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Found 7 results

  1. I hear a lot of older bronies say that 2011 and 2012 were the best years of the fandom. I can understand this as that's when it all started to blow up and exploded across the world. Also this is the time where the most famous fan content such as brony music and animations were made as well as popular fan fiction. Being a new member of the fandom, I would like to hear the opinions of both new and older bronies on which years of bronydom have been the best or are they yet to come?
  2. Does anyone have this poster? I recently bought one on eBay but unfortunately, I'm 99% sure it's a fake, a reproduction. For starters, the URL below the QR code near the bottom is completely illegible. It's basically just a gray smudge. I can't imagine Hasbro would accept such poor print quality, even for an item that was given away free at Comic Con. In addition to that, the colors don't seem as vibrant as they should and there are some grainy pixels around the borders of the images, making me think the poster was reproduced from a scan of the genuine article, like from a jpeg file or something. A friend of mine has the same poster and says the URL on his is readable and he doesn't see any stray pixels, but I wanted to see if anyone else has a copy of the poster they know is authentic and can confirm that mine is a fake based on my description. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I can get my money back. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. "The latest in the 'Arab Spring' protests seems to have turned violent after thousands of anti-government fighters stormed the Libyan city of Benghazi. Gaddafi issues a televised statement promising..." "...And where is President Obama in all this? I'll tell you where: sitting on his ass as thousands of people..." "Are they any better than Gaddafi? These are radical Islamists we're talking about..." "Loyalist war crimes continue to pile up..." "...Obama is just like Bush. Read my lips: Just. Like. Bush!" "...sacked and looted by rebel forces. Civilians gunned down in..." "...And we're supporting these..." " Gaddafi's death in the resulting firefight. The war is over. Libya will begin its transition to..." Adele. Set Fire to the Rain.
  4. A drawing of a 2011 Holden HSV GTS, many of the Australians may recognize this automobile. I am personally quite the fan of Holden's automobiles, very well designed and well powered with some of GM's finest motors. I'm usually all about American vehicles, but Holden makes a very nice vehicle. You don't usually come across too many 6.2 Liter engines in sedans, this Holden has the looks, the power of a sports car, and the luxury of a sedan all in one. This drawing was quite entertaining for myself to take part in. Considering I only really draw in school, it ended up taking about four days to complete. I'd usually whip it out whenever I had a chance to work on it some more. I even thought to add the Holden badge and the HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) badge along with the highly detailed drawing of the vehicle itself.
  5. So these seem to be popping up ever since 2011 ended. (well namely Finest) I've felt the need to post a big Thank You thread for a while. For the longest time I figured it would be a waste of space and not really a topic that needs it's own thread. Then I see a few come by and figure okay so Thank You threads are okay, but then I felt the need to not jump on the bandwagon to make my own, adding to what could've been a huge flood of threads... 2011 passes... meh it was more of a trickle actually. Anyway I don't share too much personal information with people (in fact it's almost law for me to avoid people in the first place) in real life since it's a scary and dark place where everyone may and will use ANY information against you. But here things are different... IRL I cannot tell a sole (minus a few who found out by other means, only one of them supports me ) that I am a Brony. I can see why people would poke fun at me. I'm like some gentle giant that looks scary, but then ends up chasing the villagers to give them a big hug instead of the most traumatizing rape that ever existed! (don't look too much into that metaphor, I surely didn't) Something that is supposed to be mean and scary apparently HAS to be mean and scary according to social order. I thank you for being an outlet for my self expression. A nice place for a gentle giant to stop pretending to be a monster! (Gentle Giant as in nice guy who is 6'2'' 295 lbs and doesn't tear people in half) Also speaking of openness I've let slip a secret recently to a few forum folk that I was scared for my life after I posted it. I'm speaking of the LGBT Thread that I posted that I have bisexual tendencies. This is something that has only popped up very recently where I had a dream that I had a near sexual experience with a man... I picked my brains for weeks on that dream. I've came to the conclusion that under the right circumstances I'd, well to put it bluntly, "Do a dude." Now this has absolutely nothing to do with MLP making me bi since I had this dream before I was a Brony but they are related. Both are secrets that I can confidently share with you guys on the forums that I couldn't share with anybody else! If (more like when) either secret get's out I'd never hear the end of it from my peers! More so with the bisexual secret since my Conservative Catholic Father who damns his own step daughter to hell for being a lesbian would... well I really don't wanna know his reaction! I'm 110% certain that I'd have the rest of my immediate family to protect me, but still that's an experience I wish to NEVER have! Plus there is virtually no gay/bi guys in my hometown that I know of so it's not like it's a secret worth getting out anyway unless I'd leave this town. I've also shared my bit on love too. I said I don't believe in relationships, I don't believe in monogamy. I have my reasons which I'll share now. (get ready for a truly tragic tale) I had a female friend who was my best friend. I fell deeply in love with her. Then as soon as I could muster the courage to tell her she wouldn't shut up about some other guy. Other guy comes in and I prayed to Gods I never believed in for one more chance, but no they're still in a 4 year relationship. Her bf even ironically proposed to her on my 16th BDay! (And thus the first time in my life I considered suicide as a valid option). I had a couple (couple as in two) relationships since then that failed completely! Therefore I gave up on the thought of the traditional structure of love. I first tried to make a polygamous relationship where I share my female friend with her bf which lead to a very terrible series of arguments. (probably the 2nd thought of suicide) After 4 long years of watching the couple who will never quit (and ironically had a terrible sense of PDA just to rub the salt in) I decided that even If I had her, she was forever changed into a shell of her former self. She's like a corpse now following her bf around, and I'm no necrophiliac. (once again I don't think on these metaphors very much) TLDR: So there you have it. I am a product of society. A paranoid, bisexual, atheist, non-monogamous, Brony who must hide on the Internet for dear life! But I still have you guys who are my family who I love deeply! As for comfort and pity there's no need for it now. The dark chapters of my life above are gone though the newer secrets of a new chapter remain, but are safe in your careful hands! So I leave you with thank you to describe what you guys mean to me, or (paranoia kicks in) perhaps fodder for people to find and exploit... well then I guess this will double as psychological profiling for when the murders begin! (had to end on another one of my classic metaphors) Thank You!
  6. We are truly taking over the world, look at number 1 and 6
  7. So I got an email recently about Know Your Meme's Best Memes of 2011 and to know one's surprise MLP:FiM made it in the top 10! Though strangely the email said see who's #1, but the actual site doesn't say anything about what order they're listed in so if it's safest to assume that it's a top 10 list (without mentioning the numbers ) then I love where My Little Pony Friendship is Magic came in! Anyway just something interesting to show how much of an impact MLP has put on this year (including converting myself). Hope to see 2012 another great year for Ponies!