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Found 54 results

  1. WhisperDreamer

    Cosplay ;3

    heeeeeyyyyyyyy mow
  2. Idris

    Cosplay Space Pony Mask

    After thirty or more hours work it's basically done. The paper template design came from Wintercroft Masks. You print it off, check the scale and stick them to cardboard. Then sticky tape it together. Or, if you have a bolt loose, you stick them to a sheet of 1mm thick aluminium. Two of us took six hours to weld it. I held it and Tony did the Tig welding. I can Tig weld, but not thin ally and I didn't want to wreck all that cutting and bending! The ear has flashing led's that reflect nicely off its facets. Liner is a builders hat webbing. Crest was a hand brush. Polishing took hours. The nose slots are too see and move the air. There is a 2" hole under the chin. Weighs about three pounds.
  3. PuddingPonyPal

    Cosplay Glowing/Flashing Tail!

    YAY! I just finished my first glowing tail tonight! I'm going to bring it to the con with me and perhaps show it off a little. I want to make more but I'll have to wait until I'm free enough. I might make the next glowing tail a light pink!
  4. So, my friends and I started going to Trotcon dressed as Ed Edd n Eddy. Since they're doing a sci-fi theme this year, we wanted to go as the space outlaw variant of the characters as featured in Dawn of the Eds. I figured that I can make most of the props with cardboard paper mache, and spackling (my budget's not too high, but I did make a kick-ass Gutsman helmet once) and foam. However, the parts that I have questions about are Eddy's bowl helmet and Ed's blender cup helmet. Are there any cost-effective clear materials tomake these with or should I just make opaque ones?
  5. Last week I went to my first Comic Con and had a blast! The last day of the Con, I ran in to an old friend and it turns out that he's a member of the 501st Legion, a worldwide volunteer organization of Star Wars fans that have the best-of-the-best Star Wars cosplay. He was cosplaying as Clone Captain Rex. We got talking on Facebook a couple days later and he sort of drafted me into the 501st...haha I'm trying to decide which Clone Trooper's armor I want to build. Here are pictures of the ones that have made my personal Top 5: CLONE MARSHAL COMMANDER "CODY" CLONE ARC TROOPER "COLT" CLONE ARC TROOPER "ECHO" CLONE COMMANDO CAPTAIN "GREGOR" CLONE COMMANDER "WOLFFE" CLONE DELTA SQUADRON SNIPER "SEV"
  6. picture was taken mid-blink gross.... flutter selfie
  7. So for long while now I've been a great fan of Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons and decided to make me my first fallout power armor suit before getting a pony style version of it made and well here it is nearly all completed with d.i.y. basic dry bearing joints which helps me be able to run etc in the suit and upgrades to legs and arms. I personally wanted Enclave as bad guys always have the cool looking stuff also first Hellfire power armor suit to be made by anyone as i like to have something unique but also do to this it was the hardest as some things had to be invented on the fly. God Bless Equestria god blew the Grand Pegasus Enclave FB@JammysSimplyDivineCreations
  8. Sarge Sixteenbit

    Cosplay Getting into character help?

    My friends and I are going to Trotcon as Ed Edd n Eddy. I'm going as Eddy. Anyone have pointers for getting into character as Eddy?
  9. Platinum Sonnet

    Cosplay I Need Some Advice...

    Hello everyone! I have recently thought of a cosplay that I'd like to do at my next convention. I would like to cosplay Nefera de Nile (a character from Monster High) in her Boo York outfit (I'll post pics of her below). The only problem is that I don't know what to do when it comes to making the chest plate.... a vital piece of the costume. .-. I know how to do everything else, but I've never worked with cosplay armor. If someone could recommend some materials and/or some tutorials, that would be much appreciated. Although, I'd have to start the project when I get back to the states. So it may be several months before it is completed and I can post pictures. Anyways, here's the pics of Nefera I promised (sorry about the size.... I copy/pasted the URL, and these images were huuuuuuuuuuggggggggeeee. XD) Thanks in advance, guys!
  10. This is my Kyuubi Cosplay... Well the making of him! He is a quadsuit so I'm on my hands and legs in the suit, of course my arm do have stilts. which are jointed so you get that realistic ankle movement of a quadruped! He will be my cosplay for Comic Con! My friend will be cosplaying as sasukie or however you spell it XD here are some pictures of him so far and an outline of what he will look like!!
  11. Chip Circuit

    Cosplay My creations: Steampunk

    Steam punk Cosplay. So here are more of my creations. This is some of the steam punk stuff which will involve my whole outfit eventually, but I'm putting it all together for a friend's themed wedding. Now I don't feel to creative with my stuff with this but I still decided to share it. I don't know if the bracer will stay, I wish I had a large watch to throw on it
  12. Cloud Burst

    Cosplay A cosplay idea?

    I'm new to sewing, so my worksmanship won't be the greatest. I have kind of a funny idea I'd like to run by someone else. I was thinking about cosplaying Sweetie Belle in a dress she made herself.
  13. Niniibear

    Cosplay Some cosplays~

    Hiiii! I'm new here and wanted to share a few cosplays of mine! Anyone else that cosplays!? Cosplaying is so much fun,to be a diffrent person fora day or two. If you have cosplayed just show it! I love to meet new cosplayers that like Mlp!
  14. Hey, cosplayers and crossplayers! I'm looking for fellow appreciators of cos- and crossplay, but moreover I'm feeling kinda alone as a straight guy that likes women's clothes. I have like one friend that is of the same persuasion but everyone else I talk to about it is female. xD Don't get me wrong, it's fun to go shopping with a gal pal, but it'd be nice to dicuss clothes, outfits, makeup, and most importantly, costumes, with someone of my persuasion. Here's me in my Luna wig, the costume is still in progress. I have a few more bits of makeup I need, too. This was the day I got the wig and I loved it. <3 Also, f you have any makeup knowledge please inform me if there's any way to make my jawline softer and less prominent! It's been a big giveaway to pranking others on Omegle... Dx
  15. I just need some tips on what type clothing I should buy and where I should get it that resembles Rainbow Dash's Equestria Girls blue jacket/outerwear. I've got ideas on all of the other parts already. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Chip Circuit

    Craft My creations: Key Crown

    Now My current project which is almost done a crown made of keys ... figured it would be cool for the DM to wear during D&D nights
  17. PlanetAppleton

    Cosplay MLP Renaissance Cosplay Ideas

    I live near an annual renaissance faire and thought it would be cool to come up with some MLP inspired cosplays that work with a renaissance theme. Not sure how Brony-friendly the Rennies in my new town are so I was thinking the costumes should be kind of subtle to non-MLP fans, but still hint to the characters they're based on enough to be recognizable for any other Bronies at the faire. I'm also not just considering dresses for the Mane 6 characters, I think they'd look totally epic as Jousting Knights!
  18. Next up is a statue I made in welding, I used car parts. He's a spear thrower with his spine made from a crankshaft... I call him a spear-thrower with scoliosis Why not I'll include some of my favorite drawings Okay lastly, Because I was bored at work one day... A carpenter pencil crossbow.
  19. Chip Circuit

    Craft My Creations: Bleach Mask

    So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.>
  20. Why not also include the Halloween costume I made for a haunted house one time. (disclaimer: if you don't like the sight of fake blood/gore don't click this one. I think though the worse part is one pic has me in it O.o beware)
  21. Chip Circuit

    Craft My Creations: Chests

    So I decided to posts my creations and I will keep posting them into this post as I make more, unfortunately I don't often create things until I feel the urge to Feel free to criticize if you feel the need I just kind of want to share them Bleach mask I created from start to finish Apologies for the long post because of the number of images, but can't spoiler attached documents and too many to use off site links >.> Spoiler
  22. Chip Circuit

    Craft My Creations: Mini Chests

    Some chest I stained/painted so I had some suitable D&D dice boxes (they were unfortunately pre-constructed because I was too lazy to build my own )
  23. A couple friends suggested I should be Doctor Robotnik for Halloween, and to keep from running around at the last minute getting overpriced supplies I've started piecing a costume together. So, I busted out some craft supplies and made a mustache from yarn. Some padding and an oversized shirt later... Now, that was a good start, but I could go further. A pair of John Lennon shades I picked up for $7, some $3 costume gloves, some padding in the shirt and swiping a friend's paperweight all in all worked wonders after I dug out some special effects kits. My next step is to use the shirt as a base for figuring out the pattern I need in some fabric to make a red jacket. Who knows, if I can finish this little side project in any reasonable time I might even be able to crash a convention or two this summer.
  24. Santa Photos with the ponies rest are @
  25. Colorful Respawn

    Cosplay Team Fortress 2 Cosplay and Props

    Hello, I am making a costume of the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 for PC. I will also be making a replica of his rifle and I will post progression photos on this thread, so please don't get rid of this thread admins, thanks. I already have the barrel and scope cut out from PVC and hope to get a butt stock, the part of the gun were you rest your head, soon. I don't now how I plan on making the bolt action for the rifle, but I can't let that from not completing this cosplay. Here is a picture of who I'm cosplaying as and his rifle.