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Found 6 results

  1. Would any of you ponies know where online one can buy tickets for this year 2016 MLP convention in anaheim? i tried google, twitter, tumblr non of them have links that work. I would appreciate any feed back. Muchas gracias. Chris.
  2. Now that season 5 is over, the year long wait fo season 6 has begun. I want to know what you plan to do until then. YouTube videos, fanfiction reading and patience is gonna get me through this.
  3. *This article is from Equestria Daily* My Little Pony just got swaggier! This Friendship Games motocross bike was seen on the UK Amazon website! NOTES: - It is only listed - It is NOT available - There are only pictures - See Equestria Daily for more info & pictures on the new MLP merch! Thanks!
  4. *This Article Is From Equestria Daily* This Canterlot High Playset was seen on the UK Amazon NOTES: - They are only listed - They are NOT available - There are only pictures on the website - See Equestria Daily for more info! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! I want to share with you my piano cover of the song Sunset Shimmer «My Past is Not Today». I would be happy for the likes and comments). To me it is important to know the opinion of each of you! + Soon, I'll do the world's first piano transcription of the song «Friendship Through the Ages» So subscribe to my channel on YouTube and wait)
  6. Hey everypony! So, I make candles and what i need from you guys is, if you had to connect a smell with each pony what would it be, Like for example if you were to go to the store and see a MLP candle, what would you expect it to smell like? I would really appreciate it if everypony that could would lend a hoof and help me out! oh, and maybe a name for them... i dunno its just a start and i need to make this idea 20% cooler