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Found 817 results

  1. Okay, I was suggested to create a special thread to publish my non-pony works (for pony-music see here), and finally, I creating it. From Russia with magic of love and sorry for my English All further my non-pony works will be posted here. Music writed in Instrumental\Score genre with elements of epic. All tracks available for free dowload. Usually, more than half of my work is non-pony. === And the first one will be the newest. =============== Also, there are the full playlist of my works: Main, For tributes (including pony), and for other type of works (mainly the requests). === Examples of my relatively popular non-pony works since they were published in SoundCloud: 1. Cross of Dead Man [Instrumental Remake] (2014) - Epic Rock. 2. The Land of the Morning Star (2009) - Rock\Instrumental 3. A Utopia with Teeth (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 4. Dying World (2008) - Rock (There is also an instrumental remake) 5. Quenta - Freedom of Time (2014) - Song orchestration\Request 6. Midnight Dragons (2017) - Orchestral\Electronic\Dance 7. World Reborn (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 8. The First Sunrise (2015) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 9. Space Walk (2015) - Ambient\Score 10. Inner Worlds [Instrumental Remake] (2016) - Rock\Instrumental Thanks for listening and feedbacks
  2. I've had this little idea stuck in my mind for while and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. So, what I did was took the little melody Jigglypuff sings in the Smash Bros series and improvised around it! I even used the clip of jigglypuff singing the melody! So, here it is!
  3. So, After several weeks of music theory class, I decided to take a crack at doing an electronic re-make I'd been wanting to do of a traditional piece called The Sailor's Hornpipe, The College Hornpipe or Jack's the Lad. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out overall, and one of the more interesting surprises I had when making it was that, when I decided to go with the lead-in being entirely traditional instruments, but at 150 BPM, I went with a standard jig/hornpipe drum beat on an old-timey drum, and when I went through my loop libraries for some techno/house beats I could use, I found a set of related loops in this old CakeWalk loop library I have that uses the exact same drum pattern for the kicks, so I decided to use that as a way to show how modern music is related to & can be mixed with traditional music. The photo montage I used for making the video are all photos I've taken from 2000 - 2013, both when I was in the Navy & of museum ships at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. The ships featured, in order of appearance are: USS Constellation Sloop of War (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS O'Brien DD-975 (first ship I was stationed on, decommissioned Sep, 2004) USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 (lead ship in the battle group the USS O'Brien was part of during Operation Enduring Freedom, Still in active service) USCGC Taney WHEC-37 (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS Torsk SS-423 (museum ship, Historic Ships of Baltimore) USS Belleau Wood LHA-3 (last ship I was stationed on, decommissioned Oct, 2005) USS Missouri BB-63 (museum ship, Pearl Harbor, HI)
  4. So I've been taking singing lessons for about a month now, something I should've done before making my request shop, and it's quite the experience. It's something I never really expected when I was too shy to do so, and I believe to be making progress with my voice, even in the short time its been. So I hoped it would be okay to post and share the progress I make in my lessons. P.S. sorry if my makeshift recording space at home isn't what it should be. This is the current song I need to work on, so some parts would probably have to change.(sorry I couldn't find a good MP3 instrumental online...or make my own...)
  5. Dj alicorn

    Music My non pony music

    This is fnaf music that i have made Here’s what i have so far 4402066E-06F6-498A-877F-E3C15F2EC54C.mp4 F81F7C74-74E8-42A9-B8FE-5D01492FE80E.mp4
  6. So, this year, I've decided to take this Christmas Season and challenge myself to see how many Christmas Piano Covers I can finish and share with you guys! are the first three! More will come soon! Tell me what you guys think! What's your favorite so far?
  7. Rainy_days

    Music Some stuff I made

    Yepsi pepsi, I made some riffs or whatever. I will probably improve it more later. Anyway, enjoy!
  8. Hey there! Thought you would like my version of one of the most epic songs in Game of Thrones, the Rains of Castamere, featuring Maria Jongeneel on vocals. Enjoy!
  9. New song. Good or not, whatever. Not sure. It is what it is.
  10. Voltex Pixel

    Music [TOPIC CLOSED]

    This topic is no longer available.
  11.'s something a little different. It's a piano cover of Through the Fire and Flames BUT, it's in a Romantic Style, incorperating all of the styles of the various composers of the romantic era. For all you classical buffs out there, see if you can spot all the composer styles I do.
  12. Voltex Pixel

    Music [TOPIC CLOSED]

    This topic is no longer available.
  13. This is part of a collaborative project I did with another youtuber. It is my first dabble into rock music and I had a lot of fun DL link and complete song are found on the youtube page
  14. Kyoshi

    Music Alive

    This is a re-imagining of a song I made back in 2014. Taking it from a slower song to something more rapid and furious.
  15. Kyoshi

    Music Galaxy of Ice

    Another track, trying something a tad different with this one. It isn't spectacular by any means but I hope I at least made something worth listening to.
  16. So, I've been producing for like two weeks and writing lyrics for a little bit longer, Just wanted your opinions and such. Always wanted to do this but was just too busy.
  17. Kyoshi

    Music Snow

    Did another thing. Wowee doodles. Thought it was okay, though with my judgement skills who knows. Anywho, here is my latest track, Snow. The art of Kyoshi was done by Dusk Nightshroud.
  18. Yeah I use apps n stuff to make random bits of music sometimes. It's not intended to be taken seriously as if it were art, but it most certainly is music. This is my most recent example:
  19. Silver Fenix

    Music ~ Collab? ~

    Hi! I am Silver Fenix, otherwise known as Varexiz, and I am working on a 6-track EP consisting of a couple of different subgenres of EDM. I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate for a track? It can be pony if you'd like, but I've never made a pony track before. If you'd like to hear my stuff, you can go to my ( or my soundcloud (
  20. So this is a track I made for the splice deadmau5 remix competition that's currently going on and I thought some of you might think it's worth a listen Feedback is also appreciated ^.^ I hope this doesn't count as advertising
  21. This is a song that was sitting in my back pocket for a while. I only posted recently because I got together with a buddy of mine and we collaborated to make this song awesome, if I do say so myself . It starts slow, but eventually transitions to a driving bluegrass feel. There is a free download in the description on youtube if you are interested!
  22. wonder if this is actually OK or not probably not but eeeeeeehhhh
  23. This is the first song that I've ever made that I actually liked and can listen to. Over a thousand project files that I've scrapped (They sucked lol) and this one was the first out of the bunch. This specific project took too long and was hindering my growth in music production too much, so I decided to upload it. It was the only way to stop working on it. This song has a lot of mixing and mastering issues, and it also has some things composition wise that are very very amateur (not that anything else isn't). This song isn't really pony music, but it contains starlight glimmer vocal samples. Anyways, please give it a listen. Feel free to criticize, but I wouldn't ever change anything on this track, I'm too happy from it.
  24. Just finished this track called Glossy Void that I'm so proud of I would like to share it with you guys! It's made in BitWig on my Ubuntu laptop (I work in both Ableton and BitWig, mostly the former). it's got some real deep bass sounds so I would definitely recommend a pair of headphones (even in-ears) or a set of speakers before listening. Basically anything thats not a laptop or phone speaker. It's minimalistic. Don't like repetitive basslines? Well then you won't like this xD Any feedback is appreciated! Just started this new channel like last week(?) and I've already got 3 new tracks up there, be sure to follow if you enjoy it~
  25. Merry Christmas everyone! Here's my 2016 Christmas Quickie! It's a remix of Merdith Andrew's "He Has Come!".