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Found 13 results

  1. Title: Slice of Life Air Date: June 13. 2015 Written By: MA Larson Synopsis: As Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity battle a monster, the rest of Ponyville rushes to make it to a wedding on time. U R NOT E
  2. EVERYBODY SAVE THE DATE!!!!! 7/6/16 UPDATE: I think I'm gonna cancel this project due to the stress it's been giving me, so I'm very sorry, but there will NOT be a special edition of the 100th episode of the series.
  3. How would you all have reacted a few weeks ago had Amending Fences been aired as the 100th episode? I mean it does harken back to the first episode, has Twilight looking back to how she was, and we get to see how much she's grown over 99 episodes. We also get new characters and backstory on some old ones. Plus we get a heartfelt moral and a conclusion with feels. It almost feels like that maybe Don't get me wrong. Slice Of Life was amazing and is my new favorite episode, but Amending Fences feels like it was a 100th episode candidate, but lost out, yet somepony said, "lets keep this for a future episode." What do you all think? Would this have made a good 100th episode? More or less so than Slice Of Life?
  4. Every day shall be cake day! i would love to see this scenes -After everyone is gone and in the town hall, the bat ponies and royal guards are outside doing silly impressions of Princess Luna and Celestia. "Every day shall be cake day!" -and vinyl Scratch talking wish they could add all this scenes on a dvd boxset or something
  5. 100 episodes. One Second Opinion. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, GO! To subscribe:
  6. I sure do have a problem with jumping around seasons as far as reviews are concerned, but I had to get on this episode because this is a very special occasion. 100 episodes of the third one of the best TV series of all-time! It feels like just yesterday I was a 12-year-old asshead sitting on my bed flipping through channels just to happen to catch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ("Stare Master"). Granted, I changed the channel when it was over and didn't become a fan of the show for another year, but I still remember that afternoon.... ...barely... ...anyway, here were are, four years later, and this show has come a long way. It's seen its highlights of magnificence and its days of absolute animosity and shitiness. But through the thick and sin, I've stuck with the show because I know it can be a brilliant marvel of writing and characterization. At least, that's what it was. Or is it still at the top of its game? Can this episode handle a plotless story with grace? Let's see! P.S: This is a spoilers review. If you haven't seen this episode yet, kindly go find it in yourself to seek guidance from a higher power. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Bless you, brother. So, this episode opens up with two characters from "A Friend in Deed," Cranky and Miltida. Being one of my favorite episodes, it was a nice surprise to see these two again. But it seems Derpy Muffins has screwed up their glorious wedding as she set the date in the invitations for today! Oh, Muffins! D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfuq Muffins Derpy feels really bad about this, and talks to her friend, Doctor Hooves, about how she wishes she could turn back time and fix the problem. In comes THE TARDIS! ... Actually, the Doctor just takes her down to his basement or something, which I guess is kind of like the TARDIS interior. I guess. Anyway, the Doctor goes on to talk about ways to help her before he's interrupted by the fact that he doesn't have a suit for the wedding! What happened to your wardrobe room, Doctor? So, he seeks Rarity's help before he realizes that she's out fighting a giant bugbear that no one cares about. He seeks Vinyl Scatch's assistance in hopes that she might know where Rarity disappeared to. She then takes him to the local bowlery where the Doctor meets the Dude. I actually wasn't expecting this reference, so this was a very pleasant scene. The Dude and his crew have some really nice suits, so they agree to tailor a new suit for him if he becomes the fourth member of their bowling team. Just outside, the Mane Six are planning an attack on the bugbear while them.... Anyone else find this really disturbing? Anyway, Octavia is among this crowd, who finds worry that the bugbear will interfere with her composition process and performance at the wedding that will never happen. No sooner than you can say Steven Magnet, enter the BUGBEAR! Basically, my form when they get my order wrong at McDonald's While this insanity takes place, Lyra and Bon-Bon share a heartwarming scene about friendship and what not before Bon-Bon reveals that she is actually special agent Sweetie Drops that was sent here to track and capture the bugbear after it escaped. One question - how long has the bear been on the loose? 'Cause, ya know, you've, kinda been here, for a while...... Meanwhile, Matilda, Derpy, and Cranky are still running around hoping that people can speed up the catering for tonight rather then whenever the wedding was supposed to be. We get to see some interesting interactions between these characters and the lesser-popularized but still beloved background characters such as Rose, Daisy, Lily Valley, and Amethyst Star. Cleanup on Aisle 100. After a brief return to the Doctor's bowling scene before he and Derpy both flee from that plotline, we are greeted with the return of the previously mentioned Steven Magnet while he sharing spa space with Matilda. He both helps Matilda feel better and makes her anxieties worse all in the same minute in their little conversation about how the wedding is so very important. I like how quality drops in the images mid-review. While this occurs, Octavia is practicing her music while trying to figure out which songs to perform for the wedding. Vinyl decides to help her out by adding some "sick beats" to her classical music and an incredible sequence ensues. Being a musician myself, honestly, this sequence was AWESOME! F***************************************************************************************K YES! They realize they're going to be late, and Vinyl mobilizes this sequence of awesomeness only to start running into people, giving them a ride, and in the end having everyone in the town conveniently end up where they need to be: at the wedding! But, as a freeze frame explosion of ponies take place, Gummy contemplates the meaning of life itself. I personally think we could have an intriguing debate on this, and I of course would be right because clearly I am always right. Gummy does bring up some excellent counterpoints to my theories, though. Quite the intellectu-OH, LOOK, HIDDEN FRAME OF THE CREW IN HORSE MASKS!!!!! I love it! When everyone is at the wedding, Lyra and Bon-Bon make up for their little squabble about Sweetie Drops keeping secrets as Celestia and Luna have a little squabble about not bringing their present. Kind of entertaining until it was ruined two minutes later. Finally, the Doctor slaps his outfit together with an iconic scarf and, when Derpy "comes on to him" or some shit, he quotes his best incarnation's signature catchphrase of "Allons-y!" before entering the building. I didn't think they would make too many Doctor Who references, honestly, but I was very appreciative of it in the end. Heh heh heh heh........ugh. Finally, the Mane Six attempt to get into the wedding before Derpy shuts the door on them and the Mayor phones in some bullshit about main characters in our universe and friendship and nothing that has to do with a f**king wedding ceremony as Matilda and Cranky Doodle kiss. They are then pronounced Jack and Jill Jenny. The mayor looks a bit too turned on by fact....I'm sure someone out there was turned on by this. And in the end, this episode had very little story going on. It was loose as a goose and in the end had a phoned-the-f**k-in moral that has no subtly or sense to it. In fact, the whole ending after the Doctor says "Allons-y" was written like shit, and arguably, this whole episode pretty sloppy itself. But that's not really a problem here. "Slice of Life" is a nice break from analyzing and trying to break down all of the morals and the characters and the plot and all that. Nothing in this episode has any prior build up, but it's definitely not a failure. Aside from the last two cringe-worthy minutes, this episode is fun to watch very enjoyable. You don't even need to be active in the fandom to enjoy it, or to get some of the references. It's a special occasion and a special episode as a result. I've been pretty lenient on episodes from this season as being just passable enough for me not to care, but I think this one of the only episodes from season five I'd actually go back and watch again, even in vain of the terrible theme they tried to shove into it. Overall, I'd give this episode a 9/10. Here's to 100 more episodes! Actually, please, don't go to 200. I kinda want this show to stop before it really jumps the shark.
  7. Another made today vector from My Little Pony 100th episode (: . -- Deviantart link - . --
  8. Just a reminder for today's 100th episode of MLP:FiM...The fandom and the headcanons on this show will NOT be destroyed. Agreed?
  9. Right, so now I'm positive this episode's gonna be a trainwreck. Now it just feels like they're spoon feeding the fans this content rather than giving us a good episode. If it turns out good I will be surprised. What do you guys think?
  10. So why is every Friendship is Magic fan so sure this is going to be bad all of a sudden? To subscribe:
  11. The wait for the 100th episode of MLP continues everypony, but in the meantime we've got quite a bit to tide us over in the now-less than two weeks remaining before the episode's premiere. First of all, there's the absolutely lovely, fully-animated version of the classic fan-song "Lullaby for a Princess" just released by WarpOut today; if you haven't checked that out yet, I cannot recommend it enough, and you can find it in the first 'Spoiler' tag below. Secondly, as by now I'm sure most of you know, Hasbro was kind enough to release a teaser of sorts for the 100th episode, a clip giving us a taste of just what exactly is in store for us. Without going into too much detail, it is quite glorious looking, if I do say so myself, and you can find said clip in the second 'Spoiler' tag below. So yeah, DHX's pledge that the 100th episode's focus would be on background ponies looks to be true in every which way, and I could not be happier. However, amazing as this clip is and the forthcoming episode is looking to be, I don't want the focus of this thread to be so much about the 100th episode as the background ponies themselves. Here, to help build the excitement in our lovely little pony community for MLP's 100th episode, I want to know what your favorite background pony memory or element is. You can list anything, from a particular background pony and what you love about them, to a certain scene starring them, to even fan art of them: whatever happens to be your favorite, best memory of background ponies since joining this fandom, share it with the entire MLP Forums community, and feel free to share what you hope to see pertaining to background ponies in the 100th episode as well. To give you all an idea of what exactly I hope to see in this thread, I'll start off. Anyone who's known me here for even a little bit of time should know that I am a bonafide, raving, fanatical lover of all things Derpy Hooves to the extreme, and have been pretty much since I entered the fandom back in 2012 right as the "The Last Roundup" controversy was just winding down. Having said that, some of you might think that, obviously, Derpy's first time speaking is my fondest memory of her and background ponies in general, and that's certainly not a bad bet. It certainly is one of my all-time favorite things about Derpy, and remains near and dear to my heart. However, it's not my fondest memory of her or background ponies in general, though it's close to it. My fondest memory of Derpy is actually the first time that I realized how much I cared about this character that is, as it stands in the show's canon, barely a character to this date. It might've been before I saw "The Last Roundup" clip, it might've been after, I can't exactly remember, but I do know that it was right around the time that I was first entering the fandom when I first realized that I was quickly becoming a Derpy-superfan. And the reason that realization to this day remains so dear to me is because that was also probably the first time that I realized just how much I was coming to love both MLP:FiM and it's wonderful fan community. So because of that, to this day any affection I feel for Derpy Hooves remains a centerpiece of my love for MLP and bronydom, and she continues to represent, to me, in how both the creators and the fans have treated her and depicted her, the best things that this show and fandom has to offer. Derpy Hooves is, for me, at the heart of my love for the show and this community, and to this day the first time that I realized that about her remains probably my favorite background pony memory since joining the fandom. So there you have it, folks, my fondest memory of Derpy and background ponies in general. What are some of yours, I'd love to hear them. Obviously I don't expect everyone to have as deep-seated an affection for background ponies as that, but whatever is your favorite thing about background ponies in general, or a specific background pony you particularly like, please share it here, I'd love to see what everyone has to say in the buildup to what should prove to be a truly special and memorable episode.
  12. i don't know what happened, i got up and looked for what time the next my little pony episode aired today. to my surprise when i looked it up it said there were 14 days left until the next episode would release. did they change the release date again like last time or did i just miss is somehow?
  13. Depending on how good season four does in the ratings, (*Coughs* Unlike Futurama's ratings, which lead to its downfall, man I love that show.) we mightn't even see a season 5. But there's LOTS AND LOTS of Bronies so that's unlikely to happen. So, no real chance of it being canceled. So what do you think the 100th episode would be like? An epic episode or just a 'normal' episode? I just hope it doesn't end up like the Simpsons. That show is a perfect example of being on the air for way too long.