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Found 19 results

  1. Been writing up Stories Like Crazy for my Novel series. Designing many new Creatures and Species.. So I'm looking for peoples input. Many are Familiar With Hasbro MLP Designs of their Franchise creations here. So I figure this would be the best place to ask... Look at these designs and compare them to Hasbro MLP Franchise Designs.. Do they look the same or stand out...? Please share and feel free to give your honest opinion. Which ones look like Hasbro MLP FIM TV series Style and Which ones Do Not? Thank You
  2. Here is my Random Character Design's. tethered to my written Novel series. For now I keeping the stories Low Key.... Since I plan to publish them with a publisher. Yes I plan to publish a coloring book as well. Easy since I have over 100 characters. Plan to trademark in future too.. My copyright has already been achieved. Each image display my registration number proof of copyright with the government of Canada. Yes I'm open to critiques. So criticize away to your hearts content. On to the characters done so far... The North King Of the Polarons Species. and South pole Prince of the Oracale Species Their Mystic Ice Crystal Relics Displayed in Fine Detail... The Guardian's of all four core Elements... Last of the Atlanticorn Species, Guardian of Water and Sea '' Atlantiqua '' The Windargo Species, Guardian of Air and Sky '' Stormageddon '' The Rameon Species, Guardian of the Earth and Life '' Tierra '' The Lavaron Species, Guardian of Lava and Fire, " Vocanio '' The Camaro Species. Keeper of the Sun. "' Prince Apollo Sand Stone .'' The Moonaloon Species, Keeper of the Moon '' Queen Sea Mist Swirl.'' Species Unidale. Born during The Lunar Eclipse, Yin / Yang .... '' Sun and Moon Eclipse Swirl '' Species Clyony.... Species Unidale... Species Clyasus... Species C'yuniasus The Mer-Tail Species... More Surprises on the Way... Laurie Ann Garland
  3. This is my first concept design of the main character to my video game series. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ART OF THE CHARACTER! Changes may be provided as time goes on to him. I’ll make the changes maybe in the program I’ll make my first game in. Anything you think I should have critique of? Let me know of the first of the many designs to the main character I am in the middle of designing.
  4. The Novel Series has Now Grown to 24 Books and Counting... However this depends on weather books are combined or Separated. Anything can happen.. Been Quiet for a While.. Busy on An Illustration Storm and the Stories... Here is a Sneak Peak update on titles of each novel and a scatter story here and there new stories.. 1.) Our Little Miracle 2.) The Story of Crystal Frost......Sneak peek.... ( When you wish upon a star Weather you are near or far.. Shining hope up in the sky Makes you tear up want to cry. Want to stay with all my heart Sadly I have to go depart My little child listen to me Your mother loves you so fondly. Yet the time has come to past Your father you will go at last My dearest child one last verse I say I love you with my heart, you will always forever stay... ) 3.) Challenges of Being a Father. 4.) Return of Crystal Frost 5.) The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 6.) Family Unity Tragedy Shatters..........Sneak Peek....... ( Seeing her father obsess over only work and her baby brother wanting to hold him all the time, starts to feel left out resentful for the baby... While her dad is at work, holding her sketch book, she hears her little brother now 2 years old, crying in the nursery, She goes inside,sketch book in her hoof, looks at him with tears in her eyes '' what are you crying For, mom held you in her arms for one full year, and she held on to me only once'' Tiger Lilly hearing the whole thing play out, tries to help Star Shine. However She Quickly turns on her'' what do you know,'' thinking back to that kiss at the festival'' you just wanted mom out of the way so you can have my dad all to your self.'' in tears she runs out of the room sketch book in her hoof..) 6.) Beyond the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone.. 7.) Star Knight Shines Journey 8.) A Dragon in The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone 9.) The Final Battle 10.) The Challenges of Sudden Change in Life 11.) The Truth will set you free 12.) Knight Wings Greatest Challenge. 13.) Frost Knight Storm Journey 14.) Visions of the Blind 15.) Varian Frost Swirl 16.) Romance and Tragedy........Sneak Peek.... ( The last day Varian, has to leave back to Military Base, seeing Hopes Mother Amanda, Confessing to her.’’ I love Hope more that anything,, I just don’t understand why her Father will not let us be.’’ Amanda respond.’’ He is Just afraid he will loose his baby girl.’’ Revealing to Varian, Adrian’s dream to have a big family. However the accident she been in, resulted in her unable to bear children ever again. The two still kept in the dark about the truth. ) 17.) Out of the Shadow and Into the Light 18.) A Struggle to Survive 19.) On a Journey for Home 20.) The Burden of Knowing the Truth 21.) Luke and Lucas..........Sneak Peek..... ( Hearing a rustle in the forest, heart racing, as Anita Appears in his view, walking to towards Lucas her mane and tail decorated in beautiful blue and pink Ribbons, holding in her mouth. A bouquet of fresh picked Golden orange Flowers kept in place with a beautiful blue ribbon. Walking to the place to sand by Lucas side... The Priest begins '' We gather here, in the presence of nature and her beauty , before God and his Son to join these two in holy matrimony,'' continue on, looking over at Anita.'' Lucas wishes share his vow he wrote just for you.'' Lucas feeling nervous, yet with the passion in his heart, gains the courage, reaches for his paper. Looking over at Anita..... ) 22.) Snowfall and the Prince......... Sneak Peek... ( Hearing a rustle in the bushes, seeing Richard hoof out motioning her to leave. Turns around for one last look. A tear falling from her eye, dropping on the newborns face, waking up the infant causing her to open her eyes, seeing a clear view of her mother, The Newborn making baby cooing sounds happy to see her mother. Quickly leaves her baby behind, running into the woods, crying, heartbroken as she hers her newborn cries. Richard seeing how emotional Snowfall was through the whole situation quickly chases after her. Prepared to fight to defend the creature he is forbidden to love. ) 23.) Glacier and the Princess.... 24.) Charity and the Guardian... I was Inspired By Charles Dickens ''A Christmas Carol.'' to Write no own version of the Well Known story. Raw Written Material in 5 days '' Once Upon a Christmas Tale.''18 Chapters long.. Here is sample to First Chapter. .......Once Upon a Christmas Tale........ .........Ch1........ "'Once upon a time, many years ago. During the time of Christmas, Frost, Ice, and, Snow. In the City of Forest Shine, A creature obsessed in business, That loved gold, With all his heart. Oh how he would quiver, At the thought to be apart. True his partner of long ago. Passed away within their successfully prime. Leaving the creature with everything, only wealth consume his mind. Yet let's continue further. For there is much to tell. How this creature went form obsession of greed. To being caring thoughtful and sharing with those in need.'' This one is Raw Written Material, Full of my Poetic works. However I want to go over it again and write in more Depth and Detail. Granted is Off from my 24 Novel series.. I Love the Story of the Twin Clyuniasus Sisters.. And yes there is Way more Rich Stories to Tell. Here is My You Tube With each Character officially tethered in the stories.. Clyony.. In summer their coat is very short, when fall comes and the weather gets cold the Clyonies coat would start to grow nice and long. When winter arrives their long coat will keep them warm and cozy. As the Season changes and Spring comes along their long coat sheds and becomes nice and thin. This cycle continues.. As the events in their history change them from wild to more civilized they not only build homes from wood, and cultivate the land for crops they cut their fur during fall and winter, keeping it nice and short, resulting them with the need to wear cloaks and other warm clothing. Painted Feathers is native to the lands. as her tribe sticks to the old ways of their ancestors. Novel Character Name : Painted Feathers Species : Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Novel Character Name : Ross Forest Species Clyony © Illustrator Designer : Laurie Ann Garland Ross Forest is what my species would look like with their fur trimmed or naturally shed... Granted all species Male and Female will have Furry legs, Furry underbellies and Fur in their ears. Only difference to look is build and the scruff under chin and painted look trailing from forehead and nose. yes I Plan to Trademark My Creation in Future.. And will announce it here. once I Achieve this Goal as well. What do you think of my New Design Look.. I'm aware that Hasbro is Changing their designs of MLP G5 .However now that I Published my Chosen Final Design Work they can not use my Exclusive Designs from what I created. More Sneak Peaks and Surprises on the Way...
  5. Hi all, Just wondering how I am copyright-wise with regards to Hasbro. I am writing a novel featuring horse like aliens in a futuristic setting. They can walk either quadruped or biped, and change their forehooves into hands when needed. They are also able to use telekinesis. Most have wings, but they can only glide and use them to aid in parkour ect. not fly outright. Would I be okay with copyright as far as Hasbro is concerned? It has no relation to the MLP world in any way, but I know how weird copyright can get at times, as they are pretty much Pegasi in all but name. Hasbro couldn't own the rights to the concept itself? Just thought I'd ask before I have cover art drawn up and everything. I would rather not, but I could change them to have a hybrid bat/feathered wing design instead. Here's a sketch I did of the two leads, the main character on the right, and her 11 year old son on the left. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Hi all, I'm currently working on a book featuring equine characters. It's my own original universe, with no connection to MLP, but it has what are, for all intents and purposes, pegasi, although with their wings being used more for unpowered gliding, like Batman, to aid in acrobatics. Anyway, I wanted to market the story to the Brony community. I've loved this fanbase for years and wanted to give them something interesting that they might like. I debated whether to look for a Beta reader here or on a generic sci-fi forum. As a Christian Universalist raised on Star Wars, I always loved a good redemption story and a happy ending (which is why I love Starlight and Sunset so much, I guess) so cynicism is something I didn't want to seep into my writing from other people who didn't share the "love and tolerate" mindset. Anyway, I'm going to write the book regardless, as I'm already a bit into it and have much of it storyboarded. It's a sci-fi supernatural mystery, so I get to combine my love of comparative religion and mythology with my love of sci-fi. The main antagonist is a Shedim, which is basically the Jewish version of a Genie. I think I've come up with a unique take on him. My love of Dan Abnett and Tim Powers' books will not let this go unwritten. Anyway, enough of my late-night rambling. Would anyone like to take a look at it? I've got the first few chapters done. Cheers.
  7. first rwby amv please leave a message all critic is welcome rwby will fight.mp4
  8. Alright, here it is. These ones have not been shared outside a few close friends. The Remastered Guilt is based on an old story I wrote at sixteen, it's still unfinished. a dive into psyche is going into how I am and exploring four out of the six dimensions(because of the nature of this one it is not as organized as I'd want it) I have made for my continuity. Hope you guys like it. ^^ Just in case you wanna know, a Dive Into Psyche is shorter A Remastered Guilt.docx Dive Into Psyche.docx
  9. I've been making these stylized drawings of famous musicians lately. I draw them on paper first, and then trace over the photo on my computer and add color. I wanted to share them here, but I would also like some feedback. To the other artists here, an tips that would be helpful?
  10. I like criticism cuz it helps me know what I need work on and what I can improve. I've made this 5 months ago but I want critique to improve it. Here it is: Thanks!
  11. So! I recently made my pony Oc Vladicarus a furry version, a dingo, and now i made him as KH character with help from my friend, rookie! what do you guys think? :3 here:
  12. So, I've been thinking of trying to get back into 3D modeling. I had to stop about a year back because the file for the program I was using corrupted. I was wondering if anyone could look at the few images I still have from that time and give me ideas on what to work on. Two "alien" creatures: And an Arcanine Model that I never got to finish.
  13. Hi, i recently drew a DMC look for my oc Vladicarus. with the help of my friend of course. but here it is!
  14. Hello! I, again, ask for your help.. please Basically other than a singing channel I have a gaming channel that I've been kinda neglecting by accident. I was hoping some of you could leave some critique, as harsh or as kind as you want, on how I can improve You can look through the channel but the main types of videos I'm planning to do in the future are ones like this: All you need to know is I only have movie maker to edit... yea I know it's sucky but It's all I can get my hands on Thank you for reading and, if you did, thank you for leaving feedback, all is appreciated
  15. A bunch of editing works I did awhile back from a single stock image. I'd like criticism about any of the images your preferences, and opinions on how any single one of these images can hold up as a piece of art, thanks for your thoughts. Oh, and many of these are just a recoloring so in that case tell me what you think works best. Butterfly-1 Butterfly-2 Butterfly-3 Butterfly-4 Butterfly4-Red Butterfly4-Blue Butterfly4-Green Butterfly4-RGB1 Butterfly4-RGB2
  16. Critique this. A drawing I did a while back, it's not as good as i thought it was, but i can't believe I drew this it's way above my skill level. Do artists get that alot drawing something you know you don't have the talent for just spontaneously? And I'll throw in this discord drawing, I drew it with the visual reference I put in the photo.
  17. A pokemon I drew A cute little sandshrew Much kawaii desu Looky, a complimentary poem. I'm no poet, though. What I am, though, is a digital artist, and this piece here is actually quite the milestone for me. It is my first proper attempt at digital inking with vectors. All my previous digital pieces had haphazardly drawn lines, but now I've embraced the math-e-maticas.
  18. I've recently started to pick up making commentated playthroughs again, but there is one thing that has been bothering me. It's not exactly hard to tell that I have an accent, and I was wondering just how detrimental it is to my videos. Other than that, how good/bad is my actual commentary? I'm looking to improve, so critique on that would be appreciated.
  19. Well lately I have been practicing with making signature/avatar's in photoshop and I just recently found a user that I made a signature for him. I just wanted some input/or thoughts on it. Anyways thanks for looking .