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Found 87 results

  1. Setting: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. October 31st, 2018. 12:00 AM. Characters: Vincent (Purple Guy. Is reformed in this story. The narrorator of the story); Mike Schmidt; Fritz Smith; Scott (Phone Guy) 1st Person narrative. It’s the 31st of October... by far it is the worst day out of all days. I had been attacked by Jack-O-Chica and Phantom Freddy during day shift. The day shift! Thankfully we are closed during October. For a reason unknown to me however, they haven’t attacked me during night shift yet, and it’s already 12 AM (night shift starts at 8 PM). For some reason Mike and Fritz have shown up although they aren’t required to. Scott, my absolute best friend, came in from the sister location a couple days ago as well. I’m the only one required to stay here. This old place is prone to fires from electrical mishaps, and it’s not like I have anywhere else to go anyway. I go to the office to check on the guards. Mike is alseep with his hat off his head, placed neatly on the desk. That’s odd for him. He doesn’t sleep during night shift, and he never takes off his hat unless he’s switching to a beanie. Fritz is leaning against the wall in one of the corners, looking half asleep. He’s probably in Pokémon land again. Scott is on the floor, likely asleep. Geez, what’s with them and sleeping? Did they forget to sleep at their house or something? Seeing that theyre generally ok, I head back to work. As I am sweeping the stage, I feel a water drop hit my head. I look up. I sure hope we dont have a leaking pipe... Plip! There it goes again. I grab my ladder and tools and head into the ceiling. It’s a leak alright. I begin to fix the pipe. It only takes me a few minutes to fix it. As i look around for any more problems, I see tiny, white, glowing eyes. Only Fredbear is able to go into the ceiling, so he’s probably just watching me and making sure I’m ok. ”Hi Fredbear.” I say. He doesn’t respond. I think his voice box is broken again. He starts to walk toward me, and I hear other steps behind him as well. I can tell he’s not by himself. At this point I start to get a little nervous. “Uh.... what’s going on? Is everything ok?” I don’t get a response. As they get closer, I can tell it’s not Fredbear. It’s Mike, Fritz, and Scott. Theyre all walking toward me like zombies. Mike’s eyes have changed for some reason and he is not wearing his hat. Fritz isnt wearing his glasses. He doesnt have food, drinks, or games with him, unlike usual. Some of the wires from Scott’s phone are hanging loose. Mike speaks slowly in a low tone. “We... will get revenge... William...” Hey, he’s never called me that! “That’s not my name, Mike. Whats gotten into you guys??” Perhaps some of the Crying children have possessed them... They are drawing near. I run to another part of the ceiling. I can still see Mike’s glowing eyes, and they are locked on me. They start chasing me, insulting and shouting at me as if I had killed them. I eventually run into a corner, and as i try to flee, they corner me. I scream. “Someone! Anyone! Help!” I can feel the adrenaline pulsing through me. Nobody came to help, not even Fredbear. “We’ve got you now, William! It’s the end of the line for you; time for your sins to finally be paid!” The three guards say in unison. I fall onto the floor and curl up, expecting the worst. “You know what, William?” says Mike. I look up at him, still shaking in fear. He has this odd grin on his face. He closes his eyes and laughs. He opens his eyes again, and theyre back to normal. “Gotcha!” he says. The guards start laughing. “We had you fooled so good!” laughs Scott. “You shouldve seen the look on your face!” ”Basically what they just said.” says Fritz, being his usual lazy self. I’m too traumatized. I faint. The next thing I know I’m in the office in the swivel chair. “I think we took it too far.” says Scott. “Agreed.” says Mike. “Are you ok, Vincent?” Mike asks. “Yeah.” I reply. I check the time. 7 AM. Well, that was something. I hope you guys have a better Halloween than I did, haha!
  2. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  3. Hello once more and this is it! The final chapter is here!!! im sorry it took long to write it out,I had to think on it hard! Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided Chapter 3 *DISCLAIMER* I don’t own this characters,they belong to there respected owners. *As Deadpool leaves Themyscira in ashes he flies toward the Watchtower in space* Deadpool: Damn,I hate green! Deadpool Voice 1:Can it change colors? Deadpool voice 2:No you idiot,there is only yellow and green! Deadpool voice 1:But what if there’s a red lantern! Deadpool voice 2:Impossible! Deadpool:Hey Guys,If were gonna stop these jerks we have to work together capeesh? *Deadpool gets hit by the JLA Javelin* Deadpool: OW!!! Watch where your going dumba- *The Driver shoots Deadpool and he falls over,but Deadpool starts to fly again.* Deadpool: Damn,are we public enemy #1? *Cyborg flying the Javelin aims all weapons at deadpool* Cyborg: Are you the one who destroyed Star City?!? *Deadpool makes a microphone* Deadpool: Indeed! Deadpool voice 2: We are a complete idiot... Cyborg: I WILL AVENGE YOU GUYS!!! Batman:Cyborg! Control yourself! He wants you to try to kill him! Cyborg: *heavy,angered breathing* You’re right batman. What do we do? *Batman examining Deadpool* Batman:We will- Robin: BATMAN!!! *deadpool fires a SAM missile at them* Deadpool:Sayonara A-Holes!!! *Superman flies and chokes Deadpool* Superman: How could you kill my friends? Deadpool: *ack* sorry pal,I have to... Superman: FOR WHAT?!? Deadpool: I’m not gonna tell you... Deadpool voice 1:oh... Deadpool voice 2:crap. *Superman Flies straight down with deadpool until the hit the ground then Superman punches Deadpool all the way to Metropolis,deadpool lands on the Dailyplanet globe* Deadpool:Oh spine...*straightening spine* oh man!!! That hurts. Deadpool voice 2: here he comes... Superman: What do you have to say for yourself Mister? *Deadpool roundhouse Kicks Superman,But his foot and shin brakes* Deadpool: OH GOD!!! Your stronger than Colossus! *Superman looks at deadpool intensely* Superman: you must’ve never heard of me.Sorry I have to do this,but I’m not gonna risk having my friends killed by a psychopath. *Superman uses his heat vision on Deadpool,then after he melts deadpools eyes and brain to mush,he drops Deadpool on the roof.* Superman:It’s finished. Deadpool: S-save... Superman: How?!? Save who?!? Deadpool: MARTHA!!! They will kill M-martha!!! *Superman looks at deadpool intensely then he snaps Deadpools neck* Deadpool: Your attempting to kill me like Zod? HA! Superman: You are not human! You’re a sick psychopath! *Deadpool twists neck around* Deadpool: So what boyscout. *Superman grabs Deadpool and slams him through the daily planet,going through repetitive floors he then throws Deadpool Into space.Deadpool soon flies into a Space bar...* Lobo: And then I said to ‘Im,”P*ss off boyscout!” *Everyone is laughing at Lobos joke until deadpool crashes into Lobos Spacehog* Deadpool: Daaaaamn!!!! How far did he throw us? Lobo: ‘Ey dumbasz! *Deadpool looks at lobo* Lobo:Did you dent my baby? Deadpool: Shi- *Lobo grabs Deadpool with his hook and chain.* Lobo: Who are you and why are ya here? *Deadpool points at Superman in the distance* Lobo: It’s the boyscout! *Lobo wraps Deadpool in his chain* Lobo: ‘Ey it’s supes! Ready for another round of Kickasz!?! Superman: Lobo I don’t have time for this. Lobo: Aw why not? Superman: I don’t have time for games! Lobo: I do! *lobo jumps onto Superman,and they start fighting.Meanwhile deadpool escapes by flying onto lobos bike* Deadpool voice 1: Awesome we stole a space bikers motorcycle and got away with it! Deadpool voice 2:We will regret this later... Deadpool:Nah! Now let’s go to the space station! *deadpool flies for an hour until a strange green orb grabs Deadpool and carries him to Oa,home of the green lanterns.* Deadpool: I’m gonna puke,there’s to much green! Deadpool voice 2: Wait is that? Deadpool voice 1: Oh you owe me big time! I was right,there are other colors! Deadpool voice 2:Crap... *The orb places Deadpool in the center of the green court,but it’s not just the green lanterns,it’s all the lanterns* Guardian 1: Wade Wilson! You are stand before us today because you have killed the Green Lanterns of Earth. Guardian 3:We have seen what you will do in the future,and we must destroy you once and for all. Deadpool voice 2:They think that they can kill us? Deadpool voice 1:Shhhh it’s getting tense! Guardian 2:With all the lanterns powers combined,we will destroy you! *All the lanterns are combining their lantern powers together that can reduce even Doomsday to ash.* Deadpool voice 2: What are we gonna do?!? *Deadpool looks around,and notices the central battery.Its pulsing with more energy than 100 nuclear power plants.Then,deadpool had an idea* Deadpool voice 1: That’s it! Deadpool voice 2: great idea! Deadpool: Let’s do this! Reader,if I die,remember me! *As soon as they fire the ray,Deadpool teleports out of his shackles and quickly makes a heart shaped mirror then reflects the Ray towards the core* Deadpool: Psyche!!! Guardian 1:NO! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!?! Deadpool:Yes! *Grabs everyone into a huge orb* Atrocitus: HIS WILL IS TO DAMN STRONG!!! *Deadpool releases the orb as soon as the reactor blows up* Superman: ENOUGH!!! *slams Lobo Into wall* Lobo: all you want boy scout,I can’t die...ARGH!!! *Superman melts lobos eyes and brain then throws him into the sun* BOOM!!!!!! *Superman turns and sees that Oa has exploded,as soon as he gets there,Oa has vanished...only an knocked out deadpool.Superman,whom Is furious,he takes deadpool to the Watchtower.There he is locked up with Amazo,Doomsday,Darkseid,and Joker.* Joker: Wake up! God dang it wake up!!! Deadpool: Oh crap! I dreamt that I blew up a planet! Deadpool voice2: we did that. Deadpool: Really that’s awesome! Joker: and I thought I was crazy... *deadpool turns* Deadpool: AGH!!! It’s It!!! Deadpool voice 1: Nah he’d be dancing if it was It. Joker: *Laughing* It? That clowns got nothing on me! Deadpool: How did I get locked up with Joker,Thanos,A giant rock monster,and a wrestler in yellow and green tights?!? Amazo: You want out? Deadpool: Of course Dumb A**! Amazo: I’ll help ya...if ya get us out. Deadpool: Deal! But first,you guys got to distract supes while I destroy these a-holes! *Amazo,Joker,Darkseid,And Doomsday make a deal and develop a plan.* Deadpool: is all I gotta do is to walk out the laser door cell because I can’t die,I kill the guard and take his passcode,and help all you guys out. Amazo: Exactly Darkseid: Dont Fail is deadpool,or you’ll regret it: Joker: No pressure pal! *Deadpool walks through the laser grid,and the guards see him.* Guard 1: Dammit Prisoner Red is out! Fire! *Deadpool jumps behind a crate* Deadpool: Dang Superman! He took my gear! Deadpool voice 2: Time for brains then...if we have any. *deadpool jumps onto a guard,steals his rifle and shoots the other guards. He grabs the passcode and types it in the computer and all of DCs villains come out.* Amazo: All right guys let’s go kill these super jerks ! *they are attempting to bust down the door* Cyborg: Batman! A riot in the cells! Batman: Dammit!!!*turns on intercom* Batman on intercom: ATTENTION ALL INHABITANTS OF THE WATCHTOWER,A RIOT HAS BEGUN IN THE DETENTION CELLS,ALL HANDS ON DECK TO ASSIST IMMEDIATELY!!!! *The door opens and a war starts out between all the heroes and villains of the DC universe!* Deadpool: now where is is the armory... Deadpool voice 1: armory? Deadpool voice 2: Yes an armory. Deadpool voice 1: Why? Deadpool: FOUND IT!!! Deadpool: *reads* Batman’s storage...*gasp* Deadpool voice 1&2: BATMANS ARMORY!!!!!! *Deadpool shoots the computer that is locking the door and the door opens* Deadpool: Damn bats,it’s a mini batcave in here! Deadpool voice 1: Take it all!!! *deadpool grabs a variety of weapons and gadgets along with armor* Deadpool: I think we’re ready! *deadpool looks up* Deadpool: oh we are taking that! *deadpool jumps into the armor suit* Deadpool: So how do we activate? Deadpool voice 1: push all the buttons! Deadpool voice 2: or turn the key. *deadpool turns the key.* Hellbat Armor: Hellbat online. Activating weapons. Displaying HUD. Preparing Kryptonite..............Welcome Mr.Wayne. Deadpool:I’m in love... Batman: *Throws batarang at joker* I think we’re weakening them! *deadpool jumps out from the floor,killing the Wonder Twins* Deadpool: SUPRISE MUTHAF***ERS!!!! Batman: There’s only one way to settle this. Cyborg follow me! Cyborg: Right away! *Batman and cyborg walk into the watchtowers control room* Batman: Cyborg,we have to destroy the watchtower. Cyborg: We can defeat them Batman! Batman: no we can’t! Not when he’s wearing my hellbat armor! That armor is meant to takedown Darkseid and his army,its armed with kryptonite,and has over 100 features to stop any enemy. Cyborg: Damn Batman... all right I’ll self destruct the base... Batman: not yet,I’ll tell you when! Stay here! Deadpool: *Singing let the bodies hit the floor whilst destroying some of the minor DC characters.* Deadpool: -Hit the....FLOOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!! *spinning around activating flamethrowers* Batman: *Pushes button* Alfred self destruct the Hellbat! Alfred: Right away sir.*Pushes button* Deadpool: This is fun! Hellbat: self destructing in 5...4... Deadpool: oh SH**!!!!! Hellbat: 3...2...1...goodbye Mr.Wayne. Kabam!!!! *huge crater is in the Watchtower,multiple people flying out And dying* Batman: Cyborg,activate the force field! *cyborg activates the force field and the vacuum stops* *the rest of the heroes look at deadpools dismembered body.* Superman: do you think he’s dead Bruce? Aquaman: *Pokes deadpool* he’s more dead than my father that’s for sure. Batman: he should be,no one can survive that. Superman: he’s not dead... Batman: How? Superman: he’s immortal and cursed to live for an eternity. Batman: We have to remove the curse as soon as possible,is Dr.Fate and Zatana still here? Dr.Fate: Yes Batman,ill see what I can do to remove this curse. Zatana,come help. *Dr.Fate and Zatana are attempting to remove Deadpools curse of immortality* *In Deadpools head* Death: Wake up Wade. Deadpool: Huh? Oh hey babe. Death: why are you here? You’re not dead. Deadpool: not yet at least. Death: Wade,pull yourself together. Deadpool: I don’t want to leave! Death: Your mission isn’t done yet. Deadpool: Aw Shi- *Deadpool wakes up but still dismembered * Deadpool: T! Oh Dammit I’m still alive! Atom: It is Impossible! Zatana: *barfs* Dr.Fate: Oh dear God... Batman: *picks up head* Why are you here? Deadpool: isn’t it quite obvious? I wanted your help! Batman: Help you?!? For what?!? Deadpool: These people are gonna kill my mom,her names Martha. Batman: *Stares intensly* F*** you! *Throws Deadpools head and Deadpools body catches it* Deadpool: Not gonna happen Batsy! *reattaches head* Superman: Time to finish this! *flies at super speed towards Deadpool.Deadpool pulls out a knife and stabs Superman in the heart.* Superman: K-krypt-onite... *Deadpool puts a kryptonite grenade into Superman’s heart and explodes into a bloody mess* *Batman,Supergirl,Atom,Aquaman,Cyborg,Dr.Fate,Zatana,Superboy,Shazam,Teen Titans,Partially the Doom Patrol,Red Hood,Deadman,booster gold, yell in anger and rush toward Deadpool.* Deadpool: We are... Deadpool voice 1:So Deadpool voice 2: Fu**ed *Deadpool runs as fast as he can,avoiding grenades,bullets,lasers,knives,batarangs,and more* Deadpool: Sh**,sh**,sh**,sh**!!!!! *deadpool runs into the control room* Deadpool: What are we gonna do?!? Deadpool voice 1: Push that big red button! Deadpool voice 2: Hurry! Push it!! *as soon as they open the door Deadpool pushes the button* Batman: No!!! *An explosion that is equivalent to 50 nukes goes off,then the watchtower falls towards Gotham.* Batman: I don’t know who you are but I will find a way to kill you!!!!!! *Strangles deadpool* Cyborg: Everyone! Get to the javelins! *The Watchtower is falling rapidly and flips to its side* Cyborg: Crap! We’re not gonna make it! Dr.Fate: I’ll create a portal to-*Clonk* Doomsday: AGGHHH!!!!!!! Cyborg: aw hell naw!!! Batman: *punch* you’ve killed my friends! *punch* you’ve stole my equipment! *punch* your a genocidal psychopath!!!! You deserve death! Deadpool *cough* You’ve got that right! *punch* *The Watchtower collides into Wayne enterprises* *a few hours later news reporters go to the scene* Vicki Vale: We’ve arrived at the scene and it’s the JLA Watchtower that has collided into Wayne Enterprises,no bodies were found yet,but we expect that the JLA is dead. *batman crawls out* Batman: Alfred...I’m injured,please call the Batmobile here.... Alfred: Right away sir! I’ll prepare the med lab for you. Damian: Alfred is my dad ok? Alfred: I don’t know master Damian,but he’s injured from the crash. *A meteor crashes by Wayne manor* Nightwing: Alfred,I’m going to check out the meteor with batgirl. Alfred: Be careful master Dick. Batgirl: do you think Bruce is ok dick? Nightwing: of course! He’s Batman! Batgirl: but how did the Watchtower explode? Nightwing: I have no idea. *the see the crater,but nothing was in it.* Nightwing: there’s nothing here... *Ace barks in the distance,then gets shot* Both: ACE! *Damian stares out the window,wondering if Bruce is ok* Deadpool: *whispers* ok where’s that clock... Deadpool voice 1: clock? Deadpool voice 2: the clock has the batcave entrance behind it. Deadpool voice 1:ohh Deadpool: found it! *Deadpool goes into the batcave,and sees Alfred.* Deadpool: old man ahead...*sneaks* *deadpool points pistol at Alfred’s head* Is this where Bat boy lives? Alfred: Ah,so you managed to find the Batcave. Tea? It’s chamomile. Deadpool: No! I want to know how to blow up this s***-hole! Alfred: May I recommend the toilet? Deadpool: *trying not to laugh* N-no! Alfred: Oh well. If you are going to blow this place up,you have to figure it out. Deadpool: Your distracting me! Alfred: I beg your pardon? Deadpool: Zip it old man! *Pulls grenade pin* its time for... Damian,Batgirl,And Nightwing: Stop Right there! *Damian throws a batarang at the grenade,and the grenade explodes in Deadpools hand,causing Alfred to die.* Nightwing: You idiot! That was a impact grenade! Alfred’s dead because of you! *deadpool shoots nightwing in the head* Deadpool: Blah,blah,blah! You were a boring character anyways! Damian: YOU SONUVAB**CH!!!! *Grabs staff* Batgirl: DAMIAN!!! *Deadpool stabs Damian with his katana* Deadpool Voice 1: WE KILLED A CHILD!!! Deadpool voice 2: This will hurt our resume.... Batgirl: I HATE YOU!!!!!! Deadpool: *flips batgirl over and falls of the railing onto the floor* OOOHH.....!!!! That’s gotta hurt! Deadpool: *looks over* Hey...uh... are you dead? *Batgirl flips Deadpool off* Deadpool: ok she’s dead...God I hope that wasn’t sexist. Deadpool voice 2: we should blow this place up. Deadpool voice 1: YAY!!! *Deadpool looks around and finds some bat-C4 and sprays it on the roof along with more C4* Deadpool: Perfecto! *runs outside * 3! Deadpool voice 2:2! Deadpool voice 1: 1!!! *as the batcave explodes,Wayne Manor caves into the batcave.batman looks and sees the explosion* Batman: NO!!! *batman cracks and fixes his bones and wraps his wound up so he can get revenge.* Deadpool: *Singing Burn Baby Burn* *supergirl flies in and grabs Deadpool* Supergirl: Why did you kill Kal?!? Deadpool: Who? Supergirl: SUPERMAN MY COUSIN!!! Deadpool: ohh...he tried to kill me!!! *supergirl tells and throws Deadpool into the rubble,and as she flies down to kill him,she grows weak because of the spreaders kryptonite that was in the batcave* Deadpool: Aww her weakness is jewelry! Deadpool voice 2: now that’s sexist... Deadpool: oh...uhm... goodbye! *blam* Deadpool: So,is our mission done? Batman: NO. Deadpool: *Turns and sees Batman* WHY WONT YOU JUST DIE?!? Batman: I WILL AVENGE MY FAMILY!!! *Batman lunges at deadpool,bloodlusted and adrenaline fueled,he doesn’t care what happens now. Batman beats down deadpool with all of him martial art skills,weapon skills,the environment and literary beats Deadpool to a pulp.* Batman: YOUVE TAKEN EVERYTHING THAT I EVER LOVED!!!! WHAT DO YOU LOVE DEADPOOL?!? WHAT IF I KILLED EVERYTHING YOU LOVED?!? Deadpool: Heh...that’s funny....I don’t love anything except Death.... *Enraged Batman beats Deadpools head to a mere mush.then he stops* Batman: *Sits on a metal chair,and starts to cry* kill me deadpool. All I loved is gone. I don’t want to live no more....please... Deadpool: *pulls out double katanas and cuts Batman’s head off,then a loud clap of thunder is heard,all of DCs heroes and villains are dead.then...* The One: congratulations Wade Wilson. You have killed this Universe that was full of darkness,where the heroes are close to villainy. And thanks to you Deadpool,you stopped a War,a war about your universe and this universe. I know make you my herald of the Marv- Stan Lee: Hold up there pal! Deadpool: What? Stan Lee: Do your saying that in this comic you wrote,you killed every single member of the Justice League and The rest of the DC Universe? Deadpool: Yes! Were you not paying attention? Stan Lee: Yes I was paying attention,I’m saying that I like it!!! It will make a Fantastic comic series that will make Marvel,and Deadpool better! Though it needs some tweaks but I’ll make it work,I’ll get my workers and have ‘em right it out how it should have been! Deadpool: just don’t mess it up Stan! Stan Lee: I wouldn’t mess it up! Have a great day Mr.Wilson! Deadpool: Too bad I didn’t kill the DC universe though. Maybe one day it will happen. Deathstroke: *on a building* It just might happen Wade... THE END! Be on the look out for... Dead Man Wilson! (Old Man Logan Deadpool fanfic series) Forgot to mention since RoosterTeeth is done with RvB (I think) I’m gonna start a fanfic about a newer RvB series! Im calling it Red vs Blue:The Sequels (or something)
  4. Note:I’ve already written this in my notes if you want another please tell me! Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided part 2 DISCLAIMER: I do not own the right to these characters, this fan fiction is only meant for fun and entertainment,it is not to be takes seriously.(unless you agree with me that Deadpool can kill the dc universe). Deadpool: WOW this town is cleaner than Manhattan! Deadpool Voice 1: you can eat off this concrete! Deadpool Voice 2: I wouldn’t recommend that... Deadpool:Anyways our first priority is to find some decent Mexican food! Let’s see... Deadpool voice 1: Look a random stranger let’s ask him! Deadpool:Great idea! [Deadpool approaches the figure wearing a trench coat] Deadpool: hey random stranger,know a place where I can get some decent Mexican food in town? ???: get away from me freak! Deadpool:that’s not very nice...wait why are you wearing goggles? ???: I might as well freeze you now so you won’t bother me later! Deadpool&both voices:FREEZE? [The Man freezes deadpools feet] ???:HA! You’ll stay there until I finish my job! [The Flash comes running towards the figure] Flash:Captain Cold! I thought you were in prison! Captain Cold: yeah? Well newsflash I’m out! Deadpool: Captain Cold? Pfft even Bob had a better villain name than you! Captain Cold: You shut up or I’ll—!! Flash:you’ll do nothing! You trapped this innocent bystander in ice! Deadpool voice 1: INNOCENT BYSTANDER?!? Deadpool voice 2: Maybe he hasn’t heard of us. Deadpool voice 1:true true Captain Cold: Say Freeze,Fla—- [Flash slows down time to a stop] Deadpool:Woaaahhh Flash:WHAT? You can move fast as well?!? Deadpool voice 1: that watch doohickey that Stretchy-pants gave us!* see previous issue Deadpool:That is it! Flash thinking: this man is an idiot,he’s talking to no one!Anyways gotta take care of Captain Co- Flash:WHAT? [flash sees Captain colds head cut off and C4 strapped to his chest] Deadpool:what? I killed your enemy! Flash:you weren’t supposed to KILL HIM!!! You strapped C4 to his chest too?!?!? Deadpool:Yess....? Flash: How could you?!? You are a sick man,you deserve prison! [deadpool pushes the time stopping device] Deadpool: you want a fight,lightning boy? Well, you got one! Flash:I have no idea how you can stop time,but I will put you in a prison! [Deadpool and Flash fight each other for a few minutes,verbally and physically.But finally the fight came to an end.] Flash:*Heavy breathing* I don’t understand, I hit you literally a million times in the key pressure points in the human body,and yet, your still alive and not even Deadpool: *straightening jaw* OH MAMA THAT HURT! But my explanation is simple.*Deadpool pulls out a .50cal desert eagle* Deadpool: I am cursed to be immortal and I can’t die. Flash:We can help you, remove this curse! Deadpool: nice try flash.*Cocks desert eagle* I love being how I am! *BLAM* [the town watches in horror that the flash has been killed] Man 1: No the flash is dead! Woman1: Kill the Red man! Deadpool voice 1&2: We need to leave now! [deadpool steals a vehicle from a citizen] Deadpool: dang I never thought he was a big deal! [an arrow hits the cars hood] Deadpool voice 2: an arrow? Deadpool voice 1: HAWKEYE?!? [the arrow starts beeping rapidly] Deadpool: oh Deadpool voice1&2: Shi— *KABOOM* [deadpool flings out the windshield] *Crack*! Deadpool:oh man I’ll feel that in the morning! Arrow: You killed flash! Deadpool: yeah yeah I know big deal! Arrow: A BIG DEAL? He was my friend! Speedy:And mine! Artemis:mine as well Deadpool:dang that’s a lot of pointy sticks. Arrow:Ready,aim... *Deadpool readys his katanas* Arrow:FIRE!!! *Deadpool teleports behind speedy and kills him by slicing him in half* Arrow:SPEEDY!!! *Artemis shoots a net arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: dang I’m stuck! Arrow: I will avenge Barry!!! Deadpool:BAMF!!! *Deadpool teleports begins Artemis and steals an explosive arrow,then activates it and stabs her in the eye with it* Artemis:AAAGH *pulls it out and throws it at deadpool* *BAM* Deadpool:OW THAT WAS MY HAND! Arrow:Disgusting... *Arrow shoots an arrow at deadpool* Deadpool: HEY watch it fake Hawkeye! Arrows thoughts:Hawkeye? That sound like a name an idiot would pick. *deadpool throws a sleep gas grenade at Arrow and Artemis* Arrow:DUCK!!! *Artemis was to late to dodge,buy arrow dodged it,yet he caught a whiff* Arrow:*sleepily* no Artemis... *Deadpool throws a frag at Artemis* *Deadpool pulls a baseball bat* Deadpool:Sweet dreams,Hawkeye rip-off! *KLONK* [a few hours later in a empty warehouse surrounded by the police] [also Deadpool has been attacked frequently by flashes and arrows enemies so deadpool trapped them all in here] Police Chief: Stranger,we have you surrounded!!! Surrender the nuclear weapons and the villains along with our heroes to us!!! Deadpool:HECK NO!!! Deadpool voice 2:are we gonna nuke the town?!? Deadpool voice 1:AWESOME!!! Deadpool:Yes of course we’re gonna nuke this town!!! Arrow:You sick monster! This town has millions of innocent people! Deadpool: yeaaahhh I’m just doing this because these KNOCK OFF CHARACTERS KEPT TRYING TO KILL ME!!! Like shark man over there! King Shark:it’s king shark idiot!!! Deadpool : blah blah blah!!! Most of you guys are copying one another as well,such as yellow spandex boy and white lightning dude! Zoom: we aren’t copying each other! Godspeed: you will die for this mortal! Anyways it’s almost 12 and I am past my I’m pushing this button right n- ???: WAIT!!!! Deadpool: what the hec—YOU!!! ???: yes it’s me...GREEN LANTERN!!! Deadpool: I will gladly kill my past with you! Arrow:Hal what’s he talking about? Green lantern:We were played by the same actor,Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool: Yes But I DONT want Ryan playing you EVER AGAIN!!! Ryan PLAYS ME FOR MY MOVIES!!!Green Lantern:Let’s do this man to man*makes a sword* Deadpool:agreed.*unsheathes katanas* [Deadpool and Green lantern have a sword fight for a while until] Deadpool:your dead Hal,give up! Green lantern: HA! All I needed to do was distract you long enough! Deadpool:for what? John Stewart:For this Deadpool! Deadpool: DANG IT YOU FREED THEM! John Stewart:Exactly,Hal districted you long enough for— Deadpool:that’s enough of activating the nuke! All: NOOOOOOOO—- *KABAAAAAAM*!!!! [Wonder Woman was passing over Star City when the nuke went off] Wonder Woman:By Themyscira , what happened?!? [Wonder Woman Spots deadpool on the edge of the city,and she decides to take him to Themyscira to heal him to see if he knew,because he was still alive] Hippolyta: DIANA! You know men can’t come to Themyscira!!! Wonder Woman: I know mother but this man was still alive at Star City when it was destroyed.This man may have answers to what happened.i need to know so I can figure out who destroyed the town and warn Batman and Superman about this new threat. Hippolyta:Very Well.As soon as you get your answer drop him off somewhere. Wonder Woman:I will. [A week later] Deadpool:ugh my I still regenerating? Deadpool voice 2: Well we are still dizzy from the explosions. Deadpool voice 1:And our ears are ringing a bit. Deadpool voice 2:but other than that,we’re great! Deadpool:Great!!! Let’s go get some Tacos!!! [deadpool wanders around the medical facility of Themyscira for a bit] Deadpool: Wow this place isn’t very advanced,all I see is stone,quartz and other minerals.Oh look the Exit! [Deadpool opens the door] HOLY! I AM IN HEAVEN!!! Hot Ladies are everywhere!!! Deadpool voice 1: score!!! Wonder Woman: You! [deadpool turns around] Deadpool:Hello there miss...? Deadpool voice 1: Miss Captain America? Deadpool voice 2:Shut up! If we call her something stupid we’ll ruin our chances with her! Wonder Woman: I need your help mr— Deadpool:Wade.Wade Wilson at your service! Wonder Woman:WILSON?!? [Wobder Woman throws Deadpool towards the wall and points her sword towards his neck] Wonder Woman: I don’t need your help no more,you are related to Slade Wilson! Deadpool voice 1&2: WE HAVE A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE!?!?!?! Deadpool:Woah,woah,woah,woah! I have a brother here?!? Wonder Woman:Do not play dumb man! Did you and Slade destroy Star City along with my friends!?! Deadpool:Well I have never seen my brother Slade but yes! I destroyed the city! Wonder Woman:ENOUGH!!! [Wonder Woman Slices deadpools throat] Deadpool: I have no idea why,but that actually tickled! Wonder Woman: By the Gods! How..? Deadpool:Sorry,I can’t die no matter what,and you girls are officially my enemies! *deadpool unsheathes his katanas* Let’s dance girlfriends! [Deadpool and Wonder Woman fight vigorously while killing some of the Amazons and Deadpool continually getting trapped by them he cleverly outsmarts them until] Wonder Woman: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS FIGHT!!! [Wonder Woman slices Deadpool’s arms off and kicks him to the ground] Wonder Woman: I cannot kill you mortal,but I can trap you for an eternity! Deadpool:Hey! I will not be trapped by women for an eternity! Wonder Woman: You are beaten,your arms have been amputated from you body,I have won! [Deadpool rolls towards one arm and attaches it back,then grabs the other and reattaches it] Wonder Woman:By the Gods.... Amazon1:Gross... Deadpool: wait what is this in my pouch? Wonder Woman:I shall smite you demon! Deadpool:demon? Smite? A little Thor talk eh? Wonder Woman:CHAAAAAARRR— Deadpool:I wouldn’t do that if I were you! [the Amazons and Diana look at deadpool,and notice he has 15 pounds of C4 on his chest] Wonder Woman:Do it. Deadpool:Seriously? Wonder Woman:I know you won’t hurt yourself to kill us. Deadpool:Oh dang you caught me,I would never—PSYCH!!! Wonder Woman: NO YOU FOO- *KABLAM* Deadpool:ooooooooohhh man,that hurt. Deadpool voice 2:is she dead? Deadpool:hmm [deadpool checks her pulse] Deadpool:Nope we will kill her when she wakes up. [Wonder Woman looks at deadpool hazily,then stands up to protect her mother] Wonder Woman: *cough,cough* I must protect my mother! [Wonder Woman runs through the halls,they were filled with dead Amazonians.Then finally she sees Deadpool,on her mother’s throne] Deadpool: oh hey! I’ve been in here for about an hour or so.So how are you holding up? Wonder Woman:YOU HAVE DEFILED THEMYSCIRA WITH YOUR DEATHFUL LUSTS!!! I HAVE NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO CUT YOU TO PIECES!!! Deadpool: as much as I’d like that but now,I’m gonna hafta kill you! Unless you surrender your island to me I’ll spare your queen! [Diana looked and saw her mother was wrapped in the Lasso Of Thruth,deadpool must have taken it while she was unconscious] Wonder Woman: You are a demon. Deadpool: A handsome,witty,demon perhaps? Wonder Woman:No,and I will not surrender Themyscira to a man like you! Deadpool:Oh well.*BLAM* Wonder Woman: MOTHER!!! [Enraged Diana threw her sword at deadpool.missing his head the sword got stuck in the wall.Knowing her mother is dead,she kneels down and starts to weep for her mother] Wonder Woman: *sob* you wiped us out,demon,are you happy now? Deadpool:No. I need to get rid of one more bad fruit. Wonder Woman:Do it.Youve beaten me,and Themyscira.If your going to kill me,do it. Deadpool:Ok.*Slice* Deadpool voice 1:well that was easy. Deadpool voice 2:Maybe we should have left these people alone... Deadpool:They were enemies! We had to! Deadpool voice 2:ok so how are we gonna leave? Deadpool:I haven’t thought of that. Deadpool voice 1: what is this lump in our pouch? Deadpool: A lump? [deadpool opens the pouch] Deadpool:A RING!!!! Deadpool voice 2:A GREEN LANTERN RING!!!! We can use this to fly! Deadpool:Good idea! Let’s do it! [deadpool slips the ring on,and strangely,accepts him] Deadpool:thank you Ryan Reynolds! Because you played me and green lantern were practically the same person!Aw man we have to wear green! Deadpool voice 1:Hey it’s worth it let’s try out our new toy! [deadpool creates a clone of himself] Deadpool:Wow...neat Deadpool voice 1: Hey what’s that in the sky! [Deadpools construct disappears] Deadpool: it looks like,a satellite. Deadpool voice 2:A big satellite.Maybe a space base? Deadpool: let’s fly up there! [so deadpool grabs the Lasso of Truth,and Wonder Woman’s shield, deadpool flies to the space base,little does he know that it’s...THE WATCHTOWER!] The End of Part 2
  5. Deadpool Kills the DC Universe A Universe Divided Intro DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters,they belong to the respected owners. Deadpool,Peter,and Miles where watching Batman V Superman at deadpools apartment. Everything was going well until... Superman: MARTHA!!! Batman:WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!?!? Deadpool: LAAAME! What kind of plot twist is this?!? Peter&Miles: Shut it Wade! Deadpool: Fine Jeez! Lois Lane: It’s his mother’s name! Batman: Oh our Moms have the same name let’s be friends and send Lex to jail.(This is basically what happened,sorry I don’t remember what they said because it was terrible for me). Deadpool: What the heck? They were killing each other and they became friends just because their Mom has the same name?!? Peter: Yes Wade shut up I want to see what happens next. Deadpool: you haven’t seen this yet?!? It’s 2018! Peter: I’m to busy becoming the next Tony Stark (less ego) and being Spider-Man at the same time. Deadpool:makes sense. *Miles pauses the movie* Miles: I do agree with Deadpool though. Deadpool&Peter: About what? Miles: About Batman and Superman fighting then become friends by the time they notice they have the same name. Deadpool: I know, it’s stupid isn’t it? Miles: definitely Deadpool: Y’know, if I was Batsy I would kill Superman and kill Lex. Peter:What if they added this as a connection to another DC movie? Like the post credits at the end of Captain America? Or that time in Avengers 2 with the Vibrabium And Klaue? Deadpool: Peter,Peter,you have got to understand,this movie ISNT MARVEL!!! Miles:He’s got a point Peter. *Deadpool and the guys start arguing until deadpools phone rings.* *X-Men 90s theme song goes off* Deadpool:Oh I’ll be right back guys. ???: May I speak to Wade Wilson? Deadpool: I am his secretary mr... Deadpool voice 1: Mr CrabApple! Deadpool voice 2: Mr CrabApple? Only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool: CrabApple! I’m Mr.CrabApple! ???: Wade I know it’s you... Deadpool voice 2: See only an idiot would fall for that! Deadpool voice 1: worth a shot... Deadpool: How do you know? ???: Wade look in your room... *deadpool opens door to bedroom* Deadpool: CABLE??? You son of a- Cable:Save it wade we got important work to do. Deadpool: where to this time my mutant friend? Cable: The Baxter Building. Deadpool voice 1&2: THE BAXTER BUILDING? Deadpool: Why? Cable:Reed has discovered a new multiverse interdimensional rift, and he needs someone who has a strong healing factor,and a IQ of a insane mercenary. Deadpool:Why me? Cable: YOU CANT DIE IDIOT. Deadpool: ooooohhhh Deadpool voice 1:hey if we are going we need a reward for portal jumping! Deadpool: yeah we’ll ask stretchy pants about that. Cable:ok Deadpool I’m teleporting us to the Baxter Deadpool: Wait, my tac- *teleporting sounds* Peter:Where did deadpool go? [About 5 seconds later] Deadpool:-oos!!! *falls down* Ow! Mr.Fantastic: Ah cable you have arrived with Wade. Cable:yes of course can we hurry this up? I haven’t got all night. Mr.Fantastic: Indeed I shall try to speed of the process of getting Deadpool to jump in the portal. Deadpool:hey stretchy pants! If I’m Hopping through the portal,I’ll need a reward! Mr.Fantastic: Very well, name your price. Deadpool voice 1: Ooh we should get a monster truck! Deadpool and Spanish food themed of course! Deadpool voice 2: that’s...not a bad idea but Spanish food themed really? Deadpool voice 1:hey man those tacos at San Mariás were el perfecto! Deadpool voice 2: hey I know but- Deadpool: Brain quit arguing! *Mr.Fantastic does the cuckoo finger* Cable: yes he is. Deadpool: ok we’ve decided! Mr.fantastic: what is it? Deadpool: a life time supply of Mexican food and a monster truck! Mr.Fantastic:that is it? Deadpool: no I need hi tech weapons if I’m gonna jump through that eyesore! Mr.Fantastic: I’ll see what I have. *a few hours later* Mr.Fantastic: I’ve gotten this Plasma pistol that eat through vibrabium,a couple of sleep gas grenades that can knock out the hulk within 15 seconds,and this time stopper device taken from one of Galactus’ heralds. Deadpool: Oooh what’s that shiny knife? Mr.fantastic: that knife is made out of an unknown green rock that emits radiation continually, Deadpool: hmm I’ll take it all! Mr.fantastic: ok you grab the equipment and I’ll type the coordinates of the portal. *a few minutes of typing later* Mr.Fantastic: Ok Wade jump through and when you get there call me on this interdimensional satellite phone and I’ll help guide you on the other side. Ok? Deadpool: yeah uhh sure Ok wade this is just like the time you jumped from space naked on live tv you can do this. Deadpool voice 1: when did we do that? Deadpool: I don’t know.Anyways,remember play with portals. Deadpool voice 2:speedy things go in.... Deadpool voice 1:Speedy thing come ou———- [Deadpool jumps through the portal,the portal fades from a rainbowish color,to black and grey. As if this universe is dark,bland,and in need of humor.Well deadpool is that humor] Deadpool: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *THUD* Ooohhh that hurt,that hurt bad. Deadpool voice 1:Sweet Baby Jesus!!! That was awesome!!! Ow! Deadpool:well everything we grabbed is in still in one piece! Deadpool voice 2: the tacos! Deadpool:oh God the tacos are smushed!!! Why portal logic, whyyyyyyy!!??!! Oh well we can always buy more,there is a city over there anyways. [Deadpool walks for about a mile while talking to mr.fantastic] Star City? What kind of city names themselves Star City? I wonder if the tacos are good. The End the intro 
  6. NIGHTSHADE :: CHAPTER ONE Summary: A long time ago, the tesseract was known as the Cube of Eden, an device that templars wanted to have to strip the world of anyone that could threaten their order, this included the Assassins. But after a war in between the two orders, the assassin's emerge victorious and hid the cube away so the templars would never have their hands on it, along with anyone else that could threaten humanity. Well the crypt they hid the cube in was uncovered in WW2 when the HYDRA found it. HYDRA and the Templars deiced to work together for both organizations had the same mission, to rid the word and people of freedom and free will. During WW2, a lot of power was harnessed for the tesseract allowing both HYDRA and the Templars Order to doing experiments. After the cube was lost, along with America's hero, and HYDRA thought defeated; the Templars Order continued on their mission. They used the power they harnessed and the descendants of assassin's to create their own way to rid the world of free will. They continued to conduct human experiments, most of them failures while others where successes. This project was called NightShade, but each experiment turned out right until a young girl the descendant of the famous Reed Assassin's was chosen for the templars purpose. She became the Templar's successful NightShade project. She was trained by her ancestors through the Animus. Now Years later, after the war in New York, Mckenzie Alex Reed an assassin wanted to help fight to save humanity. ================================ The sound of an overhead light filled the small room with a buzzing noise. The room had plain white walls with scratch marks ripped along several of the walls. There was a twin sized bed, a nightstand, and an ancient looking lamp. In the corner of the room was a young girl around the age of 15 that looked like she hadn’t eaten in a long time. She wore a lose white tank top with a few blood stains that never came out and a pair of grey sweatpants that were so big they clung to her visible hip bones. In her hand was a book, a very classic one itself, White Fang by: Jack London; that seemed to be the only thing that brought her joy. As the girl read her book, small trembles and twitch would serge through here body, that she had no control over. Her fragile frame was covered in bruises along her wrist and upper arms from mistreatment and being handled roughly. The sound of a loud mechanical click made the girl jump and grip onto her book tighter. The door to her room swung open as two scientist and a couple of guards walked into her room. The guards surround the girl, ready to use non-lethal on the girl. “On your feet, head against the wall, and hands behind your back.” One of the guards said to the female experiment. The girl got to her feet, turned around, and placed her hands behind her back. One of the guards stepped forward and placed the handcuffs on the girl, tightening to the point they dug into the teenager’s wrists. “Subject 10041221, we are to take you to the Animus.” One of the scientist said to the girl. The guards shoved the girl forward, after the two scientists were out of the room and already on their way to the Animus room. The guards had a tight grip on the teenager’s arms as they walked down the hallway with the two scientists. They all walked in complete silence to the point where the girl’s labor breathing was heard. They all stopped in front of double swing doors you would see in a hospital’s surgery room. “The rest of you can leave, we can handle it for here.” The other scientist said to the guards. One of the guards nodded, unhandcuffed the girl, then lead the rest away from the room, but not too far just in case of an emergency. “Follow us, Subject 10041221, please don’t cause any problems. It won’t do any of us any good.” One of the two scientist said to the testing subject. The girl said nothing and followed both scientist into a large room where the Animus was. The girl immediately went to a large mechanical arm and waited to be hooked up to the machine. A few other scientists came over to the girl and began the process of hooking her up to the Animus arm. The girl whimpered in pain as the stuck the needle into her spinal cord. The two scientists that brought Subject 10041221 into the Animus room, started the sync process with the girl’s ancestors brain waves. The other scientist back away to observe the Animus session that was about to begin. The girl’s body straightened as her and her ancestor’s memories sync up. The projectors turned on and the silence fell on the room. The scientists gathered around the control center to watch the feed or what the teenage girl was seeing. On the screen was an angry mob, which stood in front of a gallows; where a young girl stood in her nightgown with a sack over her head. They watched as young women in her early twenties; dressed in black assassin robes. The women stood among the mob as they yelled to have the little girl hung. The era was 1692, the year that the Salem Witch Trials took place. This one was one of the many in Massachusetts. The women quietly watch as the man on the gallows who shouted to the people about what crimes the girl had supposedly committed. The young female assassin knew the young girl, whom wasn’t a witch, but just a farmer’s daughter. People continued to scream and shout to have the damned witch burned or hung. The henchmen of man who was encouraging the people to have girl killed, shoved the girl onto the trap door and put the noose around her neck. The assassin slowly made her way around the mob and the gallows and waited quietly for the right moment to strike. The man who was running the whole trail looked out at the crowd and before he pulled the lever, his body froze then his body drop onto the wooden platform, while blood gushed out the stab wound in his neck. Behind where the man once stood, the assassin stood. People froze, some of them screaming not knowing what was happening. One of the henchmen charged at the assassin, who was ready from him and stabbed him straight through the neck with her hidden blade. Other henchmen followed suit, and landed a punch into the female assassin’s stomach. She left out a growl, causing the man to back away from her. She grabbed him by his shirt and began to smash his head into her knee. She let him go then grabbed the noose, put it around the man’s neck, shoving the young girl aside and pulled the lever hanging the man who came after her. The assassin got the young girl to her feet and took the sack off her head. The little girl gave a grateful look at the assassin. “Run and don’t look back.” The female assassin told the girl. The assassin watched the girl run off to safety, before heading in opposite direction. Soon beeping ended the feed, as the teenage girl’s vitals started to drop dramatically. “Get the doctors in here.” One of the scientists yelled. One picked up a phone, dialed a number, and told them what was happening. They turned off the Animus and hurried to unhook the girl. The girl’s body began twitch uncontrollable as foam formed at the corners of her mouth. Soon several doctors busted through the doors and went to take care of the test subject. They got an IV into the girl’s arm and onto a gurney. The raced the teenage girl out of the Animus room and to the medical wing. =============== Written 4/10/18 Word Count: 1082 ============== PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!
  7. In the distant future there is only war. The Corpse Emperor sits on his throne, immobile due to wounds succumbed while facing his once most favored of sons, the Warmaster, Thrice Damned be his name, Horus, the best, the brightest, Lupercal. There sits a jar inside the Emperor's Children Apothecarion, labelled "Honourable Soulaka," a Techmarine of legendary providence, murdered by the vile machinations of Fabius Bile, the gene-render of the III Legion. Also next to it sits a jar with the progenoid gland with the sigil of the Imperial Fists, the Sons of Dorn. These two jars are combined some years later into the being known as the Half-Breed, the bastard, Honsou. Honsou is a lowly line captain competing with First Captain Forrix and Assault Captain Kroeger for the favor of the one known only as the "Warsmith," Formerly Known as Barban Falk. The Warsmith's Fleet has descended from Medrengard to a planet called Hydra Cordatus. Only one soul knows the reasoning behind the sudden invasion. The Warsmith chooses not to reveal his secrets, as his ascendancy to daemonhood relies on the success of the mission. After months of hard campaigning and the multitude of the thunder of guns of all caliber, and even a Planetary Defence Torpedo, Falk has succeeded. The Fortress he built at the dawn of the Imperium has been broken open, it's secret Gene-seed vault laid open to him. He offers this up to the dark gods, and they are pleased, and Falk is elevated to princedom in eternal damnation. Honsou's competition did not survive the assault, Forrix came out second best in a fight with a Warhound Titan, and Kroeger, in a sick twist of fate was betrayed the god of blood he chose to follow, and laid low by a mere mortal whom he thought he could break for enjoyment. Moving Forward, Honsou's fortress of Khalan Gol on Medrengard had been destroyed by the Ultramarines captain Uriel Ventris. He swore revenge. The warmaster made pacts which would destroy the soul of a mere mortal, he formed alliances with beings so unholy as to not utter their names for fear of eternal damnation, yet even that wasn't enough, the stalwart defenders of the Imperium repulsed his assault at the heart of Maccragge, and Honsou fled into the warp. As many know, the Warp is a fickle being, and time, reality, and even matter are nothing compared to the whims of the beings there. The Warsmith emerged from the Abyss some time later changed. He now resembles something of an Equine animal from the picts on Ancient Terra, his armor having morphed to match his new frame, Necrodermis Arm forging a leg and hoof of unbreakable iron, his mind is still sharp, he realizes that he alone has made the transition back to realspace. He descends upon the world below him. The land of Equestria awaits, yet the Warmaster is a master of guile and deceit. Knowing his weapons are going to be useless in his altered form, he discards his daemon axe, and his ruinous bolter. If the Warsmith is going to enslave the world, it's going to be with Hoof and tooth. Yet the fire of ambition once more returns inside of him, to be able to return to his own reality, and be able to exact vengeance upon the hated warriors of Ultramar, and to finally carve a path through to Terra, and finally end the Corpse Emperor's reign.
  8. The Son and the Goddess Among the cluster of stars, there is a legend… A starship captain was headed to a recently discovered planet. With him among his main crew was his young nephew. His nephew still a child had been requested by the leader of one clan. The captain hoping to get a treaty packed signed agreed. This signing would help the Federation prosper. When the ship arrived on the planet’s surface they were met by several guards in armor. They were taken to a stronghold located in a forest. The door opened to rivaling a cloaked figure carrying a helmet. As both the captain and young boy at his side went to take a knee. The cloaked figure removed the hood. A shock to both men as the figure turned out to be a family member. The captain’s mother. “I understand all of this must come as quite a shock to both of you. All will be explained in good time.” Her smile was gentle. Consisting of a calm domineer. They stood before the mother at her throne. She told them that she had taken the throne from the previous owner. She stated that she stayed with the Federation for some time after her husband’s passing, working on a ship as a security personnel member. Working with the crew helped distract her from some of the pain from the loss. Just recently, she felt she needed more out of life. When she heard about the discovery of a planet with warriors of very ancient traditions, she decided to visit. She wasted no time in resigning her position and using her credits to buy her own ship. A few members of her crew joined her as hire hands. Later, the extended family came on when she took over the throne. “Now it is the time that the two of you study as successors to the throne.” She gave a smile, leaning forward, seeming excited about the opportunity. The captain explained that he could not just leave his crew out there while the two of them studied in the politics and culture of this world. The refusal was clearly not an option as just then the guards drew out their guns. With that, the captain drew out his communicator telling his crew that he was going to need to take leave. Time passed along, the captain and nephew growing knowledge. Wartime came between the Federation army and the army of the queen’s family. The captain sided with his crew wanting to go back home after having felt like a hostage for so long. With the youngest of both families not wanting to take a side. He disabled both of the army’s leaders. Only hoping they would talk things over. The boy ran into the woods. Looking back one last time to see that the fighting continues. A year later the fighting stopped. A truce had formed between the queen and the Federation. As the queen lay on her deathbed she called to her son. “My son a truce has been formed. In hopes that the lost child of both families may be found.” She paused for a moment then continued, “Your brother married. This in-law of yours is fair and good. This is the boy’s mother. I have never met her but I was told her name was Savitri. Find your nephew. No, your son.” Her final parting words. Allowed her to close her eyes passing at that moment. The new count realized what he needed to do. Spending the next several weeks. He looked through all of the texts in the stronghold. In hope that before his brother passed on. He may have left some information about his wife. As the sun was rising one morning. He found the text telling him all about his brother’s mate. The people of the planet honored and worshiped a sun deity. For many centuries, the world prospered under the care of the dragon goddess. Peaceful times lasted for many years. Until the people of the kingdom began to fight over the land in the kingdom. They formed clans and wars were fought over ownership of land. A great evil was born from the hearts of these warriors. Their greed manifested into a demon. Light and darkness fought one another. Neither triumphing over the other. Moments before her slumber. Savitri manifested some of her eternal light. This light transformed into a human. This was the state she took when she first ruled the planet. The other part of her reformed into an elegant looking jewel. Should war happen and the great dragon be awoken. All shall suffer and the stars will begin anew. This had all been a setup. The reason the captain and his nephew had been called to the planet. The time they spent training at their new home. The fact that a war had been started between the Federation and the people of this world. All so the queen could awaken the true ruler to destroy the galaxy. Out of sheer pain through the loss of her husband. The pain his mother could never get over. Everyone would pay as a result of him being taken from her. The patriarch smiled at the thought of his nephew. No, his son. Had stopped the world from coming to an end. His running away had saved the galaxy and now it was the time he got him back. Hours went by and there was no sign of the boy. He searched the woods until he came upon an elegant looking Pegasus. Looking like an angel. Standing in the middle of the forest. The animal took a knee as soon as it saw him. “My lord I am a servant of Savitri. Her Highness requested that I find you. She is with her son. Right, this way.” The patriarch followed the beautiful animal through the forest until the pair came to a Spring Lake in which sitting across from them were two figures. One was the true hero of the war. The other a regal looking woman that was no doubt the creator of the universe. With that, he put a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder explaining everything that had transpired. The captain asked for her hand in marriage and she nodded with a smile. The wedding said and done. The boy was now old enough to take over as the leader of the clan. His mother and father took their rightful place as rulers of the planet. The treaty between the Federation and this planet was never signed. Feeling a neutral state would be best for this world. With that, the planet was at peace for many years after that.
  9. The volcano of your mind Dormant until stirred as you may find Ready at any second if something goes wrong But not to play a glorious song The bubbling lava waiting to be set free By an exasperating chaotic spree But a strange force hovers around Keeping the energy bound Suddenly a disturbance is sensed That leaves the volcano convinced That something has indeed failed Now, the lava prepares to set sail The whole world trembles as the volcano is about to blow With that bright and red glow With a scream, the lava is set free To begin the terror and chaotic spree As the lava flows destruction ensues From those nasty lava brews Nothing can seem to tame this beast But there is a hope to say the least The volcano suddenly loses steam That ray of hope indeed shines with a gleam Then amidst all the wreckage, there is an accord That can only come from the one above, our dear Lord The volcano of your mind can be tamed You are in control, but if lost, are at blame But as long as things aren’t going wrong You can be sure that the volcano is singing a happy song. Wrote this poem a while back.
  10. @Missklang First: Classic Vampire Movies So these vampires have another set of fangs by the normal fangs every human has. These other set fangs are larger and sharper fangs. These other fangs cannot, I repeat cannot be pulled or taken out, when they try it is unbearable pain and sometimes if they continue to try to take them they will die from the pain. When drinking from humans or other vampires they will bite them. When they bite them the normal fangs are used to hold the person still and the other set are two cause the blood to pour out Second: Vampire Knight 1#: So there are two type of vampires in these species. Purebreeds and half breeds. Out of this rare species of vampires, purebreds are the most common. Halfbreeds are even rarer but are thought of a disgrace to the species. Half breeds don't need has much blood as purebreds. Half breeds are created when a purebreed mates with a human, which don't happen often. To create more purebreds the mate with other purebreds. 2#: Blood Tablets where made for the vampires who did not want to drink from humans or other humans. These tablets are made from purebred blood, to keep the vampires hunger at bay. Vampires can survive off of blood tablets, but there will be times where they won't have effect so they will need to drink from a human or another vampire most likely a purebred. 3#: All vampires, purebred and halfbreeds have a power or two, or none at all. They will alone have up to two powers that range from control over plants or to reading minds. Third: Supernatural ((TV Show)) Like the vampires in supernatural, only purebreds have retractable fangs, making them look completely human. Halfbreeds do not gave this ability and there other set of fangs always show, and they tell people that its a mutation they have. Fourth and Last: From some vampire book I read A vampires bite is like an drug, no kidding it makes people high. So when a vampire bites a human there is sometype of chemical given off, that helps the pain of the bite. This chemical effects the human in the way heroine and other drugs, giving them a high. A vampires bite is very addictive to the point where some people will do nothing but be a blood supply to a vampire to get h
  11. Hi all. I wrote this story, set in my own fictional sci fi universe, for my dad, who is a commercial beekeeper. I think it turned out alright. It technically features ponies, so I thought I would post it to see what everyone thinks. Also, it never comes up in the story, but the “Equines” in this story can morph their front hooves into hands, making themselves somewhat anthro if they wish. Again, it never comes up in the story, but I thought I’d mention it as I’m definitely going to be writing more in this universe. Hope you enjoy. If I posted this in the wrong section, please feel fee to move it. Thanks. …………………………………………………………… Carcosan Yellow The apiary was a rooftop affair, set on a building at the edge of the city. The structure rose so high that it almost brushed the armorglass dome that protected the conglomerate from Empetore’s biting glacial winds. If one wished, standing on tiptoes at the northern edge of the rooftop could allow one to touch the dome itself. All along the rooftop, arranged in rows like soldiers on parade drill, were white beehives made of pressed Empetori whalebone, standing straight and tall facing the city expanse. A calm, quiet stillness blanketed the place. The particular bees housed here were mechanical. The hydroponic farm facility on which the apiary was stacked grew food and flowers at an accelerated rate, and mechanical bees were preferable, in such a situation, to flesh ones. Mercenaries’ Guild officer Nomen Sacrum looked up as the owner of the apiary approached. Ivol Marheim was a tall man in his late 160s, clad in a white boiler suit rolled down around his waist. He was flanked by two industrial menials. The automata, burnished in black and gold, had insectoid heads and long, slender dendrite fingers. They stopped as he did, their segmented eyes scanning the newcomer, whirring and clicking. The man stretched out his hand, an ornate augmetic burnished in the same two-toned manner as his workers. Nomen shook it. “I’m quite happy you could make it,” the man said, lowering his hand and gesturing to a small table and chairs set in a corner of the large rooftop. He turned to his servants and said something to them in a burst of machine-language, a quick, buzzing, clicking sound sent from the augmetic voicebox embedded artfully into his neck and made of engraved and polished metal. It was a common upgrade popular with shop foremen and other types who worked often with menials, allowing rapid, precise instructions to be relayed without hassle or miscommunication. They chattered off, returning with a tray of mulled honey wine on a heating matrix and a plate of freezeweed-and-fish sandwiches. “So, did you find them? Did you find out what they were using my stock for?” Ivol asked, taking a sip from the small sake cup into which a menial had poured a measure of glistening gold spirit, “I got the preliminary report, but not all the details.” “Yes, I did,” Nomen responded, taking a sip from her own cup as well, “But I should start at the beginning. You’re new to Empetore, am I right? You know, there’s a legend here, about tentacles in the sewers – this is relevant to the story, I assure you – about the tentacles of a great octopus or squid, snaking through the tunnels and waterways below one of our cities. Men would try to follow these tentacles through the channels, on and on, trying to find the body of the creature. They would go for miles, out beyond the boundaries of the city, out beyond where any tunnels would logically or even possibly be, and they would never find the heart of the thing, just more tunnels, on and on, endlessly. That was what your case felt like, Mr. Marheim. I should say you have the honor of being involved in something far bigger than you ever thought. You came to me thinking people were trying to tamper with your product, and you were right, but that wasn’t the half of it,” Nomen chuckled, taking a bite of a sandwich, “but to see it all we have to start at the beginning.” ….. The lights of Calody district were vibrant and warm. This midrise district was one of the premier night spots of Snowdown City. However, the crowds that normally packed the district had yet to form, as it was only late afternoon, not yet the dinner rush. All down the avenue, shopkeepers and restaurateurs were applying the finishing touches to their evening décor. Here, a bistro set out fresh tablecloths and arranged silverware in a walled-off seating section. There, a bakery owner set out his newest products for sale, steam wafting from them and drifting enticingly into the street. The thump of bassy music echoed from the open doors of a club a few doors down. Everything was abuzz with pre-rush excitement. Nomen looked around, scanning the thin crowd for either of the two people she was supposed to be meeting here. Neither of them were anywhere in sight. She went up one side of the street, and down the other. Nothing. Only when she passed a small alcove made from the ground floor connection of two buildings did she pause. A slightly shimmering, transparent disturbance, only visible upon further inspection, occupied the space between the structures. “Feaver? Feaver, is that you?” Nomen called. Feaver Painter stepped out of the shadows, shrugging off the fabric of reality in which she had cloaked herself. A tall Equine in early middle age, with batlike ears and leathery, powerful wings, appeared, clad in a smart grey suit dress and waist-length coat-cloak. She raised the apple she was holding to her mouth and took a bite, before tossing the core into a nearby trashbin. “You were always better at that trick than I was,” Nomen said. “Comes with the territory,” Feaver replied, adjusting the augmetic eyewear which sat in front of her mechanical eyes, “Thestrals have more of a natural affinity for these kinds of spells than other Equines, after all. I know it makes you jealous. That’s precisely why I do it.” “Well you’re a scoundrel, aren’t you?” Nomen said, before following Feaver down the avenue. “Aww you know you love it.” “Come on,” said Nomen, brushing off the well-worn barb, “Our contact should be around here somewhere. Hopefully this whistleblower will be able to get us a foot in the door with this case.” The district was filling up. The night rush had officially kicked off, patrons flooding in from every direction and entrance. Eventually, they spotted their target, a lanky human sitting on a bench, staring out at the slate-grey structures of the city as if in contemplation. Nomen approached, while Feaver hung back, scanning the crowd for any potential interlopers. This man was a whistleblower, and, while a public assassination would be foolish, fools often abounded in the ranks of subversive groups as much as the clever did. Vigilance wasn’t unwarranted. “Mr. Armlowe,” Nomen addressed the man, sitting down on the bench next to him. “Are you the one whom I talk to?” the man asked. He had a thin, aged face, one eye a different color than the other, an augmetic replacement, surrounded by deep, old scarring. “Yes, I am. I’m the one who can help.” “Help,” the man chuckled, turning to face her. “I am already lost. I will receive my due castigation in the hereafter for what I have done. I am here to help you, to spare you from the ravages of the King.” “The King?” Nomen asked. “Do you know why they stole that poor beekeeper’s honey?” he went on, ignoring her question, “The hothouse plants it was collected from were magically enhanced to grow as fast as they do. That enhancement is retained in the nectar. It works something like an energy drink, boosting alertness, focus. If processed right, it can be used as a reasonably effective biofuel for small devices. In this case, I mean menials.” He leaned forward, training his mismatched eyes on Nomen, “Go to the Clockwork and Dark menial shop on West Lower Greatwood. Find out what they are building in there and stop them.” “You mentioned The King,” Nomen pressed, “Is he the ringleader of this group?” Armlowe chuckled, “The King is watching all of us. We’re all in Carcosa now, under the black stars, under the eye of He For Whom the Tides Break.” Suddenly, out of the miasma of noise, footsteps, and chatter around them, a whirring, screeching sound could be heard, echoing off the buildings around them. Seemingly out of nowhere flew a horrific sight. It was a large robotic head, easily five feet in height, an ornate thing; riveted in brass and bedecked in polished grey metal, hammered to resemble a smiling humanoid face, leering a rictus grin down at the passersby below. It flew, grinning, towards Nomen and Armlowe on the bench. Nomen recognized it immediately. It was a combat menial, a terror drone meant for shock and awe tactics. She knew what was going to happen and threw herself to the ground, yelling for Armlowe to do the same, but it was too late. Once the drone passed overhead, a thin fiberchord noose dropped from the neck of the device and wrapped itself so tightly around Armlowe’s neck that it drew blood. It wrenched him up so swiftly it looked as though he had simply vanished. He flopped back to the ground, the drone dragging him towards the edge of the district’s sidewalk. His legs banged against the railing as the grinning menial dragged him over the side, suspending him over the kilometer-long drop down the city stack. Both Nomen and Feaver rushed forward, Feaver drawing a matte-black combat automatic from under her coat before Nomen pressed her hand down. “No, no wait. It’ll detonate.” she said, “Too many people. He’s gone.” Indeed, it was true. Armlowe’s neck was broken. He stared blankly out at the horrified pedestrians, many of whom were fleeing or calling the authorities. The drone released him, sending his body tumbling into the depths of the chasm between the buildings, tumbling through the street-stacks down toward the city foundations far below. The menial flew off, rounding the corner of an apartment block and disappearing from view, taking with it the life of one of their only leads. ….. The House of Blankwing’s central headquarters was a stunning structure sat high in the spires of the city; a tall marble and glass building overlooked by a towering statue of an immense tundra bird, easily twenty stories high and a block-and-a-half wide. Forged from steel and adorned with decorative paint and intricate case-hardening, its immense wings encircled the entirety of the building and attached courtyards in a protective manner, its beadlike eyes, carved from solid chunks of lapis lazuli and easily as tall as a man, staring down at any newcomers suspiciously. Nomen and Feaver ascended the carved marble steps to the entrance. House menial guards, their piercing mechanical eyes staring over gilded faceplates adorned with communication gear and vocoder boxes, chittered in machine-cant as they presented their clearance passes. After verifying the passes’ validity, the automatons stepped aside, their ceremonial helmet-fringes blowing in the wind drafting in from the city outside. After its murder at the plaza, the drone had been chased down by local police, using jamming equipment to prevent it detonation, and captured. However, little could be learned from it, as its logic-bank was system-standard and no fingerprints whatever could be found on its chassis. These drones had been illegal for many years, but on the black market they were relatively easy to get, and thus hard to trace to a buyer. Furthermore, Armlowe’s corpse, once it was retrieved from the sinkstack roadway it had landed on, turned up no leads. A background check showed that he was an unemployed electrical engineer with no verified home address. Thus, their only lead was Clockwork and Dark. However, their presence had been requested by the Blankwing Territorial Security chief himself, as the murder had taken place in House Blankwing jurisdiction. The main hall was bustling with activity. Scribes and officials scurried to and fro, followed by harried paralegals laden with books and scrolling smart-paper ledgers or servant-menials taking hurried dictation onto datapads with slender, stylus-tipped fingers. Above them, light filtered in through a series of earth-toned stained glass windows, giving the entire affair a warm, golden glow. Standing against a pillar, and talking to two riot officers clad in blue armored bodygloves and plate-vests, was Blankwing’s security chief. Security Chief Tundra Burn was a tall, reserved Equine in his late 170s. An ornate, platinum adorned augmetic arm extended into the sleeve of his white uniform shirt and intricate neural circuitry snaked from his right temple up into his greying brown mane. As they approached, he turned to face them. “…Get to it,” he gestured to the two officers, and they walked off, their bulky augmetic eyes glancing at the newcomers as they left, “Let’s go to my office.” They headed down a side corridor to a spacious office bedecked in the same marble-and-stained-glass arrangement as the hall outside. Once they were seated in comfortable leather chairs in front of the chief’s olmwood desk, the man continued, “Let’s keep this short, we both have a lot to get to. I heard about what happened down at Calody. I understand you were investigating a theft for a client?” “Yes, we were. He claims that the theft of the Marheim apiary’s stock was for use as biofuel in menials. Doesn’t seem terribly efficient, but it seems important enough that they’d kill him for it “Seems a little over the top,” Burn concurred, “We’ll see what we can dig up on our end while you check out Clockwork. We’d send some trigger pullers with you, but we’ve got a near riot in Kessmalore Court right now; gang crackdown that’s getting out of control. If it looks like you need support, we’ll send it. No need to be heroes. Now, get to it.” “Just to be clear, recon and report, only blow the whistle if we get in over our heads? Sounds good.” Feaver replied, standing up and shaking Burn’s hand. “Very good, we’ll get on that immediately.” Nomen agreed, and they headed out. ….. The storefront was rich and lavish, set into a building beautifully adorned in carved Empetori limestone, the tall glass windows stared out like giant eyes from the structure’s facade, leering down at the pair of mercenaries as they approached the structure. “You see any lookouts? Guards?” Nomen asked as they peered around the corner of a haberdasher’s shop kiddy corner to the target building. “Nope,” replied Feaver, “but background heat from the place is quite strong. Not unusual, seeing as it’s a menial shop, with charging stations and all, but that means I can’t pick out any cameras or hostiles in the place with any degree of certainty. Looks like we’ll need to get eyes on the old-fashioned way.” They headed forward, running across the bridge connecting the two sides of the streetway’s sidewalk. A large waterfall, a vanity project by some environmental artist long ago, roared off to the building’s right, masking their hoofsteps as they advanced on the structure. They veered left, avoiding the large windows at the front of the shop, instead heading into an alley which opened into a large loading bay at the rear of the structure. They stopped under the cover of a small awning and checked their weapons one last time. Nomen drew a large combination revolver burnished in case-hardening with black-and-white bone grips from her shoulder rig. She broke it open to check the load. Ten rounds of eight-mil surrounding a large-diameter slot containing an energy magazine presented itself to her eyes. She snapped it closed, adjusting the hammer to fire the center-pin barrel’s directed energy bolts. Feaver had a similar revolver in hand, along with the automatic from earlier stowed on her belt. They stacked on the rear door. Feaver removed a small, cigarette case-sized object from her coat-cloak’s pocket, and thumbed an activator. Small, dendrite feelers extended from slots in the device and worked their way into the door lock as Feaver placed it over the hole. A click, and Feaver slid the device back into her pocket. Nomen eased the door open slowly, trying to avoid eking any sound from the old hinges. She scanned the room for threats as the door swung open, revealing an empty office space, powered-down computers sitting amid stacks of flexible datacards and tan pulpcard folders. All was quiet. They advanced inside, keeping an eye out for any hiding threats as they went. Their journey took them onto the main shop floor, where high-end household menials, powered down in their display stands, stood on grand damask carpet. This was a high-end shop, with no expenses spared for those who selected their servants here. Holstering her revolver, Nomen examined one of the floor models, a household example with a human face molded to classical perfection, burnished in black and copper. Upon further inspection, it was not deactivated at all, merely idling. It was muttering a phrase, over and over, almost inaudibly, “…black stars…black stars…black stars…” A quick check of its onboard biofuel backup tank confirmed her suspicions. The sticky residue of genetically engineered honey coated the inside of the tank’s cap-port. This was the evidence they needed. The perpetrators were here. As she reached for her comm-link to call for the reinforcements they were promised, Feaver, who had been pulling security as Nomen had examined the menial, called out, “Contact, con…” The rest of her words were drowned out by a flurry of automatic magweapon fire, the bolts cracking along the length of the room and smacking around them, missing them only because Feaver had fired as they did, diverting their aim. Nomen ceased reaching for her commlink, instead drawing her backup weapon, a heavy slugpistol with a frame hewn from pressed bone. It was closer to her hand than her shoulder-holstered primary. The slugpistol’s shots were deafening in the confined space, orders of magnitude louder than the magbolts being exchanged between Feaver and their attackers. She squeezed off three shots, the weapon bucking in her hand, the rubberized grip absorbing the worst of it and allowing her to keep on target. The two attackers, who had entered through a door on the far right of the main hall, ducked back through it, their last few shots smacking into the menial Nomen had examined, sending it crashing to the floor like a marionette with its strings cut, fractured body metal pinging off the display rack around it. “Go, go!” Nomen called, and the pair of them advanced on the doorway, sending shots through it at the fleeing pair of perpetrators. They got to the doorway, Nomen switching from her backup to her primary revolver. Using the doorframe as concealment, if not cover, they took aimed shots at the fleeing men. Nomen squeezed off a magbolt from her weapon which clipped one of them in the neck, sending him sprawling into a display of replacement chest-modules, the collection of dustbin and coffee-brewer attachments bouncing off the man’s back as he crumpled to the ground. They advanced into the room, Nomen clearing the deep corner to the door’s right, and Feaver taking the left. They followed the remaining assailant just in time to see him speed away in a beat-up aircar, gliding up into the traffic flow above. Feaver raised her weapon, but lowered it again. She was likely to miss at this distance, the round being more likely to hit something in the background buildings than it was to find its target. Nomen was already on the link, calling in tac teams to clear and investigate the rest of the structure. As she clicked off the link, however, she noticed something familiar. It was a small, copper cockroach, an intricate mechanical insect. It skittered into a crack in a city power conduit and disappeared. Nomen smiled. Maybe they wouldn’t need to wait for the House forensics teams to scour this place after all. Maybe someone else had done it for them before they even arrived. ….. The lowest levels of the city were a miasma of support beams, old warehouses, scrap metal, and garbage. Meltwater from the snow outside had mixed with the mud and refuse to create a river of sludge along the street channel over which they flew. Salvage teams, standing on hoverskiffs and clad in dirty overalls and facemasks, dug through the muck river with long poles, assisted by tiny drone menials with long, probing sorter claws. The structure they were looking for was nestled below one of the city’s centuries-old support pylons. The structure huddled below the flared shock-absorption struts like a crab in a rock alcove. They landed on the courtyard’s edge and were shown inside by slender, heavily augmented humans in Ochran glass bodygloves and long grey whale-leather trenchcoats. They were led onto the roof of the structure, which still felt as though it was indoors due to the low strut-ceiling above them. Their presence was announced and the man at the far end of the roof turned to face them. He had never revealed his real name to Nomen or Feaver, although they had known him for years. He was known simply as Wisdom, and he was the most powerful information broker and hands-off spying specialist on the Data Moon. He was a tall, powerfully built Ocanti man, his short-cropped downlike hair framed a scarred, stubble-brushed face laced with augmetic circuitry. He was dressed in expensive trousers and a button-down silk shirt with the sleeves removed, revealing the distinctive signs of old gang tattoos that had been surgically removed from the lavender skin, without anesthetic, by the Empetori justice department as penance, Nomen knew, to avoid execution for involvement in an attack on Empetori law enforcement, and to get out of the gang life altogether. The man smiled upon seeing the pair. “To what do I owe the pleasure,” he called, his voice deep and tinged with a northern cities accent, “Although I probably already know.” “Wisdom,” Nomen called, extending her hand, which he shook, “I believe we have business to conduct.” “I don’t believe I’ve ever met with both of you together,” Wisdom replied, turning to a side table and picking up a small mechanical bug like the one Nomen had seen at the store. Wisdom activated the bug with a switch and raised it to an open slit in the strut roof. The bug crawled into the city power conduit and vanished, making its way up into the vast conglomerate far above them. Wisdom addressed Feaver, “Do you know, that Nomen Sacrum here could have been my demise? Long before my salvation, I was involved with a group of very bad men. Your friend here,” he gestured to Nomen, “Snuck up on me. She knew my heart wasn’t in it and she gave me the option to walk away, to surrender, to turn my life into something honoring to the Great and Bountiful Empire and honoring to God. I chose that path, and now no-one sneaks up on me anymore.” He turned around and tapped the brass augmetic eye embedded into the back of his head, right below the hairline. He chuckled, “My salvation was this place, and now look at me. I have you, coming to me for help, as I am obligated by the terms we agreed to. Although I’d like to think we are friends, after all we’ve been through.” “Yes, people I choose not to kill do tend to become my friends,” Nomen chuckled, “I saw one of your clockroaches up on Greatwood. I assume you’d been watching the place.” “I had,” Wisdom acknowledged, “They’re a very interesting group. You know the story of the King in Yellow? It’s an old Terran myth about a mysterious figure of the same name. It’s had many interpretations throughout the years, but the one your boys like seems to be based on a book written about one hundred fifty years ago on Terra’s moon. In it, a manifestation of the King in Yellow leads an army of menials to retake his homeland of Carcosa, which in this version is on Terra’s moon, with the help of holy yellow nectar, from plants nourished with water from Carcosa’s holy lake Hali. It made his soldiers unstoppable, and they seem to be trying the same thing here. I’ve been watching them ever since your little incident this morning up on Calody. Your whistleblower bit into their plans, and now they’re scrambling. That gang riot on Kessmalore was just to divert law enforcement from their evacuation of Clockwork and Dark, where they were assembling their army. Their plan was to send them out into the city, get them purchased by the citizenry, and then, when they were given the order, they would strike and kill their targets; politicians and other important types I would assume. They were mostly gone by the time you got there.” “Do you know where they went,” Feaver chimed in, “where they were taking their forces?” “I do. They’re not terribly disciplined, and their plans aren’t the most sophisticated, with their leader thinking he’s the King himself, after all. They’re not exactly an insurgent powerhouse,” he touched the activation stud of a holoprojector set at the edge of a worktable. A fuzzy image of a rundown churchlike building flickered to life, “They’re here, at the old transmutation chapel in Lower Tress courtyard. Heard one of them blabbering about it as they were packing up. Apparently, it’s got enough mechanical resources that they can modify the rest of their menials there, and is a soft enough target to not draw immediate attention from the authorities, with it being open to the public as it is.” “Thank you, “Nomen said, “We’ll get House troops on it right away.” “My pleasure,” Wisdom replied beneficently, “Always glad to be of help to a good cause. Bring me back a souvenir from your trip, will you?” he turned, and headed back down the roof, reaching for another clockwork insect to send on its way. ….. And so, Operation Shepard Tone commenced. Forty of House Blankwing’s best soldiers, clad in riot gear and armed with armor-piercing submachineguns and automatic shotguns, flooded into the small, sleepy district of Lower Tress. This district was once home to the main transmutation chapel for the entirety of Snowdown City and the surrounding towns and encampments. Local custom dictated that the dead be embalmed, and their bodies transformed, through a certain fusion process, into biofuel for use in civil applications. It was considered a holy, selfless act, giving warmth and life back to the city that granted one these things in life. Nomen and Feaver advanced down the cobblestone pathway toward the chapel’s side entrance. In addition to the main house force, Wisdom had tasked eight of his best fighters to the mission. They strode next to her, their glass bodygloves glinting in the ambient light and their whale-leather coats flapping in the low breeze. They carried Ostrum Workhorse assault rifles with engraved bone handgrips and forestocks, topped with auto-sight systems that linked to their implanted augmetic eyes. Nomen had changed kit for the mission as well. She had donned a grey reinforced bodyglove made of ceramic matrices, capable of stopping most low-caliber pistol rounds. It was additionally reinforced at vital points with chain mail to prevent against blade penetration. Over it she wore a tan tunic and a black hooded vest. Finally, she had switched her solid-slug sidearm to one that chambered the house-standard .41 caliber rounds. It’s sandpaper grips felt secure in her hands as they made their way toward the structure. It was an imposing building; a tall, gothic structure bedecked with pounded brass gargoyles and angelic figures. Saint Savastronell, the inventor of transmutation, was depicted sitting at his worktable in a large stained-glass window over the side entrance they were approaching. They stacked on the door. Nomen holstered her backup and drew her revolver. Into the center chamber she had loaded a special single-shot breaching round, colloquially known as a “littlepig”, used to destroy locks or hinges without injuring those on the other side with shrapnel or stray munitions. She set the muzzle at an angle to the large brass keyhole, and pulled the trigger. The shot was a deeper noise than the usual crack of energy rounds, and the shot shredded the area around the door lock with ease, allowing it to be kicked open and breached by the team. They entered the quiet hush of a side chapel. In the distance, they could hear the thumps of the other squad’s breaching efforts as they too assaulted the structure. Nomen knelt and replaced the dead breaching shot with a fresh energy magazine before joining the team, setting the dead cylinder on the rich red carpet next to the open door for later retrieval. No need to carry it with her, she reasoned. They took fire immediately upon exiting the side chapel. Two servant menials, with magpistols held in their ornately-fashioned hands, took inaccurate shots at the team as they advanced. They were cut down with ease with a flurry of rifle fire as they strode down the dim hallway. They were not as invincible as their owners believed, Nomen thought to herself, but that wouldn’t be all of them, and proximity negates skill in a confined space such as this. They headed on, up a powered down moving staircase with segmented bone handrails polished smooth by hundreds of years of mourner traffic. The lights in the structure were on, but certain systems were still powered off, as Tress’ transmutation trade had long since been usurped by newer, grander structures. Still, Nomen wondered, with a certain degree of apprehension, where the caretakers of the chapel had gone to. Her fears were confirmed at the top of the staircase. A maroon-robed Ocanti figure, his face hidden by a gilded mask of a saint’s likeness, lay dead in the corridor they entered, his ceremonial short-muzzled shotgun lay next to him, the bolt locked open. These men, more used to dealing with vagrants and squatters than an armed, determined force, had been simply outmatched. Gunfire echoed through the halls of the structure as they cleared it, coming from the other squads, and occasionally from them, as they cut down various types of menial, most of them household types, although some of them were illegally-modified combat variants, with body-mounted mag-autos or programmable-matter blade appendages. They encountered men as well, most of them untrained and quick to surrender, but others that put up enough of a fight to be a nuisance to the veterans Nomen and Feaver were with. Finally, they came to the main transmutation floor, a large, vaulted room with a table slab on an alter at the far end, underneath a vast tapestry of the dead being reconstituted into perfected bodies at the end of days. Much of the wall space had been covered in bright yellow cloth, and menials in various states of assembly lay on makeshift tarps fashioned from the bags into which the dead would be placed before the transmutation process was completed. The church symbols and scripture passages inscribed upon them were stained with lubricant. Standing at the altar table, pouring refined biofuel into a combat menial covered in ceramic armor and wielding an arm-mounted solid-ammo weapon, was a figure clad in yellow robes. He was bald, with a thin, pockmarked face and dark gold eyes. He activated the automaton, which whirred to life and sat up, leveling its weapon at the team. It let out a burst of fire, even as they fired back. The team’s rounds sent it staggering, even as two of the bullets hit Nomen in the chest. Each impact felt like being hit with a sledgehammer. She staggered from the shock, before regaining her footing once again. “Nomen, Nomen, you alright?” Feaver yelled, turning as the team’s overwhelming firepower sent the combat droid slamming to the ground. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Took ‘em to the plate.” Nomen replied, looking back up the concourse toward the altar. The yellow-robed man had ducked behind the altar as they had fired. Now he had jumped up and ducked into the sacristy. Nomen and the team advanced over the smoking corpse of the menial and entered the dimly lit room. Vestments and surgical tools soaking in vats of antiseptic holy water presented themselves to their eyes. The door at the far end of the room was open. They advanced into the monks’ living area. Going two-by-two, they cleared each room of the dormitory in sequence. Nomen and Feaver ended up clearing the Abbot’s quarters. Three rooms; an office, bedroom, and prayer room comprised the space. As Feaver took the bedroom, Nomen advanced on the private chapel. She had not gotten to the door before it was thrown open and the yellow-robed man burst out. He threw a flurry of swings at Nomen with a bone saw, who blocked it with her arm, the teeth biting into the hardened material of her bodyglove harmlessly. She retaliated with a punch to the ribs, and grabbed the man’s arm as he staggered from the blow. He had more energy than skill. She wrenched the saw from his hand and slammed him against the wall. “Stop resisting! Mercenaries’ Guild. You are under arrest. Stop resisting or I will have to shoot you.” Her revolver was pressed into his back to reinforce the threat. “You hold no power here!” the man laughed, and, using his leverage, pushed Nomen back and wrenched himself from her grip. She fired, and the shot burned through his shoulder. But still, he ran. And then, he was on the ground. An invisible Feaver stood in the doorway, decloaking and throwing herself on top of him, delivering blow after blow. She wrenched his arm behind his back and dislocated it. “Submit!” she snarled. The man screamed in combined fury and pain before slackening his body. “Who are you?” Feaver asked, cuffing him with disposable plastic cuffs from her jacket pocket. “I wear no mask,” the man replied, “I am the rightful heir to this, my kingdom.” Nomen chuckled, slapping her bodyglove’s front armor, the bullets lodged there coming loose and clattering to the ground with a clinking sound, “I’m not impressed,” ….. “…we cleaned up the rest of the site.” Nomen told the apiarist, “They had some incredibly interesting black market specimens there. Surely that’ll be an interesting case, tracking those back to the sellers, and on up the chain. Got Wisdom his souvenir too; the king’s yellow cloak, complete with magbolt-hole. He seemed pleased with it. Well, that’s pretty much it. Finished all the paperwork and came here to see you.” “Well, that’s quite something,” Marheim replied, seeming amazed to be involved in such a story, “In addition to your fee, I have something else for you,” he said, gesturing to one of his menials. It brought over a tray on which an ornate glass bottle sat, filled with glistening gold honey. Nomen took the bottle and examined it. It read “Carcosan Yellow” and featured a picture of a gold robed, hooded figure, with its arms outstretched, against a background of think grey fog. “Honey from the same harvest from which they stole. It’s quite delicious, and comes with lifetime refills. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for your service.” Nomen smiled, and thanked Marheim copiously. She stared at the bottle. All this drama, from something so common, and yet so powerful. But that was the way it often worked. Power comes in many forms.
  12. You and Shisui had been good friends for a good number of years and you felt like he was almost a brother to you. When he wasn't training or when you weren't working, you were hanging out with each other. You felt that you could tell him anything and you also felt that you could just open up to him without feeling judged. He listened to you and it truly made you feel special. You worked at the local tea shop in the Leaf Village and Shisui would occasionally stop by to come and say hello to you while you were working. Recently, however, you noticed that you had been seeing less and less of him. Whenever you asked Itachi or Sasuke where he was, they always told you that he was training. You had no reason not to believe them, so you just thought that Shisui was training harder than usual latley. One Friday morning, you arrived at the tea shop to start your shift. Customers were literally coming and going all throughout morning and you were having trouble getting to everyone's orders. Thankfully, the rush eventually settled. You were standing behind the counter counting the tins of tea leaves when you heard the shop's front door bell, signaling that someone had entered. As soon as you heard that chime, you hoped that Shisui would be the one entering. However, It was Itachi. Still, Itachi was someone you had come to grow fond of. He was intelligent, wise, and amazingly strong. He would sometimes spend some time with you and Shisui. He walked up to the counter and greeted you. "Things seem rather slow now" "Yeah, it's usually really busy here in the mornings. Especially weekend mornings because everyone is probably headed to work" you replied while resting your elbow on the counter and then placing your chin on your hand. "So, what can I get you?" you added. "Nothing for me. Thank you, though" "Really? Well, alright. Are you waiting for someone?" "I am supposed to meet Shisui here. He informed me that he wanted to discuss something with me" At that name, you froze. Why would Shisui be making plans with someone and then turn around and avoid you? Is he mad at you? Are you thinking too much into this? Hundreds of possibilities ran wild through your mind and you began to worry a bit. ...But now that you had the opportunity, you'd ask him about his recent behavior. Shisui finally came inside of the shop and shot you a smile as he proceeded to walk up to you. "Hi, (Y/N)" "...Hi, Shisui" you hesitated; almost awaiting an explanation from him. "Can I just have some plain green tea? Thanks" "Yeah, sure" you replied while beginning to brew the drink. An awkward silence flooded the air around you both and your eyes trailed off to the side. "So, Shisui... I hear you've been training really hard lately. How is it all going?" "Hm? Oh, training. Yeah, it's going well. Itachi has been teaching me quite a lot" "That's good. Here's your tea. Careful, it's very hot" you sighed while handing Shisui his drink. Sp The Uchiha gave you another smile, took his tea, and walked to the table where Itachi was sitting at. ~Shisui's P.O.V: "What the hell, Itachi! You didn't tell me that (Y/N) was working today!" he whispered Itachi just looked at the ninja sitting in front of him with no words following. ... "What? Why are you giving me that look?" "You can't hide your feelings for her, Shisui. She knows that you've been ignoring her and it's beginning to make her feel unsure about things. You cannot keep making excuses. Nobody "trains" that much; not even the Hokage". "Still... I wanted to discuss this without worrying about her hearing..." "Look, Sasuke would recommend the same. Just be upfront. Anyway, I have to go" Itachi stated as he rose from his seat to leave. "Wait! Damnit..." But it was too late. Itachi had already left. ~Reader's P.O.V: Now, it was just you and Shisui in the shop. Utter silence again filled the room for a good while until Shisui suddenly stood up and slowly walked toward you once more. He was now standing face to face with you; glaring at you with nervous eyes. You raised an eyebrow at him. "What?" He was now blushing and had one arm crossed behind his head. "(Y/N)... Will you go out with me sometime?" Did he just ask you out? Where did this come from? Is he being serious? You were shocked that he asked you such a thing, but you also couldn't deny that you had feelings for him. You never thought that a relationship was possible between you two, so you never let your feelings show or said a word regarding them. At the same time, however, you wanted to shout at him and confront him about giving you the cold shoulder. But before you could release your frustrations, an idea popped into your head. Maybe you could use this date as a time to ask Shisui about things. You wanted to let him know how angry you were, but you also didn't want to ruin your chances with him. "Sure! I'd love to! How does later this evening sound?" "Really? That's great! Let's meet by the training field around 7:30pm, okay?" "Sounds good!" you exclaimed, giving a fake smile. ~Time Skip~ You had gotten off of work, gone home, and prettied yourself up for your time with Shisui. Even though you were frustrated with him, you were also rather excited about this. You exited your home and made your way to the place where you said you'd meet. ~Time Skip~ Now sitting on a large rock, you noticed that the sky was growing dark and that the sun was setting. You were wondering if Shisui was even going to come. Was he really going to show you up? If so, you'd have a hell of a lot more to say to him than you do now. Just then, you heard the grass rustling. A figure was making its way toward you but you couldn't make out who it was. You cautiously reached for one of your kunai in your pouch and braced yourself for a fight. "Hey, no need to be afraid" said Shisui as he raised his arms. "Oh, it's you. I honestly couldn't tell it was you, so I kinda panicked. Sorry about that" you explained with a small laugh following. "It's alright" Shisui then climbed up the rock you were sitting on and sat himself next to you. You were both looking up at the now star-filled sky. You desperately wanted to wait until later about asking about Shisui's actions as of late, but you just couldn't. You needed to know why he was acting this way and you were going to figure out why right now. You slammed your fist into the stone underneath you and Shisui jumped slightly. "Why have you been ignoring me?" you asked, tears almost flooding your eyes. "What?" "Why have you been avoiding me, Shisui? We used to be so close and you've been purposely avoiding me for weeks now! Why? How do you have the nerve to do such a thing and then ask me out like its no big deal? Who the hell do you think you are?" All of your suppressed anger was now leaving you. You didn't want to unleash it all like this, but it was too late. "I mean, really! Where the hell do you get off being so close with someone for so long and then acting like a complete jerk!? What's your problem!?" you shouted, scorning at Shisui with your tear-filled eyes. You then swiftly turned your face away, not wanting him to see you cry. You tried to stop crying when you felt a hand touch your shoulder. "(Y/N), there's a reason I haven't been around. Please, just listen to me for a second..." he explained. You sat quietly awaiting for him to speak. "You and I have been friends for so long and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't falling in love with you. I have been concealing these feelings from you and I wasn't sure how to deal with them. I wanted to tell you, I truly did, but I was scared. Until I could think of a way to talk to you about it, I figured I'd give myself some time to think it over by telling you that I was so frequently busy with things. I've been beating myself up over this for what feels like forever and I finally had the courage to ask you out. I was going to admit my feelings to you" Shisui's words left you speechless. Was he really putting himself through all of that just because he had feelings for you? You turned your head to Shisui and playfully shoved him. "This whole time, I assumed that you were done with me. Have you seriously been going out of your way to think of ways to handle this?" "I have-" Just then, your hand slipped and you fell backwards off of the rock. Your hand reached out to Shisui and dragged him down with you; resulting in him landing on top of you. Your faces were inches away from each other. You both blushed as you got caught staring into each other's eyes. You, again, turned your face away. "How can I be sure that you aren't lying to me?" you pouted Shisui placed his hand on your check and and moved your face back to face his. "Does this prove that I'm telling the truth?" Just then, Shisui's lips slowly moved into yours... You closed your eyes and melted at the kiss and almost felt completely weightless as stars spun around you. Shisui then sat you upright as he wrapped his arms around you; enclosing you in a loving embrace. You had never felt so secure and so loved in your life... You both pulled away from each other and rested your forehead onto his, smiling sweetly. "So, does that prove it? Hm?" Shisui chuckled. "Yes, it does" ~Itachi and Sasuke's P.O.V: "It looks like your advice wasn't so terrible after all" Sasuke said sarcastically to his brother as they both watched from afar in a tree. Itachi just smiled at Sasuke and they both leaped away.
  13. So I love stories with a particular central theme, overcoming and in fact conquering both existential physical threats but also in a way, cynicism as virtue. See films like Pacific Rim or Independence Day and to a lesser extent The Dark Knight or games like Mass Effect; where overcoming interpersonal grudges is treated as the best possible solution and it's the ruthless, the cynical, and the jaded that are proven to be in the wrong. However, I have a tendency to enjoy settings that are otherwise assertions to the opposite of this viewpoint. So I ask you, for those of you who enjoy things like the New World of Darkness, Warhammer 40K, Shadowrun, A Song of Ice and Fire, can you recommend any fanfics of these or similar properties where an eclectic of erstwhile enemies decide to kick the crap out of their own world's bleakness?
  14. I thought I'd go ahead and promote these here since I'm getting active writing fanfic again.
  15. (A beta version of the logo for my story) Have Doctor Who story idea, taking place after "Death In Heaven"... Anyway, in this one Missy really does the Doctor's hand after she kills Clara right in front of him he just loses it and kills her. With shame, he goes out to live the rest of his life in solitude. That is, until the Dalek Invasion of Earth, which killed nearly 75% of its population (thankfully, by this time most of humanity had left Earth, but it was still a big blow to The Doctor), so he, along with Rusty and some Dalek rebels organize a genocide of the Daleks. The Doctor wins, and the Daleks are no more, with sadly Rusty sacrificing himself to help The Doctor escape. During this he gets hit with high levels of dark matter radiation, which effects how he regenerates, regenerating in a deadly lightning storm rather than the fire like regeneration he does usually.... And then we get the 13th Doctor, redhaired, gothic clothing wearing, Irish accented, female Doctor who feels that sometimes compassion involves removing those who would harm others. "The Daleks were a virus, an infection. I removed it. Do I feel guilt? When i was younger and more naive I would have, but not anymore. " The main villian is Dalek Siremai, a result of a (unknown to The Doctor) surviving Dalek Eternal (yellow Paradigm Dalek) being possessed by an unknown, otherworldy creature, one that was imprisoned in the Master's body, the true source of their madness. The reason The Master could never stay dead was because the Time Lords never wanted them to stay dead. No matter what horrors The Master did it would pale in comparison to the horrors this Ancient Evil would do. Dalek Siremai speaks very human like. And near the end starts to lose their Dalek mechanical voice as they gain enough power to take a more human form. I am thinking of naming this group of stories "Doctor Who: Eternal" Sorry if this is a dumb idea. I tried sharing this on Doctor Who forums, but its pretty much ignored.
  16. Pick your site of choice to read it from.
  17. So, to make a long story shot I did a thing where I had an idea for a weird crossover and took that shit as a dare. I wound up beginning to craft an AU for the Sonic games that crosses over with Highlander via Tails' adopted mom being an Immortal, which started with this fic Long story short, as a result of losing my own mother last Sunday I wound up completely putting all I had into this next monster in the same AU that wound up being a 6500 word, 20 page behemoth of a one-shot. I have to stress the fact that's 20 pages of 11pt font and NOT the 14pt most sane people set their word processor too. Basically, I expanded and re-wrote a scene from the flashbacks in the first fic where Sonic and Knuckles find out about her being immortal, it's once again posted on both major fanfic sites as well as DA, so pick your poison. I'm posting both of these as blog entries as well, so bare with me. Also, I need to fix the broke version that are my scene breaks, bear with that as well. Edit: Fixed the version, I have. Scene breaks, it now has.
  18. Chapter 1- Why? : It was a nice day.. all was well. I'm Shade, an Absol if you didn't know, but anyways back to the story. Me and only me walking through the woods, I shapeshifted into my wolf form and sighed. I tracked down a scent, and this scent wasn't good. I saw 6 faces looking at me with feirce red eyes. I made out all of those 6 faces they were an Phione, an Darkrai, an Palkia, an Dialga, an Groudon, and worst of all, a Lugia. I shivered and trembled, and then before I knew it I....... Chapter 2- That Wasn't A Good Idea... : I smirked, " Think I'm gonna run huh?" The 6 Pokèmon nodded. I smirked and unsheathed my claws, " Well, I'm not!" The Lugia started laughing, " Hahahaha! You? A puny little Absol.." The 6 started laughing. The Darkrai continued for the Lugia, " You're gonna fight us? Well then, prepare to loose!" I wasn't feeling so sure about battling them anymore. I started trembling....
  19. When a strange-looking gun appears in the TARDIS, The Doctor can't help but try it out If you like Doctor Who and the Tenth Doctor, you might like my story! I hope you enjoy it!
  20. When Nova attempts to get back at Spider-Man for shrinking him, everything goes wrong If you like the TV Show Ultimate Spider Man, you should check out my story! I hope you enjoy it!
  21. I noticed there wasn't a thread on here like this. So the point of this thread is to promote FimFIc found on . But there a few rules to this: 1. Dont promote fics found on here, it would be..redundant 2. Please tell why you recommended it 3. As pains me to say, don't promote your own material because well you probably think it's good, but every author thinks their work is good and sometimes it really isn't, no offense to authors out there (tbh I'm one myself, so I won't link my story). So without further a do promote fics here
  22. This is just something I worked on, last year. I came across it, a while ago, and thought maybe I should upload it to the forums here, but wasn't sure where to put it. Tangled Fanfic.docx not sure if it'll work here or not, so apologies if it doesn't work...and even more apologies if it's in the wrong spot.
  23. Don't ask this happened because I think I take weird head-cannons as a challenge, but one of them resulted in this sad/bittersweet "what-if" from a potential Sonic/Highlander one where Tails' adoptive mother is an immortal. I uploaded it to like three places, so pick your poison: It's only like a 2,000 word one-shot, but I actually almost made MYSELF cry as I was writing it.
  24. Quickly! I must hurry, before they get me! I sit here alone, in bed. I hear a sound from downstairs. Is it my dogs? Or family? Or, them....Ahh no time. I'm hearing more noises now. Is that...screaming? I...I can't think! Gahh! The sounds are closer!!! Can you hear it?! Can you?! They're so close! Ahhh no! They're here!!! I must hide or run!!! I must ru____.... Oh, you thought I was him? No, I am them. Them is not him. Him is not them them is us. Now, them can hear you, sitting on your chair typing away. Them sure does like the computer you have. Where Is them? Please sit down. Do not run. Do not pick up your phone. Do not diall 911. Them disconnected your line. What's that? You heard a noise? That was them. Them is here. Them demands you not hide. Them sees you hiding. Them....knows...all...
  25. As I took a walk one day I happened to stroll through the woods of green, As I strolled along the green I caught sight so mighty to behold a place so special it shown like gold, The Evergreen Forest, the place of legend, I was here I saw it truly ,each day as I walked through Forest Evergreen id pinch myself, make sure it wasn't a dream. As I continued on my way and stopped looking around, I saw a puppy come bounding down, He was boo so sweet and so precious, his fur so soft his eyes so pure ,Nose A whaft. I continued my walk as I stood in the wood, I felt ever good. I watched in sky a small paper land near me, The Evergreen standard it said quite clearly , as I picked up the newsprint of this small little town, I smiled and read my frown upside down. I continued on my way stopping as I hear a voice say, Don't be afraid your not alone,,weve got everything you need, run with us we are free. As I listened to the voice I went searching finding nothing but a tree and a pen feeling the cold wind blow I turn my collar to the cold needing someone to hold the quicksand dragging me down I feel as I f I were going under , someone was around. He lifted me up and took me in his arms and nuzzled me tight I never let go that warm starry night these evergreens have been ever perfect I have my one and he is with me hes my special one and only. who is he you ask who am I with whose taken the task/ Its Bert raccoon hes the special oen who saved my world from going udner......saved it from going under every Saturday morning. ooc what yall think?