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Found 17 results

  1. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  2. Currently I'm at home sick so I thought it fitting to post a list of 15 things that always help me when I'm stuck in bed. 1. Tea: Drinking tea always calms me down and soothes my throat. Any teas will do, as long as they aren't too harsh. Usually the labels will say the best uses for each tea. 2. Heat pad: Whenever I'm not feeling well I get out the heat pad. Put it on your stomach and you should feel better and more relaxed. 3. Water: I always drink lots of water when I'm sick. This may sound weird, but you want your pee to be almost clear, not dark. This comes with drinking a lot of water. 4. Toast: If you find that you can't keep anything down, toast is always my go to option. ( with butter) 5. Soup: Like toast, soup is another go to food when I'm sick. Normal Progresso Chicken Noodle is what I buy, but whatever fits your needs. 6. Coloring: Being able to do almost nothing is unbearable. One thing that doesn't require much thought or skill is coloring. So get out your crayons, cat coloring books, and lets get started! 7. TV: Obviously, watching your favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube is the key to getting better. 8. Chicken Broth: When I was little, my mom made mugs of chicken broth when we were sick. At the time, it seemed really disgusting, yet it actually helped. I suggest adding some salt to give it some actual taste.. 9. Music: Listening to your favorite jams can distract you from how horrible you are feeling. 10. Sleep: Everyone needs rest to heal their sickness properly. Who hates sleeping and skipping school anyways?!
  3. The First Era: Twilight moving to Ponyville and ascending to princesshood (seasons 1-4); the pre-movie era! The Second Era: Starlight getting reformed and getting taught under Twilight's wing - whatever her destiny is remains to be seen at the end of the season (seasons 5-7); also the breather era since the movie is pretty much continuing where the Mane Six left off back in season 4. When season 8 releases, it's going to start the Third Era - the post-movie era! With the movie outta the way, the main cast can have a huge amount of development in their lives without consequence! The question is: what's this era going to do with their lives? What's next on Twilight's list now that she became a princess, and taught everything she knew to Starlight? Are we gonna continue where season 4 left off in? Are we gonna continue following Starlight around? Or is this gonna be completely new? If you ask me, I think this era is gonna start Twilight taking Celestia's place! After all, Celestia has been running the kingdom for over a thousand years, and most of the time without Luna, and you think she might want to retire? Could Twilight start to slowly take her mentor's place, and maybe seasons 8-10 might do just that, and that will conclude the series? That's what I believe! It's in Lauren's vision to be Celestia's successor, and when she wants something, DHX does all in their power to make it so! Fluttershy Leans In made that quite clear when Flutters was in the same scenario!
  4. So anyone besides me looking forward to this? It starts tonight at midnight on the science channel! Im so escited!
  5. There's a notification for upgrading to Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices and will arrive on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 as a free upgrade, so that will be after my birthday by 1 day I'm getting Windows 10 and will finally upgrade to that OS on my device. This one is better than it looks on Windows 8! Share your thoughts about Windows 10 OS here!
  6. Windows 10 Discussion Hai this is a discussion for people who have windows 10 and those who dont have windows 10 but unsure if they should make the change. I myself have windows 10 and can answer some questions, if your curious about certain features or how it differs between the old operating systems Anyone can answer the questions posted here, this is a shared discussion.
  7. With E3 being about a month away, lets take a trip down memory lane, as E3 has always been a huge even for gamers, as their always prone to both great and just utterly awful moments for gaming industry giants. But for the sake of this blog, lets just get the bad stuff out of the way Honorable mentions: UBISOFT E3 2011 The actual conference wasn't actually that bad in terms of game announcements. But then I remember that Mr Caffeine was there 5) E3 2012 in general For a showing that was set to reveal two new platforms(Wii U and Vita) you'd expect this one to be great, but surprisingly and unfortunately, it was very lacking. On top of Microsoft still being Kinect heavy and EA being EA, it's really sad when freaking Ubisoft had the best E3 showing that year with the reveal of Watch Dogs(which unfortunately didn't turn out the way people hoped) 4) Microsoft E3 2010 Why was this conference so awful? One word: Kinect. Microsoft's E3 2010 conference was the first and most infamous of many Kinect heavy E3 conferences. No one was interested in the Kinect, and none of the games they were showing were doing them any favors. Topped with bad actors, grown men asking the Kinect to put up Justin Beiber, and one of the most embarrassing showcases of Star Wars within recent memory, it'd be a while before Microsoft would be able to have another good conference. 3) Sony E3 2006 Many legendary memes were born from this trainwreck. Giant Enemy Crab, riiiiiidge racer! Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars. The list goes on. Not only a weak showcasing of games, but the PS3's price point revealed is what hurt this conference as well as the PS3's launch, which delivered an awful blow to Sony's finances(who were already selling the PS3 at a loss), It wasn't until a $300 price cut 2 years later that the PS3's sales would finally improve 2) Nintendo E3 2008 Unfortunately Stong shows 2 years prior wasn't able to stop Nintendo from dropping this turd of a conference. 2008 was a dark year for Nintendo fans, which is inexcusable when earlier that year they release Super Smash Bros Brawl. But they couldn't keep that momentum going, as for this conference they went full-on casual, nearly every game spotlighted were mostly minigame collections, tons of peripherals, Cammie Dunaway and boring stuff like sales numbers. And to top it all off, they ended the show with Wii Music...let that sink in. The conference did a huge number to Nintendo's and the Wii's rep among the press, gamers, and fans alike The only announcement worth mentioning was GTA Chinatown Wars and maybe Nintendo cockteasing Skyward Sword It was such a disaster that Nintendo would hold an October conference later that year, formally apologize for the E3 conference, and then announce games that would've definitely been welcome then, such as a new Punch-Out(which is awesome btw), a new Sin and Punishment, Madworld, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and etc. 1) Konami E3 2010 It was a tough call between this one and Nintendo 2008, but in light of recent events, I feel like giving it to Konami out of spite. Then I decided to watch it again and just though " wonder they're in such an awful state". Seriously, just watch, this video speaks for itself
  8. The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was Nintendo's first console outside of Japan and it has a lot of classic games. I actually didn't grow up during the NES I was born in '97 but there are some gems I enjoy playing on it. So I'll give you my top 10 NES games of all time. Here We Go! #10: Kid Icarus At number 10 is the original Kid Icarus. I will put this low on my list because it can be quite frustrating sometimes. But I liked the greek mythological theme to it and the variety in levels and enemies. #9: DuckTales This game is based on the cartoon show DuckTales and I think this game has aged as well as the TV series. DuckTales was one of the few 80's shows I enjoyed and was a great show. And Disney is even going to reboot this series in 2017. The gameplay of DuckTales is solid where you keep bouncing going through levels and collecting treasures along the way. #8: Legend of Zelda Next is the original Legend of Zelda and is actually one of my favorites in the series because of the simplicity. It feels clunky compared to later games but I think it's still fun to play. I find it easy to pick up and play because there is barely any text or tutorials but I would say it has one of the weaker stories in the series. #7: Balloon Fight I liked the concept of Balloon Fight where you fly with balloons and pop the other enemies balloons. I thought that was a neat concept. I found this game to be a simple fun and addicting arcade style game. And it also has an extra mode called Balloon Trip which is fun too. #6: Popeye Here's another game based on a cartoon series, Popeye. This is a port of the Nintendo arcade game and is actually a solid adaptation of the cartoon. You play as Popeye trying to avoid Bluto and you collect hearts, music, or help letters from Olive Oyl and you can even get spinach. Like Balloon Fight this is a simple, fun arcade game. #5: Mr. Gimmick This one is kind of a hidden gem and it was only released in Japan and Europe, and is a rare game these days. Regardless this is a fun yet challenging platformer game where you play as Gimmick, a cute creature who can generate stars. I thought that was a neat concept. It can be challenging because the way the star bounces are based on a physics mechanic that can be frustrating at times. I also like the color and detail in this game. #4: Kirby's Adventure This is one of my favorite Kirby games ever. It's the first Kirby game where you get the copy ability so you can mess with different abilities which is fun to do. It has a wide variety of levels, and enemies. And this game also has some bonus games like a crane game and a gun draw game. A very fun platformer and it was remade for the GBA. #3: Mother/Earthbound Zero Mother is the prequel to Earthbound on the SNES and there's not many differences. The sequel on SNES feels more like a reboot more than a sequel but this is my favorite RPG on the NES. It has a modern setting, has varied worlds, and quirky enemies and dialogue. This game is the weakest in the series mainly because it's harder and more grinding but it's still cool to check out. While the graphics and game mechanics don't hold up well the music is still great. #2: Super Mario Bros. Oh yeah you knew this was coming. The original Super Mario Bros that started it all. A solid platforming game where you play as Mario and try to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. It was remade for Super Mario All Stars and Gameboy Color and I would say the Gameboy Color version is the definitive version but the original on the NES started it all. And my #1 favorite NES game is... So that was my Top 10 NES Games of all time. What are yours?
  9. With the recent announcement of Wii games being available for purchase at the Wii U eShop at yesterday's Nintendo Direct, fans have been feverishly thinking about what games they'd want to see get another release(and/or your like me wondering why they still can't get GC and N64 games on there, as well as DS games like they announced earlier). And while there's plenty of games on the system that should get another shot, seeing the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming soon made me think that it'd be the perfect opportunity for them to release games that either never got a chance here or are ridiculously expensive to get 10) Xenoblade Chronicles One of the 3 games that was part of Operation Rainfall, a movement meant to convince NoA to localize 3 certain JRPGs, and often considered one of the best RPGs of last gen(or at least best JRPG), Xenoblade Chronicles was only released in North America at Gamestops and is often hard to get without having to pay an organ for it. It'd be understandable if they didn't release it now since the New 3DS port of it is on it's way, but it'd be great to see it appear down the line for those who want to experience it on the console once Xenoblade Chronicles X rolls along 9) Last Story The second game of the Operation Rainfall trilogy and the latest console game created by the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi. While it's not as ridiculously expensive a few other games on this list(about $30 for a used copy at Gamestop), it's still a relatively hard to find game, but it's a fun one 8) Pandora's Tower The 3rd game of the Operation Rainfall trio, and the least successful of the 3. I never got a chance to play it, and I'm still having trouble finding a copy, so all the more reason to put it here 7) Madworld This game's actually pretty cheap($10 new, $3 used at Gamestop), but good luck finding it. Madworld is a gloriously violent and incredibly fun game by Platinum Studios, but is unfortunately one of the Wii's many overlooked gems. With Nintendo's recent works with Platinum like Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, seeing this on the eShop is only fitting 6) Captain Rainbow This is where the rereleases can really shine, releasing titles that never left Japan's shores Captain Rainbow has a small cult following on the internet and is one of many Japanese Wii titles that many people want to see. Judging from some of the videos and screenshots I've seen, I have no fucking clue what it's supposed to be about, which is probably what I want to see it more 5) Fatal Frame IV/Fatal Frame 2 Remake For some reason, after Nintendo received the rights to the Fatal Frame franchise, they've been held hostage in Japan. If they want to see if a market exists in the west(it probably does), it would be a good time to give the game a western release in time for Fatal Frame V(which I hope also releases in the US) 4) Disaster Day of Crisis An action-adventure game by Monolith Soft, the creators of Xenoblade, was released in just about everywhere but the US for some unknown reason. I remember being very excited for this game when I first heard about it and saw, so hearing that it wasn't going to be localized in the US was pretty soulcrushing 3) Zack&Wiki's Island Adventure Much like Madworld, it's pretty cheap, but much like that, it's also hard to find 2) Klonoa Klonoa is awesome. This game and this series deserves more love 1) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn The sequel to the beloved Gamecube title, Path of Radiance. From what I've heard, it's the least successful titles in the series commercially. This along with the demand so high(especially after the surge of popularity the series recently got from Awakening) makes it one of the most difficult to get game in the series and on the system its on. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to get the game for $10-20 at the eShop as opposed to some of the ridiculous prices I've seen it go for I'm aware that there are tons of games I probably missed that people would undoubtedly like to see(like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which I've seen go up for $160 for some unholy). If you want, share your opinions on what you'd like to see come back on the eShop
  10. There will be a countdown from ten (though it can be changed), and after someone posts 1, the next person posts something cool (image, link, fact, I don't care). The countdown will then restart. I will begin. 10...
  11. Hi there. We all know our beloved top poster, @Scootalove, a.k.a. the best in the world, is on the horizon of breaking 10,000 posts as a member! So...I was wondering...when do you think the best in the world will do it? I personally will put my money on February 19, 2014 Winner, or whoever gets closest to the date, will get a prize from me (does love count as a prize? )
  12. I ask these: 1. why 10 tags? 2. why not 15? There you go! Short, sweet, and to the point.
  13. Hi! I'm Alisha! I'm 10 years old and I love writing! I live with my mummy and talk with my friend, Volt! I don't have my cutie mark yet, but I don't care! You're free to ask me, my mum Cream Puff or Volt any questions!
  14. Anyways, something weird happened today. Some dumbass smashed my skull in with a sledgehammer. Thankfully, it didn't kill me. However, when I got home, a bunch of weird stuff started falling out of the hole he made in my skull. I peeled back the bits of bone and I started picking at it. It's all pink and looks like some kind of weird tissue. I sometimes tear bits of the pink tissue out of my head and feed it to my pet catfish. Should I stop doing that? Now that I think of it, what is that pink stuff anyways? My friends call it "brains". Should I be worried? Should I get some medical attention?
  15. Just forget about this whole thing. I really messed what this used to be up and I can't come up with anything other than one beat. Could some Admin or whatever delete this for me? It was a waste of my, and everypony elses' time. Assuming this is deleted and that somepony will see this before it's deleted. I might make a new topic once I have something that's actually worth listening to
  16. You guys should tell me any opinions/ modifications you think might be needed in my list. Also, enjoy. I hope none of you ever make a list like many bad films....(these are all films from 2011 BTW) Also. what would you put as your top ten worst films? (of 2011 or overall...) 10. Breaking Dawn Okay, this was surprisingly watchable compared to other films on this list. Which is saying a lot because this was still horrible, but nowhere on the plane of the other films. 9. The Smurfs The Smurfs has one redeeming quality to it, and that is the actor Neil Patrick Harris. His humor is the only thing I really understood about this film. The Smurfs as a cartoon, were not that fantastic to start out with. Then they made this film a solid 20-odd years after that cartoon finished airing. If they didn't say smurf or smurfin, or smurf something every two seconds this might have actually been bearable. 8. Red Riding Hood This wasn't bad as much as it was absurdly dull. Every scene felt like a new, dull, dead end adventure. Its a dull film, featuring dull characters, and an incredibly dumb plot. It was fairly hard to sit through this, but I did it, so trust me when I say don't make the same mistake I did. 7. New Years Eve This is it, its amazing, they've pulled this off. This is, hands down, the worst rom-com I've seen to this day. The plot tries to intertwine as couples find each other on New Years Eve, but the film just becomes a convoluted mess of nothingness. The comedy is bland, and hard to find. The romance seems soulless and dead, and the entirety of the film feels like someone just sloppily put it together for profit. 6. Season Of the Witch This film has an absurdly silly plot, silly characters, and incredibly stupid special effects. I love most Cage films, as his acting is...uumm.....usually "outstanding" and makes me laugh. In this film though Cage seems to not care, and he attempts to act serious throughout the entirety of the film. Despite what most would think, serious Cage is bland and tasteless, as opposed to hilarious. The end of the film rewards a few laughs, but other than that I do not recommend viewing this one, Cage fan or not. 5. Chipwrecked Oh yeah, if you know me you know whats coming here. After about an hour of the high pitched what I can only describe as raping of songs, I was good and ready to leave. The story is stupid, the voices are annoying, the actors seem confused at why they are there. I endured the entirety of this garbage, and to this day find it amazing that I am FORCED to put it on my list as #5. 4. Transformers 3 Okay, I can understand if some of you are angry about this one being here. However, I believe this film was completely intolerable. Michael Bay has this habit of scrapping a good plot for more action. In some cases, this might actually pass as a good film. However, when you run 2 hours and 30 minutes in a film it NEEDS a good plot. This film jacks around for the first hour and a half, and then for the last hour its just pure explosions and battles. Not recommended for anyone, unless you enjoy a lot of pointless action. 3. Atlas Shrugged This adaptation of the novel by Ayn Rand should have never existed. The politics and ideals behind Ayn Rand's views, I don't mean to be blunt, but they don't work, and they never will. This film is one boring, stupid mess, even if I did agree with Ayn Rand's views I would still feel that way about this film. It poorly interprets the book, it is slow and clunky, and I fell asleep ten minutes into it the first time I attempted to watch it. This was by far the most boring film of 2011. 2. Jack and Jill Ooooohhhhhh man, this film. Adam Sandler was once a hilarious guy, making films many enjoyed, and having humorous skits on SNL. This movie is the clear and utter disappointment that proves those days are long gone. Al Pacino had some funny scenes, but since this movie was bent on showing Jack and Jill we don't get to see him much. The film is fully blown with fart jokes, childish jokes, and jokes that Adam Sandler thought people would find funny, but apparently duded out for everyone else. Horrible and clunky Jack and Jill easily won the Razzies this year (The Razzies are awards for the worst film of the year). My highest recommendation to those who want to see this film is simply this: do not. 1. Bucky Larson This film has one running gag, and the problem lies in that that gag is not funny. To make a good comedy film typically it is required to have more than one running joke in general. There is honestly not a whole lot I can say about this film. I've blocked most of it from my memory out of pure spite. The film achieved a 0% on rotten tomatoes, an impressive feat by any means. When this film ended i felt happy, happy that I would never have to witness something like this again. I recommend this film if you hate yourself, and feel the need to attempt to endure something worthless and bad.