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Found 7 results

  1. Alright guys. I, The Crimson Cross have decided to have a counting game of my own. Muahahahaa!!!! The rules with this one aren't so simple. At times I'll be counting with you, I'll boost you and subtract you. I'll even give you choices at certain times. So in other words, the rules are entirely dependant upon what I choose! So, expect the worse from me because things will certainly get whacky! Consider it to be like a game of snakes and ladders, except I am the evil overlord watching over you... petting my cat in all glory.. Yes. That's right I will manipulate you and toy with you at certain times. So without further adieu! Let the counting Commence!! QUIZ RULES: -5 points for each incorrect answer. -5 points if a negative counter answers the question correctly. There are no penalties for a negative counter guessing the incorrect answer. List of Negative Counters: @Ashley (Not SCS)~ The Quiz Master @Lightwing (Sea Swirl)~ Can -5 points to the score every 1 hour. VICTORIES: Positive Counters: 14 Negative Counters: 6
  2. Many of us know about the 100th episode treat, that the background charters will their own episode, and it makes me ask something: How will the fandom react? We all know that many of our headcanons will be destroyed, and I would like to heard from more experienced bronies, since I only been a brony for a few months and wasn't there during the Derpy incident or Twilight becoming an alicorn. All that I know about these events are from My Little Brony, and they are more opinions of a few than of the whole. So, what is your prediction? How will the fandom react?
  3. Please can you put this in the Season 5 discussion folder please, thanks. OK, so, there is no episode this week, or on May 30th or June 6th. Are they going to implement a new break system? Is there a LPS finale like last time? When will the final be? Is there a hiatus? What explains the hearth warming episode then? And how are Hasbro doing it?
  4. Simple question. Do you go for 100% completion on video games? I usually go for everything I can, just so I can feel the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge. How about you?
  5. well, the first of many has been completed. I had to redraw this one many times because i couldnt think of a good pose for him. His design is so awesome that it seems like its a shame to leave him like this...maybe i'll come back to him later? And....-drum roll please- I've finished another one! I'm just going down the list at this point, its as good a strategy as any...heh. So, the next one is Dusk Nova! and starting the next one in 5....4.....3.....2...1....zzzzzzzzz next one! this is tender voice, I would have put the cutie mark on there, but the little spandex suit he's wearing would cover it, so...yeah. heheh
  6. opiwja fposkadf plskd fl;ks;pld fkpseod; zfgdsgf
  7. My first attempt at a signature.