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Found 359 results

  1. GeekySonic

    Video One Guy, 31 Voices

    I put together a sort of demo reel. I'm thinking about making a Pokemon version, too.
  2. Dawn Darkness

    Video A 2D Anime Series

    I'll be making an anime series that is non-MLP based, more to my "Cynder and Her Human" story. If any artists want to, then you guys can help me create the art for the series for me to animate once I get a better computer for this series. Here's a few other things I need for the anime: 1. Voice Actors (I'll be needed at least several actors who can be voicing the characters in the anime, be it male and female. Ten actors will I need for the series.) 2. Soundtracks and sound effects (Two important things I need for the anime. I'll be needing those so that it'll be more enjoyable to be viewed on YouTube.) Those are the only things so far that I'll need for my anime 2D series. I'll animate it in Adobe Animate once I get it on a better computer that can handle this. For now, I'll wait until I've gotten the new computer so that I can start the series, hopefully, next year.
  3. Dawn Darkness

    Video I Need Help (Big Time)

    I am in serious need of assistance with my recent soon-to-be animated fan series, How to Train Your Dragon. Here's a couple of things that I need help with. 1: Voice Actors (I need at least the same amount of voice actors as the original films has, who can be voicing several characters at the same time as the original voiced character. I need male and female actors.) 2: Sound directors (I need at least five sound directors who can make sound effects to the animations that I'll be making in Blender 3D.) 3: VFX/special effects (I need at least one talented user of Adobe After Effects to make the effects, like fire and lightning for example, for the way the dragons and the world do.) 4: 3D Modelers (I'll be needing talented Blender users who has used Blender for more than two years. I've only used it for one year, and hasn't figured out on how to model characters. The characters need to be HTTYD models, however.) That'll be all I'll be needing help with. I have gotten two who'd like to help me with this monster project, two who are familiar with How to Train Your Dragon, one of them is the script writer while the other is the composer of soundtracks. If any of you are interested, and are fans of HTTYD, then I'd be feeling very appreciated if you'd like to assist me.
  4. Dawn Darkness

    Video LOTR-like Movie Trilogy

    I am going to be making an Lord of the Rings-like film trilogy of my own. However, I am not planning on doing them all, music, voice acting, etc, on my own. I am going to need your help with the voice acting of several characters that'll be in the trilogy. One of them is the main character, who is part-dragon, to be needed voice acting. For music, I am planning on having cinematic soundtracks. But, I have someone who'll like to help me with that after showing him a clip of the first film of the trilogy. I am also in need of sound effects. Like, sword collide, door opening, etc. If there's anyone in the fandom who is good with sound effecting (like creating sound files), do please let me know so I can work faster and more quicker with my animated film. If you have any questions, do please ask me in a PM, and I'll get back to you.
  5. Dawn Darkness

    Video Spyro the Dragon Fanfilm

    I'll be working on a Spyro fan animated film in the next couple of months. I just need some time to work on the plot for it, as well as working on my stories in the meantime. But, stories isn't on this list, though. What I'll be needing help with is this: Voice Acting I'll be having mostly talking characters in the movie, some talking normal, others either hyperactive, fast, or just plain low. I'll be needing that kind of help once I've got the script ready. Until then, have a good day!
  6. Dawn Darkness

    Video Another Need of Help

    I’ve decided to make an “Virin vs. Jiren” 3D animation with my program, Blender 3D. I am kinda in need of voicing the characters and the music. If you’re curious to know about it, send me an PM, and I’ll come back to you. The animation is out of my fan fiction story, so it’s a non-MLP animation battle. Just before you start questioning me.
  7. Dawn Darkness

    Video Help with Voice Acting

    I would like to have some help with voicing two characters that is going to be in my recent thought of doing an animation: “Goku vs. Saitama”. The acting is with voicing three characters who needs them: Goku Saitama Vegeta As I am currently brainstorming my other movie, I’ll first thing work on this one in the meantime. I also need some music for the animation. Any volunteers?
  8. I know most people here don't care for Sonic, but I really need help. I've posted everywhere I can imagine. I'm making a video for the 25th anniversary of SatAM. It will be a compilation of fans just talking about the show: What they like/dislike, what it means to them, any fond memories, etc. Thing is, for such an important video like this, I've got like, half a dozen people involved. I need more voices! If you want to be a part of the video, please consider checking out the link below. Or if you're not comfortable recording your voice, just leave a comment with your thoughts here! Please? I want this video to be packed with fans.
  9. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I make short independent films about people with disabilities. So far my films focus on physical disability. I have made 2 films about a young male with Cerebral Palsy as he grows up. In the first film he is a teenager dealing with bullying and in the second film he is an adult dealing with roommates and dating issues. Here are the links below. I hope all the links work. Sometimes when I post links here they don't work. I don't know why. “Drama Sighted” “Drama Sighted” Trailer Only Those Who Limp Allowed” “Only Those Who Limp Allowed’ Open Captioned "Only Those Who Limp Allowed" Trailer "Only Those Who Limp Allowed" Trailer Captioned "Only Those Who Limp Allowed" bloopers I am in the process of making a 3rd film which will be shot in summer and continue Brandon's story. After that I have a few more ideas involving entirely different characters. Enjoy!!
  10. Hi, started working on animated shorts starring my niece, I am aiming for a Mr Bean meets loony tunes type of vibe, I was influenced by the mlp art and animation style Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6
  11. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Lets Play EarthBound is a pretty fun game

    so I’ve been playing EarthBound recently and decided to record some videos. Sadly they can’t have sound but I love this game and wanted to share it with y’all. I’ve added in CC as a sort of commentary. Hope you enjoy!
  12. I've finally finished an animation project I've been working on for the past month or so. Namely an animation for this idea I've had for a story involving a young woman who gains super powers from some alien artifact, which gives her the standard "flying brick" package (i.e. super strength, flight, nigh invulnerability). The catch is that not only does she have to consciously activate her powers in order to actually use them (which initiates a transformation sequence), and can only maintain her super-powered form for a few days at most before automatically reverting to her un-powered form, but the transformation also turns her into a super-powered MALE version of herself. On the upside, it's not like anyone would be able to guess that "Captain Singh" is actually Amanda Patel, ordinary college student....
  13. A video dedicated to everyones favorite Ice queen Weiss
  14. DiscordisChaos11

    Video Stuff

    No idea why i made this
  15. I created my first machinima this christmas. And I also started making other stuff.
  16. Cherry Bomb

    Video RWBY

    first rwby amv please leave a message all critic is welcome rwby will fight.mp4
  17. Cherry Bomb

    Video My Overwatch amv

    This took awhile to make. My first actual post in Ocatavia's hall also enjoy and leave a comment maybe.
  18. Alan Crytex

    Video VFX & Animations Showreel

    I have compiled bunch of my works into this single showreel to show what I am capable of, I do hope you find this enjoyable to watch! Have a nice day~ <3
  19. I'm confused as to if it was a hug or kiss, and the internet is at civil war on it.
  20. Bricks_Ahoy

    Video Judge My Outro!

    I don't usually make threads, but I would like to hear some constructive criticism towards an outro I made some time ago. This is it:
  21. Putting this here cause I think it fit's in to this section I think. I am working on a original non pony related project at the moment and am in need of some writers to work on two different aspects of the project due. The first aspect is universe building I need writers to work on the lore side and to flesh out the history of the universe the project inhabits. Ideal world Would need two to three people working on this aspect of the project. The second aspect of the project that needs writers is for the development and story and scripting of the first animated series set in this universe. The series it's self is about an army sniper who is recruited into a black ops unit and struggles with the grey area he finds him self in. The series is in a universe which has a rich story potential and could see this series become something bigger. I get this project may not interest everyone or anyone. I've been working on and off on it for a few years and it's difficult to make any head way on major projects like this when you are a one person army cause it looks mammoth and that demotivates you. So any help is appreciated. If you are interested PM me thank you.
  22. Neonyxia

    Video i regret making this

    roast me for this, i regret doing it, it took around 30 mins to make this.
  23. This is a video I should have finished probably about 9 months ago, but I started getting lazy... This is my first after effects project.
  24. Oswald CobblePot

    Video help with a video project?

    Hey everyone! So i was wondering if anyone could help me out with a video project I'm wanting to do lately. Basically, here's the idea: So Princess Celestia has died, and has given her throne to Luna. But the night of the coronation, Queen Chrysalis is there, and stops the coronation. She says that Equestria has until sundown the next day to evacuate, until she retakes the throne. So, the mane 6 and princess cadence, shining armor, and Luna, all meet up at Rarity's carousal boutique. I need some more vectors, since I'm working on the project with just vectors I could find on the internet. I need as much help as I can possibly get!