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Found 28 results

  1. Happy holidays everyone! Christmas is tomorrow and we're all pretty excited I am sure, but New Years Eve is coming up as well. And that got me thinking... What was my favorite memory from 2013? I don't know my answer just yet so I'll post it later... A year is a long time to reminisce about! I'll probably post a few stories to be honest. I am such an indecisive person. But while I ponder my favorite memories, you guys should tell me yours
  2. Classified documents have come to light, implicating the American National Security Agency, or NSA, of conducting broad-sweeping surveillance on their own citizens. I guess this means we're not talking about Kim Jong Un's nuclear test anymore. Fall Out Boy. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up).
  3. It's been a long year, and with so much brony music to listen to, I filtered through a large part of it and decided to share with you what I think is the top 25 brony songs of 2013. For this top 25 brony song list, I've done the following: 1. Original songs by one musician. No remixes. 2. Collaborators can appear more than twice. 3. Best song in reportoire is chosen. I also made a ton of commentary in the video. I'm not going to post the text of my top 25 just so not to spoil you. I want to hear what you guys think of the top 25 brony songs of 2013. You don't have to follow my rules for top 25, so go ahead and list some remixes too! At least list 10 songs you think should be in the top 10, and let's hear from you guys! I'd love to hear what you guys think are the top brony songs of 2013. Edit: Ah, I might as well post my personal top 25 here in text form. The list is in reverse order from 25th to 1st song. 25. Replacer - The Friendship Express 24. Caden L Welborn – Not Enough Pony 23. Aftermath – Prismatic 22. AcousticMandobrony – Kindness 21. Stormwolf – Diffraction 20. Secret Metal – Decadence 19. Orchestral Design A Day In Equestria 18. SonofaMitch – Harvest of Dreams 17. Synthis – Back To Life 16. Evening Star – Land of Equestria 15. Aoshi – FlutteRR 14. Patrick Poe – Initiation Ritual 13. dBPony – Daddy Discord 12. Blackgryph0n – Faster than You Know 11. Tsyolin – Honesty 10. Sprocket – Just Like You 9. Psychgoth – Spirit of Fire 8. Zatslol – Welcome Ponyvillians 7. d.Notive – The Apology 6. Donglekumquat – Hoofdachest 5. Ponyphonic – Twilight’s Journey 4. Lavender Harmony –Desineza 3. Pegasix – This is Vinyl Scratch 2. Kreühn Pony – No. 15 1. Yourenigma – Pony Concerto No. 2
  4. All discussion of the official licensed MLP comic series, both the main series and the micro comics goes here. (No fanon comics). Like the comics, hate them, don't care, have a favourite comic? Then post a comment! I'll get the ball rolling, I read the first comic in the series months ago online, but yesterday I found a link to all the comics online can't afford to buy them and I've since read the second one, and plan on reading the rest. Well I'll start by saying the use of colour and art style is awesome. At first I was offput by how wierd the characters looked in some panels, but then as I realized that unlike with the flash animation, because they are hand drawn there is not so much of a limit on how many expressions they have so you get some wierd but funny and expressive expressions on all the characters. (flash animation is still better of course as there is a lot of subtle stuff going on with the pupils and stuff that give the character life but I digress). Story wise the comics seem to have a narrative that spans a series and the writing for all the characters is spot on, watch an episode then read the comic I had myself un-intentionally hearing the characters voices in my head. The story is interesting because it can focus on grand adventure in a different way than the actual cartoon. More could be said but I'll leave it there for now
  5. so i was wondering what have you done this year? January: i started the year just getting my laptop, getting into the internet with the likes of youtube and memes March: ponies came into my life April-June: ponies July-August: internet, minecraft September: school November: revising for tests December: aced tests, Chrismas
  6. I'm personaly going to party and fire off fireworks with friends. So are you going to party hard or just drink till you drop ethire way HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL and a great 2013 to all.
  7. I have to say Walking with Dinosaurs. I dont HATE it, but it wasn't what I expected really, but I guess it was still good, but not the best movie that came out How about you guys/gals?
  8. What do you think are the best flicks of 2013? I think that Star Trek: Into Darkness, Captain Philips and The Hobbit were superb films and were 2013's best flicks
  9. I recently was able to get an Xbox One and the first game I got was Killer Instinct. Being a longtime fan of the games, how could I not? Well, I am loving it so far. Sooo, I decided to experiment around and I made this Jago sig. I tried to be experimental and do different stuff. Do you like it? Well, I hope so at least. I may make a sig for the other characters eventually.
  10. There is set to be a new Powerpuff Girls special that will air on Cartoon Network on January 20th, 2013. People are hesitant since the special will have a different design of the three girls than before, poster here: This is actually official, especially since it was posted on the Cartoon Network Facebook page. So...opinions?
  11. Hey, it's the end of the year, and everybody else is doing a Top 10 list, so why the heck not. This isn't going to be the prestigious list, and there are several "must-see" movies I never got around to watching before the end of the year (sorry, 12 Years a Slave and Wolf Children), but these are the movies that impressed, entertained, and stuck with me the most, and even if I change the order later, they still stand as the best examples of what I liked at the movies this year. So let's get this ball rolling! 10. Blackfish An ferocious expose of the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several SeaWorld trainers in "accidents" involving performing orcas. Unflinching, eye-opening, and heartbreaking (a scene involving a calf being taken from its mother is particularly hard to watch) to the last, this well-made piece of nonfiction may very well change how you look at performing killer whales and dolphins, but how animals think and feel altogether. Somewhere down the road this may end up being the movie that brings about change for the better, and it's worth checking out (it's on Netflix Instant as of right now), if only because it's really good. 9. Rush The power of this movie is that you'll end up being involved in the central conflict between two equally ambitious and intriguing men (both performed brilliantly by their respective actors) whether you care about Formula-1 or not. It's technically impressive, emotionally intense, incredibly lean, and exciting and engaging all the the way through. The best sports movie since Warriors, and another sign that we need to afford director Ron Howard more respect. 8. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Maybe it's over-bloated and uneven in terms of pacing and tone, but gosh darn it, I'm having a lot of fun with this trilogy. The cast is as enjoyable as ever, the world feels alive and tangible, the action scenes and special effects are top-notch, the emotional core of the story hits harder than in the first one, and it touches upon an aspect of the One Ring that the original trilogy never really explored well: the fact that it empowers its bearer as much as it is twisting him (Martian Freeman's acting when Bilbo realizes he isn't killing in self-defense anymore is fantastic). And then there's Smaug, and he's just about the coolest thing ever. Seriously, see this on the big screen just to witness his awesomeness as effectively as possible. And the barrels. 7. Iron Man 3 This ended up getting a lot more decisive than I anticipated, which is odd, because this is easily the best of the series. Whereas the first two felt like they were made up as they went along, this one is guided by director Shane Black's vision of a character who feels like he has genuinely been changed and shaken by the stuff he's been through. It's fun as hell, the action sequences are varied and memorable (they actually figured out how to use the Iron Man suit without relying on it as the crux of the story), I really dug the twist in the final act, and the Iron Legion battle is the greatest toy-commercial-in-a-movie ever. It manages to subvert most of everything that makes superhero threequels fails and gives us a satisfying conclusion that could serve as the perfect capper to Tony Stark's cinematic adventures if they chose to do so. 6. This is the End Sort of shocked by how much I liked it when it came out and how much I still like it. The finest raunchy comedy of the year, do in no small part to the actually epic apocalypse stuff and the obvious fun all the actors are having playing skewed and often insane versions of themselves. It's just a big, dumb ode to friendship that made me lawl more than any other movie I saw this year. You better be fine with demon penises, though. 5. Gravity Some of the stuff in the third act is a bit wonky, but the special effects and sound design are so mind-blowing, the directing so masterful, and the central performance so compelling that you can't help but not be engaged. Unless your looking for technical details to complain about, then apparently your in good luck. Only time will tell if the movie still works as well on the small screen, but at least it'll still be a well-executed roller coaster ride that proves that roller coaster movies don't have to suck. Also, best musical score of the year, bro. 4. The World's End The things that made Shaun of the Dead and Hott Fuzz great are in effect here: great characters brought to life by talented actors (Simon Pegg turns in his best performance yet), a great mixture of broad humor and moments of it that reward the thinking man, an insane level of foreshadowing, genre elements that are taken almost completely seriously, homages and shout-outs that will please the geekiest without confusing the unknowing, and an exploration of maturity and responsibility that feels thought-out and fully realized. But this time there's also robots full of blue stuff having martial arts fights with a surprisingly capable Nick Frost, so yeah, this is mandatory. 3. Mud I didn't expect to like this one as much as I did. I think what really caught me off-guard is just how plain watchable it was: the characters feel real and are interesting to watch, the southern setting is shown-off in all its beauty and detail, the cinematography is fantastic, and it's a very involving story from beginning to end. Matthew McConaughey turns in a great performance as the titular Mud, but it's the young Tye Sheridan that really carries the weight of the movie on his shoulders. I dunno, when you get right down to it, it's just a feel good southern drama. But it's a really good feel good southern drama. 2. Frozen I liked this one enough to write up a blog post just tell people that it's one they have to see, and I still feel that way. It combines Pixar's expert storytelling and attention to emotional nuance with all the nostalgic trappings of the Disney Princess genre while still taking it new, often subversive directions. The voice cast is great, the songs are phenomenal, the animation is expressive, the imagery is imaginative, and they somehow made that Jar-Jar Binks snowman that everyone knew they were gonna hate and turned him into something hilarious and lovable. It's easily the best Disney movie in awhile and can very easily hold it's own with the Renaissance movies themselves. 1. The Wolf of Wall Street It's Goodfellas if everyone was a raging douchebag stock broker, complete with clever narration by the main character, a progressively degenerate biography filled with drug abuse, and an ironic glamorization of a lifestyle earned by being a bit meaner than the next guy. This is officially Leonardo Di Caprio's best performance, which is bolstered by a supproting cast that is obviously having a great time playing such horrible people. But even when it's so steeped in criticizing the world of stocks and the people who exploit that system, the movie still manages to display the humanity of the debauchery's ringleader; like Martian Scorsese's best work, it's all about showing that buried within that corrupt broker or gangster or unhinged vigilante is a fallible human being. It may be three hours long, but it's so fun, fascinating and unrelenting that you never notice. This one definitely has the potential to become the next Fight Club (though I guess we should be prepared for an entire fandom that misses the point of their favorite movie). And that's pretty much it. Happy New Year's, everybody!
  12. Who is Strawberry Cream? --- Database Image: Name: Strawberry Cream Nickname: The Sky Pony Age: 3 Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Were did they come from: No one is sure, she fell from the sky. Special Powers: Strawberry Tear. Knocks the opponent backwards when the tear hits the floor. About them: Strawberry Cream fell from the sky just after it turned red. She crashed into the strawberry fields. She charges at people when she is crowded or threatened and when she hits them they are trapped inside a pink cage. Only Luna can break the cage. Many people believe that Luna is cousins with Strawberry Cream and that Strawberry Cream has powers relating to the sun. Luna And Strawberry together make the unbeatable force. The Candy Beam. You can read about her adventures on her new blog.
  13. *photoshopped image courtesy of the Bleacher Report* Ten years ago, the Boston Red Sox were five outs away from reaching their fifth Fall Classic since last winning it all in 1918. But Pedro Martinez being gassed, combined with Grady Little leaving him too longer, allowed the Yankees to come back and tie it. Three innings later, the Cowboy Up Red Sox watched Aaron *bleeping* Boone launch a walk-off home run to clinch the ALCS, marking 2003 their eighty-fifth consecutive year without a World Championship. They didn't have to wait long. The following year they dominated in the second half and helped firm up their defense (which was horrible in he first half). , they won the AL Wild Card convincingly. Both the Yankees and Red Sox squared off in the ALCS, and they were down three games to none. Then the beginning of baseball's biggest comeback: a Millar walk, Roberts steal, resiliency from the improved bullpen, and a Papi walk-off home run over Gary Sheffield's head. Another comeback in Game 5 continued their reborn mystique launched the series back to Yankee Stadium for Game 6, where Schilling's bloody sock game, along with correcting two big umpire-altering calls (Bellhorn's opposite-field home run and that called the played dead and sent Jeter back to first base as the penalty). The 10-3 rout against Kevin Brown and the Yankees in Game 7 capped off the 3-0 comeback, sending the BoSox to the World Series and changing their fortunes on a dime. Three yeas later, after winning their first AL East title since 1995, they came back from three games to one to beat the Cleveland Indians and sweep the Colorado Rockies to win their second championship in four seasons. But during their success then turned tumultuous. The epic collapse (7-20 from September 1 to season's end) in September 2011 cost Theo Epstein and Terry Francona their jobs. Then when it was revealed that players ate chicken and drank beer in the clubhouse, the collapse symbolized complacency in the clubhouse and the eventual disconnection the Sox had with their fans. Their last-place finish in 2012 flushed the franchise rock bottom: Their 69-93 record was their first ninety-loss season since 1966 (72-90) and worst since 1965 (62-100, their last 100-loss season). It was also their first full-season last-place finish since 1992 at 73-89 (they finished last in 1994), further alienating the team from the city. The front office relied on ticket sales just to preserve their sellout streak because the distrust was so bad. Their August (9-20) and September records (7-22) were AWFUL! To conclude the season, they lost eight straight and twelve of thirteen, and Bobby Valentine was fired after one season! Putting it bluntly, the franchise devolved into a gigantic laughingstock, . Because of Boston's bad reputation, injuries, and spirally bad second-half record, newcomer GM Ben Cherington had to rebuild mid-season, trading Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to the Dodgers for James Loney and Minor-Leaguers that may never taste the bigs. The bad news: The BoSox had to endure a dysfunctional clubhouse where everyone hated each other and scrutinizing embarrassment by the media. The good news: They freed up $264 million of guaranteed money from players who no longer wanted any part of the team and had a fresh payroll to sign the right players to give them that Boston chemistry. Plus, their last-place finish gave them a clear direction of what they had to do and where to go to find these players, including the ability to start fresh. One year later, after Uehara struck out Matt Carpenter with his signature splitter, the Red Sox became the second team to go from worst to first (winning the division the year after finishing last) and win the World Series. The 1991 Twins were the other (against another worst-to-first team in the Atlanta Braves in what's possibly the greatest World Series of all-time). It was the Red Sox's third championship since 2004. It was the first time they clinched it at home since September 11, 1918, over the Chicago Cubs. That day, Game 6 lasted one hour, forty-six minutes. Babe Ruth came in as a defensive replacement in left field. The attendance was 15,238. When Boston last won it all at home, the Boston Braves was the other professional sports team. The NFL and NBA weren't founded, and the NHL was an all-Canadian league that was about to play their second season. The 1918 season ended early due to the work-or-fight order in World War I. The World Championship washed those painfully bitter memories of 2012 away. For so many players (and manager), 2013 was an unbelievable journey. Mike Napoli: In 2011, he had a tremendous postseason and even better World Series, giving the Cardinals' pitchers massive headaches. In Game 6, he was behind the plate when the Rangers were one strike away from winning the World Series. Although he won't catch again because of his hip condition, being on the field celebrating a World Championship against the Cardinals is closure for him. Jonny Gomes: A journeyman and two-dimensional hitter, yet he understands the Green Monster, and he has the personality teammates love. Whenever he was on a team, they won. He was with the 2008 Rays (AL East; AL Championship), 2010 Reds (NL Central), and 2012 A's (AL West), but they didn't reach over the hump, but Boston signed him to revive the ecstasy that was absent in 2012. He was a leader in the clubhouse, launched two big walk-off home runs, and provided several key moments in this World Series: the three big catches in Games 1, 4, and 5; the three-run shot in Game 4; and holding Alan Craig to a second-inning single in Game 6 after shooting one off the Monster. The A's miss him dearly because of what he brought to the clubhouse. Shane Victorino: After struggling mightily in 2012, the signing came as a major shock: Everyone thought his career was done. This season, he hit nearly .300, won an AL Gold Glove, and proved to everyone he still has "it." A hamstring injury forced him to bat almost entirely from the right side from early August onward. And it was very difficult for a guy who switch-hit his entire Major League career; he had to re-learn to bat right-handed against right-handed pitchers. He played well, hit a HUGE grand slam in the ALCS (becoming the second to hit two postseason grand slams, Jim Thome the other), and picked up four RBIs in the World Series clincher. He has nineteen postseason RBIs when batting with the bases loaded and is the only player in postseason history with four four-RBI games. Ryan Dempster: The struggles he had and prior experience as Cubs closer put him into the bullpen, but he proved pivotal. He journeyed through Florida and Cincinnati before spending eight-and-a-half years with the Cubs, part of the time as their gutty closer. But he had never tasted a Fall Classic appearance. Game 1 brought him into the spotlight, and now he has a ring. Dustin Pedroia: I've always been a very big fan of this guy because he plays the game the right way. He never gives up an at-bat, and he's amazing at second-base, making tough play after tough play in the holes. He was playing while Boston collapsed and struggled into a last-place finish in 2012. He didn't forget that, felt extremely embarrassed by 2012, and wanted to contribute. This season, he did that, making opposing pitchers on the mound and batters in the batter's box uncomfortable. (During the ALCS, Prince Fielder grounded out to Pedroia eight times!) A great person and even better player who helps keep the team together. There's a reason why Boston signed the 2007 AL Rookie of the Year and 2008 AL MVP to an eight-year extension. If he keeps this up, chances are we may see a future Hall-of-Famer along with near-certainty of no one ever wearing #15 for Boston again. John Farrell: He was Terry Francona's pitching coach during the 2007 championship team through 2010 before signing with Toronto as a manager. He and the Blue Jays' players never got along, and the media villainized him. Boston really missed his guidance, especially in 2012 when guys like Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester struggled badly. Farrell's leadership as manager restored order for the Red Sox, and Lester and Buchholz led the pitching staff. Stephen Drew: He struggled offensively last year, but had flashes of offensive power combined with a very wide defensive range. This season, he hit .253 with 67 RBIs. Although he struggled at the plate for most of this postseason, Farrell kept him in because of his superb defense and range, saving games and helping out his pitcher and the rest of the field. It was also great for him to break out of his slump in the clincher, hitting a homer and single. His role was similar to light-hitter Rafael Belliard of the 1995 Braves. Jeff Blauser was the better hitter, but Belliard was the better defender. When Blauser couldn't play in the World Series because of an injury, Belliard made sure Bobby Cox didn't miss him, making tough plays himself and frustrating the opposition. David Ross: A veteran catcher with the Santa Claus beard. The 2012 Atlanta Braves were a team with tremendous grit and so much energy. Ross was a leader in the clubhouse, more so than Brian McCann. The Braves let him go, and Boston signed him. He didn't produce much, but did so when needed. When Jarrod Saltalamacchia struggled, he caught behind the plate and contributed in the batter's box. But he has a lot of fun with his teammates and keeps then energetic and loose. The 2013 postseason showed how much the Braves really missed him: The Braves behaved corporately, the Sox the opposite. Daniel Nava: A few years ago, he hit a grand slam off Joe Blanton in his first Major-League at-bat (the first pitch he ever saw, BTW). Afterwards, he struggled at the plate and kept bouncing around. This season, the scrappy outfielder was able to hone in his skills. He played well in the outfield and hit over .300. Back in April, in the first game at Fenway since the terrorist attack, he hit a clutch three-run homer to put them ahead for good. A few months later, he capped off an improbable ninth-inning comeback against Seattle to give Boston another one of their 97 wins in 2013. David Ortiz: What a difference a year makes. Between 2008 through 2011, there were talks of the Big Papi being done due to injuries and slow bat speed. At one point, the front office considered releasing him. He played well the rest of 2011 and the first half of 2012 before an injury prematurely ended his season. Ben Cherington signed him to a two-year extension, and 2013 turned him into a more complete hitter, relying less on the home run and more spreading the ball across the field. At one point this season, he hit the ball opposite field so well that some teams abandoned the shift when he came to bat. Of course, we can't forget before the first game since the Boston Marathon bombing. Come postseason time, and he shines. Despite only two or three hits in the ALCS, he launched a huge grand salami off Joaquin Benoit that turned the series around and sent Fenway into delirium! Then the World Series hit, and he just lit up, hitting .688, walking four times in Game 6 (three intentionally), and winning the 2013 World Series MVP. He was already great in the postseason; the World Series numbers merely increased his lore. And with this win, he's the first non-Yankee to win three titles with the same team since Jim Palmer (1966, 1970, 1983), all in a Red Sox uniform. Once his career's over, we may have #34 retired and the first (or second) DH since Paul Molitor (or Frank Thomas, since he's on the 2009 ballot with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Mike Mussina) in the Hall of Fame. Jon Lester: He was the Game 4 starter for the 2007 World Series and gutted it out, allowing the Red Sox to win their second in four seasons. He later evolved into the ace and pitched well, becoming a Cy Young candidate and throwing only the second no-hitter against the Royals. In 2012, he pitched horribly with a 4.82 ERA and allowed 9.5 hits per nine innings; he was one of the worst pitchers in ERA title qualifications. Farrell's guidance brought him back on track, and it showed via his 3.75 ERA, 15-8 win/loss record, and 8.8 H/9. If Papi didn't hit so well in the World Series, Lester would've won the WS MVP. John Lackey: This is the second time he pitched (and won) a WS clincher, the other being Game 7 in 2002 as an Anaheim Angel against San Francisco (as a 24-year-old rookie, the first rookie to win Game 7 of a World Series since 1909). He signed with the BoSox in 2011 and was bad and bashed by the media. In 2012, he missed the whole year due to Tommy John Surgery. But his rehab slimmed him down and turned him into a well-controlled finesse pitcher. Don't let his win-loss record fool you. When Buchholz was hurt, he was their #2 starter, and he proved pivotal in the playoffs, pitching in and out of trouble. Game 6 did exactly that and showed how to pitch and win even when he was having trouble locating. (He left many fastballs over the middle of the plate, and the Cards' hitters were late every time.) Game 6 completes his redemption and proves he belongs on the big stage with the Red Sox. Koji Uehara: His story is remarkable. When he was nineteen, he wasn't in baseball, failing an entrance exam. He wears "19" on his jersey to remind himself of how far he came. He soon began playing baseball in Japan, pitched, and later became one of the best. He then played in the U.S. and started okay. In 2011 with Texas, he got hurt and then was horrible. Only getting four outs in three outings, with a gigantic 33.75 ERA. He was so bad, he wasn't on the World Series roster. After pitching well in 2012, he signed with the Red Sox to share the middle-relief role. Then Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey got hurt, promoting Uehara to the set-up position. When Junichi Tazawa struggled, Uehara was promoted to closer, and they got way more than they bargained for. Kendrys Morales, Craig Breslow, and Tazawa shared the seventh and eight innings. Using his deceptive splitter and quick windup, Uehara dazzled. a. Saved twenty-one regular-season games and seven postseason games. b. Retired thirty-seven straight batters at one point. c. Struck out 101. d. Walked nine. e. Completed the season with an ERA of 1.09. He's the first pitcher in history to strike out more than 100 batters and walk less than ten for an entire season. From July 1 to the end of the season, he only allowed two earned runs, walked TWO batters (the last one on August 3), and had an ERA of EXACTLY 0.33 (two earned runs in fifty-four innings pitched). If he was the closer for the entire season, given how dominant he was, he might've competed with Max Scherzer for the AL Cy Young Award. If Miguel Cabrera, Chris Davis, Manny Machado, and Mike Trout didn't compete for the AL MVP, you could argue that Uehara would be the AL MVP for solidifying the Boston bullpen. And all with an 87-to-90-mile-per-hour fastball and deceptive splitter that disappears from both right- and left-handers. Left-handers and right-handers hit .115 and .146, respectively, against him (the main reason why Farrell pulled Lester in Game 5 for him). Because of his efficiency, the Red Sox were able to bring him into the eighth inning for four- or five-out saves. Conversation went around about handing the ball over to him to lead off the eighth in Game 6. Three quick outs later in the ninth, and he and the others jumped for joy in the middle of Fenway Park's diamond, celebrating the franchise's eighth title. ——— The Boston Red Sox didn't rely on big free-agent contracts, instead finding bargains to fit in the roster, particularly the Boston culture. Big Papi being re-signed kept the core of the lineup, and then Gomes, Napoli, Victorino, Drew, and Uehara helped complete the mold. Almost everyone was a veteran, clubhouse leader who knew how to bond a team and win. Combined with the likes of Saltalamacchia and Pedroia to put 2012 behind htem, their style of offense, defense, and pitching helped create something that wins championships: Chemistry. They had two main components. This one is the most obvious: After the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston looked to sports to help heal a pained city. Alongside the Celtics in their short playoff run and Bruins throughout the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (and giving them the strength to send the team to the Stanley Cup Finals), the Red Sox dedicated the season to the city. The team and players took it very personally partially because the finish line is about a mile away from Fenway Park, Ortiz even extra because he has close ties with the Boston community, and one of the people killed was an eight-year-old boy, the same age as one of his kids at the time. and David Ortiz's speech, the team rallied behind the city, and the city rallied behind them in return. Throughout the summer and deep into the postseason, the Boston Red Sox spent a lot more time working with the community, dedicating part of their lives to charity. They lived by the "Boston Strong" motto and logo. The soul of Boston was on their sleeves, and they didn't intend to quit, whether it was becoming the first team to win a postseason series after being no-hit into the ninth inning or only the third team since divisional play — 1969-present — to win the World Series after losing Game 3 to trail two games to one (the others being the 1979 "We Are Family" Pirates and 2003 Florida Marlins). These pieces of facial hair. Led by Gomes, the team created their lighthearted half of their chemistry. Almost everyone began to slowly grow their beards. (Farrell didn't, and Uehara shaved his. ) Whenever a bearded dude homered, they got a painful tug of the beard…and fans and players LOVED it! There was such a buzz in the media, Boston promoted it for one night: Come to the game with a real or fake beard, and you can buy the ticket for one dollar. Those beards grew and occasionally turned gray. But whatever the color, the character was there, and these Red Sox instantly became likeable throughout the city and league. ——— 2004 lifted a city and team into absolute joy (particularly how they won it), killing the Curse of the Bambino. 2007 buried the Curse of the Bambino into the graves of the Baseball Gods. 2013 allowed the city to put September 2011 and 2012 behind them and dance over that grave. And after all the city went through, it was fitting for the Boston Red Sox to celebrate their eighth World Championship in franchise history at home, their third in ten seasons, and the first time the team clinched it at Fenway in ninety-five years. Multiple generations spent a lot of money to potentially witness history and tell that story to future generations, a moment that'll go down as one of the greatest in New England sports history. The city and team bonded through tragedy, allowing both to grieve, heal through turbulent times, and finally celebrate as one. It was meant to be, and that made celebrating the 2013 World Series Championship that much sweeter. The triumphant journey brought some closure to the city and opened up a bright future for Boston, the Red Sox, and the unity they have for each other.
  14. Alright then, first of all who is going to come? If we have enough people we should probably meet-up like we did last May. Are you Cosplaying? if so, what as? Also, what day(s) are you going? I've heard it's quieter in the October convention but I'll be going Saturday and Sunday and I hope as many as you guys that can come, will come. \/ Reply below \/
  15. Well, it finally happened. After having the dream put off once before in May, the singularity of Lumi and I in the same place was born. And let me tell you, it was an epic trip filled with danger, crazy, and a whole mess of ponies. Let's start at the beginning known as May. Lumi and I had bonded in the crucible known as May 2013 - a hellish time drowned in a whole bunch of bullcrap. We had floated the idea of meeting during my trip to Austin onto the table, but it just did not work out. Fast forward a couple of months and I found that my summer plans had changed entirely, and the possibility of going to BronyCon 2013 had moved from zero to a nonzero value. It essentially boiled down to this: did I want to spend a weekend sitting at my comp, or did I want to go to Baltimore and celebrate my friend's birthday with arguably the greatest event in the fandom? The answer was pretty damn obvious. The game was.... ahoof. On Friday, things could not have been more anxiety provoking. I had to wait until work ended. (Has no vacation time until Dec and can't get away with much). Storms were rolling through Chicago all day, and the threat of the flight being canceled or delayed was high. In fact, I was delayed for 45 minutes; however, given that particular evening, it was lucky we got out at all. But once I landed, things were easy. I caught a cab, got to my hotel, and then the fun began. I promptly made my way to Room 1223 of the Sheraton -- conveniently located across the street and started the festivities the only way I knew how once Luminescence threw open that door. "Hello Amby.... I heard you wanted to break me with feels." And that is when the laughter commenced. Poor Zoop. Poor, poor Zoop. There he was, finally able to get some sleep, and I bust through the door. He kicked me out by the way. "I love you Wing, but get the fuck out." So rude. Undeniable... although hilarious. I cried myself to sleep. Not really. It was a fun time. The following morning, Lumi and Skygunner awoke crazy early to escort me to the registration line. I'm sure you can imagine the crazy laughter between Lumi and myself. Skygunner was Nightmare Moon, and with his own particular brand of soul-crushing sarcasm dripping from his lips, he played the part well. We showed up early enough that there was no line. Marco ended up meeting us there, at which point I delivered to him the microphone of power. He looked absolutely shitfaced when I gave it to him. The guy had no idea how to react. It was hilarious. From there, we started the line for the vendor hall. Lumi and I did some hardcore character science while the crowd gathered. At some point, we spilled in to the huge room and went to town. The artists were - for the most part - wonderful human beings. There was one, though, who was a bit rude. Skygunner and I went to his table at one point in the day and complimented him on his style. His response was, "That's what makes me famous," at which point I swiftly departed. I had much more fun talking to 'The Soap Lady', FireBrand, the PWTS people, the owner of the corset store, spittfireart, the paper pony folks, and Sophie Cabra. I'm probably forgetting people in there. Oh well... Later that night, I wandered off with a large group of people to the MLP Forums Donor/Staff/WTFITWAS dinner. There was a great deal of confusion at the start. Lumi forged the way through fire to get us there. X3 The night was quite eventful. Lugia's RD plush decided to stalk me while eating. I eulogized for melted butter on film, and upon returning to the convention center, M. A. Larson photobombed the crap out of us. Did I mention nachos? Yes... yes we did. Those at the Poniverse dinner formed a giant circle on the convention center floor and attempted to sacrifice Luminescence in the center of the circle. The shield would have none of that. We fled into the upper decks and spent quite some time wandering around L&W style. Aww yeah. Sunday was also quite interesting. Skygunner and I departed early for the vendor hall. I wanted commissions, and there was a particular mission that I wanted to accomplish. Two actually. The day before, Skygunner had purchased a Braeburn painting from the Sophiecabra store. It had a Big Mac accompanying piece, which for some reason Sky didn't want to buy. The moment was aptly described by Lugia as follows: Wing grabbed the piece, reached into his pocket, threw a wad of money at the vendor, and gave the pic to Sky. Trolling successful. I am a horrible troll... lol Now, Sunday was also Lumi's birthday, which meant something special was in order. Also, Zoop seemed a little.. well pissy. He did tell me to get the fuck out after all, so I knew something had to be done. I went and commissioned this glorious piece of Luminescence and Keystone (Zoop's OC) eating cake. This is Skype RP canon and was needed. (It can be seen here: -- it's the obvious one ) Skygunner set up the method of delivery and then it was on. We led Lumi and Zoop to the soap lady, which was across the aisle from PWTS. I slipped over, grabbed it, and came back stating, "Look at what I found." The two of them sat there in silence for an obnoxious length of time until Lumi finally plucked the drawing from my hand. Mission complete. I also manged to pick up two commissions of Wingpony, which is just true awesome, and that covers that. Following the close of the vendor hall, a large number of us went back to the Lumi-Zoop-Sky-Jonke room to watch the "dreaded" Equestria Girls. Whether you liked it or not, the company was certainly enjoyable and it was sad when we were once again kicked out. Zoop said it to me again, btw. What a meanie. X3 Fox had to hug me god knows how many times, and the number of Oh Yeahs that left my mouth was downright asinine. I was lucky enough to have company on Monday. I went over the the LZSJ room before Lumi, Zoop, and Jonke took off. I finally got my revenge on Zoop by telling him to get the fuck out of his own room. We all shared in the laughter, had some hugs, etc. Skygunner and I spent several more hours together walking around Inner Harbor. We went on the Constellation and took an obnoxious number of pictures for "Bronies on Ships". We then went to "the shipwreck", which turned out to be nothing more than a mast in the ground. Hence, "Bronies at Horrible Memorials". At the airport, I was definitely feeling a bit mopey though. I had a surprising amount of fun -- not because I wasn't expecting amusement, but because it had been such a long time since I felt that way. For three days, I was 17 again. It was great. Just when I was feeling these vibes, I look up to see Marco, his mom, and Elvis walking down the corridor. We talked until it was time for me to board my plane, and hopefully Marco's mom won't be creeped out by the community any longer. I think we effectively killed that, fillies and colts. X3 I made it home safely --- kinda: my tire blew out on the interstate -- and have a lifetime of memories.
  16. BronyCon approaches! This year's festivities begin on Friday, the 2nd of August and last through Sunday, the 4th. Baltimore's very own convention center will be the venue this year. Last I heard attendance this year is going to consist of approximately 6,000 bronies, up from last year's 4,100. Currently Announced Guests: Keep in mind that this list is subject to change. More people could still be announced between now and the beginning of the convention. Nicole Oliver - Voice of Princess Celestia and Cheerilee Cathy Weseluck - Voice of Spike and Mayor Mare Brenda Crichlow - Voice of Zecora Lee Tockar - Voice of Snips and Steven Magnet Brenda Crichlow - Voice of Zecora Michele Creber - Voice of best CMC Apple Bloom M.A. Larson - Writer Amy Keating Rogers - Writer Heather Breckel - Colorist Katie Cook - Writer for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series Andy Price - Illustrator for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series Yeah, I know. I hope Lauren, Tara, and all of the VAs are able to make it too. John de Lancie is confirmed NOT to be attending this year. He has a prior commitment to another convention. BronyPalooza: BronyPalooza is essentially a massive concert. You may have seen clips of Tara shaking her groove thang, as Pinkie would say, at the Palooza last year. This year's is going to be massive. We'll be graced by 34 talented musicians. I'll admit I haven't heard of many of them, but I'm often the last to learn about things, so you might be familiar with more of them than I am: Alex S. ArtAttack Assertive Fluttershy Baschfire BronyMike Chain Algorithm Cyril the Wolf DannyBrony Dave! dBPony DerpyGrooves EHT F3nning Feather Flaedr Foozogz HeyLasFas ibeabronyrapper Jeff Burgess LaserPon3 Metajoker Michael A. Mic the Microphone Odyssey OmniPony PhillyPu Poni1Kenobi "Rainbow & Rooted" (Circuitfry + TripDiam + Datsmore) replacer Silva Hound SMOR3S Tarby The Living Tombstone The Red Wooden Colts If you're wondering when they're going to find time for all of this, here's your answer: That's right. A 12-hour concert. Don't expect to get much sleep that weekend. That's BronyCon in a nutshell, and about all of the information I can bring you at the moment. For the unabridged version of the preceding and more, have a look at the official website. MLP Forums will be having a meetup there. Details as for a meetup location and meetup time have yet to be determined. If you would like to announce your desire to join the meetup and discuss plans for it, make a post in this thread.
  17. Alright, hopefully this is a good topic: I've seen some pretty amazing games since the beginning of the second decade of the 2000s (as in 2010), and I think it'd be a good idea to list my favorites. I'll provide names and pictures for it. The Last of Us: Red Dead Redemption: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX: Heavy Rain: The Walking Dead: Final Fantasy XIII-2:
  18. So my sister and I are going to the Austin Brony Fan Fair and are trying to figure out how to make our costumes. I'm Applejack and she's Rainbow Dash. Any help?
  19. What are you planning to do for summer 2013? Summer school? Travel? Get a job? Watch ponies? I'm curious to know. For me, I'm probably going to relax at home and hang out with my friends.
  20. Congratulations Graduates of 2013 high school and college alike! Now that you are approaching graduation/have graduated, what's next on the to-do list of life? General discussion about graduation here! Some topic starters: 1. Now that you have graduated from high school, what colleges and careers do you expect to pursue? 2. Now that you have graduated college, what degree and major have you completed? Where do you expect to go in your world of work? 3. What was one of the most memorable moments in your high school and/or college career that has helped you to become a better person personally and/or professionally? 4. Anything else that pertains to graduation and taking the next step! Once again, congratulations to the class of 2013! May your future be filled with success and happiness! Oh, and ponies!
  21. Unofficial MLP Forum Census 2013 More info available in the thread here. This is an unofficial census I'm holding for the community. It will hopefully show our standing both in our beliefs and our standing in society, namely of the forum as a whole. This is a way that we can bring the community together all while generally learning more about the opinions and standing of the fellow members that we may or may not pay attention to otherwise. Some key points to mention: The results are anonymous The voting starts April 15th, and ends Midnight, May 1st (EST) If you quote the results of this census, please properly refer back to the thread or back to this blog if you are using data from this particular year. Answer all questions honestly to avoid distorting the data
  22. There's a new Tomb Raider coming out in 2012 that is a sort of redesign of Lara Croft. In this game she will be far more vulnerable than she was in previous games, the game was classified by Game Informer as a Survival Adventure game where you will have to learn how to survive rather than run and gunning like older Tomb Raiders.
  23. It's februery 28 2013 and this means its the last day of winter So put awey the winter stuff and clean your backyard BECOSE IT'S WINTER WRAP UP TODAY the full episode
  24. I've been trying my hardest to keep up with the stream of new albums and other releases that have and will come out this year, and I was wondering if anyone else has as well. I have a list of all the stuff I want to or have already heard on this website called Rate Your Music: That website is great if you're a music nerd in any degree. Anyway, my favorite releases at the time of this thread's inception (early February) are This Town Needs Guns' "" as well as And So I Watch You From Afar's "All Hail Bright Futures." These artists are doing great things in the independent music sphere. I also heard stuff from Skrillex, A$AP Rocky, Milo, and Cult of Luna that I thought were either worth mentioning or completely awesome. I would appreciate some feedback and responses from the rest of you.