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Found 2 results

  1. Another Undertale 3D model I created, because why not?
  2. I have chosen and received ASUS VG248QE One of my monitors (L204WT-SF) has been having a flickering problem so I've been thinking that I may as well buy a new one at about this time. As the title states, I'm looking for a 1080p, 120Hz or higher (preferably 120Hz if it means saving money), 24-inch monitor. I'm not sure if I'll have too much care for a monitor that has extra features like having USB ports, audio jacks or a highly adjustable stand since I do plan on eventually buying either a double or triple monitor stand sometime in the future. Monitors I have noted so far are BenQ XL2420Z, BenQ XL2411Z, and ASUS VG248QE. BenQ XL2420Z is the most expensive option and has the extra features mentioned above but I would prefer leaving those out if it means I'll save money. I'm not sure if the display itself is notably better than the other options below. BenQ XL2411Z is a significantly cheaper option than above, seemingly having the same specs as above but with less extras put onto the monitor, but I'm not fond of the bit of the monitor that is sticking out on the bottom right. ASUS VG248QE I'm thinking may be the monitor I would most likely end up getting of the three since it seems to have just the things I'm wanting, though I'm not completely sure if I correctly understood what each monitor had to offer. Whatever choice I go with will be an upgrade to my current monitor. My options range from about $250 to $400 and as long as the monitor has the three specifications mention before, I would prefer to spend less money if it means having less extras. What do you people think? If you have suggestions for monitors I may be interested in buying or opinion about my possible choices, I would appreciate it.