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Found 681 results

  1. I'm making a new video where i show art that goes with the story I'm talking about. so if any one could help and has some art about the experiments of twilight sparkles ill show it in my video and give you full credit for it in the description and credits.
  2. This is an Idea that has bin buzzing around in my head for months now and I decided that I should try and share it. I don't know if someone has already done something similar, so this idea might be redundant. I was inspired by the war with the Crystal Empire in the season 5 finale. My idea is for a fannon Newsreel video series based off that alternate time line. That will gradually progress with the fortunes of war. My idea isn't fully fleshed out at the moment. If anyone finds this idea interesting. I would be willing to flesh it out with them. Please note I have little video editing skill. All I have to offer is my imagination. Here are a few ideas that I had for the series. 2 main Characters: The first is a stereotypical 1930's news reader and the second character is field reporter with a masculine radio voice. The characters would use slang common for the 40s. Like calling someone "Mac" or asking for "a cup of Joe". Stuff like that. The news reader will report the headlines and give a summery of that particular story, then their will be a cut to the field reporter who will give a more detailed account of that days events Headlines would include stories that would Mirror WW1/WW2 for example "Princes Celestia Rallies Troops", "Cupcake Shortage Strikes Ponyville", "Sombre Lays Siege To Canterlot!". I don't want to get too dark with these headlines. I would prefer to stay as lighthearted as possible. Using the headlines the story will gradually progress, creating it's own lore in the process. I would like to keep each video short, around 5 minutes. To be able to post frequently, say once every week. The video quality will have to be simplified. No animation would be used. Except for a few vectors of the main characters and a few background images and headlines. I would like the video to resemble old black and white film footage. Maybe add some cracks and pops in the audio to go along with it? Well, this is the basic idea. I don't have a story or characters figured out, because I don't know if this will ever take off.
  3. hey guys. I'm working on a new My Little Pony video and I need some help . it's a pony analysis on the magic of Equestria (so original) and I need a list of strong instances of magic explained, demonstrated, exemplified. examples I have so far ~ Sombra in general Twilight using dark magic after Celestia showed her Twilight using dark magic as alicorn Twilight's rant in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" the Trixie episode the princesses transferring their magic to Twilight Tirek in general the little ponies in general the Everfree forest all the stuff Starlight Glimmer can do​ Cutie-marks in general.. if I missed any I'll appreciate it if you help me find more instances of the behavior of magical in the show.
  4. Straw poll link Video link
  5. Hello Warlock hear and i have a rely interesting idea for a Halloween YouTube project but i need other youtubers. The project is a scavenger hunt of kind where I am hopeing at least five youtubers will all make different Halloween based videos. they can be scary funny sad what ever as long as there nightmare night or Halloween ish. but instead of posting on our own channel we will each post one of the other peoples so my video would be posted on one persons and theirs on some one else tell every one of us has posted some one else video and the viewers to find the youtuber they started with would have to look at the other youtubers. this way we could gain some viewers and fans that may not have thought to look at us and we gain a small community together to maybe work with in the future. I hope I explained this well. If your interested let me know at least by August 15th. send me your YouTube name and what you want to do. Have the actual video sent to me by October 1st. contact me at
  6. I am a youtuber who doses videos that are a bit of dark comedy and creepy pasta reviews. I would love to do a video with some one else but am not shore how to ask and what type of video to suggest i have some ideas but would like to talk about them first. One of my videos link
  7. "Applejack?" "Yes Twi?" "I found this book outside the Everfree Forest... It seems to be Apple Bloom's diary." "Mah sis kept a Diary? Does it say what happened to her?" "...Yes..." And with that bit of dark foretelling we dive head long into one of the scarcest MLP creepypastas I have ever had the pleaser of finding. The Trees Are Screaming. So the story starts with apple bloom writing in her diary to see if she can get a diary writing cutie mark. Oh and this takes place pre cmc getting there marks. At first the entrys are fairly normal with apple bloom talking about what they have tried to do to get there marks but soon thinks start to stand out such as there dog acting odd and barking at the forest then it goes missing. Soon after apple bloom swears she sees movement out of the corner of her eyes. She convinces the other cmc members to go with her into the everfree forest to find her dog. That is where things go bad and fast. The next entry goes as followes and this is an exerpt from the story. Oh, Celestia, help me, I got away, I’m the only one left, the others are dead, I’m hiding in a cave I found. Sweet Celestia, the trees, the trees are alive, they’re alive! We were just walking down the path, and I saw something move, so we went off the path to try and find it. It led us further and further away from the trail, and we came to a clearing in the woods, and then there was this screech, and a branch swooped down, and, and, and it impaled itself into Sweetie, and she was bleeding, and we tried to run but there were vines covered in thorns, and they wrapped around our legs, and the thorns dug into us, and the trees, I don’t know how to describe it, they didn’t walk, it was like they were sliding, and the clearing just kept getting smaller and smaller…I managed to pull my legs out from the vines, but the vines were around Scoots’ neck, and they were choking her, and, and I heard her bones being crushed, so I ran away, through a gap in the trees. They tried to get me, but they only managed to get my leg, it’s bleeding really bad, there’s a huge chunk of it missing… No, no I can hear them, I can hear them coming! They’re coming! Celestia, Luna, anyone, please, please, HELP ME! The trees are screaming! So ummm ya this part is terifing to me it involves kids in a life or death situaction you know they don't survive so it's worse its just terafing. So why are the trees screaming why are they killing whats going on. Well I have a theroy but first lets talk to my mare in the field straight jaket. Warlock I am not going in there. Theres dragons and mantacores sea serpents cockatrices timber wolfs and a freaky zebra who trayed to curse me before so no I am not doing this got that. And if you try I will shove your hat so far up your ass it will come out your eye socket. Ok so we will not be investigating the ever free forest today. So how could this story happen well because of dicored what if this is what happened if his evil vine things grew earlyer and waited to attack insead of attacking right off the bat like in the show. It has possibilitys and makes this a bit scaryer that maybe the episode could have gone difrent in other circumstances. But thats just my thoughts on it whats yourse did this storie freek you out or am I a wuss tell me in the coments and this is warlock boo saying be scaring you later.(boo laugh)
  8. A world of light and friendship happy balloons and singing pony's. But what happens when shadows cover the land the dark and twisted minds of fans take over and the bright colors fall to the shadows of madness. Hear you will see you will see the nightmare of equestria the twisted world fans have made and I now explore. And who am I you ask well your humble and amazing host Warlock Boo. Now sit your not going any where soon and watch the fun that is Nightmares of equestria. (BOO Laugh)
  9. A simple day and a simple tme, as i relax till i find a good, and interesting reading to listen to which I think some of you guys might enjoy
  10. I guess I posted this topic in the wrong spot a few weeks ago, as I only got 1 response xD Anyways, hopefully this gets a little more attention under Video Creative Resources. Hi everyone! I'll be coordinating a special forum member based reaction collab to the Season 6 Premiere! I previously made MLP Forums Reacts for the Season 5 Finale and more recently the Season 6 Preview. I'll put links to those down below if you're curious. A lot of people turned out to participate previously, and I'm hoping for another great turnout, if not better, this time around! However, I will put a few ruled and regulations in place this time. 1) If you've previously participated in Forums Reacts, you're welcome to join again! The only thing I ask of you this time around is to try and amp up the comedy aspect. While I was very pleased with the previous two react videos, I feel like we can step things up as a whole in terms of comedy. While the video is mainly about "reacting" to the Season 6 Premiere, try to do less of the unscripted reactions and write down a script beforehand so you know exactly what to say and how to say it, making the video more polished and easier for me to edit. 2) If you're new to this whole thing and want to participate, the first thing I'll say is welcome! There's a few things you need to know before filming your reactions. First off, before doing anything, make sure you have a decent camera and microphone... that means no web-cams! unless your webcam is some ultra high res meta-camera, then go ahead. But otherwise, keep your video as nice looking as possible. Next, know that while this is technically a "reaction" video, I'd prefer if you don't record your initial reactions to the premiere (if you've ever seen the YouTuber Jinx, who just sits in front of his camera the whole time and looks like he's having a Vietnam flashback and shows zero emotion to just about everything. Don't be like Jinx). Sometimes it's hard to think of things right on the spot, so I strongly suggest writing a script with timestamps on it that label the spot where you will perform each "reaction". Also, and I mean this in the nicest of ways, try to be funny. Some people just don't have it in them when it comes to being entertaining behind the camera. If you feel you've got what it takes to make viewers laugh, whether it's your sheer randomness, tone of voice, witty comments, dank memes, etc., go ahead and get started reacting! 3) Another thing I'd like to make sure everyone gets in the habit of doing from now on is making a lively and witty intro for the first time they would appear on screen. The beginning of the video is sometimes what can reel in or detract viewers. It needs to be filled with humor and action, so get creative and don't be afraid to be too weird! Thats about it everyone! Oh and also if you do end up submitting footage, share it with me on OneDrive or by email at for both options listed. Or post it to YouTube as unlisted and give me the link. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! -Flight Here's the other MLP Forums Reacts!
  11. I'm curious if any of you have gotten a copyright strike on your Youtube channel. Also, what was it for? I fortunately never have. I upload other people's works, but I make sure they don't mind first.
  12. Just watched this video, really important to all you YouTube viewers and YouTubers. Please watch it!! It's very important, and concerns the core of what brought about this fandom, believe it or not. We bronies have helped each other by posting YouTube videos (Joey-O, MagpiePony, and others). Now YouTube needs us. Short Version: Full Version:
  13. Now I want to vent out something else. I don't need to explain any further but the sites I mentioned in the title? There are nothing now but hateful comments regarding season 6. Look at this. This is isn't exactly the first time that I've seen it happen on Season 6. In fact I suggest looking at the different announcements regarding the other seasons. I will never understand and accept why people just go spit on the episode before we see it with our own eyes. I used to frequent these sites, but now there are these kinds of comments everywhere I go. Here are just some examples. Fire all the writers NOW Kill every last one of the characters because they're all out of character Cringe, cringe and more cringe. The use of this word makes me want to kill someone. NO JEST. Morals are all screwed up aka Newbie Dash The show is degrading and the movie will be the final nail in the coffin, period. I could probably name a few other types if I can remember them now. Bottom line is: the entire fandom is starting to really want all of these things to happen. WHY? I DON'T KNOW! Why cannot we just enjoy this show again like we did in the past?
  14. So I saw this really strange, out of nowhere, message featuring this pony OC seemingly taking over other people's videos. The character is known as CarToonZ, he originates from ToonKriticY2K, and his "message" basically says he is allegedly going everywhere and targeting pony reviewers. I've seen him on videos from MisAnthropony and Lightning Bliss among others and I'm honestly confused. I assume it's all a harmless bit of fun and an attempt to spawn an ongoing prank or meme, but does anyone know why it's happening or how it started?
  15. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  16. Recently I made my first MLP-related YouTube video. A lot I want to fix, but I'll save it for the next one I produce. Anyway though, I would appreciate criticism on this! You can find the video here.
  17. Check out my start of a gaming channel with some awkward commentary, I have some Dark Souls 3, some Black Ops 3 (sadly but it can be fun), some happy wheels, and some CS GO, and once again my commentary is very awkward and be warned of cursing, this is my first time playing.videogames and talking at the same time. Hope you enjoy. I seem to have forgotten to put the channel name...see...awkward Here it is: Idiotstickgaming
  18. Hey! So I've been edting videos for my friend Dazzle Diamond's YouTube channel, where she makes vocal covers of MLP songs, and I think she's pretty good!! But I find she isn't really getting many views, which means no feedback... For a creator to grow they need lot's of feedback! So if you have the time, please check her out? (Not worries, I've convinced her to save up for a good microphone!!)
  19. Hello! I've started a small Youtube channel, and it would be great if you could check it out. Please don't feel obligated to subscribe or whatever, but if what I make happens to be your jam, all the power to you Thanks!
  20. Do you usually listen to music on Youtube or Soundcloud? While Youtube is intended for video content, music is commonly uploaded as well. Soundcloud is made specifically for audio and has a nicer interface for listening to music with.
  21. I'm subscribed to 64 channels, mostly of brony musicians. It's very easy to find out without counting. You'll find the number at the top of this page.
  22. You know those images of OC's a lot of YouTubers use to give a representation of themselves without showing their actual face? I'm doing that, and I wonder which "poses" I need to draw. Here's what I have so far: WARNING: LOTS OF IMAGES I know, it's terrible. But I like it because it's terrible. I think I'm fine, but if you think I should add more poses I will. So what poses do you think are essential when making a puppet like this? Thanks.
  23. Who is Boris you ask, well my friends he is Slav Superstar as the title would suggest! Well, he is a ever-growing YouTube Star who started a channel a little over a year ago with a particular "theme" to his videos and commentary. That theme being heavily influenced by Slav-Squatting and STALKER, or rather the memes/sub-culture of such. I found him last summer when his channel was still relatively small, few months ago it had grown to 30,000 subs, and the next time I checked after it was 125K. Since it has grown at a staggering rate and thus I wondered if anyone else had found him or had since started watching some of his stuff. Channel And here are just some his videos. This is the video that made me actually get a pan and supplies and make blin at college.
  24. Whenever I try to directly link a video from YouTube into my posts or blog entries, the video just shows up as a link rather than the video itself. At first, I thought it may have just been the YouTube video itself. However, I realized that wasn't the case after I tried directly linking many other videos after that. This has been an issue for a little less than a month now and I still cannot directly link videos. I have been using the same process to link videos as I always have. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it!