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Found 142 results

  1. I've always loved those surreal, trippy chase scenes they used to have in animation, such as the one in Halloween Night is Grinch Night and 'Big and Loud' from Cats Don't Dance, and of course the classics Pink Elephants and Heffalumps and Woozels. Here's a little thing that came to me while doodling and listening to Will Wood and the Tapeworms. Discord being Discord and tormenting the Legion of Doom. Playthings And here's a sort of Cuphead-inspired semi-sequel, where after having endured enough torment at the claws of Discord, the Legion of Doom embrace the power of their friendship--and discover that it gives them enough power to go toe to toe to the Spirit of Chaos. It gives Tirek strength to defend his friends, the love of her companions gives Chrysalis the drive to keep fighting, and the support they give to Cozy gives her the confidence to go head to head in battle. The end result? A very sorry Draconequus. KNOCKOUT!
  2. Here is another weird, personal discussion thread by yours truly ~ What kind of deodorant do you use? What brand? I always use Secret Outlast. It's the only women's antiperspirant I've found that really lives up to it's name and completely stops me from sweating. Plus I just can't get enough of the scent.
  3. The Weird Dream I Had Last Night There was a party. It was at school, but it wasn’t our school. The room was open with stark white chairs in rows. The walls were grey with green and blue dots on them that were different sizes. On the other side of the room, there was a flight of stairs going down. Next to the chair there was a door leading to other rooms. The room was filled with people in my grade. The party was being supervised by a substitute teacher, yet they weren’t paying much attention to anything going on. Mr. Simpson then walked past the area and went down the stairs. He was oblivious too. At the time, I was sitting in one of the chairs. One of the Henry brothers came up to me and whispered something in my ear. I can’t remember what he said now. Then, I walked through the door that was next to all of the chairs and found myself in a cabin hallway. It was slightly long with doors on either side. Each door was a dark brown wood, with a darker brown frame. There was another set of stairs, going up this time, and on the other side of the stairs was an open space. It held a large grey couch and brown beanbags. There were some older boys playing on an Xbox. I turned away and walked down the hallway. At one of the very last doors, I stopped and went in. Inside I found an area that looked like a small church but on the side of the pews was a small child's table and chairs. Some kids in my writing class were sitting there playing on their DSs. This included Micah, Caden, Brayden, and Jacob. I walked over to them and sat down on one of the small chairs. When I sat, everyone except Brayden got up and left. Then I got up and left. Out in the hallway, I went upstairs. This took me to the main level of my house. A couple of my good friends were there, but I can’t name them. Their faces were familiar yet so different. When I looked down at myself, I realized that I was wearing bright, neon pink underwear under really see through white shorts. I started freaking out and told my friends I needed to go change. All of a sudden I had some black shorts in my hand. Then, I ran downstairs, passing the guys playing Xbox, and to the very last door in the hallway. When I got there, there was a bunch of older girls in line. I shoved past them and ran into the bathroom. The inside of the bathroom was like a public restroom. There was blue-ish-green stalls and toilet paper all over the floor. Every stall was empty. A few girls were in front of the mirror and visibly drunk. I went into the last stall to try and change but before I could, the bathroom turned into a car. All the girls that were in the bathroom at the time were inside the car with me. Through the car window, I could see the police arriving and shooting kids inside other cars. When one got to our car, he opened the drivers side door and found a boy my age sitting there. The cop pulled him out of the car saying, “You don’t belong here,” to the boy. I tried shouting after him that neither did I, but he did not hear me. A few minutes later, but what seemed like forever, the cop came back to the car. He looked inside the backseat window with his pistol raised. Then, he spotted me. He opened the door, dragged me out, and mumbled some words I didn’t catch. The cop dragged me by my shoulder towards an old red, blue, and white bus. It was almost like a skate city bus. The windows were unable to see through or out of though. When the doors opened, he told me, “You’re going in with the athletic ones,” and stepped away. On the bus, there were kids that I knew and some I did not. In the front The back seats were occupied by three girls wearing green and black matching jackets. They all had broken legs. A couple rows up from that, I saw Kaiya sitting all alone. Well, there was people in front and behind her. Just nobody next to her. I walked down the aisle and sat down next to her. More kids started entering the bus. After about two kids came in, my friend Nia walked on the bus. … She had spaghetti on her head… When I asked why, she said someone put it there and she didn’t care to take it off. The bus started moving. We were going down this really steep hill and kept changing lanes. Around halfway down, the bus turned around and started going up the hill. It’s hard to explain, but the roads merged slightly, so that the cars going downhill were now on the right and we were driving on the left hand side. My alarm went off right as we got into a crash.
  4. Phasereale

    Weird Dreams

    So, i remember having this one weird dream a very long time ago when I was in high school at the time. So this dream took place in a high school. It's not the same one I went to before, because I totally figured it out later on in the dream. I all I know is that me and my best buddy was walking and talking while we are heading to the same math class, but all of a sudden. We see zoo keepers down the hall. Releasing 2 tigers that are on leashes and letting them chase and catch students who are late to class. Their were only a few students in the halls at the time. So, after we both saw this. we sprint down the halls to our math class as fast and quick as a rabbit. We got to our math class safely, but I released when I got in and took a seat that it was Geometry, instead of basic math. To be honest, I don't know geometry at a high level. So, I just hung out in the class room. Until the time went by super quickly for our 90 minute classes. The bell has rung at last for us to go to our next class. When we got out of the class room. From all of a sudden and weird reason. My friend turned into a female, I mean 100% female. After, my friend turned into a female. A guy from our class, turned around and went walked back to us. He then, looked at my friend and gave me a weird smile and asked me "What's your name?". I thought at first he was going to flirt with my friend. So, I told him "My name is josh". That's not my real name and I basically lied to the guy in order to protect my friend from a random guy awkwardly flirting with him. After that awkward moment we had right their. All 3 of us, went our separate ways to get to our next classes before any of the 2 tigers get us. A tiger did manage to try to sneak up and pounce me, but I saw him before he could perform his attack. Me and the tiger ran a few good feet from we spotted each other. Until I turned my head to see if he was catching up and to my surprise. The tiger pounced on me and pinned me to the ground and tried to bite me, but I used my left arm in the nick of time to block the bite with. I also released that the tigers were just playing, because I somehow didn't bleed from my left arm or got hurt. One of the zoo keeper's came around the corner in order to get the tiger off of me and let it assist the 2nd tiger down the hall. Going in a different direction and turning right to get another student while the zoo keeper's chase after them. I also released this is not our high school we go to, because we are in a African safari area. Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts! I hope you enjoyed this story I told! Have a nice day or night! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more stories I submit! I would really love that if you do follow!
  5. "What are some of the things you think are weird about the Equestria Girls universe?" Here are a few things that I think are weird: All of the locations have MLP related names. All of the humans are unusual pastel colors. The students rarely go to class. Magical events are just accepted as normal.
  6. Okay, nobody panic, but I just realized something! Ponies use glue in several episodes... Glue is sometimes made using horses... COULD THE CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE BE USING CORPSES IN THEIR ARTS AND CRAFTS?! This would explain the lack of a graveyard in Ponyville... What do you think?
  7. You’re invited for a sleepover with Sci-Twi and the human Mane 5. As a prank Sci-Twi gets you into a deep sleep, then dresses you in her uniform, down to knickers, vest, and socks. Experiencing a weird feeling, you wake up the next day and discover the prank. Reaction?
  8. This is as obscure as video games get. Just click on stuff, and watch the unbridled madness unfold....
  9. When i was little for some reason i talked to bees (the bees didn't sting). yeahhhh now i sound crazy and i probably am .
  10. I don't usually give Youtube shout outs but this was really well done in my opinion. This is a fully animated short that parodies the end of the infamous Evangelion anime movie from the 90s and just like the movie is bizzare (and also full of MLP fandom references including Gak). The sad thing is he gave it a clickbait title and no one understands the joke. Some people are just too young for Evangelion I guess.
  11. Another entry, another theme, this time we are going to cover music videos, yup, those videos explaining the content of the song in the artist/band 's vision. Is more than possible that you already seen these but i just compliate them to make you remember or in case you havent seen them show you a good collection of freaky material. Although may scare you or not, the truth is that this entry do not necesary contains scary stuff, but weird, strange, bizzarre content that either make you freak out, give you a good laugh or simply say "wtf?" with that being said, enjoy! This entry contains 6 videos 1) Pearl Jam - Do the evolution This video traumatized me when i was a kid, as you see the content of the video your vision about humanity may either chance or confirm it, judge by yourslef 2) Molotov - El mundo Mexican group Molotov has been known for their controversy, and in 2000 due numerous rumors that the world will end, the band make a music video talking about how the world will end, and the video caused a lot of controvery for provoque fear to the catastrofic date that the video almost dissapeared from the media and this is the only material it exists today 3) Tool - Schism Tool is a american band that has been known for their psychedellic videos, and when they released Schism the video provoques various reactions to the audience, i can post more videos about this amazing group but this video is one that personally contains most of the essence of the band with "parabola" 4) Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy British group Aphex Twin released this video that is worth to watch in complete dark with earphones 5) Antihoney - Constant Flow This video is special, very special indeed, because even if the music is relaxing and sweet the video on the other hand is unsettling, like if something doesn't seem right, please post your reactions about this piece 6) Cardiacs - To go off and things This video is not necesary disturbing but bizzarre, weird, exageratted and crazy in a unique way, what you will see is madness in a pure state, you will either love or hate the band
  12. Fellow Bronies! today i we still are going to cover the audio, but this time instead of heard disturbing audio we are going to cover music, we all know that music is a important factor for emotions, so today ill show you the 7 most weird, disturbing music. these do not need further explanation, they are just songs made by artist with the purpose of give you a chilling ambience Cheers! Hamburger Lady Karl Meyer Jupiter and Beyond Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball send your reactions and smash that brohoof buttom for more of this saga!
  13. Hello again! thanks for stopping by! it's time for some.. *put my palm around my ear* WEIRD VIDEOS!! now the theme of the videos are Sounds, yep, these are not videos as such but strange sounds that will do make your skin chills if you heard them alone in the dark. remember, there's no screamers and you are free to use your earphones for maximum scare experience just remember! if you are too sensitive to spooky audio i reccomend to not hear them but since you are a brave person have a nice trip to horror ^^ If you find a creepy or weird video/audio, please feel free to share it with us and make larger our collection and post your reactions too. Also if some videos are fake or not is irrelevant, the purpose is to freak you out. Cheers! 1) creepy Radio recording This video was posted by Sir Fortesque76, and he says he is works as a security guard of a bank and he was listening to a radio something strange,he grabs his phone and record the audio, this is what he got 2) The WKCR incident In 1995 a mysterious interruption cut the signal of the 88.9FM station and what it is heard next are screams and whispers with voices naming deceased persons. 3) Operation Wandering Souls During Vietnam war the US used an audio to frighten the Vietcong because of their religious beliefs, the vietnamese people believed that if someone dies without being buried the soul of the deceased will wander in pain for all eternity. The audio recordings can be an important factor in the battlefield? You be the judge. 4) The unexplainable Phone Call This audio was recorded by someone's friend who tried to call his mom but instead of being his mom a strange sound was instead heard, So far we cannot tell what it is, feel free to post your thoughts 5) The sound of Saturn The NASA has been detecting radio emissions from the Saturn planet, and they compress those waves into audio sound and this is what's found Tell us what was the audio that scared you the most. keep up the brohooves to continue this saga! n.n // BONUS Aghast - Sacrifice Aghast is a group composed by 2 witches of Norway that began to make atmospheric music specially for black magic rituals. It's been said that when they began recording their firsts albums strange things happened in the studio like poltergeist and stuff, is not recommended to listen to it alone and the music is charged with negative feelings and depression Creepiest call voicemail. Finally the most scary audio i found, the woman on the video found that someone left a message on her voice mail. The sounds aren't proved to be an animal, whoever who made that sound is not either human or animal, seems like something unknown, something or someone who is able to make calls and leave this, the audio hasn't been debunked so far and no further explanation exists to this day. I warn you, this sound is specially scary if you have a voice mail recorded, if you are going to listen to it, you are at your own risk and i do not be responsible for any shock or trauma.
  14. Hello! this saga is back! ill share some of the most weird videos i been founding on Youtube hoping i can give you some weird nights. This time the theme are Channels. These Channels are done by artists/lunatics on Youtube, again, i want to clarify that none of those videos have screamers and you can watch them at your own risk 2h32 is a youtuber that makes creepy content, to be honest i haven't watch all the videos but i thought that i may share this with you La pasion is a psychedelic video that i don't recomend to watch it if you have epilepsy Brian is a username that makes amazing animations on 3d, but i reccomend discretion watching some of his jobs Possibly in Michigan is a shortfilm made by Cecelia Condit in 1983, is surreal and is kinda disturbing, i present you a excerpt Scorpion Party is a video where's our antihero Scorpion, is not a scary video but kinda curious
  15. Before I say anything I would like to state that I know you'll probably have a different opinion or view on this, or shockingly maybe even feel the same way, I have a best friend who loves the TV series Rick and Morty, I thought I'd check it out and I definitely have mixed feelings about what I've seen (by the way I only watched three/four episodes or something so my view will probably sound confusing to someone who adores the show and frequently watches it) there were some things I liked and somethings I very much disliked, the first thing I noticed was that the content of this show is very violent (not VERY shocking but some images and scenes just flabbergasted me and weren't necessary at all whatsoever) the second thing is the vibe and way the show carries itself, very dark, harsh, and realistic yet absolutely ridiculous in the most ingenious way, I liked that a bit because I found it clever, but in watching all this I was trying to find positive morals and sentimental moments which it very much lacked, there were a few short lived (and honestly super fake) moments of this, but I also found that Rick Sanchez is a very complex and complicated character who nobody knew the intention of, I like and dislike the concept of rick at the same time, he's super harsh and doesn't sugarcoat anything one bit, but he's also doing things for the greater good I believe, I think he cares but he can't display it because of his reputation in the universe, the complexity and realistic themes with so much rubbish wrapped around it is fascinating to me, almost addictive with that being said the characters have great development, the concept is intriguing, and the attitude is brutal and harsh.
  16. So, you know how you're just playing a fighting game and you use a special move that has a name that makes you lol? Well, though my list is short, here are some weird/funny names of special moves in fighting games with character, special move name and the game it's from Strong Jersey - Capitain Ginyu - DBZ Budokai 3 Saturday Crush - Raditz - DBZ Budokai 2 and 3 Space Opera Symphony - Rufus - Super Street Fighter 4 What are some funny/weird names of special moves in fighting games that you have come across?
  17. Hi everyone! I was thinking about the Finnish sauna, and came up with this. Post something you do in culture that seems weird to others! For me it would be the sauna, the one I go is both men and women. And there is no swimwear or any thing. When we in sauna we slap ourself with birch branches.
  18. What would we do without our dose of creepiness and WTF? today i have a special gift you you horror lovers, if you like creepy stuff like me you may enjoy these materials, no screamers in any of those videos, guaranteed. In my last entry i mentioned that in the entry #5 of this saga i would make a special, but how 'bout some warm up with a prelude to horror? Today i show you the most WTF videos i ever saw and the theme is "Horror in Black and White, what does it mean? all these videos are in black and white and some are designed specifically to make you feel chills. No cheap horror is a quality horror that not even your blankets will make you feel safe! Of course is my job to present you this videos but the work of this exquisite material belong to their respective creators, so grab some sodas, prepare your snacks, be with friends because this is going to be good! no description as i used to just watch them as a surprice That thing by Sofia Rincon. Sueño Real by lanimibusband Trogort by Principe Subliminal The peanut Vendor Bonus material: Father Sigygis I warn you, if you are specially sensitive about horror stuff i must insist to close this entry and go watch something else but since i know you won't, delight yourself.
  19. Our fandom has produced a ton of memes, and some of them are really weird. What brony memes are the weirdest in your opinion? For me, it’s probably Rarity fighting a giant crab. I’ve never quite understood why this is a thing.
  20. I find that most stock vectors used on MLP products usually look off. They look drawn a bit differently, like their eyes and muzzles, and general proportions look off. Has anyone else noticed this?
  21. Okay, the fandom does weird stuff. I am a pegasister, but a sane one (no offence). Here is what I want to be explained. Why do some people call flanks "plots"? I don't clop but I did find one nasty clop fic by mistake which referred to Zecora's flank as her "plot", and later I heard someone call Fluttershy's flank her "plot". I have looked the word "plot" up in the dictionary and have not found any reference to it being used as a word for butt or flank, so is it an MLP thing? What's the origin? Why do people think Derpy is Dinky's mother because they went to the Sisterhooves Social? Wouldn't it make more sense for Derpy to be Dinky's friend, cousin or sister? Why do people take it for granted that Lyra likes humans when there was no evidence of it in the show? Why do people ship Fluttershy with Discord?
  22. What was the most disturbing experience you've ever had with or witnessed involving another person on the internet? For me, two things come to mind... First is a website I heard about. Can't remember the name, but it was one of those "Thinspiration" sites, which basically encourage people to half starve themselves for the sake of losing weight. Including an encouraging community, images of other people who looked like skin and bones to "inspire you" past the hunger, tricks to get thinner... ugh. It unsettles me so much to think of people doing that to themselves... and people ENCOURAGING it instead of helping to shake them out of it. Secondly, a guy in a Youtube comments section. Can't remember the video, but the dude was an extreme religiously person, and he was a huge transphobic. He was mocking "Tumblrinas" and "pretty boys." (aka male to female transitioners) He was talking about how pathetic they were, how depressed they were, and how he loved making their lives as miserable as possible by harassing their Tumblr accounts. He talked about how they did not deserve to live. If I remember right, he boasted about how many he had driven to suicide, and after the comment chain was finished, he announced he was off to go and try to encourage some more to kill themselves. I was extremely disturbed reading this, to say the least. What a true creep in every sense of the freaking word. What are your creepy, disturbing or funny tales of the darker depths of the internet?