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Found 597 results

  1. Im looking for a good midrange / budget laptop with usb type c , full hdmi out , one or 2 usb 3.0s and a quiet keybored, it can be a i3 or i5 8th gen cpu or ryzen. Any suggestions ? :3
  2. I don't know why people are surprised by this kind of stuff. They can pull it whenever they feel like it and you have no chance of successfully suing a big entertainment company.
  3. Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.
  4. Here are the normal apps I bother visiting on my phone: Snapchat Discord Google YouTube And yeah that's it, no games either...
  5. So...I need new ideas for future apps. I have one released (waiting for apple review). I am working on a money calculating app as well but, my ideas stop there. Please help a noodle out and drop your ideas here, I would love to hear them.
  6. I'm just really curious. Mine is at least 7+ years old... shocker, I know! It's actually one of those old white macbooks, and it's still kicking. O___O So, how old is your computer? :O
  7. So everyone probably knows everyone that you guys use mac or windows or even ubuntu (linux). So what is your favorite operating system that you are using ? for me im trying out linux and really liking it much better then windows constant updates.
  8. I'm slowly working through my backlog of algorithms homework (mostly graph algorithms, probablistic algorithms, and a bunch of analysis), and it made me curious if there are any other computer science nerds around on these forums. This seems like the sort of fandom that would disproportinally lean towards the nerdier majors.
  9. Post your funny or creepy YouTube finds here! going to the store Halo: Reach Fanboy Orgasm.
  10. So I have an iPhone and with the new software update people have been customizing their homescreens, icons, etc. I was wondering does anyone have a mlp theme for their phone? Im trying to google icons but not much pops up when it comes to certain ponies I'm looking for (moondancer, tempest shadow, derpy). Any suggestions?
  11. Phone: Total mess. Browser: Tons of tabs I am never closing but restoring upon opening the browser. I did start a few years ago doing more bookmarks, though, and especially folder and subfolders for them. I prefer to search for a previous page in my bookmark chaos than in browser history or risking I cannot find a great page anymore. As you can see, I am using text clippings for stuff mostly on MLPF, such as welcoming new users. Or red heartz ❤️ Or well, improvisational hugsies! (づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ Hm, for addons, aside from an adblocker and something for the clippings - Well, NoScript for additional adblocking and malware protection, an automatic text saver in case the website goes haywire and not loosing everything, and a facebook isolator. My PC is mostly a mess. Driving around files on my 3 internal HDDs because I sometimes run short on space, so it can be hard to say what is where, and I just don't uninstall stuff. By contrast, my external HDDs and devices tend to be very, very tidy, as I want or need to find stuff on them lol.
  12. Like just the sheer amazement of turning it on. Seeing it come to life. Before you knew about internet trolling, political religious fundamentalist extremeism online. Was pretty much easier time in the early 2000s, i had no idea about those. Now i see it all the time on the internet. Even on YouTube. So yeah. It is kind of nice to be nostalgic or well the more simpler ways of dealing with it. But it is also good that it doesn't create echo chambers either. To sort of be open to adapt to new environments and stuff. But yeah i do love to be nostalgic about the more simplistic ways sometimes. But considering not all here is born in 1991. I am just curious to your first experience?
  13. To be honest, I'm very excited for VR, even though I can't afford the graphics card and the new HMDs coming out this year; I'm still going to buy a Oculus Rift DK2 this month. I'm a bit overexcited, personally... What's your opinion on VR (Virtual Reality)?
  14. To clarify, I'm thirty seven years old. I remember the days before the internet was even invented, as well as the early days. Today, kids take super speed internet and zillions of websites for granted. So people of a certain age, what are your memories from the early days of the 'net? Here are some of mine: * Buzz-bong-buzz-bong-brrrrrrrrr... ah, the sound of dial-up. One of the most frustrating noises ever that you were forced to listen to as you waited ages for the internet to load up. Oh yeah, and if someone was on the phone at the time, forget it. You either yelled at your brother/sister to get off the phone or you waited til the line was free. * Downloads that used to take hours. I used to leave the computer chugging away, downloading something, and go and get some lunch. Of course, making sure that no-one was likely to come inside the study and touch the computer or use the landline (see above). I'd also read a book waiting for pages to come up on the screen. Thank goodness for the invention of broadband so we no longer have to waste hours of our lives that we'll never get back waiting for pages to load. * No social media sites; it was message boards all the way, and they were basic as hell. No fancy backgrounds or smilies, just the bare bones. Using chatrooms was the closest we got to social media, and they were always full of creepers and spammers. O_o * Regarding message boards... most were like the Wild West compared to how they are now. For example, one I used to go on was completely out of control with inactive mods and an admin who didn't care. All the users used to flame each other constantly, with an occasional spam or nasty pic posted for a change. That was the worst forum I went on, but most were similar, with only an occasional one that had mods and admins who tried to keep order. Anyone else have anything else?
  15. A long time ago i came to the realization that bluetooth is pretty worthless for file transfers and things of the like. When i learned the protocol found a nice home with voice transfer i thought to myself, "good for you bluetooth, good for you". A few days ago i was introduced to a bluetooth headset. While utter disgust in bt had me reluctant i tried the headset out with my iphone. I used the Plantronics M155 headset as my coworker told me i need to "experience my phone life handsfree". Hes the kind of ass hat that walks around with the thing in his ear 24/7. But i washed out the ear gel and stuffed it in my ear, the pairing, was super easy and the connection was very clear, and then it dawned on me that all phones should be made this way....hands free connection to the phone is amazing! The headset was also optimized for iOS which made it pairing and using a lot easier than other option from what i my question to you all, is do you use bluetooth headsets? I would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly in regard to your experience with bt headsets...
  16. My favorite laptop/computer brands are HP, Asus, and Dell. (Those are the only ones I've owned before)
  17. This thread is a place where fellow disciples of GabeN, and those looking for the lards light can come and discuss Games, Steam sales, Hardware, etc. My glorious build Specs: Msi GD-45 Motherboard Intel core i7 4770k @4.4Ghz & Enermax ets t-40 cooler 32Gb Corsair vengeance Low profile RAM EVGA GTX 970 OC'ed to 1573Mhz Creative Sound Blaster ZXR sound card Samsung 240EVO 250GB SSD & WD black 2TB gard drive Corsair HX 750 PSU Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Post your builds, favorite games, etc. Others with questions about our glorious platform are always welcome here.
  18. This can range from Facebook, Twitter, other forum sites, Skype, any of that. Do you use any other means of social networking outside of the forums? I use Skype pretty much every day nowadays, and I sometimes use Facebook so I can keep up with my other friends that AREN'T bronies.
  19. So on the behalf of still building a new pc , i am wondering which anti virus or anti malware do you guys use ? or do you guys not use any at all and just use windows defender ? go! :3
  20. Do you prefer and membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard?
  21. So sometimes I just want the computer to fail badly, especially Windows. Since it was so common for Windows to crash back in the day, you could get some really cool and unique bugs. I used to stress test anything in Windows until it got too much and usually hang (require the power button to be pressed). But sometimes randomly I got some very strange bugs that I will never forget. What is the strangest bug you have ever encountered (in any computer/game/operating system)? Do you remember what you did when you got the bug? Understanding how Windows worked back then was key to understand why it failed/broke so much. And also how incredible fast and good it was when it didn't fail (there wasn't much competition). The coolest bug I encountered was getting the mouse cursor to show up during a blue screen. You must understand how unique that is. The original blue screen (not the one you are seeing today) was in text mode (the same mode as when you computer boots up, with that blinking cursor), which allows no graphics at all. There is no way you can have art, other than the standard text showing up. All of a sudden I could see the mouse cursor, and move it around the blue screen, pixel by pixel, and it was the Windows mouse cursor design as well, like it was nothing. It was impossible, so I managed to run and get my video camera and film it. The video didn't do it justice. Last year, I managed to hack Windows 98 to get the mouse cursor back. So I finally understood what had happened. And also, it was just the way I remembered it to be, you know, impossible? It should have been impossible. I have photos of it... somewhere. I cannot find them now. But if someone is really interested, I would find them.
  22. I was looking at new phones the other day and realized I don't need an audio jack in my phone because all my ear buds and head sets are Bluetooth anyway. Without the audio jack usually the phone has a different feature implemented in it's place which can be more useful for me. Also aren't there adapters to plug in wired headphones into the charging port?
  23. Considering how Windows XP support's demise is just around the corner ( April 8th ), what are your plans? me myself, I've gone Linux, and haven't really looked back ( in fact my newly installed win7 install is ticking me off. lol ).
  24. So, has anyone heard of this app? If you don’t know what Randonautica is, it is a app for your phone that gives you randomized coordinates depending on what it is you’re searching for. I first heard of it from the scary videos on Nuke’s Top 5. I tried it once, but it didn’t really take me anywhere interesting. If you tried it before, what were you looking for and what did you find? P.S. Only explore during the day and if you can, bring a friend. Thoughts?