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Found 685 results

  1. I only heard of him superficially, that he was in the MI films (and I haven't watched them). Other than that he's a total stranger to me. We all know the story: You hate someone for being Christian/Asian/black/atheist/gay/bi/vegan/etc.? Then you deserve to be called out and punished for it. But for Tom Cruise, I had no idea he was affiliated with Scientology. And I had no idea of what this group was. Some things I picked up about it is: 1) It sounds like a religion but isn't considered to be truly one. It's actually more of a cult group. 2) You are a considered a member by the simple act of paying them money, instead of years of experience and studying and whatnot 3) Forcing you to completely throw away all the people in your life for the sake of belonging to the church. 4) Brainwashing you 5) Harassing and violently attacking all non-Scientologists 6) Cases of fraud, extortion and possibly human trafficking And the worst part is, respect is one-way. Non-Scientologists are forced to tolerate them for the sake of civility and respect, while they get to terrorize others. Anyway, does Tom Cruise deserve being hated because he chooses to associate with dubious and possibly dangerous people?
  2. Freespace 2 - Classic mission-only, extremely atmospheric, and more hotkeys than you can remember! Freelancer - Playing it again. This revolutionaized space-sims esp. in mouse controls, and it featured aside of the SP campaign an open world universe and multiplayer. Right now I am playing the newly released and only first fan campaign for this game ever. Colony Wars 1, 2, 3 - For the PSX. 1 & 2 offer a lot of different endings and chapters. Control were often frustrating, or not very clear what to do in a mission either. Aquanox 2 - Officially not a space sim of course, but I figure gameplay wise it qualifies as one. Basically pretty similar to Freespace 2. Darkstar One - A pretty bad Freelancer clone. So, which ones did you play and do you recommend?
  3. One Punch Man started off as an awfully-drawn webcomic. A professional artist liked it enough to redraw it in an extremely detailed style. Recently, it also got adapted into an anime which just ended. Basically, it's about some guy who became the strongest superhero in the world, to the point where he can beat anyone with one punch (hence the title). He has grown bored of life due to the lack of challenges, and seeks a worthy opponent, to no avail. Any fans around here? Who is the best hero? (answer is Mumen Rider).
  4. So of course Vinyl Scratch is probably top in the MLP fandom, but this isn't Sugarcube Corner. Two of my favorite mute characters are Gromit from Wallace and Gromit and Plank from Ed Edd n Eddy So, what are some of your favorite mute characters?
  5. If this topic has been taken, and closed, I'll understand My top favorite are these: - Dude Perfect - Goldenlane Studios - PDK Films (Shoot, I forgot the rest.) Oh yeah, here are the rest! - RedHatter - Markiplier - MichaelHickox Films - Fancy Pants - 2Cellos - Ember Trio
  6. A great movie, video game, book, etc. that was followed by a sequel, or sequels, or just other stories in general that sort of “ruined” or in general were disappointing.You feel it should’ve remained ONE AND DONE. This only applies to things that were the FIRST in the series. For example if you love the first three Star Wars movies but you think everything else after that shouldn’t have been made. THAT DOESNT COUNT. If you love “Star Wars/A New Hope” and everything after that you feel was disappointing/awful etc. then that counts. Some things come to my mind: Alien, Wreck it Ralph, The Incredibles, Shrek, Insidious, Monsters Inc.
  7. It could be along the lines of "If you dis/like or do/don't watch or do/don't read this, I'm going to do this/that to you." As a sort of veiled threat? Did you follow through with that warning and actively tried to stop that person or not? As in try to control every aspect of their preferences to satisfy you?
  8. I couldn't seem to find any Jackie Chan love around here. So I decided to post this up. When you wanted to watch a movie with fast-paced action and comedy, but with your family? Jackie Chan movies were always there to chose from (I could be wrong there, so my apologies). I'd like to see if there are others besides me who also like Jackie Chan and his movies. If you do happen to like his movies (even if he only stars on some of them and not being involved with the production of those said films), list some of the ones you liked the most (with Jackie Chan acting in them of course).
  9. PCs or Macs? 3... 2... 1... GO! I personally prefer non-Apple computers. They give me more room for customization; I can create a more powerful system catered to my needs. As much as I hate to say it, I do admire the physical aspects of Macs. They are sleek looking, have really nice screen displays, and their operating system is very unique. That aside, PCs still suit me much better as someone who plays video games and likes to render lots of stuff (I have a freaking 6-core processor. SIX CORES, and then it has multi-threading capabilities). Macs are also a bit overpriced for their overall value... A 2.7GHz i5 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and 128GB of storage for $1,299?? My entire system costs just a few hundred more than that price, and I have a GTX 660 ti graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 6-core i7 processor, and a 1TB HDD as well as a 250GB SSD. This topic has probably been covered before, but I can't find an active one (AKA I can't find one at all), so feel free to express you opinions here
  10. Whenever such a thing happens, they can surely piss you off. It can even make you sad knowing that the video will likely be gone forever.
  11. I've seen petitions all over the internet to bring back old stuff we are big fans of, but usually, they just don't seem to work. Is there really need for "silly" things like these?
  12. Pixar, Lucas, Marvel, and now FOX have been merged with Disney, and I can only see more mergers in their future. Has Disney gotten way too big with its IP and way too much of a powerhouse?
  13. For example, let's say someone's being interviewed on a late-night talk show or on the news. Have they ever accidentally used ponified terms like "anypony", "everpony", etc. I have never seen anything like that on TV and I've never found anything about it on YouTube. But, maybe you've been on an interview, or if you've seen something like that, please send a link.
  14. What do you prefer? Games, shows, cartoons, etc, media type doesn't matter By grey morality I mean stories without good and bad guys, everyone has their issues of some degree (Breaking Bad, The last of us, Bojack Horseman). By BW morality I mean stories with distinguished line between bad and good guys, and usually good guys win (MLP, most of Marvel) While I mainly watch/play morally BW things and enjoy them, they leave me with just "huh, cool" feeling. Grey morality makes me emotional and can even put me in mood for a week, I prefer it
  15. (debating if this is the right section. If not, feel free to move it!) I was wondering if anyone else here was fascinated by the world of urban legends like i am, and if so, what are some of your favorites?
  16. Regardless if it was really young ages or teen years. What’s some things in media that scared you? Please do NOT share any videos of incredibly graphic in any way content or get really explicit in details about it. If it’s highly graphic violence or whatever just sum it up in the least graphic way possible. For me: This one actually has caused multiple panic attacks ffs Bonus: An instrumental version of the first video Listen to this late at night, when you’re the only one awake and it’s raining or just really cold outside with some good headphones at full volume. I swear when I do that I feel as if the chants of Are You Ready are something I’m hearing as if I was having the exact experience the video shows, as if they were legitimately asking me this not him. That sounds crazy though I guess.
  17. I’ve been around for nearly 3 decades, so I’ve seen a lot of cartoons I’ve also played a lot of games too Here’s some stuff I remember. Let’s see how many you remember. Aaaahhh! Real Monsters. Rocko’s Modern Life. Kappa Mikey. Danny Phantom. My Life As A Teenage Robot. Robots(2005 film). Action League Now! Life With Loopy. Princess And The Frog. Life And Times Of Juniper Lee. Robot Boy. Catdog. PB&J Otter. Both Rugrats Films. Xiaolin Showdown. Lion King 2. Dave The Barbadian Brandy And Mr. Whiskers. El Tigre: The Adventures Of Manny Rivera. Rugrats. Angry Beavers. Hoodwinked. The First Spongebob Movie. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. (Movie and show). Catscratch. Camp Lazlo. The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. Chowder. Voodoo Vince. Grabbed By The Ghoulies. Sly Cooper series. Raze’s Hell. Blinx The Time Sweeper(both games). Amazing Island. Conker:Live And Reloaded. Destroy All Humans. Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom. Kameo: Elements Of Power. Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg. Super Mario Sunshine. Viva Piñata (both games). Nightmare Before Christmas:Oogie’s Revenge. Gex series. Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.
  18. i'm only in two major fandoms, i guess. i'm in the my little pony fandom (obviously) and the homestuck fandom (obviously). i'm waaaaaay more into homestuck though, and is basically my main fandom, so yeah.i'm also kind of in the pokemon fandom, though it's a minor one, and i was a massive warriors cats fan, i joined a forum of it and stuff. and also i was in the adventure time one too, i forgot to add that.
  19. I've heard stories about legendary figures wielding powerful tools in combat when fighting monsters. I'm sure we're all familiar with one of the Pillars—Rockhoof and his trusty...shovel. But I've heard other stories of some such figures using powerful weapons; such as a certain mercenary that can swing an incredibly huge sword or that one hero who holds the "Sword of Evil's Bane", to name a few. Perhaps you all know of another legendary person that uses a legendary weapon. So my question to you is... In your opinion, what is the most powerful weapon?
  20. Any songs you may like to listen to but may also drag you into.... bad or sad feels if not careful ? This one's nice. Not that I always associate it with stuff, but I can and might .
  21. Kingdom Hearts. 358/2 Days was when it started getting too depressing and convoluted, Birth By Sleep just made it worse, then Dream Drop Distance pretty-much put the series on life-support. I'll give KH one last chance with III. But if it doesn't fix the bulls*** and/or only adds even more, then I'm done with the series.
  22. Please forgive me as I don’t know where this thread goes. What are your thoughts about users using oc’s that do not belong to them / character theft (example: using said oc for rp etc when it’s not theirs) using oc’s without the original owners permission? for me as an artist, I absolutely hate this. I have had multiple of my characters stolen and used this way and even people trying to sell them. Note: one of my oc has 1000€ worth of art and not a single person asked me for permission. I’ve found her back everywhere and one of my oc even had been stolen by EQD sethisto >~< my characters whom are still partially stolen right now: Sakura, Tulip, Nawa, Pandora usually I try to approach the user before taking it to staff as I never allow others to use my oc’s (fanarts etc are a different story though) what are your thoughts about this? How do you handle that situation? What if they use your oc? these are my thoughts and I’m curious to hear yours!
  23. Classic monsters that time will never touch and update as the years go by. Which one do you prefer? Modern ones? Or the ones of old mythology?
  24. When it comes to movies, series, fanfics, books, etc, what do you prefer: light and happy or dark and grim stories? Or you like it in the middle? For me, I love dark, grim and philosophical stories and (this might sound wrong) I like stories with suffering. Not physically but mental, you know that kind of stories when the main hero slowly loses his mind, can't distinguish reality from hallucinations, everything is so abstract and philosophical, etc. Such stories are my favorite (that's why I'll never be tired of mentioning my favorite Background Pony) Also I noticed recently that I feel almost nothing for light stories with happy ends because they feel so unrealistic, good guys never sacrifice/lose anything, no balance. Like FiM, afair the only thing mane 6 lost is Twi's library (and got the whole castle instead). I know that such light-hearted things are created to run away from cruel reality (and for kids), but I guess I don't really want to run away from it Anyway, it was my opinion, I'd love to read yours!