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Found 676 results

  1. So I saw this really strange, out of nowhere, message featuring this pony OC seemingly taking over other people's videos. The character is known as CarToonZ, he originates from ToonKriticY2K, and his "message" basically says he is allegedly going everywhere and targeting pony reviewers. I've seen him on videos from MisAnthropony and Lightning Bliss among others and I'm honestly confused. I assume it's all a harmless bit of fun and an attempt to spawn an ongoing prank or meme, but does anyone know why it's happening or how it started?
  2. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  3. Recently I made my first MLP-related YouTube video. A lot I want to fix, but I'll save it for the next one I produce. Anyway though, I would appreciate criticism on this! You can find the video here.
  4. Check out my start of a gaming channel with some awkward commentary, I have some Dark Souls 3, some Black Ops 3 (sadly but it can be fun), some happy wheels, and some CS GO, and once again my commentary is very awkward and be warned of cursing, this is my first time playing.videogames and talking at the same time. Hope you enjoy. I seem to have forgotten to put the channel name...see...awkward Here it is: Idiotstickgaming
  5. Hey! So I've been edting videos for my friend Dazzle Diamond's YouTube channel, where she makes vocal covers of MLP songs, and I think she's pretty good!! But I find she isn't really getting many views, which means no feedback... For a creator to grow they need lot's of feedback! So if you have the time, please check her out? (Not worries, I've convinced her to save up for a good microphone!!)
  6. Hello! I've started a small Youtube channel, and it would be great if you could check it out. Please don't feel obligated to subscribe or whatever, but if what I make happens to be your jam, all the power to you Thanks!
  7. Do you usually listen to music on Youtube or Soundcloud? While Youtube is intended for video content, music is commonly uploaded as well. Soundcloud is made specifically for audio and has a nicer interface for listening to music with.
  8. I'm subscribed to 64 channels, mostly of brony musicians. It's very easy to find out without counting. You'll find the number at the top of this page.
  9. You know those images of OC's a lot of YouTubers use to give a representation of themselves without showing their actual face? I'm doing that, and I wonder which "poses" I need to draw. Here's what I have so far: WARNING: LOTS OF IMAGES I know, it's terrible. But I like it because it's terrible. I think I'm fine, but if you think I should add more poses I will. So what poses do you think are essential when making a puppet like this? Thanks.
  10. Who is Boris you ask, well my friends he is Slav Superstar as the title would suggest! Well, he is a ever-growing YouTube Star who started a channel a little over a year ago with a particular "theme" to his videos and commentary. That theme being heavily influenced by Slav-Squatting and STALKER, or rather the memes/sub-culture of such. I found him last summer when his channel was still relatively small, few months ago it had grown to 30,000 subs, and the next time I checked after it was 125K. Since it has grown at a staggering rate and thus I wondered if anyone else had found him or had since started watching some of his stuff. Channel And here are just some his videos. This is the video that made me actually get a pan and supplies and make blin at college.
  11. Whenever I try to directly link a video from YouTube into my posts or blog entries, the video just shows up as a link rather than the video itself. At first, I thought it may have just been the YouTube video itself. However, I realized that wasn't the case after I tried directly linking many other videos after that. This has been an issue for a little less than a month now and I still cannot directly link videos. I have been using the same process to link videos as I always have. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it!
  12. [/media][media] this is just another attempt in mind of doing a MLP analysis YouTube video. to be honest I don't like the way I worded some things and unlike the first analysis video I've done I actually had a script. the video is about the princesses dream of magic sheep discussing that whole self harm thingy. I explain why it's so Late at the end. hopefully this is a better quality than my last analysis video
  13. So most of you know EdPlus777 on youtube and I been watching his series but I'm trying to find the song used in his season 3 intro and I hope somepony on here knows it because it's driving me batty trying to fin it!!
  14. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead
  15. So with all of these brony reactions and some others that got hit with flags and strikes is it just not worth watching anymore ? my thoughts: i think its just getting to ware youtube is just one big fat add ware people wants to want you to subscribe and like the videos but that just tells me that there just making there videos into adds which is kinda sad that it was ment just for fun now everyone wants to add them like there forcing us to add them....sorry thats just how i feel about youtube lol.
  16. Hey eveypony! me and my friends started a show called BronyTrioRadio. we review each new ep as it comes out, talk to a guest and a hole bunch of other craziness!
  17. My poem to No Second Prances is here go check it out and subscribe if you want
  18. Here is the playlist of my music videos that are currently up on YouTube right now that shows what this concept is (as it's easier for me to show you all than for me to explain it myself). I hope you like it.
  19. I know there is a "last movie you watched" thread, but I've thought I'll change it up a bit. So, what was the last last Youtube video you watched? Also, please provide a link if you can. (If it borders on NSFW, please leave it out of here) The last video I watched was: Calvin Harris feat. Example- We'll be Coming Back (Killsonik remix) I was halfway through this song when I thought of this idea lol.
  20. Watched this video on youtube and i liked it. It is new and shows gameplay of MLP. And there is a link in the description. Here is the youtube video
  21. (Disclaimer: This video isn't mine, it's by Fatalmephisto. I just wanted to share it) Warning: This video contains course language. I would like to know what your guy's thoughts are about this issue. I happen to agree with him on this.
  22. Hey guys. So if you clicked on this you're probably wondering what this new podcast could be? Well wonder no more! It is at the core going to be dedicated to various topics such as Brony/Pegasister news, talking about new episodes, gaming, tech and world news. Now of course we can't do this on our own and we would love to try and get a new person on every other week. That my dear reader is where you come in. We would like you to post a link in this thread to either a demo reel or previous content you have either worked on or created yourself. If you have any questions that you would like an answer too as soon as possible please PM either myself or Jonny Music. Please note however that Jonny Music may not be able to reply as soon as myself. Jonny Music MLP Forums: YouTube: Th3 Arb1tur MLP Forums: YouTube:
  23. ​ I made a video from years ago, but now recently got blocked everywhere because of the theme song I placed at the end. I had to remove the song in order for the video to be visible again? Does anyone have any proof besides this that Sony owns the theme song rights?
  24. Talking Kitty fans are mourning the loss of Gibson Cash who succumbed to a bladder infection on April 3. He was one of the main characters in the popular Youtube series along with Sylvester and Shelby. I've watched these videos almost from the beginning and I remember when Gibson was a tiny kitten. It was fun watching him grow up and change over the years. A few months ago, Steve adopted a stray female kitten he named Random. Cats mature fairly quickly though and since Gibson was never fixed, well, I'll let you do the math. It's amazing that Gibson, who was portrayed as a lovable but dimwitted cat, was able to reproduce and leave offspring. That alone would have been the biggest plot twist in Talking Kitty to date. But Gibson's sudden passing managed to overshadow even that. Still, he now has a living legacy in addition to his dozens of Youtube appearances. I honestly teared up while watching that memorial. Ironically, there were at least two times Steve alluded to an early death for Gibson in the series but of course it was just part of the story line. When I first saw Fly Away I remember thinking that it would be the perfect song to commemorate Gibson when his time finally came. I had no clue it would be so soon but it was indeed a great tribute for him. Now he's in kitty heaven with other departed Youtube felines like N2 and Flippycat. Rest in peace, little guy. :3
  25. I wanted to link my youtube page to my profile page, but it doesn't seem that I'm able to. See, if you didn't create a Youtube Channel before 2014, then you don't have a custom URL for your youtube channel with your Username on it. I think this might be part of the problem. Could I get some help with this, I'd like to link my main youtube page to my profile for all of you but at the moment I can not. I hope this issue isn't too difficult to solve.