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Found 1 result

  1. Smarts

    How I found Nirvana

    This story begins one fabled day in January of 2015. Our hero, Smarts, is browsing through steam's upcoming game list. All of a sudden, he spots something that catches his eye. "Now what is this?" he says. This was definitely different from what he usually sees, in a good way. After checking the page and being interested in the screenshots and description, Smarts knew he had to purchase this game. When the time came and Smarts started playing the game, he was pleasantly surprised to find that this purchase was totally worth it. He enjoyed the game and became hooked to the series not long in. All was looking bright... but then, she appeared. Her name was IF. I instantly liked her. She had a cool design, a tomboyish nature, was tough, a leader-like figure, had connections, and overall was cute while being badass at the same time. Sweet bejeezuls! This girl was everything to me. I kept her in the party at all times, from the beginning of the game, to the end, and even through the colisseum. IF was judge, jury, and executioner. She was the hero Gameindustri needed, but didn't deserve. She was the law! That and the nickname given to her was Iffy, which is cute as sin. All in all, I had found my nirvana and enjoyed the game thoroughly. I eagerly awaited the port of Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation. When it was released to steam, I hurried and bought it ASAP. I was not disappointed. It was just as fun if not more than the first. I loved every second of it. Remember, IF is love, IF is life. Fin