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Found 1598 results

  1. About an hour ago, it was confirmed that Eddie Money, a pop rock musician from the 1970’s and 1980’s, has died. At 70 years old, Money was dealing with stage four Esophageal cancer. He is survived by his wife and five children. He was widely known for hit songs “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and “Baby Hold On.”
  2. I was using Apple Music but since my student discount ended, I've been using Spotify and I should've been doing this sooner. I also listen to radio from time to time.
  3. Music is incredible in that it can powerfully influence our emotions, but we also listen to certain kinds of music depending upon our current emotions. One of the most common functions of music is when people listen to songs in order to relax. What are some of your favorite songs that help you to feel at ease? I'll begin with the one that I am listening to as I type this:
  4. As a longtime fan of Daniel, seeing this was absolutely heartbreaking. I'm sending my thoughts out to his family, and I hope Daniel's finally at peace after lifelong struggles with mental illness.
  5. It's time for a long overdue re-updated OP (as of 9/29/13). Spoiler tag it up if you want to check it out.
  6. So, what radio station types do you like? (I know I prefixed it "Music" despite there being non-music radio stations). I like rock (alt, hard rock) and NPR stations. I haven't listened to NPR recent (here it's WFYI 90.1 FM), but I found a new radio station recently (105.1 FM in Indianapolis) that plays most of the stuff that our harder rock station (X103) played before they changed brandings and started playing more indie and low-key alternative. I like it, but it's a low powered station out of the south side of Indianapolis, so it doesn't come in well! I haven't been able to find a stream of it either. Hopefully that comes soon!
  7. What is the weirdest music you ever heard of performed by humans? ProjeKct Two - Live Groove [DGM9913] FLAC [4].mp3
  8. Any 80s - early 90s thrash metal suggestions? Here's a list of albums that I already heard in that genre and era. Bold to what I liked eapecially more. Anacrusis - Suffering Hour Anthrax - Fistful of Steel, Spreading the Disease, Among the Living Annihilator - Alice in Hell Artillery - Terror Squad, By Inheritance Аспид - Кровоизлияние Bathory - Bathory Believer - Sanity Obscure Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession Body Count - Body Count Bulldozer - IX Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion Coroner - Punishment for Decadence, No More Color Dark Angel - We Have Arrived, Darkness Descends, Time Does Not Heal Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence Destruction - Sentence of Death EP, Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation, Mad Butcher EP, Release From Agony Devastation - Signs of Life, Idolatry Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Exodus - Bonded By Blood, Pleasure of the flesh, Fabulous Disaster Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver, No Place For Disgrace Forbidden - Forbidden Evil Gammacide - Victims of Science Heathen - Victims of Deception Holy Terror - Terror and Submission, Mind Wars Indestructible Noise Command - The Visitor Infernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy Kat - 666, Oddech Wymarłych Światów Kreator - Endless Pain, Flag of Hate EP, Pleasure to Kill, Terrible Certainty, Extreme aggression Lääz Rockit - Know Your Enemy, Annihilation Principal Medieval - Reign of Terror Megadeth - Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells, So Far So Good So What, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction Mekong Delta - The Music of Erich Zann Merciless - The Awakening Metal Church - Metal Church, The Dark Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death Nuclear Assault - Game Over, Handle With Care Overkill - Feel the Fire, Taking Over, Under the Influence, The Years of Decay, Horroracope Paradox - Heresy Piledriver - Metal Inquisition Poison - Into the Abyss Possessed - Seven Churches Protector - Golem, Urm the Mad, A Shredding of Skin Razor - Evil Invaders, Violent Resolution Realm - Endless War Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis Sacred Reich - Ignorance, The American Way Sacrifice - Soldiers of Misfortune Sadus - Illusions Sarcófago - INRI, The Laws of Scouege Sepultura - Bestial Devastation, Morbid Visions, Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains, Arise, Chaos AD Slaughter - Surrender or Die, Strappado Slayer - Show No Mercy, Haunting the Chapel EP, Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss Sodom - In the Sign of Evil, Obsessed By Cruelty (US, EU), Expurse of Sodomy, Persecution Mania, Agent Orange, Tapping the Vein Stormtroopers of Death - Speak English or Die Testament - The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach Tormentor - Anno Domini Turbo - Kawaleria Szatana Vendetta - Brain Damage Viking - Do or Die Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare Voivod - War and Pain, Rrröööaaarrr, Killing Technology Wargasm - Why Play Around Whiplash - Power and Pain, Ticket to Mayhem Znowhite - Act of God
  9. What is your opinion on Synthwave?
  10. Even if I wasn't bi, I would be more on the LGBT side here. I do not trust that Taylor Swift's motive for shoving politics into her music is genuine, especially after she pretended to be apolitical for so long before coming out as a supporter for the left conveniently around the same time the midterms took place. Those are just my thoughts, please share yours, just please don't make this thread have to be moved to the Debate Symposium.
  11. What would be good songs for a dystopian and post-apocalyptic future?
  12. Which genre of music do you think is the best action music? Rock and Roll or Heavy Metal?
  13. Do some of you feel music hasn't changed much since the late 90s, or do some of you feel it's changed a lot?
  14. why is it that every time their is a topic on any forum based on genres of music, people always tend to say something along the lines of "I like everything except country" when a lot of country music has just as deep of meanings to it as most any other kind of music, in some cases more so! Me I like just about EVERY kind of music, just kind of depends on what mood I'm in, but I simply love good ole country music from time to time, hm, just don't get it!
  15. I'm in the audio business and many have noticed that the latest generation of music 'consumers' don't seem to care about fidelity. Fidelity means 'faithful', and it is used in music reproduction to mean simply, 'a faithful representation of the recording'. I'm sure most are aware of the various digital formats, such as mp3, which compresses the music information for smaller file size and for lower streaming bandwidth. With technology such as compression, and bluetooth earbuds and streaming services like iTunes and the like, it seems that the living room stereo system with a CD player, or even analog sources like LP turn tables and the like, is going away (save the filthy rich). This trend seems to have desensitized the masses into accepting music that is only a fraction of it original content. That is, compressed music, along with relatively cheap and low power players (headphones) means that people are listening to music that has lost approximately 80% of its fidelity! Is there no more appreciation for listening to music that is carefully and faithfully represented as the artist intended? How many of you have ever listened to you music on a real, powerful, component stereo system? How would you describe your experience?
  16. Here is an interesting thought experiment. Try to think of all the music you have listened to in your life and imagine it not having drums or percussion in any way. Would you enjoy it any less or would you enjoy it even more. Would it be weird for it to have no beat? For me, I listen quite a lot of metal and rock, so those genres without drums would make the music just seem a lot slower and it would make it feel like something would be missing.
  17. For me, Jon Bellion does a lot of songs that get me through really stressful or sad times. He just knows how to put soul and passion into these songs and they always sound like the same scenario I'm in. The song that probably helps me feel better the best is iRobot.
  18. I have these songs that as soon as I hear it all these emotions spill out of me. and I was wondering if anyone else had songs like these? If so why do you believe this/these songs bring out so much emotion? Is there a story behind you finding this song and what was it like hearing it for the first time? The song that makes me cry the most is called Porcelain by Marianas Trench. The moment I heard the song my heart just broke open. It feels like such a release this song reminds me of that feeling when you first tell someone that you're hurting and it's just this flood coming out of you. I feel like this song tells you it's alright to be upset, it's okay to be a little lost and a little hurt. I was going through a lot of personal stuff, just being lost and really unsure of things and this song just said here cry for a bit baby it'll be alright. I'm not really sure how to post youtube videos on here but I'll just put a link here Sorry this probably isn't a super happy discussion but I'm curious to see what other songs people have and hear about they feelings they have when they hear them.
  19. Let's post some Halloween-esque music. I have a few on my mind that work well this time of the year!
  20. ERB (Epic Rap Battles) is a youtube channel that puts two figures from history (fictional or not) together, and those figures face off in a rap battle. The newest one they've done is Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield. , so I put up a poll about that one. So, I have to ask: Do you like ERB? Which one is YOUR favorite battle? Also, who won in that one? My favorite is either Steve Jobs V Bill Gates (Steve one that one), Frank Sinatra V Freddie Mercury (Freddie won that one!), or Artists vs Turtles (the Artists won for me!)
  21. Is anyone else here familiar with Hasil Adkins? I'm fairly certain no one here has, but I figured I'd start a little thread focusing on his music, and maybe spark some interest.
  22. Theres a music instruments thread, lets discuss our favorite artists/genres! At the moment my favorite genres are Electronic and Psychedelic rock. But I do enjoy all genres, especially folk music. I am very disappointed I missed All Good music festival this year
  23. Do you have a playlist of music that you like on Youtube? Share it in this thread. Good way of discovering new music and such. This is my playlist I am putting together. Definitely not a mainstream playlist by any means. I will be adding to that over time.
  24. Everypony here has probably heard of Coachella and are aware that it's currently going on. But what you aren't aware of is how the focus has shifted from the musicians and artists and onto whatever celebrities are going to show up, what fashion will be worn, what will be trending, etc. Being at the event carries more weight than going and actually seeing someone perform. It's become a red carpet type of attraction. This wouldn't be a problem, if it wasn't so successful. People are paying a fortune just to brag that they were at Coachella and that business model may translate to other festivals. It's already made it's way to Woodstock. So what do you all think of Coachella focusing on anything other than music and should we be worried that it's focus on celebrities, fashion and pop culture may effect how other music festivals function?