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Found 141 results

  1. I really want to make one, but I can't figure out how to make one of those awesome, personalized ones with titles over the pictures and everything.
  2. Do you have trouble sleeping? How much sleep do you get? I've always been a light sleeper, it's gotten particularly bad the last week after losing a family member, I'm going to attempt to sleep properly tonight with Diazepam.
  3. Do ever feel like you've been here too long? On the forum, in the fandom? If so why?
  4. What do you think of Dakimakuras and their owners? Discuss.
  5. A few days ago I was driving with my cousin and were were talking about something to do with cars. Then he said, "hey, remember when you had that rainbow dash?" I almost started laughing because I never thought I would hear those two words together anywhere other than in a conversation with something to do with MLP. Now about this "rainbow dash" he was talking about. Back when I had my first car, one of the bulbs in the gauge cluster burned out. When I had it out I was surprised that it used very common sized automotive bulbs. This gave me the bright idea to put color changing LED bulbs in place of all of them. All I can say is that "20% cooler" is an understatement in this case. It was fricken awesome and one of the trippiest things ever!!! The needles would all change color while the numbers were also changing color, all independently of each other. Everyone LOVED it. I don't have any pics or video because I sold the car not too long after because I found a better car for a deal I couldn't pass up. I also didn't even think too at the time. Funny thing is my cousin has the same type of car- a couple years newer than mine was. I saved the bulbs before I sold mine and I think I'll put them in his car. I'll put pictures if I do! Have any of you guys heard any pony names out of context anywhere before? I'm betting this is going to be a hard question since a lot of the names are pretty hokey, LOL!
  6. For the sake of creating the greatest profiles in MLP Forums history, we shall rate the above user's profile background.
  7. Does anyone have an extra hoodie that I could buy. I've looked for some, but they cost a lot. Rainbow dash is my favorite and some of the ones I've seen are really cool.
  8. The premise is simple: someone posts a videogame screenshot, and you try to guess it. After the game is guessed you can then post a screenshot of your game in return. Retro and obscure games are allowed. Hints are also allowed. As much fun as it is to stump your opponent it's also fun to move onto the next game to guess so it's relative. I'll start with a shot I think is fair but not too easy. Guess this game:
  9. Rainbow Dash has been an obvious tomboy since the start of the show and still is but even tomboys can have feminine side and we have seen some subtle hints of Rainbow Dash having one throughout the series the most recent episode Rarity Takes Manehattan it is considerably more obvious than usual. Rainbow Dash looked just as forward to seeing Hinny of The Hills as everypony else and even shouted "I loved it" after seeing it even if she did down play it afterwords with "its aight" and musicials are commonly viewed as a bit girly. It makes me wonder what other "girly" things Rainbow Dash might like but perhaps might not be willing to admit to or willing to try due to her own insecurities about maintaining her rep. I am not saying Rainbow Dash has to be girly filly like Rarity, but an episode about this could reinforce the lesson she learned in Read it and Weap about willing to try new things and that you should like what you like, be true to yourself and not worry about what other ponies think. We had an Applejack/Rarity episode back in season 1 where Applejack and Rarity butted heads over form vs function, maybe there could be an episode Rarity could get a bit pushy about getting Rainbow Dash to try something a bit "girly" and she tries it to shut her up and pretends to hate it, Applejack knows something is up and could act as a voice of reason which could present some interesting character development for all three of them.
  10. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  11. A family-friendly PMV of the famous Alex S. remix/rap version of Ken Ashcorp's song, 20 Percent Cooler. Hope you all like!
  12. It obviously isn't the best, but I would like some feedback!
  13. Omg BronyCan is over and by far the best weekend of my life. I had so much adventures and fun and ill miss everyone that I have met but I know for sure that in a year we will all be back together. I know a few of us are shedding liquid pride tonight Because we know that the time to make memories is over but The memories will stay and brighten our future. We all get picked on for liking what we love but what we need to remember is that any pain one of us is going though were are all going though it together because we are bronys and we are always there for each other. Never forget the friends you made this weekend because we are all alike, we all might be different but we all have one thing in common. A love for a great show. So stay united Bronys and pegasisters for together we can help each other though thick and thin. I love you all and thank you all for what you have helped me with. One last thing, Isn't it great to be different. Love, Skitter Run
  14. Not sure if an Ico crossover has been done much. I have another image of this crossover in mind but this one is just an extra cause I had time to do it. Mostly played with the background stuff.
  15. This idea came to me the other day, so I made it. Sorry its massive.
  16. Was practising silhouettes and ended up making this. Full Size HERE
  17. Whew. I haven't worked this hard on an image in what feels like a long time now. 10 hours or so were put into this image. So many layers... I hope you like it. I know I do. If you want to see the full sized version, use this LINK.
  18. I have no explanation as to why these exist.
  19. Hey everypony! I was just wondering if any of the artists out there could make a leg cast design based on rainbow dashes cutie mark or something to that effect. I recently blew out just about all of the ligaments in my left ankle during a football game (American football for all you British ponies out there :3 ) and decided the best design would be based off my favorite pony! The color of my cast is light blue (Not baby blue just... lighter ) and there are only three rules: It has to be PG, the design cannot excessively use rainbows (There can be a few), and it has to be "Cool," if that makes sense. What I mean by that is I'm going to be showing this off at school (Junior in high school, middle linebacker of the football team so I couldn't care less what people thought about the design) and I would like it to be awesome to others without anyone thinking "What a homo" or something like that. Sorry for being so picky, this has been stuck in my head for bit.
  20. More practise stuff. When I originally thought of this it was going to be Maud and Pinkie. But when I started, for whatever reason, I decided to change to Luna and Tia here. Not sure if Celestia is enjoying herself because Luna managed to hurt herself or because Luna is being evasive about receiving help, ether way I love both their expressions.
  21. Trying to practice not worrying about mistakes and details, I think it often leads to better art but I find it so hard to not wanna fix everything. I really like the Pinkie one here.
  22. I took way too much time on minor details (especially ones you can't even see) But it was all good practice I think. If you see anywhere I can improve with Photoshop, tell me.
  23. Haven't done a Trixie in a while and I had this idea yesterday, so here it is.
  24. I need everyone to know that this is a blog that is not by me, but by my friend on a Ponysquare website on a rant about trolls, neigh sayers, haters and what not that have attacked her friends, and me and she wanted me to spread it, but since a lot don't see my blog, I thought this could also be qualified as a topic, so not hate, mockery, or insult just tell your constructive opinions and thoughts about it, so there won't be any problems and without further delay, I'll give you the blog/topic and the picture and story to support it. (Hope it don't get taken down) Once again, no hate, no mocks or insults, or attacking me, just spreading this for constructive, non insulting opinions and thoughts. Okay, so I'm going do a little rant and an observation or what ever you call those videos youtube channels like the Brony Notion do on youtube. This one might be quick and short depending on how much stuff I type in this blog, so I would like to just begin by saying what the hell is the problem with some of these fans and other ponies that are not unicorn or alicorn using magic like really? I have been around a lot of MLP:FiM based sites and only this RP site and one wiki that is just lame and unpopular and there, no one would honestly believe how much negativity and stupidness is on some of these sites like people attacking other peoples OC's because of their color coding, mane and tail styles, body shapes of the OC's, and who they know and all kinds of random bull crap that they just go and decided to attack, leave unwanted and unneeded comments on because they feel they have to have something to say and here are the things I hear a lot of that sounds pretty stupid concerning OC's. 1.) Color Coding: Now this is just what I mean by stupid or unwanted comments and attacks on others OC's. I find it stupid about people saying the crap like, "Oh my god, that color options on your OC is not good, the coloring is horrific, or the coloring for this pony is just terrible." and it only gets just worst from there and from there, I don't understand why people want to harass and piss all over someone else OC and their confidence about them because you don't like the combination of colors chosen for that OC which is stupid because one, too many of the same colors can't be used all the time and it's their personal OC that they've made to their liking and what they feel comfortable with, they don't need to go and say dumb stuff and start one big thing that don't need to be started because they want to be a person without actual sense surviving in their heads and attack others OC's because they choose not to agree with colors like red and black or just all black coloring on a pony. 2.)None of them really even know what Mary Sue/Gary whatever even is: At first when I started seeing comments like "Your pony is just way too OP" or "You know, this pony OC is just a complete Mar Sue/Gary Stu (whatever), but the more I started to see these stupid terms randomly on different pages, blogs, forums and even art and videos on MLP related stuff in just one big scattered, random-ass mess, I started to think for a fact that everyone one of those people who used that word doesn't even know the real meaning of those two terms, and just decide to throw them around because they try to make pieces fit and their stupid assumptions sound correct when in actuality, they are just stupid and really wrong because one of my friends, Princess Aura, can even tell the the real meaning to those words and I'll explain them the way she did which is right. OP (Over powering) :This term used by all the freakin MLP fans mean that they're OC cannot be beaten, they can't be killed, they're deathless, they have beaten anyone and everyone who have faced them and have no visible weaknesses or flaws what so ever. ^^^ The the above definition being said, there is a difference to someone OC being egotistical and reasonably strong and being annoyingly OP, and that's a concept that just seem to escape most of those idiots who like to use this word. You can have an expert, strong, tough, super talented, powerful OC as long as they have some weakness, some flaws, weak spot or something that can beat them to give the opponent an advantage. Prime examples: Fairies: Weakness against iron (others weakness unknown to me for now) Some vampires: Some vampires are weak against sunlight, silver, holy water at least the pure evil ones. Light: Over whelming darkness Darkness: Powerful light The real definition to Mary Sue: "I'm so perfect, I have no flaws what so ever, I would winn at everything, I'm the most richest, greatest person in the world" Cleo de Nile from Monster High is the best example of this, but I honestly don't see why people continue to bitch and moan about this because do anyone know how many characters there are in actual shows who might be like this or slightly like this? Hybrids (Seriously?!) : I do not know if this is just stupid, ridiculous or sad because I still have yet to understand why people find this to be a issue. One dick on this lame and unpopular wiki I mentioned before attacked Echo for one of these reasons because she was a half Water Nymph (Naiad) half pony, and I need someone to explain to me why this shit is an issue because for one thing they have like thousands of hybrid creatures appearing on the show specifically griffons, whatever Discord is, possibly alicorns, Tirek and Iron will, and the sad thing about this is when they see or think of a bat pony which is nothing, but a freaking bat and pony hybrid everyone okay, but when it's a hybrid between something else, or not a normal pony at all they get their pitch forks and torches. I'm done with this one, I'm not even going to waste any time. Humans showing Equestria: "Okay, maybe I can understand why people don't like this, but what I can't stand is why people get so damn worked up over this first of all, there used to be a human named Megan in one of the older generations of MLP, and yes the older generations may have sucked balls of who-knows-what, but that is still going to be my argument since some of you choose to act stupid and leave behind crap that no one wants to read or hear, so I'm gonna do the same thing for a minute plus, for a "centaur" and a "Minotaur" like Tirek and Iron Will to exist there had to be some humans around Equestria that used to be there, but not there anymore because from one of the earliest stories of centaurs and Minotaurs, they've involved human beings "hooking up" with them and as a result, the hybrid creatures you see on the show before you were born. 3.) And now for the last but definitely not least, The deal with People against Earth Ponies and Pegasui pony having magic or power: The last time I checked, the show featured magical, talking, colorful, and might I add, more physically attractive and smarter ponies not magical, talking, colorful, physically attractive and smarter unicorns to just single out the others, so if any of you gone back and read even the MLP wiki said that each and all ponies have a type of magic within them can be brought up to higher potential such as, the Earth Ponies with the earth and their connection with plants, crops, animals and physical strength to master the land, and Pegasui ponies have their one magic to generate lighting through clouds and walk on clouds another thing from what Rainbow Dash did might be able to change the weather depending on their moods like she did when she was laying on the cloud, they also able to make fog, possibly Sonic Rainbooms, and even Aura lights from the sources that I read up on, so many people who use OP, Mary-sue or bad OC just because they give Earth Ponies or Pegasui magic or just elemental magic they can use without being OP or mary-sue are all freaking idiots. What ever happened to just being creative, unique and just bad-ass to add on to make them cooler, but I'm sure "some" of you let those concepts escape you. Story that goes with the picture above: RD "I am sick and tired of you Wonderbolts rejecting me every time I try to join! I am already the fastest, toughest and most AWESOME Pegasi there is! What else to I need to prove?" S "Wonderbolts isn’t just about having smooth moves and performing air shows. We’re part of the Equestrian Air Force, the most Elite fliers AND fighters of the skies. You want to be one of the best you have to PROVE you can beat the best!" RD "You… want me to fight you?" S "Precisely." RD "Fine, if that’s what it takes!" [she takes off and hovers in the air. Tendrils of energy starts swirling around Rainbow Dash, and the air simmered with power that glows all colors of the color spectrum] S "Great light-show, Dashie, how did you learn that?" RD "All ponies could do magic. Just because Pegasi and Earth Ponies can’t directly control it from birth like Unicorns doesn’t mean they can’t bring it out without training." S "Real nice. I take it your egghead of a friend Twilight helped you figured this out?" RD "That’s right, now take this!" [Rainbow fires, but suddenly a sphere of flames conjures Spitfire and deflects the rainbow-colored blast. Dash look on in awe as the fire sphere dissipates to reveal a smug, and unharmed Wonderbolts captain] RD "Wha – how did you -?" S "You ain’t the first and only one to figure out how to do magic like that." [Conjures fireball on her hooves] S "And I ain’t called Spitfire just because it sounds cool!" [Dash shrugs] RD "Looks like Twilight was right about not judging books by its cover." [she puts on a confident pose in the air as her aura of energy pulsates with greater rhythm and life] RD "But enough talk, let’s get this over with once and for all! I’m going to get my Wonderbolts membership or go down trying!" S "Brave words for a filly." [spitfire’s back crackled to life as her two feathered wings glowed with intense heat and light, enlarging into two flaming wings] S "But you’ll have to get past me first before you put on that costume! And come Tartarus or high water, you’re not getting it without a one hay of a fight!" [And thus, the greatest aerial clash in the millennia begins…]
  25. At this point, may as well do them all. Right?