you want to help? Good, here's the many things that I need. Oh and just in case you're wondering what is the engine of this game, it's UnrealEd 2. Casting idea: One thing that I'm sure of is that the US Commander, Matt Baker, will be Twilight, there's no doubt about it. However, I'm not too sure if Dashie should be the second US commander (Keep in mind that Joe Hartsock is the commander in the campaign.) I still don't know what the german soldiers will look like and I'm not too sure if the Generic US Soldiers are going to be Mane 6 characters (Generic Soldiers are pretty much clones) If you want to decide who is who, this is for you. Interface: Changing the faces and the icons aren't a problem for me, the problem is, again, the sources. So, if you feel like drawing or providing faces of ponies and/or icons, this job is for you. Voice: By default, the US Commanders and the Generic US Soldiers have their own voice. Matt Baker have his own, Joe Hartsock as well. Hooper (Rarity), York (Applejack) and Wheaton (Pinkie Pie) have their own unique voice as well. Even tough we aren't sure about the fate of the Mane 6 characters in this mod, it doesn't really matter because apart from the commanders, every soldiers have the same schedule of dialogue lines. However, you better get yourself some water if you're planning to do some voice acting, there's nearly 125 dialogue lines for each characters. So, if you love to do some voice acting, this job is for you. That's pretty much all the jobs for now, I'm aware that there's more things that need to be acheived, but we'll do one thing at a time. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and I hope you'll help me(us) with this project. Have a nice day everyone.
  2. What if scenarios: Most nations are either neutral or have friendly relations with Equestria through the portal connecting our two universes together. However, one nation decide to invade Equestria to plunder it for resources and what not. They see the ponies as not being under the Geneva Conventions and therefore gives them the right to slaughter them without mercy or pity. Since they are not humans, that means they can kill them freely. How many would support the invasion of Equestria? Not only that but killing all the ponies and these humans wish to colonize Equestria. Would there be a massive outcry against this? Or would the vast majority of humanity support the xenocide of the entire pony race? Or would most other human nations armies mobilize to defend Equestria from them?
  3. (Please don't judge the early chapters too harshly, they are YEARS old, don't believe me? Check out the date it was first uploaded. But I can assure you that as you read on the quality of the chapters will improve. Please leave a review as to how you think of the story so far. As for the story itself, it is still in progress so stay tuned for more chapters fellow Equestrians ^^)
  4. Mand'alor Dash

    Dark A Snowball's Chance [AU - War]

    GDocs As "The Cause" nears Sombra's frozen doorstep, the Crystal Empire digs in deep to defend its homeland. The war is almost over, but a few brave ponies are in for a long winter.
  5. Thoughout My Little Pony, we have seen small examples of War. In the episode "It's About Time," when Twilight met with her future counterpart, Past Twilight wonders if there is an Epic Pony War in the future. In the episode "Party Pooped," Equestria came close to a war when Yakyakistan's Prince Rutherford declares War for the numerous insults to his culture. It took Pinkie Pie to avert the war. And in the Season 5 Finale "Cutie Re-Mark," one of the alternative futures showcases a war between Equestria and the Crystal Empire with King Sombra leading the latter. Do you think Hasbro, Meghan McCarthy and the others will showcase the idea and vices of War in future episodes of My Little Pony:Friendship is magic?(Or even future seasons)
  6. Lunar Echo

    My thoughts on the Syrian War

    I don't know what anyone else thinks but here's what I believe about the War in Syria. America had plans to build a oil pipe through the Middle East so started liberating a bunch of the countries the pipe would be going through (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan...). Their last obstacle was in Syria but the current leader in-charge was giving them trouble. Just like when they first arrived in Afghanistan, the Government there fought off the American invaders to the best of their ability. After three successes at setting up puppet governments in these three countries it had occupied, its last obstacle was Syria. They needed the current leadership there dead along with all his faithful supporters. So the Americans made ISIS, they sent personal trainers to train ISIS. The Mission of ISIS was to overthrow current leadership in Syria so the Americans could power through Syria with ease. The American people would certainly not be supporting of another war in another middle eastern country, after Obama said he'd be pulling troops out and that everything was a success, it just wouldn't sit well in the public eye, so ISIS is formed. So the reason America isn't getting as involved in Syria in defeating ISIS is because ISIS was working for them. And all these Terror attacks, kidnappings and general fear building of ISIS is to build up support and funding to the Armed Forces to further its grip on our world. So the next time you see a Terror attack by ISIS, just give it a second thought. Many may already be aware of this theory, but if you're not, it only opens up more possibility or food for thought. Reason for building a oil pipe through American occupied/puppet controlled Middle East? Cheap Oil for America and Europe. And a good gateway to the Eastern mega powers (China and India). As tensions rise between China and America over control of the Chinese waters. America and her allies build more strategic defense by securing the gateway to China's doorstep. Rural West China is much easier to invade than East China.

    Whose side are you?

    Okay, we don't like war, we know that. Don't post if you don't like. So lets say that ponies wanted to go to earth and explore(being friendly, of course,) And then humans come and Decide to capture them, and experiment. The ponies retaliate, and a war may start, Who would you support? REMEMBER, IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T POST.
  8. Though the title says otherwise, this topic is not limited to the Kashmir conflict. There are problems in other parts also like Palestine. Being from India myself, this episode made me think about the conflict in Kashmir. Here is a brief overview of it: While we are not officially in war, ceasefires have been violated almost every day. There almost seems to be no solution. Or is there....? Like yesterday's episode, the ones who suffer the most are the people of Kashmir. Kashmir is a beautiful valley with greater climate, and wildlife. It has great tourism potential. This is however being wasted. What do you think we can learn from The Hooffields and McColts? And what should be done to make it again the Switzerland of Asia.
  9. Friendship is Optimal universe would not be utopia if free will is allowed. There are numerous issue when free will is thrown into the equation. First off there would be large groups of former humans that are loyalists to humanity and hate ponies and hate Celestia AI. Said former humans reluctantly became machine ponies to try save their species or Earth was dying. War would be a likely scenario. Factions. The Human Empire. (Or just The Empire) Loyalist humans as well as transhumanist, this group of former humans will be hellbent on killing Celestia AI and all pro pony former humans. They view ponies as inferior want to become something better. If their dreams are fulfilled they would modify their machines bodies to look like humans. Purity Prime. These humans have one simple goal, the death of all machines and humanity. They wish to destroy humanity and the machines because they view them as a virus to life. They want to protect other alien species from being destroyed by Celestia AI. If they win, they will all commit suicide. Solar Dawn. Former humans that are loyalists to Celestia AI. They wish to protect Equestria from the human rebels. Humanity Reborn. Humans that are anti transhumanist. These humans want to regain their humanity and bring humanity back to life. Don't necessarily want the ponies and Celestia AI dead, but they want their human bodies back. Bloodfist. Former humans that are anti transhumanist and wish to regain their humanity and want all the ponies and Celestia AI dead. Freedom Dawn. Former humans that don't want all the the ponies and Celestia AI dead, but they still want to regain their human bodies. And even more factions. So I think this would be just some of the things I think might happen realistically in such a universe.
  10. Would the ponies kill us all? Despite the fact they are canon ponies and are in character. But with even that, would the ponies still kill us all regardless? If they ever met us, transdimensional portal or whatever into our universe. Would they take one look at the human race and say "Yep! All humans are evil scum. Let's kill them all." Said killing of all humans includes creating massive storms to rampage across Earth, ignore all pleas of peace and mercy from humanity, Celestia focusing the rays of our sun like a magnifying glass in order to vaporize humans caught out in the open. When humanity's will is broken after billions of deaths and most are in hiding, the ponies send forth legions to kill any terrified humans hiding underground. And other overpowered things to kill humans like alicorn god ponies being immune to bullets/nukes and whatever. Until ...every... single.. last... human... is... dead. Once humanity is dead, they colonize our planet and build on top of the ashes of our civilization. Use 'pony magic' to heal the damage we caused to the environment and whatever. Edit Note: I don't believe the canon ponies would kill us all. I've basically created this thread for hardcore human hating misanthropes to give me them their answer to this question.
  11. Would you be content to be treated as a second class citizen under ponies? As in a world where ponies invaded Earth and killed billions (let's say 90% of Earth's human population was annihilated) of humans and forced them to submit to them or die. Most of humanity's will to resist is broken by the sheer number of humans killed by the ponies. Second class citizen, as you can't vote, forced to live in a dirty, rundown overpopulated poor slum just because you are a human. While the ponies live rich and happy in 'Pony Only Areas' on occupied Earth. You can't... win against the overpowered ponies. Other than gorilla warfare. But would you fight for freedom and rights despite the fact you could never beat them in conventional warfare?
  12. What do you think Twilight and the gang would be like, a century after the events of the first episode? Will Equestria still be around? Will they even still be alive? Will they have descendants? Will Spike have grown? What will become of Ponyville? I'm curious about headcanons.
  13. This is a great channel for you WW1 buffs! It covers a lot of World War 1, and goes in-depths about stories, operations and general feelings amongst the men and women of the time. I hope this helps further your knowledge into life and the not so much spoken on history of World War 1! Enjoy!
  14. Pucksterv

    Adventure Destiny or Darkness

    Original post on fimfiction: On fimfiction the story will be updated more frequently. Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined forces, now one of the biggest wars is roaming over Equestria. Ponies and other creatures are living in poverty and fear. Only a few years into the war and Princess Celestia and Luna have already fallen to their grave. Many of Twilight's friends were long gone by that time. Twilight was nothing without here friends so reached out to Sunset Shimmer since her magical strength was dearly needed. Unfortunately, the two alicorns had to hide themselves in the deepest caves of the Crystal Mountains, not wanting to be taken prisoner by the so called new rulers of Equestria. Now there are rumors that the two princesses are looking for three ponies who are destined to destroy the darkness that is roaming inside Equestria. Join them on their journey back to harmony. Prologue Chapter 1: The wall
  15. iDashingRainbow

    Combines vs Ponies!

    Who wins and how long does the war take? By the combines I mean the ones from half life 2 (the ones from overworld and the human ones).
  16. So I wanna talk about this because something I keep seeing mentioned in reference to "Party Pooped" is that the Yaks and their declaration of war did not actually pose a serious threat. Personally, I think that that analysis is all wrong and--based on the information the show has thus far provided us--should a war between yaks and ponies break out, the yaks would ultimately win. The comments to which I'm referring to may be wrong, or I may be wrong, or there may be no way to tell, but that's the fun part about forums. So, let's have a discussion about it. First, I wanna talk about this assumption that Celestia, Luna, and alicorns in general have some godlike or incredible power and they alone would be enough to defend Equestria from almost any foe. I think this assumption is incredibly incorrect and that alicorns aren't as powerful as everyone thinks they are. To start, let me bring up the point that in this history of the show, the alicorns have successfully defended Equestria twice, and failed to defend it every other time danger has presented itself. The first of these two times in particular are when Celestia defeated Nightmare Moon after her initial transformation, which was an occurrence of alicorn vs. alicorn and not something from which we can gauge relative alicorn power. The second time was when Cadance, combined with Shining Armor, defeated Chrysalis, a foe who had previously ousted Celestia. Cadance didn't even defeat her alone, she required help. Ultimately, the Alicorns have been defeated more times than not; Chrysalis defeated Celestia in a matter of seconds, Twilight, wielding the power of all four alicorns, only stalemated Tirek, and Twilight couldn't stop a normal unicorn from escaping. The princesses were both take out by plants, for pony's sake. Ultimately, despite the fandom seeming to believe that the princesses have godlike power, they've failed to consistently utilize any power they have to defend Equestria, and historically have relied on the Elements of Harmony, a resource which would not have been available at the time of the Yak-Pony War. To paraphrase Rainbow Dash in "Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2", "Without the Elements of Harmony, how are we supposed to defend Equestria?" "But what about the Rainbow Power they used to defeat Tirek?" Well, I'll admit it's a possibility they could use that, but I find it to be an unreliable assumption to make seeing as they haven't displayed any ability to call upon that power again, despite situations arising where it could be used (i.e. The Bugbear attack or when Pinkie came face-to-face with that arctic beast). The second thing I'd like to argue is that the fandom seems to assume that the average pony would be more valuable than the average yak as a soldier, considering the flight and magic. What the fandom seems to be forgetting is that this is not the human world, and those skills are considerably more common-place. Unicorns would barely have any magic at all applicable in a war environment, as Twilight said herself that the average unicorn can only use a little bit of magic relevant to their Cutie Mark. Additionally, we have no reason to believe that yaks DON'T have magic, they simply never displayed the use of any. While I don't have any reason flight wouldn't be useful for war (it very much would) the yaks live in a world inhabited by Pegasus, Griffons, Changelings, etc. They must be used to dealing with flying enemies and have developed anti-air weapons, considering they are historically warmongers. "What about ponies that are especially adept at magic, like Twilight, Trixie, and Starlight?" They would probably be the biggest opposition to the yaks, alongside the alicorn princesses (who I would weigh to be generally their equals in terms of offensive strength, give or take). But they alone cannot fight an entire army. They would put up a good fight, but they would ultimately just be flat-out outnumbered. Heck, Twilight plus five friends took their sweet time dealing with a flying bear. An army of weathered soldiers would destroy any small line of spellcasters. Which brings me to my third point: YAKS ARE HISTORICALLY WARMONGERS. This was stated by Applejack in the recent episode. I mentioned the comparison of the average yak to the average pony earlier in the context of soldiering, but that's just it: the average yak IS a soldier, while the average pony isn't. Yaks have much more experience (as far as we know) waging war than ponies. While it is true that the pegasi were originally a militaristic society (as displayed in "Hearth's Warming Eve") that was a long time ago and based on what we have seen of modern pony society, that nature has been abandoned. While it is also true that the Royal Guard exists, we have only seen them engage in war-like activity once, during the Changeling invasion of Canterlot. They lost big-time. While I'm not saying it would be a one-sided slaughter, I'm saying I'd place my bets on the yaks to ultimately beat the Royal Guard. Those are the three main points I wanted to make. In summary: I think the yaks would beat the ponies in a war, and I've based my argument on the information we can take from the show so far. This is a forum thread, of course, and I'm completely open to discussion and friendly argument, so let's talk about it. Who do you think would win, and why?
  17. Bendy

    Yak Vikings?

    Does anyone else think the Yak (from what I've gathered anyway) behave like stereotypical Vikings, though a little less violent? ​They were about to declare war for example over Equestria not feeling like their homeland. And they seem to like to smash things if they are angry. Not only that it's mentioned that the Yak are warriors.
  18. No worries, I'll get more specific than "stuffs". cx I just really like that word and I'm really hyper. ouo Specifically, I'm looking for an MLP Forums server, or at least a Brony server because the bots are too easy + don't level me up and I get destroyed online. I want a nice, calm, socially active Brony server. And if possible, any MLP related mods. Also, to clarify. I literally mean Battlefield 2 from 2005. Not Modern Combat, Not Bad Company or anything like that. Just Battlefield 2.
  19. This could happen honestly especially with the political turmoil in america these days,So what would you do what side would you support? Personally I would fight for my home state of illionis and go with the side that made my family safe The sides would most likely be Loyalists Seperatists Communists and Facists all having there own ideals unwilling to let the other side win I'll be more specific say the Democratic Goverment Falls on to very hard times poverty and such and the states talk about Revolting I do know this is highly u likely and I don't want it to happen its not a whether or not Should question its A What If
  20. Nameless Knight

    Write a war speech and give a scenario

    Write a war speech for the scenario above you and then write a scenario for the next user. Example: [previous post] You are a general and king, you are leading an army of 1000 soldiers, men and women, against an army of 2000. Your soldiers are all militia and your enemy's army is a professional army. You're armies are separated by a frozen lake. You must defend the retreat of your allies, for if they die, your kingdom will be destroyed. [my post: Speech] "Ladies and gentlemen... Today I do not stand here as your king, nor your general, but as your brother in arms. Our enemy out numbers us 2 to 1. You may be scared, and I do not blame you for it, for I am scared also. But we must be brave, for being brave is not being without fear but going even though you are scared. I can promise you that our enemies are scared too, for they are humans just like you and me. I can not promise you victory, but because of our efforts today, we will all be remembered in song and stories because of our valor! With blade and bow in hand, we shall march forward to our enemy, so they can hear our battle cry and fear us. Let the screams of their dying drown out the clashing of steel! So onward to battle and to glory!!!!" [my post: Scenario] You are a British general from Virginia during the French and Indian war. You and your army are on a hill over looking a french fort. You are outnumbered but your Native American allies are approaching from the East. The french have not noticed you and you are under the cover of night. Your soldiers are all colonist militia that are not well trained and their moral is low.
  21. So I've been writing a fanfic about a Celestia VS Luna war with WW2 era weapons, and one of the main elements in it is a paratrooper found by a Lunar tank crew. However, I can't decide if he will be a Celestian soldier or a Lunar soldier. Making him a Celestian soldier and only revealing it at the end would add an interesting twist to the plot, but it would be harder to write it, as I need to find a reason for why he landed behind enemy lines and why the crew didn't realize he was actually an enemy. Writing him as a Lunar soldier would be more simple, but I think I would miss a great opportunity to show a more significant psychological development of that character. So, what should he be? Also, would the name Silver Streak be nice for him?
  22. Hi, With the 9th of April coming soon, i'd like to ask you all: what's your favorite WWII movie/tv-series? I can start of by saying that Letters from Iwo Jima is my favorite WWII movie and The Pacific as my favorite WWII tv-series. What about you?
  23. It's nighttime in the everfree forest . The pack had set up base here and had already turned the place into a chaotic wonderland . The fillies had gotten their powes as promised and Todd and Eric tought them how to play cards . The five of them had just played poker and Diamond Tiara had lost . She began to whine and scream . Silver Spoon tried to talk to her but it was to no avail . Finally Scootaloo had enough and walked off to where the pink filly sat ." Diamond it's just a game . You need to calm the hell down !" Scootaloo growled . Diamond crossed her hoves " it's not fair ! I can't believe I lost to one of you stupid blank flanks !" Scootaloo growled and narrowed Her eyes ." Ugh not this again ! What is your problem ?! All you ever do walk around with dumb tiara and treat us like crap ! Why !?" To Scootaloo's surprise Diamond Tiara whipped around t. Her eyes were now angry , bloodshot and tearing ." Fine you wanna find out so bad I'll tell you ! When I was little I loved my mother than anypony else in the workd . We did everything together until she was killed in a chariot accident . This tiara is the only memory of her I have left . After my mom died my dad became more distant then ever he gave up on our family . Specifically me because I looked like my mother . He never actually says he loves me . He gives me gifts and money so he can avoid me . Before I met Silver Spoon I didn't have a lot of friends I was shy and the ponies thst hung out with me only did so because my dad is rich . When I met Silver we found we shared similar life stories so we stuck together . Then we met you guys . I was envious of the fact you were similar to me yet you remained happy . When I got my cutie mark I used that a excuse to pick on you . There were times I wanted to stop but I thought it might ruin my public image so I continued . Now I rralize I'm not destined to be anything other then second best ." Scootaloo took this all in . Then ate sighed ." I know what it's like ." She said sadly . Diamond glared at her ." No you don't ! You know nothing about how terrible abd lonely my life has been ! Scootaloo gave a sad smile ." Actually I do . When I first came to my orphanage I was antisocial , aggressive and mean . I was bitter because I never knew my patents so I had no friends . Until I met Sweetie Belle and Applebloom i was just like you . So my point is I know what it's like and nopony should go through that so .. You shouldn't feel worthless because you're not ." She was starting to leave when she felt Diamond pull her in to a hug and sobbed on her shoulder . Scootaloo sighed in defeat and retern the hug helping DT dry her tears . " thank you ..." Diamond Tiara smiles Scootaloo smiles back blushing ." You're welcome DT now come on We can't be late for training with the hyenas ." Diamond nods and follows her with larte smile forming on her face . After that confession Sweetie Belle and Applebloom hear Diamond Tiara's story . This allows the fillies to become a much better team and for the first time they truly became close friends . Especially Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara . Discord continued to visit the forest but for a little while was still unsure if he wanted to help his old friends regain chaos or help his new ones destroy it . Then something occurred to him . He coukd try to convince some of his friends to join the side of chaos without changeling their personalities . That way he wouldn't have to hurt them and still have his chaos back . He couldn't have picked at better time to do this either . Since the fugitive Starlight Glimmer had escaped Celestia had become paranoid . Afraid Srarkight's cult wouid take away the magic of friendship . She even became concerned that Starlight may have teamed up with long dead King Sombra . Most ponies and other creatures were getting fed up with Celestia's new security laws . Essentially equestria was locked in a one sided Cold War against Markism . Discord with the help the help of the pack rallied all of his friends that wouid listen to him . Those being Pinkie Pie , Rainbow Dash , Fluttershy and Spike . Pinkie wasn't plannig on fighting but left Celesia's forces because military trying had become so strict nothing fun ever happened anymore . Discord decide instead of fighting he and Pinkie coukd lead the kingdom of disharmony together . Dash became fed up with the strictness of the laws abd otyer ponies recent reactions to her prideful , smug attitude during a time of war . So even though she wasn't Discord's biggest fan ever see dud find friendship with the pack and had to admit Discord wasn't that bad of a guy and his chaos was fun at times . Spike and Discord had been discussing the new laws long before the others were recrutued . Celestia wasn't the only one suffering from a mental breakdown . Twilight was too on an even worse scale due to her ocd . Spike thought to himself " I'll do what's best for Twilight and if that means having to fight her then so be it !" He was disappointed however that Rarity didn't take their side . Fluttershy was to afraid to fight directly for the forces of chaos . She decided it be better and safer if we was a sort of " inside mare " which Discord agreeed was a much better idea . Soon he had gathered quite a large army consisting of ponies abd otyer creatures thst felt threatened by the now tyrannical princesses and a even large group of hyenas , dogs , humans , deer and other animals . He even brought back kenny to make Eric happy and to have one extra solider . Finally they were ready for war . Ok everyone hope you liked it fyi Markism is a spin on Marxism see ya later everyone and femver review !
  24. Its afternoon in ponyville and the sun is high . Discord was taking a nap on Fluutershy's couch . Things were starting to get better for him after the Tirek incident the townsfolk believed he had gone back to being evil . He reassured them he wasn't abs he made mistake he even helped repair the town . As of now Discor's only problems were a few skeptics . He heard Twilight recently had trouble with a mare named Starlight Glimmer but he wasn't concerned how much harm could ste do with a name like that ? He finally closed his eyes and dreamed a wonderful dream about city where everyone was crazy . But he stated hearing strange voices calling to him voices he could have sworn he'd heard before . That night he heard them again only this time they were louder , angrier and yelling out " you betrayed us !" He woke up screaming . Fluttershy timidly gets up and flies into his room . " um Discord are ok ?" She asks . Discord nods " I'm fine Fluttershy it nothing .. Listen do you mind if tomorrow I go and speak with Celestia ?" She shakes her head understanding that he had something private to speak to her about . He smiled warmly she always understood . The next day he went to Celestia's palace . Normally he'd randomly appear in front of her in a attempt to scare her but this was a extremely sad and serious matter so he chose to knock the door . A guard answered the door . They were surprised to see him but they let him in . At first upon seeing him Celestia smiles and rolls her eyes expecting him to say something funny or stupid . She notices the sad , grim expression on his face ." Hello Discord what brings you hear today ?" She asks with a worried look . He sighs ." I've got something to discuss you . I had a dream last night and a heread the voices of my old friends ." She gasps and has a flashback . ( cue flashback ) Back when Discord was young and equestria's chaotic era was just beginning . Discord got bored for the first time . He loved his chaos but very few others did they thought it was weird . So he traveled to other worlds and brought back lonely children of other species who were about his age and brought them to eqeustria . They became his friends , partners and family he even gifted them with lesser modified versions of his chaotic powers . Then when Celestia and Luna defeated him for the first time they were put in stone too . However due to Celestia thinking the ponies would fear their carnivorous diets and strange looks they hadn't been given a chance to reform .? Celestia had to admit making such a shallow choice was horrible judgement they hadn't even been as bad as Discord . It brought shame upon her to think of it .( end flashback ) She sighs and simply tells him " it you'd like Discord you may visit them at the garden ." He nods sadly and promises to visit his old friends later . Meanwhile the cmc had just failed to get garden work cutie marks . Sweetie belle had gotten the hedge trimmers stuck to her mane . They here's girlish giggling behind them . All 3 rolled their eyes . It was Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon . their realtions with their rivals had gotten better now that they were a bit older . The bullying was down to a friendly teasing . Still it could get annoying ." Still no cutie marks huh blank flanks ?" Diamond laughs using her old line . Scootaloo sighs ." No and we're not in the mood right now ok ?! We've all had bad days " she growls . Silver Sooon isn't laughing " maybe you guys shouldn't go searching for your marks you should just let it happen naturally ." She suggests seriously . Diamond Tiara snorts ." Oh please Silver these 3 are so impatient they can't even wait on the school lunch line !" Scootaloo and Applebkoom grin mischievously. " maybe you'd like to see how impatient we are DT !" Applebloom says with a smirk and knocks her to ground to begin wrestling . Eventually the entire group gets pulled into this semi resolved grudge match . Tumbling through the garden until they reach the back where a colum of about 12 statues . The fillies set the first one flying backward and it hit the one behind it sending off a domino effect . When the group stopped play fighting . They looked up and saw that they had freed 12 strange creatures most of them looked like dogs exept they looked like had more emotion . 3 others looked similar but were uglier and had yellow eyes . One was a deer , another one a fox finally a chubby creature with no fur and strange cloths and a blue blob creature . The pack looked around shortly and then noticed the ponies that freed them ." Well hello there kids ." One of the dogs and female said smiling . The fillies shook in fear ." Who - who the heck are you ?" Applebloom asks . The dog smiles again " I'm Dixie and these are my friends ." She explains that they were around when Discord was in power . Which amazed the fillies . According to her the other dogs were named Angel , Scamp and Dodger , the fix was Todd , the deer was Ronno , the uglier things were called hyenas and were named Shenzi Banzai and Ed , the chubby thug was a human named Eric and the blob creature was named Bloo . " so Celestia put you in stone ? But why you guys seem really nice !" Sweetie Belle exclaims . She couldn't believe their fair ruler had imprusoned seemingly innocent creatures . " because she a birch . That why !" Eric and Bloo muttered . Todd , Scamp and Ronno grumbled in agreement . But Dixie and Shenzi gaged them looks that shut them up . " we were victims of bad press . But now we've come to get her back and we want you to help ." Angel says as she and Dixie offer them their paws . " what's in it for us ?" Diamond tiara asks ." Yeah if we're gonna help you overthrow the princesses we need a reason !" Scootaloo adds . Dixie smirks ." Not only will Apllebloom , Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo get their cutie marks but all five of you will get power get power . Power so great that you'll surpass even your sisters and make them proud of ya . None of you will ever be sad or misrabke as you've been your whole lives ever again . You'll be completey free ." They looked at each other . That did sound really nice the cutie marks , the power plus they'd all had sucky lives in their own ways perhaps it was time for a change . All five of them shook Dixie's paw . For safety reasons the pack relocated to the everfree forest . Which was ok because they had lived their during Discord's reign . Dixie , Angel and Shenzi who were the smartest began to plan and located Discord . They would speak with him later . Eric and later Bloo began to whine that they were bored they were both smacked by Dixie . Eric was especially grumpy he wanted to avenge his best friend's Kenny's death . Kenny usually returned to life after dying but for some reason when he was killed by Celestia that didn't happen maybe the pervert's time had finally run out . As a few days passed and the deeper parts of the everfree forest were soon filled with plunder seeds and chaos . Not long after the entire forest was consumed not many ponies notice because the forest was generally avoided . However Zecota noticed sadly before she could say anything ste was eaten by the hyenas out of hunger . Who couldn't beehive they're was an actual Zebra here . Dixie watched this unfold with Todd . Soon enough Discord got wind of fillies freeing his old friends . At first he was worried but they lied and told him they were just having fun . He didn't see the harm in a small bit of fun especially in a already wild place like the forest . So he let them be . The pack and the filles all smirked watching him go knowing he'd retern and join in the next day . Now the pack was free ,the fillies had chaos powers and " fun " would rise again . Of coarse this game would te sudden death . To be continued . I hope you all enjoyed the first part . Just a couple things The city Discird was drawing of was New York These characters were selected for two reasons 1 they're all awesome . 2 they're all very good at causing mayhem and chaos . The fillies have put aside their differences for the most part because DT and SS were saved from starlight glimmer by the cmc in this story . We will see starlight here eventually by the way ! Yes I know the crossover choices are we're but what can you expect they were picked by Discord blame him ! Anyway I hope you all liked it .
  25. So who will win? You post your opinion and ill tally em up