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Found 2148 results

  1. Berry-Bliss-Sundae

    Visual Art BB Sundae's Gallery

    I have decided to open this gallery to exhibit my art (Original or Fan Art), where I will be uploading works periodically ... in case you want a commission do not forget to visit my store here on the page. List of prices (Click here) without more to say I present some of my works (as well as work for other people.) I hope you like it if you have opinions or criticisms do not forget to comment, for direct contact do not forget to send a private message! Many kisses and hugs for everyone! PD: do not forget to follow me on: Tumblr Deviantart (for ponys) Deviantart (personal) Twitter If anyone is interested in support me, you can do it from Patreon or from the Ko-fi website, I would be very grateful As I said I will upload more drawings periodically, as well as commissions, a greeting and I hope you enjoy them!
  2. If the sky is clear after sunset, I'm usually outside with a telescope. Saturn is my favorite planet, so I tend to image it the most with my gear. A storm can be seen near the Polar Hex region in the color image. The monochrome image is in the near Infrared spectrum. Enjoy!
  3. Jaspers

    Visual Art Jaspers' Corner

    I have two digital drawings that I actually like myself, so I felt like sharing them with all of you. Here we have this dragon character of mine called Berlioz. I drew this last summer. This one is Rayquaza, the sky high Pokemon. This was drawn about three months ago. Also, if you want to see bigger versions of these two, just click the pictures.
  4. If you are wondering why I made this piece of art I recently saw another thread on Deviantart exposing bullying and trolling on the platform here is the link to the thread.
  5. so... i was making an art thread [here]... and um... i-i found out only pony art can go there. so.... i decided to make this as well. onward and upward, i guess >< ( All these can be found on my DeviantArt ) this is all i really have as per drawings of non-pony for now... th-that i'm willing to share, at least. i'll see what i could do about posting more, later... w-when i draw it, of course.. ><
  6. Doctor Derpy

    Visual Art Automotive Photography

    Haven't posted in a while so I'll probably just dump some photos I've taken. They're all shot with the Sony A6300 and some have been edited in post with Photoshop. Had to do some compressing.
  7. Drawing isn't something I do a whole lot of, but I do sometimes do it (EDIT 6/21: That's a tad outdated now. It turns out I made this thread around the time I started to draw more.) and thought I'd start posting it here (well, the non-pony stuff at least). A good amount of it will probably be Powerpuff Girls fan art since that's my favorite show, but there may also be fan art of other cartoons as well. To start things off, here's pictures I drew of the PPG in their classic, Z, and reboot designs. At first, I just did Buttercup for a friend's birthday, but I liked making it, so afterwards, I decided to do Blossom and Bubbles as well.
  8. iceestarz

    Visual Art Chloe Price

    Chloe Price. Our favorite blue haired stoner who likes to cause mischief wherever she goes. I was hella bored, and the inside of my journal was lame so I drew this. Coloring is sorta rushed, got bored halfway through tbh
  9. Hi Guy's, check out my new animated series
  10. Califorum

    Visual Art Some of my 'Art'

    I don't really know if this is considered art, but I have 'drawn' some things using over some time. This is my most recent things. This here is supposed to be an orb form of one of my characters. A 'flag' for one of my characters followed by a more recent one. And a planet
  11. Phosphor270

    Visual Art Mars Images 7/24/2018

    For the past month or so, Mars has been engulfed in global dust storms. Thankfully, with Opposition only 3 days away, it appears that the dust is settling. Just a couple weeks ago, Mars looked like a butterscotch candy. The Polar Icecap, clouds, and some surface detail are visible in the color image. The Near Infrared image shows a bit more surface detail, since smaller dust particles are transparent in the longer wavelengths. Enjoy! Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Cameras: ZWO ASI224MC and ASI178MM
  12. It is quite late in the season for Jupiter, but with tonight's calm conditions, I couldn't pass it up. The planet's rotation can be seen by cycling thru the images. The last image is my color camera setup. Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Camera: ZWO ASI224MC
  13. Phosphor270

    Visual Art Venus 7/25/2018

    The weather has been great this week, so I've been enjoying the clear nights. Venus and Mercury go through phases like our Moon. It is currently around 50% phase and will slowly brighten and become a crescent as it gets closer to Earth. When viewed thru a telescope, only the phase can be seen as the surface is permanently covered with clouds. However, when viewed in the Ultraviolet spectrum, cloud patterns become visible. 1st image is in Near IR. 2nd is in UV-A. Enjoy! Telescope: Celestron C8 Camera: ZWO ASI178MM Venus from 1 month ago in UV-A.
  14. Trix or Treat?

    Visual Art non-pony gallery

    for the full gallery you can visit my DeviantArt ( the little demon you see is my original character Aya and she is the protagonist of the project i'm curently writing,the other demon and the white haired girl are also original characters from the same story
  15. Trix or Treat?

    Visual Art photography

    i don't claim to be a photographer,but i like traveling alot so i come across some very neat landscapes from time to time,i thought i would share some here with y'all Greece: thats one's from my home town and these are from the Islands everyone thinks of uppon hearing Greece(Paxi in particular) turkey:(Istanbul) Italy:(venice) Switzerland: France:(Lyon) i thought this was a palace when i saw it,but turns out it was a church Chech Republic:(Prague) i love that bridge Hungary:(budapest) i went a bit more artistic with this one,i named it "The Portal" since it reminded me of Minas Tirith and i thought its like a portal to another world Madagascar: there were rice puddles everywhere i really liked this vilage just under the mountain peak,so i drew it when i got back home the last one has to be my favorite (for some reason it doesn't let me edit this one out,so i'll just add its also from Lyon-France)
  16. Just a thread for my mlp-untelated art Did somebody say chili dog?
  17. Rosebuds

    Visual Art The Rose Arts Etc

    because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  18. Hey, everypony! This is my little nook of non-pony artwork; I love to draw even though I'm barely adequate, but I'd love to show my favorite community some of it. Hope you like it, my little ponies! I don't know how regularly I'll post, but it will be often. Here are a few to get us started!
  19. MarvelMoon

    Visual Art Realistic Portrait

    So I have been working on this one for a bit and finally finished so I thought that I would share it. I present to you a portrait of the one amd only, Sebastian Stan! (The winter soldier for any marvel fans out there)
  20. jorge123esp

    Visual Art Lips (studies)

    Hello ^^ Today, I wanted to share some lips studies I did this morning with Krita. I hope you like this paintings
  21. I drew these two cause I gone crazy with crystals lately
  22. Here is a drawing of Pixel from LazyTown. And of course it's in the non-pony category. Dagnabbit, I forgot to draw the hands.
  23. Made my Ender pony 1527710726082made the oc from pony town an hers my pony town oc
  24. Its not mlp in any way so I put this here. Plz move if necessary. So uhhhh I feel like Im missing something in this picture... What do I add? A background? Something below her? Something above her? What?!?!
  25. Flakith

    Visual Art Flakith's works

    Well, I guess I can introduce to you some of my artworks. I really have to practice more on ponies art, but I'm still more at ease with art outside of MLP. Here is a little fanart of God of War. I kinda wanted to create an AU with Calliope being teenaged and alive, and being a cool big sister to her little brother Atreus. Kratos's kids are just such cuties. Another work of mine I've done. This time, it is a character for an original story project I have. Another character of mine here. She's a hitwoman with an insane mind and a childish behavior. Another piece of work, with a girl lost in the middle of the jungle. If you're interested to see more of my works, I'll show more.