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  1. Regardless if it was really young ages or teen years. What’s some things in media that scared you? Please do NOT share any videos of incredibly graphic in any way content or get really explicit in details about it. If it’s highly graphic violence or whatever just sum it up in the least graphic way possible. For me: This one actually has caused multiple panic attacks ffs Bonus: An instrumental version of the first video Listen to this late at night, when you’re the only one awake and it’s raining or just really cold outside with some good headphones at full volume. I swear when I do that I feel as if the chants of Are You Ready are something I’m hearing as if I was having the exact experience the video shows, as if they were legitimately asking me this not him. That sounds crazy though I guess.
  2. I’ve been around for nearly 3 decades, so I’ve seen a lot of cartoons I’ve also played a lot of games too Here’s some stuff I remember. Let’s see how many you remember. Aaaahhh! Real Monsters. Rocko’s Modern Life. Kappa Mikey. Danny Phantom. My Life As A Teenage Robot. Robots(2005 film). Action League Now! Life With Loopy. Princess And The Frog. Life And Times Of Juniper Lee. Robot Boy. Catdog. PB&J Otter. Both Rugrats Films. Xiaolin Showdown. Lion King 2. Dave The Barbadian Brandy And Mr. Whiskers. El Tigre: The Adventures Of Manny Rivera. Rugrats. Angry Beavers. Hoodwinked. The First Spongebob Movie. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. (Movie and show). Catscratch. Camp Lazlo. The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. Chowder. Voodoo Vince. Grabbed By The Ghoulies. Sly Cooper series. Raze’s Hell. Blinx The Time Sweeper(both games). Amazing Island. Conker:Live And Reloaded. Destroy All Humans. Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom. Kameo: Elements Of Power. Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg. Super Mario Sunshine. Viva Piñata (both games). Nightmare Before Christmas:Oogie’s Revenge. Gex series. Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.
  3. i'm only in two major fandoms, i guess. i'm in the my little pony fandom (obviously) and the homestuck fandom (obviously). i'm waaaaaay more into homestuck though, and is basically my main fandom, so yeah.i'm also kind of in the pokemon fandom, though it's a minor one, and i was a massive warriors cats fan, i joined a forum of it and stuff. and also i was in the adventure time one too, i forgot to add that.
  4. I've heard stories about legendary figures wielding powerful tools in combat when fighting monsters. I'm sure we're all familiar with one of the Pillars—Rockhoof and his trusty...shovel. But I've heard other stories of some such figures using powerful weapons; such as a certain mercenary that can swing an incredibly huge sword or that one hero who holds the "Sword of Evil's Bane", to name a few. Perhaps you all know of another legendary person that uses a legendary weapon. So my question to you is... In your opinion, what is the most powerful weapon?
  5. Any songs you may like to listen to but may also drag you into.... bad or sad feels if not careful ? This one's nice. Not that I always associate it with stuff, but I can and might .
  6. Kingdom Hearts. 358/2 Days was when it started getting too depressing and convoluted, Birth By Sleep just made it worse, then Dream Drop Distance pretty-much put the series on life-support. I'll give KH one last chance with III. But if it doesn't fix the bulls*** and/or only adds even more, then I'm done with the series.
  7. Please forgive me as I don’t know where this thread goes. What are your thoughts about users using oc’s that do not belong to them / character theft (example: using said oc for rp etc when it’s not theirs) using oc’s without the original owners permission? for me as an artist, I absolutely hate this. I have had multiple of my characters stolen and used this way and even people trying to sell them. Note: one of my oc has 1000€ worth of art and not a single person asked me for permission. I’ve found her back everywhere and one of my oc even had been stolen by EQD sethisto >~< my characters whom are still partially stolen right now: Sakura, Tulip, Nawa, Pandora usually I try to approach the user before taking it to staff as I never allow others to use my oc’s (fanarts etc are a different story though) what are your thoughts about this? How do you handle that situation? What if they use your oc? these are my thoughts and I’m curious to hear yours!
  8. Classic monsters that time will never touch and update as the years go by. Which one do you prefer? Modern ones? Or the ones of old mythology?
  9. When it comes to movies, series, fanfics, books, etc, what do you prefer: light and happy or dark and grim stories? Or you like it in the middle? For me, I love dark, grim and philosophical stories and (this might sound wrong) I like stories with suffering. Not physically but mental, you know that kind of stories when the main hero slowly loses his mind, can't distinguish reality from hallucinations, everything is so abstract and philosophical, etc. Such stories are my favorite (that's why I'll never be tired of mentioning my favorite Background Pony) Also I noticed recently that I feel almost nothing for light stories with happy ends because they feel so unrealistic, good guys never sacrifice/lose anything, no balance. Like FiM, afair the only thing mane 6 lost is Twi's library (and got the whole castle instead). I know that such light-hearted things are created to run away from cruel reality (and for kids), but I guess I don't really want to run away from it Anyway, it was my opinion, I'd love to read yours!
  10. There Favorite Marvel Superhero, so is there any pony who fan of DC Comic and/or have favorite DC Superhero? Mine are Superman, Batman & The Flash
  11. I remember doing two for Homestuck. An indigo blood troll (because Sagittarius) and a derse carapacian. And back in the day I used to have a sailor moon sailor scout. Oh! And a Pokemon trainer persona too. Most of them where personas thought. Representations of myself in universe without an specific backstory or roll within a story. How many have you had?
  12. So like, there's this thing were people "kin" fictional characters, which means they feel a strong connection to the character and/or feel parshily or fully that they are the character. For example I kin Spinel from the Steven Universe movie, cause like, I feel like a part of me is her. Same thing with Spike, and (sometimes) Sunset Shimmer. But like, enough about me. Point is, what do you feel about kinning? Is it valid or is just something that confused people do? Lemme know your thoughts.
  13. This isn’t necessarily about your favorite character; it’s about which Disney character you identify with or have a personal resemblance to, physically, mentally or otherwise. There’s such a vast assortment to choose from, the possibilities are fascinating. So which comes closest to being your Disney doppelganger? You can name more than one of you like and they can be animated or live action. Let’s talk!
  14. I tried to find a topic like this, but couldn't, so I am making my own. (Mods, if one exists, please link me and feel free to close this topic.) Is there a TV show, movie, video game, song, or something else you can't remember the name of? Do you have a vague memory of it or any kind of clues? Describe it here, and maybe someone can help you out! I'll go first: That's all I can remember about it. Somehow, I doubt this was an episode of the original Pound Puppies cartoon.
  15. Kinda bored so was wondering if any of you have any favourite YouTube channels you enjoy watching? Personally, I don't watch YouTube much if at all but I'm there's a travel youtuber called Bald and Bankrupt that I'm a big fan of, and I watch all of his videos - I'll link one below. Share your favourite YouTube channels or personalities below, and explain why you like them if you feel so inclined. Cheers!
  16. The mlp fandom has a lot of fan content are there any hidden gems that you think others should know about? This can include music fan games art animation or anything fan made.
  17. I know that Leprechauns have been discredited for a while, but has there been any recent media where Leprechauns have made appearances?
  18. I've been to a few conventions and read alot of guidelines online for convention rules and none of them seem to have consistent policies and enforcement. The guidelines are often fairly vague like no "offensive content" or "hate symbols". I can understand the rules about no real or realistic weapons, although I have still seen plenty of cosplayers walking around cons with fairly realistic looking prop guns. Also, how do you determine offensive content? Like I was thinking about putting together a cosplay of Schrodinger from Hellsing but I don't want to get kicked out of a con before I even walk in the door. Does this mean all realistic military uniforms are inappropriate? What about Tanya the Evil or Marvel's Hydra? Also, what determines appropriate sexual content. I've seen plenty of cosplayers in what amounts to lingerie, bikinis, and dominatrix gear, and this was still during daylight hours. Also, not to mention all the dealers selling barely obscured porn art. What do you think is appropriate and not appropriate for a convention, especially one open to all ages, and who determines that?
  19. Just something I'm curious about. How many of you have ever actually used the 'scene selection' feature on most DVDs. I honestly don't think I ever have, even as a kid when I would look through every menu page to look for easter-eggs
  20. The idea is basically to find some hidden gems to actually try out or just see what other people find interesting and why. Or just reply and chat about it if you got any questions or played it yourself. Guess I'll just start! Microsoft Freelancer Genre: Space Sim/Space Opera/Space Shooter Features: Open world, interacting allied and hostile factions, vivid universe, storyline & multiplayer Year: Around 2003 Screenshots: Moms be like: "You surely can pause this game!" Trivia: - In case you have heard of Star Citizen, this dude Chris Roberts was involved in developing both this and it's prequel, Starlancer. - MP servers are still up, but you'll need some small patch for it or alter your desktop link to the game (hit me up if you got questions regarding this) I have wasted played this game 6000 hours, according to my old xfire profile.
  21. With the new year, a lot of new stuff is coming to Disney. For me, I'm looking forward to Rise of the Resistance and Mickey's Runaway Railroad coming to Disneyland and a new Phineas and Ferb special coming to Disney+ Is there anything Disney related you're looking forward to this year?
  22. Would you really want/need that power so you get to decide what is ok and isn't ok in any fandom? Would you want/need to be the only entity who has the final say in every little thing and include or exclude anyone to your whims, as well as have complete influence of whatever thing the fandom was created out of? Would you want/need everything to be so because you say so? Be the judge, jury, and executioner?
  23. This meaning that over time, I get especially sick of anyone being given a label because of some personality trait or something they said or did. Maybe it made sense for a number of months or a year even. But using that same old joke for decades on end? People who double or triple or quadruple down on doing that are nothing but irritations. In fact those same old "jokes" aren't jokes anymore, but a sentence that shouldn't even be around anymore. And I realize that regular humor here is vague. I already made a topic that said I was became in favor of dark humor. Because this kind is the sort of layer that isn't too transparent or opaque. But it's the kind that shows us how much we don't want certain people around and what we want to happen to them. I'm already embracing those higher echelons of schadenfreude, since it's the only relevant kind of humor in this age.
  24. Which of these genres do you think have the most appeal and popularity by the general audience? Personally, I'm going to go with action/adventure. All of the most popular franchises fall into action/adventure, many of which are fantasy, science fiction, and superhero. Action/adventure to me has the most complex story structures, and you can put any of the other genres in them (granted, you can do the same with the other genres, but they have a more specific plot structure).
  25. I'm sorry that i didn't put out any of your favorites on this list, but i find out some of these characters mostly would be voted the Hottest out of anyone. Also explain Why?