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Found 463 results

  1. For me it was either wrestling gurus or spinnernet1
  2. Have any favorite youtuber? I'm curious to know who everyone watches. Mine's H2ODelirious, he is very mysterious youtuber that hasn't shown his face yet. He has over 9 million subs and people ususally depict him wearing a blue hoodie with a grey shirt under, black pants, black shoes and a Jason hockey mask. Edit: Completly forgot to include Chuggaaconroy, he's like the best Nintendo Let's player. He makes amazing puns, his LPs always detailed, he's so funny
  3. So I'm always hearing that there are search engines that are "better than google" and I know google is basically starting to control all media. But it's not like I can search for them on google. So who knows some good search engines?
  4. For those of you who don't know, especially Steam gives away TONS of titles for free in order for making it more comfortable for people to stay home. I will update here regularly. -> Sale ends 4/2/2020 at 5:00 PM I also posted these before:
  5. Well I got my internet connection way back in the year 1999. I remember having an US robotics 56 modem. My dialup connection was a whooping 20-30kb/s. Since the summer of 2004 I have a broadband connection. Going from dialup to broadband was incredible.
  6. So I've been following an incredibly small YouTube team called GalvanicTeam and I really think they need more recognition so I'm here to spread the good word They mostly do videos ranging from media news, video game, anime, manga and movie reviews, and occasionally they do dubs of manga style comics they make featuring the two hostesses of GalvanicTeam's videos Rila and Riley called Bulletwin Tales though they haven't done those in a while. 1 thing I would like to add that's kind of a personal observational opinion but the character Riley's voice actress sounds uncannily similar to Nowacking before they transitioned, may be it's just me I don't know but I'll link two of GalvanicTeam's videos featuring just Riley so you can not only see a bit of what they got on their channel but also so you can tell me if you think she sounds like Nowacking or not, and whether or not you like what GalvanicTeam's got going.
  7. Here's the thing, I love creating names on the internet about being French, stupid and/or salty and liking Derpy. I've created a name, it's "Derpy, The French Faguette" (Baguette + Faggot) I've been warned of this name is offensive in servers and websites and I still don't understand, this name is offensive to other while it's a name describing myself! What do you think? And seriously, it's a creative name, eh?
  8. So from the whole facebook breakout to ware you cant trust them anymore , what is the best social network you use to trust with ? im also looking for suggestions ^^ (besides facebook and twitter)
  9. This forum is for the last YouYube video you watched, in case you had not noticed from the title. If the last one you watched is worth sharing, or might apply to others, then go right ahead! Also keep in mind that they should be appropriate for lower age levels, if you know what I mean. Keep it SFW, ponies. Don't make it too heavy on swearing, nothing too inappropriate, you guys know the drill! And the only video that you are certainly not allowed to post: Please, let them not include knitting. OK! We're all set! The last video I watched was the Beatles studio outtakes. I find it to be pretty funny, if you have the same kind for sense of humor as I do. It's 7 minuets long sooo do what you will with it.
  10. i dont now why the internet has not ban places like 4 chan and kiwi farm? those places bring plobems and illigal stuff.
  11. I think Callux can be annoying at times.
  12. I'll just start. Tinyupload In requirement of sharing a small file and don't to go by these stupid one-click-hosters with all these captchas and waiting timers? - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free TU allows you to quickly, comfortably and without oversized extras to share files up to 50mb. When you just need to share a small file, it delivers.
  13. I tried to find the original thread, but it seems to be long gone. However, if a mod finds it... feel free to merge the threads. In all honesty, I no longer have a favorite youtuber. Not after what PelleK did, and even if it was a mistake... I still think it's better if I moved away from all that damn hero shit. :/ So, who is your favorite Youtuber? :3
  14. You guys remember him? The "Double Rainbow" guy? Unfortunately he died recently.
  15. I think some of the videos they make are funny.
  16. Isn't this just swell? How is your take on this? I am already only having the lowest quality of Netflix anyways. But for Youtube, that's a big change for me!
  17. Is Duck Duck Go really private or safe? Do they keep true to their word? Is it better than Google?
  18. I would say I am a big fan of the Sidemen and Mattdoesfitness
  19. Hello everypony! I'm creating a product idea to share on a website called LEGO IDEAS. The set is based on four YouTubers: Dude Perfect, Charlie Puth, JaidenAnimations, and TheOdd1'sOut. If you could let me know which of these four YouTubers you have heard of, and which you are a fan of, that would be great! I'm trying to get a feel for how many people are aware of these YouTubers. Thanks! ~Regal Shadow
  20. Spread the word. The only real way to possibly stop this is leaving comments on the FTC page. This is beyond ridiculous.
  21. So there are these series of videos on YouTube called grounded videos. Here's a few examples of them What the heck did I just watch? Discuss this below.
  22. I am. Recently, most of us have heard about some goddamn law from the FTC that makes the site "more appropriate for kids to use". Because of this, I'm collecting as many videos as I can for personal use and sacrificing all my the channels I have there, and just rely on alternates like iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Drive and The Internet Archive from now on. Unless you want to be like those overwhelming number of members there who may end up facing charges of the price of a luxury car for each video, I'd be doing the same thing I'm doing right now if I were you.
  23. Every now and then I enjoy listening to scary stories on YouTube. My favorite narrator to listen to is Corpse Husband(I love his voice), but he does not upload very often anymore. I also enjoy listening to be.busta and Lazy Masquerade. Any one else like listening to scary stories? Who is your favorite person to listen to?
  24. Markiplier Jacksepticeye DashieGames GameGrumps Tom Fawkes Super Gaming Bros. Chuggaconroy PBGGameplay Luigikid Gaming Mastermax888 Joshscorcher and Rabbidluigi (they do let's plays aside from their main stuff so I'll count them)
  25. ERB (Epic Rap Battles) is a youtube channel that puts two figures from history (fictional or not) together, and those figures face off in a rap battle. The newest one they've done is Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield. , so I put up a poll about that one. So, I have to ask: Do you like ERB? Which one is YOUR favorite battle? Also, who won in that one? My favorite is either Steve Jobs V Bill Gates (Steve one that one), Frank Sinatra V Freddie Mercury (Freddie won that one!), or Artists vs Turtles (the Artists won for me!)