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Found 3282 results

  1. Anypony here a wrestling fan? Well this is the place for you to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling. Whether it be how good this weeks matches were, how boring this weeks matches were, who should be on top, who is overrated, what is really the best promotion,what each company is doing wrong, classic moments of the past, your dream matches, your favorite wrestlers, how the next PPV is going to turn out or just to post your favorite matches. Whether you're a member of the WWE universe, a fan of TNA, a fan of ROH or the North American indy scene, fan of Lucha Underground or Lucha Libre in general, a fan of NJPW or Japanese puroresu in general. Whatever kind of wrestling you watch, you name it, this is the place for you! Now get to posting! *DING!*
  2. This can also apply for books and videogames, don't mind the prefix. What is the worst thing anybody/anything has ever spoiled for you in anything?
  3. Well, other than the absolute obvious. I've loved cartoons all my life, waking up Saturday morning, watching cartoons with some cereal just makes me forget about everything else. So tell me, What's some of your favorite cartoons?
  4. What is everyone’s opinion on Rick and Morty?
  5. What are movies that everybody's always talking about that you've never seen? Godfather It's a Wonderful Life Casablanca Austin Powers that bowling movie they based pony characters on. Can't think of the name.
  6. Who watched it and what was your favorite episode/story?
  7. So, the teen titans are back! With new episodes! You'd think that be great, but I'm not fully happy about this. There are many controversies regarding this revival, many stating it won't be the same and it's just going to be a whole bunch of slapstick jokes and whatnot. Other problems involving this is that it won't be as action packed as the previous one, and the fact that the creators have NEVER seen the previous installment, it also dosen't help the cause. In my final words, I'm going to watch it to give it a try, sure it won't be the same, but I do hope it's better than what I'm hoping right now. That, and cause most of the original voice actors such as Tara Strong will be reprising their roles in this one! So, what do you guys think? Are you going to let it pass? Or are you going to give it a try?
  8. everyone must have grown up with a few disney movies, my faves are Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Aristocats and Tangled they are the few films that I will go back and watch again, I tend to like the more headstrong characters and I always love the animal side kicks.
  9. What the title says. Besides MLP I also really liked LoliRocks and Miraculous Ladybug. They were almost as much fun as watching My Little Pony
  10. Live action remake of the movie comes out tomorrow. Have you seen the original 1994 version though ? Not everyone has seen every classic Disney movie (and if you have you’re not everyone ), so I imagine The Lion King could be one of those unseen movies. Ive seen it, and it’s fun to quote it . Haven’t seen the whole movie in all it’s entirety in probably quite a while... A little special to me since it came the same year I was born (a couple months after).
  11. I've seen a lot of threads around about bad films (and I've yet to see one for listing the best in film history), but what do you think are among the BEST films of all time and, if you want to, why? Well, my list would include: The Big Lebowski Back to the Future Toy Story Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan Jurassic Park Finding Nemo Though I don't think I could get enough into detail about why. I will say that I'm a pretty big fan of sci-fi and Pixar, but I've also started to like movies done by the Coen brothers (like Big Lebowski).
  12. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet. Anyway, what was the last show you watched? I just finished up an episode of Hey Arnold.
  13. I know this may be weird of me to ask but can there be any show that can best mlp, well mlp is my 2nd favourite cartoon at the moment, because to me Gravity Falls beats it for me, not to be mean or rude to the show or anything but is it possible for a cartoon to best mlp to you, I am probably the only one on this site that likes a show more than mlp.
  14. So... I finished an anime and I'm having a hard time trying to find a new one. At the moment I prefer Lighthearted ones, Like a Slice of Life sorta thing. Any one know any good ones? (Please name multiple, I may have already seen it like I've seen Ouran)
  15. Before MLP, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was my favorite series animated series to watch! Fantastic story and great use of characters with a ton of development! Cool new bounty hunters like Cad Bane, Mandalore was in it, return of old characters like Boba Fett and Darth Maul, and even personalities and individuality to the clones! It was truly an amazing that ended prematurely! After season 5 1/2 seasons, there were still 2.5 more seasons until LucasFilms was bought out by Disney! If I could go to the alternate universe where the series never got cancelled, I would! What did you think of the series?
  16. Anypony indulge themselves in some breaking bad. I know I do. I just watched the season premiere and HOLY CELESTIA I am freaking excited. Things are just starting to look good. So my question is simple, Do you watch breaking bad? If so, what is your favorite BB moment?
  17. (I was just gonna call this thread Favorite Halloween Movie but i didn't want people to mistake the topic for talking about the Halloween franchise and i also didn't everyone to default to Nightmare Before Christmas) I like the Halloweentown movies.
  18. is it because so many memes were pulled out of it?
  19. Favorite anime: Steins;Gate or FMAB Favorite manga: Pandora Hearts
  20. ChalkZone and Dan Vs. Are all I can think of at the moment.
  21. It's described as "the titular superheroes are now disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?" .......*harsh irritated sigh* No. Just........Just no. Actually let's make that a HELL NO! Source:
  22. In shocking news, actor Chadwick Boseman has passed away at the age of 43 due to colon cancer.
  23. I genuinely don't understand why Star Wars is so popular. Out of 9 movies, only 2 of them are good.