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Found 136 results

  1. MLP vs. WWE, Solar Smackdown: Season Premiere! Slap that like button and comment for the new season! Willow the Wisp vs. King Sombra Twilight Sparkle and Vinyl Scratch vs. Summer Rae and Nikki Bella Solar Women's Heavyweight Champion Stephanie McMahon vs. Nikki Bella Braeburn vs. Flam Main Event: Solar Men's Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels vs. Kofi Kingston MLP vs. WWE, CCW Lunar Madness 01, Taking back the night! The Madness returns!! Discord vs. Prince Blueblood Lunar Women's Heavyweight Champion, AJ Lee vs. Kaitlynn Layla vs. Aksana Yoshi Tatsu vs. Shining Armor Extreme Rules Match: Lunar Men's Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro
  2. Please make sure to comment on this video so I know what WWE superstars make the cut to compete in the NEW CCW!
  3. WWE MLP: CCW 02-006, Submission Match!! Canterlot Championship Wrestling Season 2, Episode 6: Flim vs. Rarity Big Mac vs. Applejack, Falls Count Anywhere Twilight Sparkle vs. Rainbow Dash, Submission Match
  4. UNIFY IT WITH THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Nope, as easy as that sounds, I have another idea. Coming off a successful Extreme Rules PPV where they beat Evolution, the Shield come to the ring to celebrate. Dean Ambrose acknowledges that he hasn't been the most active of champions, but now that business has been taken care of (Evolution), he vows to refocus his attention on defending the US Title. He wants to open up a challenge immediately so he can get to defending. Out comes Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Zeb gets on the mic and chastises Ambrose for soiling the prestige of the US Title as well as America because Ambrose hasn't defended the belt at all. Jack Swagger deserves to represent America and he deserves to give the US Title the proper respect it has lost under Ambrose's reign. So Ambrose and Swagger feud where Swagger tries everything he can to win the US Title and to lure Rollins/Reigns away from Ambrose so he can attack Ambrose solo, including recruiting the help of RybAxel to keep Rollins/Reigns occupied. Finally after a month or two, Swagger finally wins the US Title from Ambrose. Next night on Raw, Swagger and Colter come out to have a giant American celebration for Swagger's reclaiming of America. Right as it appears Swagger is done celebrating with the title...he throws it on the ground. He grabs a sledgehammer and demolishes the US Title to pieces. He goes on to explain that only he is allowed to ever represent America, that no one else can ever have the opportunity to again. He is rightfully the last United States Champion and no one can take it away from him. There.
  5. As a special something for the monumental Wrestlemania 30, I've decided to let WWE 2k14 predict the outcome of the Wrestlemania XXX Pay-Per-View! Please, enjoy!
  6. The WWE is one of the most famous wrestling businesses in the world and it contains some of the best wrestlers that people have seen when they were younger. The Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) was founded in early 1952 by Roderick James "Jess" McMahon and soon led its way onto major matches after being named the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) in 1963. With the death of Roderick McMahon, his son Vincent James McMahon was put in charge of the business with Joseph Raymond "Toots" Mondt making the business more successful. In 1979 the World Wide Wrestling Federation shortened its name to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which was the starting point of its life in the history books, it was also during this time when Monday Night Raw was created. During this time period Vince's son Vincent K. McMahon bought his company, the Capitol Sports, and we saw the debut of famous wrestlers such as Kevin Nash, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, and much more. In 1999 the company again changed its name, this time it was changed to World Wresting Federation Entertainment (WWFE), this was during the beginning of Friday Night Smackdown. In 2002 the company shortened its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), this time period, which is still continuing to this day, has seen the debut of many wrestlers such as John Cena, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Daniel Bryan, and others. Over the years many great wrestlers have come and gone and here is where you can put your favorite wrestlers from the WWF/WWE and before it was named the WW(F/E). Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Owen and Bret "Hitman" Hart are from the WWWF era of its lifetime.
  7. Can the heiress to the throne deal with the pink tornado, or is Pinkie on track for a shot at the CCW gold?!
  8. Can Pinkie take down the Boss' daughter, or is the party over for our precocious pink protagonist?!
  9. A new game, a new season of Canterlot Championship Wrestling! An all-diva division this year, but that doesn't mean we can't have competition from the WWE Divas! Also, sped up a bit to save time, but watchable and sort of hilarious. I mean, it just works for these. XD Tonight's Card: Fluttershy vs. Summer Rae Applejack vs. Nikki Bella Falls Count Anywhere: Big Macintosh vs. Brie Bella Kaitlyn vs. Pinkie Pie Falls Count Anywhere: Rainbow Dash vs. Twilight Sparkle
  10. WWE Royal Rumble is this Sunday, live from Pittsburgh, PA. Royal Rumble is one of the most, if not THE most exciting match in all of wrestling. 30 men enter, only 1 survives for a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match at Wrestlemania. I usually celebrate this week by going back and watching old Rumble matches. Here's a list of my top 5 favorite Rumbles. 5. 2011 Royal Rumble This Rumble had some awesome surprise returns like Booker T and Diesel and had a very exciting finish in Santino Marella reviving and getting back in the match after Alberto Del Rio thought he had won. 4. 2008 Royal Rumble This Rumble had some legends, some big names, and a huge surprise return. As much as I don't care very much for John Cena, his return as entrant #30 even made me bug out like O_O. Everyone thought he wasn't going to be back until after Wrestlemania. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were #1 and #2 and fought hard. 3. 2004 Royal Rumble My first Rumble I was a fan for. Chris Benoit starting #1 and winning the match was crazy. We also got The Undertaker psyching out Kane with the bell gong, Mick Foley assaulting Test backstage to take his spot to ambush Randy Orton, Goldberg being F-5'd by an interfering Brock Lesnar. The storyline interactions of this Rumble made it great. 2. 2005 Royal Rumble The coolest parts about this one was the early Raw vs. Smackdown stand-off until Muhammad Hassan came in and everyone banded together to beat the snot out of him lol. Paul London got clothesline'd to hell and back off the apron. The finale was very memorable as John Cena and Batista landed out at the same time, causing a do-over and causing Vince McMahon to blow out both his legs trying to get into the ring. 1. 2001 Royal Rumble Best Rumble still to this day helped greatly by the massive amount of weapons used. Kane setting the single Rumble elimination record with 11 was sweet. This was the Attitude Era at its best and was a fun Rumble all around from the actual action in the ring to the storyline implications through it too. Honorable Mention: 2007 Royal Rumble - epic Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels finale, 2013 Royal Rumble - Goldust, Godfather, and Jericho surprise returns, first Rumble my favorite Antonio Cesaro was a part of.
  11. Can country-girl Applejack overcome the dirty tactics of Stephanie McMahon? Welcome to the mid-week show of CCW, at the end of the week this week, SORRY!
  12. A first look at my MLP creations in WWE 2k14! I've sped up the video a little to get it down near the 10 minute mark... and... I think I've made something kind of hilarious.. Oh WWE 2k14, you glitchy mes, I adore you! XD
  13. Part I: It's the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View and Rarity faces her biggest challenge yet! First, she defends her Intercontinental Championship against her biggest rival, Edge!
  14. WWE MLP Rarity: Gold is Not Your Color 16: Edge of Greatness? Rarity vs. Edge, her toughest opponent outside of Dream Baker and Ditzy! WWE MLP Rarity: Gold is Not Your Color 17: A taste of the Gold?!?! Rarity at the Royal Rumble, earning herself a shot at Farooq for the Intercontinental championship! Win, lose, or draw, this story isn't over yet!! WWE MLP Rarity: Gold is Not Your Color 18: Rematch BEATOWN!! Farooq wasted no time in demanding a rematch. Let's see how that worked out for him, shall we? XD
  15. Ditzy and Dream remain on opposite ends of the ring as Rarity continues to feud with Cody Rhodes! Feels good to be back! Remember to like/fave/share/subscribe!!
  16. Watch as I use the new WWE game to recreate Twilight Sparkle for a new generation of CCW wrestling! CAW creation in time-lapse before your very eyes! Enjoy! Also, slap that like button and we're SOOOOOO CLOSE! Just a few subs away from 100!!
  17. Another highlight reel as I continue salvaging damaged footage. I will soon have the last of these made and ready to go, not to mention I have almost all of the kinks worked out of my equipment at last!
  18. Due to a few issues with my audio capture equipment, not to mention my crappy ISP, the next few vids will be in highlight format. Help me make it to 100 subscribers! XD Spread the word so I can make a nice, special video for everyone! Only a few more to go!
  19. The dark side of Equestria shines! Lyra Heartstrings vs. Berry Punch Ditzy-Doo & Octavia vs. Flam & Presto the Changeling Vinyl Scratch vs. Trixie Flim vs. Jinjo Bytes Cloudsdale Champion Dream Baker vs. Shadowbolt Descent Don't forget to slap that like button and subscribe!
  20. The invasion continues! Don't forget to slap that like button and subscribe! Gilda the Gryphon vs. Jinder Mahal Zecora vs. Primo Princess Cadence vs. The Big Show Octavia & Vinyl Scratch vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie The Great & Powerful Trixie vs. Chris Jericho
  21. Slap that like button for this lineup! Sweetie Belle vs. Apple Bloom Scootaloo vs. Scale Gazer vs. Braeburn Prince Blueblood vs. Spitfire Pinkie Pie vs. Score Rainbow Dash & Crafty Crate vs. SECW Champion Queen Chrysalis & Gilda Enjoy the show, everyone!
  22. A simply vicious match that could end the careers of both of these young athletes. Will this fight finally bring an end to the feud, or will it end with both of them in the hospital?
  23. (Ooc: Out of character text will be used minimally, if at all possible. For the most part, Vice Grip will be doing the talking.) Hey's young Fillies and Colts, it's your favorite Wrestler's Vice Grip! I's here to provide ya's with some Q'n'a opportunities, so if ya's gots a question, ask away! To provide ya's with a little context, I's a professional wrestla' from Manehattan. I's an earth pony like my Pa, but my Ma's a pegasus. My cutie mark's a steel chair, of course! And my rival's name is Camel Clutch, the Camel from some far off land or somethin'. I've injured some's chumps in the past with my's signature move, the Spinnin' Pile-Drivah, which has been banned in's a lot of circuits. Can't handle this stallion, I's guess. So ask's away! Most wrestlin' circuits are on break now's anywho.
  24. The feud between Dream Baker and Rarity starts heating up! What happened to break up this team that holds a win over the current tag-team champions? Remember to like/subscribe and share it with your friends on facebook, tumblr, and twitter!
  25. A little peek behind the scenes of what I capture, not to mention the beginning of what could well turn out to be one BRUTAL feud!