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Found 3216 results

  1. Anypony here a wrestling fan? Well this is the place for you to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling. Whether it be how good this weeks matches were, how boring this weeks matches were, who should be on top, who is overrated, what is really the best promotion,what each company is doing wrong, classic moments of the past, your dream matches, your favorite wrestlers, how the next PPV is going to turn out or just to post your favorite matches. Whether you're a member of the WWE universe, a fan of TNA, a fan of ROH or the North American indy scene, fan of Lucha Underground or Lucha Libre in general, a fan of NJPW or Japanese puroresu in general. Whatever kind of wrestling you watch, you name it, this is the place for you! Now get to posting! *DING!*
  2. This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  3. Here are the shows i most hate and why 1.Phineas and Ferb:It's always the same damn thing!!!Nothing changes!!!The animation is all messed up and in some frames everything moves WAY TOO FAST. 2.Scooby-Doo:Mystery Incorporated:Same as above.Plus,Shaggy and Scooby don't help their friends and when they see the monsters they always freak out and run like hell.Plus the way the characters are drawn is very stupid. 3.The Powerpuff Girls:Duh.I'm a huge kaiju lover and i always feel sorry for those poor monsters the girls beat. 4.Fish Hooks:The characters look nothing like fishes.Creatures that shouldn't have lips HAVE THEM!!! 5.Family Guy:A bad rip-off of the Simpsons. 6.The Looney Tunes Show:Those bastards have turned my long-life favorite cartoons into stupid versions of themselves!!! So these are the shows i most hate.How 'bout you guys???
  4. What other shows do you think should be remade and be just as amazing as MLP FIM? (ex: Amazing voice actors, storyline and animation) I'm thinking right now...
  5. Anypony here a fan of star trek any of the incarnations
  6. I absolutely love Pixar movies and they’re always a blast whenever I see one! Top 5: Monsters’ Inc WALL-E Toy Story 2 Ratatouille Cars 1
  7. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet. Anyway, what was the last show you watched? I just finished up an episode of Hey Arnold.
  8. This one always stands out for me.
  9. what are commercials that used to (or even current ones) bug the crap out of you? this one used to play like 3-4 times per commercial breaks and I now hate it with a passion what are some commercials YOU hate?
  10. Steven Universe Future is airing its last episode on March 27th, and I’m pretty excited because I’ve been waiting to see what wormy boi is and if theory many have (about Steven being the wormy boi, as in Steven gets corrupted) is correct. What do y’all think of this news?
  11. Does anypony watch this web and sometimes tv series? tell me what you think
  12. As I sometimes forget, there is television outside of MLP. But watching other shows, as in shows aimed towards older audiences, I've seen that during most episodes, there is some sort of death or violent act. I am kind of opinionated on this subject because of this song vicarious.. But it does give some valid points. Like... That sums most of it up. Even in news, the main story is never some feel-good piece, but some "Shot by his own son" story. But people of course have to watch these shows for them to stay on. What I'm wondering is, how did t.v get this way? DISCUSS
  13. This made me cry a little. Please watch it, and post your response.
  14. I was browsing through the internet and found this! Finally a good sequel with the same actors!!! What do you guys think?
  15. Anypony else obsessed? There is a whole myriad of reasons why I love this movie, it fed both my dinosaur and unicorn obsession as a child and I think with hindsight heavily influenced my decision to take up the harp. I would love to see them do another one, even since Fantasia 2000, animation has come a long, long way and the possibilities far beyond what was capable then. I do however think it will always remain timeless. I love all of it so I'm not sure what my favourite sequence is. I do love the nutcracker suite though.
  16. I was debating this with my friend a few days ago, and I wanted to know what everypony here might have to say on the matter: Are modern movies all special effects and visual candy, or do they carry messages and sentiment like old movies used to? During our debate, the modern movie 'Sucker Punch' came to mind. It was a balanced combination of modern visual effects, and pure old-fashioned imagination. The plot was a mountain of twists and developments that were too original to be lumped together with most movies today.
  17. In the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons there is a bit of irony. In SatAM Sonic where Sonic himself should be more serious he doesn't take things seriously enough and it sometimes totally screws up a mission (though not as bad as Antoine lol) Sonic is sometimes made out to be a stupid person even where when the thinking needs to be done he doesn't do it and will jeopardize a mission for a simple chili dog. On the other hand, in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog where things are more of a cartoony and silly nature, Sonic always seems to know what he's doing and never truly jeopardizes a mission for something trivial. Maybe it's just because of the contrast of the type of enemies they are fighting in each respective cartoon but it seems to me like their roles should be reversed. The Sonic that should always know what he's doing should be in SatAM and the one who's always goofing off (though gets things done in the end) should be in AoStH. Let's totally disregard the comics where they actually address Sonic's much too whimsical attitude towards things directly. Strictly speaking of the cartoons. What do you think on the matter?
  18. What did you watch when you were a kid? Include your age if you want, to give us a better idea of when you were a kid. I'm 20, btw. Man, I remember my favorite show. Wishbone. Best fucking show ever. For those who dont know, it was about this dog called Wishbone who would give the condensed, kid version of classic literature. It would switch between him telling the story (of which he played the main character), and some conflict between his owner and some other person, which was usually a sort of modern version of the conflict in whatever book that episode centered on. I learned so much stuff from that show, and it got me interested in reading when I was young. Another great one, beast wars. Oh my god. That show was awesome. It was transformers that turned into animals instead of vehicles. Cheator >> all I have fond memories of Mummies alive. I didn't watch it as much, and I don't remember a lot about it. I also watched extreme ghostbusters, one of those animated ghostbusters spin offs. I watched a few episodes recently, and I have no idea what my parents were thinking when they let me watch that. I mean, shit. that show was messed up.
  19. I heard the news that Disney is going to re-release Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast in 3D within the next months. I have to admit, even though they will be 3D conversions, that re-releasing a movie is a much better idea than remaking it. Case in point: Have you guys watched the remake of The Thing? It was horrible! They could have saved themselves a buttload of money by just re-releasing the original John Carpenter remake. People would've gone watch it! What do you guys think? Do you preffer movies being remade, or just re-released?
  20. Samurai Pizza Cats is an Anime dub cartoon that came out in the early 90s, right around the time of Power Rangers, and licensed by the same company, Saban. What makes this show unique, is the fact that the dub was pretty much made up on the spot, due to the company never getting the transcripts of the original episodes. What this basically means, is that this is essentially an Abridged Series, unbroken, shown on network television in the 90s. And it's freaking ingenious, using jokes that shows would NEVER get away with nowadays. I've been and still AM a huge fan of this show. But surprisingly, not many people know of its existence. So here's a clip from the first episode, just to show you a bit of what this show is like. Be warned, your brain might hurt. If you want to see more, you can see about half the series currently if you search. I won't post the link here, but you can probably find it if you search enough.
  21. Just a topic for all of you DBZ fans out there... and another question I couldn't add to the list of polls up there... As a child, did you ever try to actually try to perform a Kamehameha Wave? I know I did.
  22. I'm sure most of you remember Toonami. This is Tom's final message to the world, the day that it went offline. http-~~-// Well, I for sure do. I don't care if this is 3 year old news. Toonami was a big impact in my life, and I miss it.
  23. And is anyone just as upset as I am with the new writing?
  24. Disney+ has a lot of great stuff but also missing a lot of great stuff. For example, i looked the day it came out and so far it doesn't doesn't have Under Wraps, despite having most if not all of the other DCOMs on there already. This baffles me as, not only is Under Wraps a nostalgic classic, it was the very FIRST DCOM. Beyond that, say i want to reconnect with my childhood. It has Book of Pooh, it has Out of The Box. It does not have Stanley, PB&J Otter, Rolie Polie Olie or Bear In The Big Blue House. Another show you'd think they'd have? House of Mouse. Nope, not on there.