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Found 26 results

  1. Well, I know what I am doing, getting on Skype and on Thursday at midnight gathering my school on Skype to sing 'It's End of The World' I honestly can't wait (To sing) SO, What are you doing on D-Day!?
  2. I hear a lot of older bronies say that 2011 and 2012 were the best years of the fandom. I can understand this as that's when it all started to blow up and exploded across the world. Also this is the time where the most famous fan content such as brony music and animations were made as well as popular fan fiction. Being a new member of the fandom, I would like to hear the opinions of both new and older bronies on which years of bronydom have been the best or are they yet to come?
  3. Well, it's almost the end of the year, and it's time to decide what was the best movie you've seen. Now, before I write what I want to write, (and so mods don't lock this thread for being blog-oriented), if you don't want to read my experiences, answer me this in the thread: What was the best movie you've seen this year? Alright, so, I'll number the movies I've seen for better tracking (by order of which I saw them): 1) 21 Jump Street 2) Madagascar 3 3) The Dictator 4) That's My Boy 5) Ted 6) Wreck-It Ralph And now, spoiler free, my experiences with the movies: 1) 21 Jump Street - Okay, so from my previous experiences with Jona Hill in Superbad, I didn't think much positive of this movie before watching it, but boy was I wrong to think like that. It was hilarious, much better than Superbad, and frankley one of the best comedies I've seen. It had some great moments, it made me laugh, and it was a great movie. One more thing to note on this, it was a comedy through-and-through, and it didn't turn full-on action movie half-way, which seemed to have become a trend ever since Kickass, I greatly appreciated that, and it got a thumbs-up from my side. 2) Madagascar 3 - I've been a fan of Madagascar ever since the first movie, the first is still my favourite classic to this day (I was 6 or 7 when I first saw it), and when I saw the trailer for the 3rd movie, I was really excited. And then when I watched it, it blew me away; Greatly because of the charcaters, largely because of the visual effects, and somewhat because of nostalgia. Every single character in the movie was memerable and interesting. The visual effects were downright amazing, honestly better than I've ever seen up until that movie, and obviously nostalgia because I loved and still love the series It was a great addition, and a wonderful closure to the series. 3) The Dictator - Now, I know Sasha Bron Cohen, I've seen his work and I loved Borat, and I knew he does best when he does reallity. Sadly, The Dictator was completely direceted, which in itself isn't a bad thing, but a little disappointing. However, it was still a great movie, and I really liked it, I just felt like it wasn't his best. 4) That's My Boy - Ahhh, Adam Sandler, how you make me proud to be Jewish. No really, it was a good movie, and the fact that Andy Semberg had a main role was really a good starting point. It was hilarious, but then agian most Adam Sandler movies have that wacky sense to them, like anything could happen at any given moment, and Adam is waiting to just jump on it. So basically, it's my kind of humor. Suprisingly though, it had some very strong emotional moments, which I did not expect, and it added a lot to the plot. Surely, not his best movie, but a funny one nonetheless. 5) Ted - Okay so, I'm not a big fan of Family Guy, I am however, a big fan of American Dad, which is an important distinction to make here; American Dad is a lot more wackier than Family Guy, and it seems that Seth McFarlane really shines in wack comedies, more so than the everyday comedy (not that Family doesn't have wacky moments, but American Dad is more aimed towards it). So with a plot such as a magical Teddy Bear becoming some sort-of washed out 30-something guy, it really makes it easier for Seth to work on. And it shows, it was overall a really good and funny movie, and I hope that guy makes more movies in the future. 6) Wreck-It Ralph - So this is the reason I started this thread in the first place, to talk about Wreck-It Ralph. I saw it two days ago, and holy shit was it amazing. First off, as most of you, no, all of you know, it's about video game characters, and that gains huge affection from me, as it does with everybody else. There wasn't one moment in the movie that I didn't like, every single second of that movie was filled with incredibleness that would overwhelm a floating 12 legged dinosaur with banana-shooting laser eyelashes. Sorry where was I? oh, the plot; Okay so I'm not going to spoil anything, but it might reveal something so I'm putting it in a spoiler tag: It's my new favourite movie, (freakishly large) hands down. Best movie of 2012, and the best movie I've seen, in my opinion. So, those are all the movies I've seen, and once agian, what was the best movie of 2012?
  4. Sometimes, predictions just don't pan out. Next to Me. The song that, by all rights, should have made Emile Sande a star.
  5. Next to Me has quickly become one of my all time favorite songs, and Sande one of my favorite modern artists. Of course, this is coming from me, a vintage snob who spits on anything released following the end of the Cold War. I loathe the direction modern music has taken since the 90s, becoming little more than repetitive, pandering noise with almost no thought or effort put into anything but the hook. And often times, they don't even bother with that. Rhythm and Blues, or "R&B" as it's now abbreviated, has born the brunt of this. No other genre has seen such a complete 180 degree turn as this one has, going from the upbeat, jazzy, soulful gospel of the good old days to a plodding bore. Autotune (as always) comes in abundance, but talent does not. Make no mistake, there still are good artists out there. There was no genome-altering virus unleashed in '91 that prevented out offspring from being able to sing. The problem is that the record labels have no interest in them. Why bother looking for talent if you can turn any buff manchild or any busty harlot into a star just by putting their face on an album cover they had no part in creating. Enter Emeli Sande, a modest up-and-comer from Scotland who sets herself apart in two key areas. She can actually write worth a damn... And BOY, can she sing! She is still a way's away from being a superstar, but she has at least made it to the mainstream. Her album, Our Version of Events charted quite well, and her singles don't do too shabbily either. She's been a featured artist on many other tracks, including working with artists such as Professor Green, Kendrick Lamar, and... ugh... David Guetta. We all make mistakes. Her most well known song, however, and the one I'm here to talk about, is Next to Me. What is it about this this song that has captured my heart so tightly where no other R&B track could come close? For starters, it's one of them throwback songs that's been so popular recently, but not in the way that most of its contemporaries are. It's not a soulless "me too" like Get Lucky. It's not a trope magnet like Treasure. And it's certainly not a vapid, heartless spit take to the genre's face like Meghan Trainor's entire career seems to be based on. This is a creator-driven production born out of a genuine love for 1960s R&B. Back when it sounded more like this: But perhaps most peculiarly for a modern throwback, it was created not as an homage the old style, but to stand amongst it. Ever wonder what R&B would sound like today, with postmodern sensibilities and 21st century technology, had it never turned into shite? Next to Me is your answer. Sande's booming, impassioned vocals sit side by side with a lively piano backing and powerful drums, sprinkled amongst various other additions such as wind instruments, a tambourine, a subtle echo effect that actually adds to the melody, and even backup vocalists. It goes the extra mile and then some to bring back the soul of the 60s, but through masterful mixing and conservative use of modern technology, it plants itself firmly in the 2010s. And that's the best kind of throwback there is. If I wanted a song that really felt like the 60s, most of the time I'd just listen to a song that's actually from the 60s. I assure you, they are in no short supply. Sande doesn't simply point to the decade and unsubtly say "Those were the days, eh" like many others would. She instead learns the important lessons of the era and looks at what made the music so good, and then puts a sober, heartwarming spin on it to make it her own. Next to Me is the best kind of gospel. It raises you up onto your feet and makes you feel glad to be alive. It not only celebrates life, it screams it. It makes you cry tears of joy at the very same time you're dancing like a raving fool. But of course, the effect would not be complete without good lyrics, would it now? Writing is tremendously important in a throwback song, because if the theme is wrong, then you have failed critically in understanding the genre. At the same time, you don't want to dumb it down too much, or you're left with little more than a parody that lacks all necessary self-awareness. This is a trap that far too many throwbacks fall into face-first, but which Sande deftly and skillfully averts. The lyrics in Next to Me relate the story of a woman caught in an ever-worsening situation, going from doubt to depression, to bankruptcy, to abandonment, to the very apocalypse itself, but kept on her feet the whole way by the man she loves and trusts. But what man, specifically? Her boyfriend? Husband? It never specifies. It could actually be her brother, for all we know, because this love song stresses not his good looks or his quality as a lover, but his moral fortitude. The man in this song is a paragon and a gentleman who, no matter how bad things get, will always remember the ones he loves. At the end of every day, when she needs him the most, he can always be found next to her. Because of this, many have speculated that "Him" actually refers to God, and his own ability to get people through seemingly impossible crises. That's a novel interpretation, but I like to think that it refers to faith in the ones you love in general. Be it your S.O., your siblings, your family, anybody you can count on to help you out when things look their blackest. It's a fucking astonishing message, and an unexpected one in today's angsty, egotistical society. And it fits the uplifting Gospel/R&B style to a T. In closing, Next to Me is not only a masterpiece of a song in its own right, it's significant for what it represents. As technology improves, art is supposed to improve alongside it. But ever since the 90s, that hasn't been the case. Music plateaued and then eventually turned sharply downhill, even as our recording and editing technology only got more and more advanced. We, as a generation, have been squandering our gift, and the promise of what changing times are supposed to mean. Next to Me is a fulfillment of that promise. A modern song which is not only good, not only profound, and not only nuanced, but which stands among the best examples of its chosen genre. It is a graceful marriage of technology and artistry. It is currently my pick for the best song of the decade.
  6. So, with the recent release of yet another movie under the line of The Amazing Spider-Man, I figured it was about time to make a discussion thread on the series. There was no thread for the series already so heck, maybe this could be the official thread for the series. I'll present a brief overview of each of the movies, and what is planned for future films from synopsis' I have read. The Amazing Spider-Man 1: Young Peter Parker is left with his aunt and uncle after the disappearance of his parents. In a quest to find answers, Peter finds a briefcase that belongs to his dad, and the ultimate hunt begins. In a trip to Oscorp to find out more about his father's partner, Peter is bit by a genetically engineered spider. Amazingly, he gains the powers of a spider. After his uncle dies, Peter vows to fight evil as "Spider-Man". His struggle is only beginning, because Doctor Curt Connors, Peter's father's partner, has changed, and not for the better... <Release Date: July 3, 2012> The Amazing Spider-Man 2: the hunt is still on for Peter Parker as his quest for answers delves deeper. With tragedy unfolding in his life, Peter's greatest challenge begins when Max Dillon, a former fan of Spider-Man, becomes Electro and begins to destroy the city. More tragedy comes Peter's way when his friend , Harry Osborn, slowly descends into darkness... <Release Date: May 2, 2014> The Amazing Spider-Man 3: (I have read multiple synopsis' on this film from Marvel. The following, however, may not be correct.) Peter's life is falling apart after awful tragedies overturn his life. Things only get worse when six villains arise to kill Spider-Man. Lost and depressed, Peter loses hope. And when a strange alien symbiote turns his suit black, Peter doesn't fight it as he descends into darkness and anger... <Release Date: May 10, 2016> Venom: (Once again, no official synopsis can be found here) A single film reflects on the creation of the ultimate evil: Venom. After the symbiote leaves Peter, it bonds with Eddie Brock, and the two merge to make Venom. This is their story... <Release Date: 2015, 2016, or 2017> The Sinister Six: A movie depicting the formation and the outcome of the Sinister Six... <Release Date: 2015, 2016, or 2017> There is supposed to be an Amazing Spider-Man 4 and 5 as well, but no idea has been formed for them yet. So, this thread is all about what you think of these movies. I will update the synopsis' as more info on the movies are released. So, let the discussion on these films begin.
  7. so i was wondering what have you done this year? January: i started the year just getting my laptop, getting into the internet with the likes of youtube and memes March: ponies came into my life April-June: ponies July-August: internet, minecraft September: school November: revising for tests December: aced tests, Chrismas
  8. I'm fairly new to the forums, (enjoying my stay so far though) and I was looking to either buy a few games or add some to a wishlist. I tend to enjoy games such as Call of Duty (Even though MW3 was terrible IMO). I know there are tons of good games from this year but i'd like to hear some opinions on which was the best. A top 5 list would be nice. My top 3 from 2012 would be: 1- Assassin's Creed 3 2 - Call of Duty Black Ops II 3 - Borderlands 2
  9. Alright, hopefully this is a good topic: I've seen some pretty amazing games since the beginning of the second decade of the 2000s (as in 2010), and I think it'd be a good idea to list my favorites. I'll provide names and pictures for it. The Last of Us: Red Dead Redemption: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX: Heavy Rain: The Walking Dead: Final Fantasy XIII-2:
  10. Title sums it up. Of all the albums released last year, which one would be your favorite? Aka, your AOTY. Personally, my list is sort of split. But definite AOTY is Hop Along - Get Disowned. But in terms of lists,
  11. It's no secret there were tons upon tons of amazing games released across all platforms in 2012, no mattter what you have there had to be something that you played that was top quality. But the question is, what was the best game released in 2012 that you played? Please make sure it was released this year, in your region at the very least, so any game released between January 1st to December 31st 2012 is acceptable. You can list more that one if you really can't decide- it's between like 5 different games for me, so I might just have to do that. And go!
  12. Sweet mother of Celestia. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been named the best animated show of 2012. Legend of Korra, in second place, had 500,000 votes. That's half a million. MLP:FIM had 5,000,000 votes. FIVE-MILLION VOTES! That's ten times more than Legend of Korra!
  13. Everyone always looks forward, but lets take a minute for a year in review. What did you learn from your experiences this year? What changed you? Lets have a list of things you've learned! I, for example, have learned you can live on without some people you thought were important in your life; and that nothing ever stays the same.
  14. OK, so the Mayan Calendar runs out on this day. Nothing in the calendar "says" the world will end. Modern people just assume so. --Frankly, I think the stone carver just ran out of room. All that said, some people are actually panicking, storing up food and such, (an aside, if the world is ending, why store food? its all gonna go boom, right?) The Mayans never wrote an apocalyptic scenario that I know of. So know one knows how we are all gonna die. If I'm gonna go, I want to go in a spectacular way, like Gollum did in the LOTRs. (at least I will get to see The Hobbit before the end) So since the Mayans never did say how the world will end...LETS HELP THEM OUT! Lets come up with a fun way to destroy the earth. Like giant man eating rabbits eat us all or something. I'll start: December 21st 2012, the world will end because a giant space guy named Galactus will land and literally EAT the Earth all up. Burp.
  15. With the so-called "end of the word" approaching my doorstep soon ( ), it's time to give my thoughts of 2012 in terms of being a brony. Two springs ago, I began to notice a huge influx of material related to the family-friendly animated show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, in the form of avatars, icons, and brief discussions. Seeing all of it bewildered me because I never saw the stuff before, and I wondered why it was becoming so popular at such a quick pace. Curious and the fact that I saw people recommend it, I began watching it that very summer — July/August 2011, beginning with the two-part premiere. Suffice it to say, I was hooked and, because I began liking the show, immediately became a brony. Then I began exploring one of the biggest results of this fandom: the creativity. It was not just good work. It was GREAT work. But the fandom didn't stop there. It got BETTER. Over two years ago, the brony fandom was confined exclusively into 4chan. Then the channers began to promote it off-site to other parts of the Internet, and more bronies became hooked. The word "brony" now became an Internet meme, and the fandom was starting to exponentially grow. However, with 2011 nearing an end, the meme was aid to come and go, right? Wrong. Bronydom became persistent. It passed through 2011 and was slowly becoming bigger than ever. Then in the spring, the brony fandom multiplied with the airing of Canterlot Wedding, inviting more and more people to the fandom. Here, we came to a big and important conclusion. Bronies wasn't a meme anymore, nor was the brony fandom isn't just a fandom anymore. It evolved into a pop culture phenomenon. It's the Trekkies of the 1970s and 1980s and a much miniature version of the Harry Potter fandom in the early-2000s. The brony fandom became bigger, more recognized throughout media, and greater than ever. We hit bumps in the road, but we always bounce right back up and continue bronying on as we should. Then, BronyCon hit, my big highlight as a brony this year. 4,000 people came into this packed convention to show off their brony pride. It was big. It was great. It was one of the best weekends of my life! But my most favorite moment here (and as a brony, truly) came at one moment that Saturday, June 30th. While waiting to get my picture taken with Doctor Whooves and Derpy, a little four-year-old girl with her mom and dad in tow saw the duo and became very happy. She wanted to say "hi!" to them. Whooves and Derpy knelt and hugged her, and we all awed at the sight. And then season three aired with high expectations and an even higher viewing. Although it might've come out as a bit weak, it gave the season and brony fandom a jump start to the excellent episodes that aired later. But even with season three and with the fandom being the highest it's ever been, I dare say that the fandom hasn't even reached its peak yet. It's a great fandom, and it's only going to grow bigger and better. As long as the show stays great, then the fandom will continue to follow it. As long as the fandom is still invested in the product, the bigger and better it'll become and longer staying power the brony fandom has. Do not merely "be" a brony. Be a proud brony! Enjoy it how long it takes, because one day, it'll end, you'll go back and regret not enjoying it sooner. It's my first full year as a brony. It's been a great year to be a brony. It's great to be a brony. And I'm certainly ! May this fandom grow and be bigger and better tomorrow, next year, and the years after that! Brony on, everypony! /)
  16. Sooooo the Eurogamer expo is on in london next week and I am pretty exited about being able to play games like Black ops 2 Farcry 3 Halo 4 (full list of games here) Any of you guys going want me to get any info on any of the games? - FP
  17. Well, I made this awhile back, Never finished it until now! So if you guys actually want to see it, Here you go. BRO-HOOFS FOR EVERYPONY! Also created a poll
  18. So, lately around YouTube specifically, I've been noticing a new trend a lot. Not sure if it's just me, but I'm seeing a lot of videos using this meme. I'm not sure if it even is a meme yet or ever will be, and I'll give you a few example videos. Here's what happens: Whenever someone dies, the audio changes to a piece of music that goes "MMM WHATCHA SAYYYY." Tycoon, on 30 August 2012 - 01:03 PM, said: This music is from Jason Derulo's song "Whatcha Say" "Actually, the original song is by Imogen Heap and the meme originated from that one show called the OC or something..." - Thanks to madmisa for the correction! I personally really like these videos, the music itself is awesome and somewhat sad to fit the mood of the death that just occurred, and I'm addicted to watching them. Here's some examples! The origional "Dear Sister" - By lonelyisland http-~~-// SNL "Dear Sister" Parody: http-~~-// (Recommended you skip to 0:35 for the actual start) After further study, it seems like it started from "Dear Sister" and a lot more people made parodies, ect of it. What do you guys think about it? Please watch both parodies to get the best idea of this 8).
  19. So, most of you have heard about Kony 2012. Well, it is now getting old. A guy named theMACE916 on YouTube said he crossed out Kony on the poster Kony 2012 and changed it to Brony 2012. This calls for everypony. We need to change all posters from Kony 2012 to Brony 2012. People who like to make posters in Photoshop, it is time for your abilities to shine. Make a Brony 2012 poster with any pony of your choosing. Please post your poster pics. Let's take these posters and cover the world. I'm going to start with my neighborhood, than the park, and as far as I can walk. UPDATE BELLOW I have thought about it. I have changed my mind. Well, maybe if I don't post at 3:00 A.M, I'll not post this stuff.
  20. So I was looking all around Internet, many shops in Europe and I couldn't find anywhere Wave 5 (yellow) blind bags! There's also no info about when/where it will be/was released. I even wrote to Hasbro and Toys'R'Us but got no answer. So anyponi knows anything about new wave? I must have 3 Princesses!!!
  21. Anyone who watches MTV or is simply a huge fan of Linkin Park may know of this new album. After many fails (i.e. some of Minutes to Midnight and a lot of A Thousand Suns) they are finally making an awesome comeback. In fact, this comeback is so awesome that critics are actually giving really good ratings of the album. That's something ya never saw for their previous albums. Plus, just listen to these snippets: [media=][/media] So tell me, are you going to get this album? I sure as heck am. It's totally gonna be worth the money.
  22. With only a day left before this great astronomical event that will return in the year 2117, I'm so excited to be able to see this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Tomorrow on June 5, 2012, 6:09 PM Eastern time, the planet Venus is set to sail across the disk of Celestia's Sun, in an event that will be visible all the way throughout America. As even I am not sure that MLP will last for hundreds of years, this my friends is the only transit that will ever be experienced by those who can truly call themselves bronys. So what say you? What will you be doing tomorrow as we prepare to celebrate this spectacular event? For more information, check out: http://en.wikipedia...._of_Venus,_2012 For those who can't see the transit live and in person, a special webcast will be made here, live from Mauna Kea in Hawaii:
  23. List any game you want. (Im away on my phone, so I cant search if there is already a post on this topic)
  24. So I may be a little late on seeing this awe-inspiring video, but I've yet to see a thread that has to do with pure discussion on it which surprised me. So for anyone who hasn't seen the video its here... For me, the video certainly is inspiring and clearly defines everything that I’ve learned thus far about the brony community. It made me take a step back and realize how amazing it is to be a part of such a large group of individuals who have come together to promote tolerance and love within today’s messed up world. It's message of friendship prevailing in 2012 seemed to capture the aspect of the shows theme and apply it to today’s relevant world, with bronies as the way forward. I have a feeling that the fanbase will become much MUCH bigger and help combat hate with a simple nonviolent message of friendship. But that’s just my thoughts xD. Make It Happen Everypony!
  25. That's right, we're getting a calendar. For just $14.85, you can get one year in brony art.