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Found 5 results

  1. Now I've always been a music kind of dude! Music is one of the things that makes the MLP series great, it's all very catchy! Sometimes Daniel gets adventurous with the genres! However most of the songs sound modern-poppy, and I'm not a big fan of that genre. You know what music genre we need on the show? Classic rock! Not like the rock from Rainbow Rocks! That music is catchy, but... not very classic sounding! I've always loved hearing the unique rock styles of Boston, Styx, Kansas, Genesis, Eddie Money, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi, etc. Don't you wanna hear Rainbow Dash sing in an 80s style rock like Pat Benatar? How about Spike rocking it out as somepony plays an organ solo in the middle? How about some 50s or 60s style rock like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, the Beach Boys... oooh, I so wanna hear a quartet on the show sounding like the Four Seasons! What do y'all think? Bring some oldies style stuff into the show every so often? This generation needs a taste of some classic rock! Don't believe me? Look up these awesome artists!
  2. If MLP:FiM was not produced in America (or by Lauren Faust), but from someone else from any one of these places: * 1950's America * England (with BBC or ITV's help) * Japan (not as a foreign dub, but from a Japanese producer) ... how will their versions' content be any different from the actual show's content?
  3. I am only 27 but oldies 50/60's music has been a part of my childhood. Every Saturday my Father used to spend time with my brother and I we would go grab lunch and just hang out and do stuff, in the 1963 Chevy he would often have oldies music playing on the radio songs like Blue Moon, Wake Up Little Suzy, Duke of Earl and other classics. Anyone else listen to oldies?
  4. I'm a bit of a mid-20th century nut, and I'm looking to find a few good 40s/50s pony pics. I'm looking to get a signature made, but that's on hold until I find the art needed. Preferably, I'm looking for something grand and spectacular, like a 1940s rendition of Canterlot complete with all the bells and whistles, or a Ponyville suburbia from the 50s. Something that captures what Equestria would look like if it was set in that era. But sadly, Derpibooru has completely failed me and right now I'll settle for anything from a wartime propaganda poster to Applejack singing Chubby Checker. I can't really be picky right now. So yeah, post the pony art that your Grandfather would have commissioned if he had Deviantart access in Korea. Looking forward to see what you all find. Thanks.