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Found 156 results

  1. Hey! A while back, and recently, I made some SFM scenes about my favorite game, a Hat in Time! Here is the result: 2 Games about hats: Rumbi's Upgrade: fast and big rumbi: Floating into horizon: How do you like it?
  2. I've been recently getting into Apex Legends, so I decided to make an art topic for it. My first drawing was of Bloodhound (aka my main legend)
  3. So, I've recently gotten addicted to a game called Sally Face. I love the main character so much honestly, and I decided to draw him.
  4. I’m currently building ideas for the first video game I’ll provide self-developing of. I’ll do all the programming, player actions, visuals, etc. by myself until it’s either 2026 or 2027, where hopefully I get the first ten worlds finished if I work day by day on the game. However, what I can’t provide by myself, is music and voice acting. I’ll need quite a couple of voice actor volunteers to the game series I’m having concept arts for. The musician will be credited as the music score creator, as well as opening theme song. Who would like to be on the game project? It’s based in a style like Kingdom Hearts, was my first thought about my game’s concept. The game will be built using the Unreal Engine system, while the concept art of characters will be drawn on paper throughout 2019 to early 2020 to give me ideas on the models beforehand.
  5. So I trying to get a train model of this EMD E9 How should make it good in 3-D
  6. I made this game last year but have recently saw people on the forums getting interested into Astronomy and thought I might as well share it better late than never. Note: The music used in the game is by Evening Star the credits to them are already linked to them in the game. Also this does not use flash and is html5 based.
  7. Yeah I know I haven't posted here since I join deviantart So why not now
  8. It is the evening time during July 27 and it also non mlp sfm
  9. It's been a long time before I've made one of these! This time, no pony is here! only Jacket and a newcomer! Mr. Foster from Killing Floor 2! I don't have smoke particles, yet, and will maybe update it (in a year or two).
  10. Hello, everypony rainbowdash here with more maverick robot animal destruction enjoy the artwork!
  11. a little model train in tf2
  12. Here's where I'm gonna show my DMC art, hope you guys enjoy. Scarecrow (arm): And Angelo Credo:
  13. Ok, this idea came up in my head. You play as Kanieis ("Kani" from the word "Kaninchen" meaning rabbit and "Eis" meaning ice, both German words, literally "Rabbit of Ice"), a rare Jackalope who has frost breath. With the ability to jump high, charge enemies with her antlers, and freeze them, Kanieis must travel through beautiful but dangerous worlds in order to save her home by finding the 50 Platinum Carrots that a spiteful witch has stolen and hidden all over the lands of Mythos, a place of many fantastic creatures and lands. She must also collect crystal leaves, which are the money in the game. I am drawing a blank right now, so I would like some advice for some more inspiration. I want this game to be a spiritual successor to the PSone Spyro the Dragon games. I hope this game idea people will read it. Not many of my ideas get noticed. I wonder if that means they are bad. My hopefuly goal is to find a team and make this game for Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation TV (technically, it could run on Vita, but the Vita would lack the controls), and PC. All will have the same graphics and gameplay, with the PS-TV and Wii U being the cheapest consoles you can get it on. (I will add more to this topic once i come up with more ideas)
  14. Random artworks I've done recently to avoid the art block.
  15. So, hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something on here, and this is being posted for one of two things. One, I want to introduce people to Furious Factions - The Multiverse Battle Card Game, a game I've spent about three years developing, and am still nowhere near completion. So, without further ado, let's get started with the factions! United Terran Expeditionary Force (UTEF) The UTEF are a faction from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion upon alien invasion has turned our world into a partial wasteland, with the world banding together as the Union of Terra. Technology is focused mostly on war, with very few new advances in civilian technology due to the massive needs of the current war. Examples of UNITS: Now, the second reason I am posting this. I require assistance. I was of the school of thought that I could do the entire game by myself, all the art and setup, but it's starting to become obvious to me that my previous reasoning was in error, and now I am looking to build a team. To answer the obvious questions: Yes, I am a traditional artist. All the card art, minus the symbol for the UTEF (Which serves as the card back) is hand-drawn and coloured. I've been doing this iteration of my card game for about a year now. Also, the [.spoiler] tabs are... acting a little weird at the moment.
  16. This form is for people who wish to see there oc in the game "The Outcasted" Simply submit a picture of your oc and I'll try to put them into the game in the form of an npc Mini-boss contest Whoever submits the best art work will get their own mini-boss fight against the 2 mane characters, if you do not wish to have your art work enter the contest please say so when submitting your art work
  17. So after a little debate, I've decided to open up a thread where I share my custom cars from the PS4 game: The Crew. The Crew is an amazingly unique racing game where the USA is your playground for exploration, racing solo or with three others in four vs four crew battles and other adventures. Dirt Spec 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Performance Spec Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera Drift Spec 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Raid Spec Ruf 3400K Dirt Spec Nissan 370z Performance Spec Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Performance Spec 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10 I'd like some feedback on car design and how I took these photos. This thread will be updated with new stuff once in a while.
  18. i have made a fresh new map for the comunity to play on. if you like it. please comment. It on vanilla survival version 1.7.2. IP: Official Website: Mod for the server: Building of the new spawn:
  19. Favorite Mario princess, I never really found her annoying, I think she's cool.
  20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ||NNSpace NNSpace or Neon Space is a game i developed in a week so far, it's a retro style arcade game that consists in surviving as long as possible in upcoming waves of always harder waves, since the game is currently in development so there is nothing much to see but it's going to get bigger (i am NOT an artist so please don't commentate on the art style and such) dowload at: upcoming features: -enemies with smart AI (chase player) -small motherships (float around with small turrets) -big motherships (small bosses with multiple turrets and rocket turrets) -huge motherships (bosses that spawn every 30 waves and get stronger with multiple turrets rockets and spawn smaller spacecrafts, give an extra life if u defeat em) -scoreboard (scoreboard of current top scores) -more kind of meteors -more stuff that you guys can suggest as of version 0.6.2 -rockets are now slightly slower and easier to hit as of version 0.6.1 -rockets now destroy also meteors as of version 0.6 -added rocket turrets as of version 0.5.1 -added a turret on the space station (with player aim) as of version 0.5 -space station as of version 0.4.1 -solved small respawn bug -time counter as of version 0.4 -small enemy spaceships with no smart AI (don't chase player) -wave counter as of version 0.3 -red big meteors as of version 0.2 -blue splitter meteorices -light blue splitted meteorites as of version 0.1 -green normal meteories -lives -score (original game maker forum page)
  21. I am working on an RPG Maker project, that needs a few artists to help me out. A bit about the project its self. The story is set in a dieselpunk style world with fantasy elements mixed in. In this world magic users are rare and kept hidden who fight in the shadows against demons. The story its self follows a street punk who takes revenge on the authoritarian government and eventually discovers demons and helps put a stop to them, along the way he meets a variety of interesting people.. Some details about what I need. My head artist was in the process of putting together an art team, however she has decided to leave to focus on her life and get things together. So the things I need: A character designer, someone who could do well to portray the aesthetics of the 1920's-1940's. Also you will be asked to emulate the former artist's style. Someone who is good with coloring and shading. Someone who can draw backgrounds. And at some point a sprite artist since I want all original assets. Most of the art will be in the form of still images that work as cutscenes. The way the story is told is through dialogue boxes with a character portraits, and still images that show action.
  22. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RPG Maker) Engine' scripts are totally reprogrammed > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1 BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3 SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts 1UP - Gives one Extra Life Time - Gives some Extra Time Planned Items: Heart Container - Increases maximum life by one heart Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTE Google Drive and related to it sites assume, that this file is dangerous. That's because games made in the 'RPG Maker' series have an uncommon file type (custom compression), which isn't trusted by antiviruses. It even says, that the file is dangerous right after I create it, which is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I don't take any responsibility for potential harm. I'm just letting you know how things look like, but it's worth to be careful anyway.
  23. Hey everyone! I'm here to seek out anyone who'd like to help me make a game! Now I'm not talking about anything that'll be sold or anything, just a free game. A 2D platformer to be exact. I have the idea, but I need someone with the skills to help create it. Namely I need an animator(for some mini cut scenes) and someone who knows how to program a game. In case you're curious, here's the synopsis of the game's story. ----- A beginning animator's bouncing ball sketches are concerned when one is turned into a stick figure. He's ridiculed and can no longer fit in with his spherical peers, so he decides to venture across the desk to the eraser in order to remove those pesky new limbs. To do so he must traverse the doodles and drawings along the way. Slowly new additions are accidentally made. More details, a refined texture, and color! Over time he begins to realize that while these further isolate him from his rounded pals back in the sketchbook, they're not bad. He likes the control, the form, and even the style that he gained. When he finally reaches the eraser he decides not to, though another drawing isn't pleased with this. One drawing that decides only he can look that good. A final fight is had and our guy has won. He shows all of the ball sketches that difference is okay, and all decide to indulge themselves in their own unique designs. ----- And here's the design of the player/main character, as well as his progression from the beginning to the end of the game As you can see the style of the game is quite simplistic, so no super professional-ness is needed One more thing, this is not a paid job. If you want to help out don't expect money, just a good fun game making time! So if you like the idea and want to join and help, leave a comment here. Preferably with an example of your work Hope to hear from you soon!
  24. I tried to make Chris Delamo, better known as RedPillPhilosopy... out of Kenny from The Walking Dead. What do you think? Accurate? Please, please, PLEASE do not turn this into a debate on why you disagree with him or vice versa. This is about the picture and the comparison. Betcha I could digitally cut a picture of RedPill's face, put a filter over it, and edit it over Kenny's body and you'd swear it was Kenny fan art.