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Found 7 results

  1. I made a thread about the 90s, and the 80s... the-90s-nostalgia-thread the-80s-nostalgia-thread So I figured "why not make a nostalgia thread based the first decade of this millennium?" So lets do that, lets talk about the decade that most of you guys were either children in and/or were teenagers in. Talk about TV, movies, music, trends, all that stuff. Animation was rather notable, in that the american cartoon industry boom of the 90s continued into the 00s and then declined as the decade went on. Same with anime, there was a big anime boom in the early 2000s that busted by the end of the decade. This was the decade of invader Zim and Haruhi. Classics.
  2. So cartoons or pretty much anything from the 2000s is pretty much not very liked. I might be exaggerating a bit since many stuff from the 2000s is liked but I know this from reading on a site called retro junk. Ps most of the articles on that site cannot give any show good criticism at all trust me. Anyway going back on topic, what is your favorite cartoon from the 2000s? Mine are Ed Edd n Eddy Spongebob (early seasons and yes it's more 2000s since it came out in 1999 same with previous show) Fairly odd parents (early seasons) Teen Titans Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Codename: KND Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Dave the Barbarian Danny Phantom Jimmy Neutron So discuss away!
  3. I just had a wave of nostalgia thanks to boredom. (Due to no new pony episode last weekend) It got me thinking, we all used to watch all these good shows back in the 90's... But what was your MOST WATCHED show from any line up? My list will contain mostly shows from Canada's YTV and Teletoon, since I am a proud Canadian here on the boards! My list is not accurate, but will be close to how many times I watched a certain show. 1. Video and Arcade Top 10 (recorded it on VHS almost all the time!) 2. Pokemon 3. ReBoot 4. Hamtaro 5. Rugrats 6. PowerPuff Girls 7. Fairly OddParents (still kinda funny) 8. SpongeBob SquarePants (first few seasons only) 9. Stickin' Aound 10. Battle B-Daman (was interested only for a short while) 11. Sonic Underground 12. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (I remember somewhat watching this show) 13. Totally Spies So... what were YOU'RE most watched shows of your childhood?
  4. So I found this article today,0,642714.story#axzz2vEBOkQf9 Apparently, Stuart Snyder, the president of Cartoon Network, is resigning at the end of the month." Stuart Snyder is kind of the guy who is infamous for ruining Cartoon Network and making poor choices, like adding live action shows, canceling Toonami for the first time, and canceling action cartoons that had dedicated fanbases. So what do you think about this? Discuss away!
  5. Atomic Betty- It ruined the Jetsons for me, and Betty was annoying. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, whatever it's called- It gave me seizures, it was a disgrace to anime, and the only reason I tolerated the show was for Yumi. The theme sounds like it says "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumiko", and Yumiko is my name! COME ON CARTOON NETWORK! The villains (Julie, the opera teacher, etc) are laughable and terrible. They can't even try so hard to be evil! The background graphics were cheesy, Yumi sometimes made really disgusting-this-doesn't-belong-in-anime faces, and sometimes, I just wanna slam my fist into Ami's face, she was such a hog! They treated the Japanese as they were total idiots, Kaz was ugly-looking, and overall this show sucks hair-covered Tootsie Roll Pops. Any variation of Pokemon- Hate the show, but love Pikachu. It's like these girls who hate Invader Zim or don't even know what it is-and they're wearing gir merchandise.
  6. I often hear from my parents that the 1980's were full of nostalgia. I mean, there was the NES, there were great movies, etc. I often hear from people in their 20s that the 1990's were nostalgic as well. Yet I hear nothing about how the 2000's were any good. Do you think they just happened too recently to be nostalgic, or do you seriously think that nothing creative happened then? I'm seriously interested in hearing your thoughts.
  7. *the craft *mean girls *the crow *edward siccorhands *house of 1000 corpses *devils rejects *Kamikaze girls *Party Monster *cosmos series *aqua teen hunger force *tom goes to the mayor *super milk chan *FLCL *MST3K *tokyo mew mew *ninja scroll *allmost anything on current TV *tokyo gore police *machine girl *invader zim *trainspotters *pokemon *army of darkness *texas chainsaw massacre *perfume *toxic advenger *guinnea pig II: flower of flesh and blood *the ring/ringu *the grudge *gummo *16 candles *kids *cremaster cycle/ drawing restraint 9 *kill bill *Jackie Brown There's probably more