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Found 35 results

  1. 2014 was not a good year at all for me. Horrible winter resulted in horrible road damage here which trashed my winter car's suspension. My aunt broke her ankle in the horrible winter. One of my little cousins had some kind of serious kidney thing that could have gotten really bad- luckily that turned out OK. Another cousin almost got killed by a broken garage door at his work. My brother has anger and other issues and was evicted from our house. My health insurance thru parents ended of course right when "Obamafun" starts up. (The letter showing what it would cost for me to continue the plan as it was was the most hilarious piece of mail I've ever received.) I got a ticket An important manager suddenly quit at my work- which meant even more "fun" for me :okiedokielokie: My grandpa died unexpectedly just over a week ago at 89. -_- Surprisingly, I've never lost anyone close in my 26 years before. Wow, I didn't realize just HOW SHITTY this year actually was until I thought about this for a thread. It's honestly been the worst year of my life. On the positive... Finding out about MLP (by accident) kind of changed my thinking for the better, which probably played a good part in helping me stay sane. Thank goodness I found out about it in January. I built my first new desktop for myself- and because of advice from @Daring, and @Lunatic Envy, saved myself from being very disappointed over like $75. This year, the only debt I have is on my newer car. I could get rid of it at any time if needed and still be ahead on it a couple grand. (I have another older car too) My ticket didn't have any points (car insurance didn't go up.) Hopefully 2015 is better. So what about you guys? Hopefully you had a better year.
  2. I feel as strong as a bull moose, but there are only so many years in history, and so far I've covered every single one of them from 1900 onward. All that's left is the present day. I guess it's time to return home. Have one final blast from the not-so-distant past, as Lady Gaga performs a little ditty off of her exceptional Cheek to Cheek album. Lush Life. Incidentally, the only song on the album not to feature Tony Bennett, who I had already featured in 1999.
  3. So.. as the title says, What was your best moment of 2014? Personally, I don't have a best moment of 2014.. But I have had good moments and good stuff happen to me in 2014.
  4. For me, it was being able to leave college a few months ago and finally have the freedom to learn what I want, when I want. Plus, I was kinda stressed before that because I didn't feel like I fitted in at my college and everything going on just felt so insignificant to me... it was a great relief to finally get away from it all. What was your best moment of this year?
  5. So as we head into the much anticipated 2015 year, this has been a great year for Metal in general with great releases from great bands. So here are my favorite Metal albums, in no particular order, for the year of 2014. (Note that there are others but in those I haven't really listen to all of the songs in them Blood In Blood Out by Exodus This album was a bit attacked by the fans, mainly because of the vocals of Steve Souza, I think that he has done an excellent job at the vocals and with the great riffs of Gary Holt, this was an excellent combo that made this a must buy for thrash fans from all around the world. Favorite tracks: Black 13, Blood In Blood Out, Salt The Wound, Honor Killings and Food For The Worms Rating: 92% Black 13: Esoteric Warfare by Mayhem This album was a pure audio massacre from the start until the end. Attila's vocals were fitting with most of the songs in the album, the blast beats were perfectly done, in harmony with the devastating melody played by the rest of the band. Even if some parts were a bit too experimental, Mayhem did put a great display of what today's Black Metal music is all about. I also love the lyrical themes in the songs, the theme that is mostly use here are psychological warfares, a strange concept yet interesting. Favorite Tracks: Watchers, Trinity and Throne Of Time Rating: 84% Earthborn Evolution by Beyond Creation Those guys from Montreal in the province of Quebec (Pure laine tabarnak (get it? lol)) knows how to play tech. death metal and they proved it once again in this new release. My favorite thing from this album is the bass player (BTW called Dominic "Forest" Lapointe), because of the way he plays the instrument, it adds a charm to the melody already played by the rest of the band. This album is way more experimental than it's predecessor (The Aura) and it lacks a little bit of the brutality that The Aura had but it is still solid Death Metal from beginning to end. Favorite Tracks: Elusive Reverence, Sous La Lueur De L'empereur, Earthborn Revolution and Theatrical Delirium Rating: 90% Tibi et Igni by Vader What an impressive effort with this release by this band which will never stop to amaze me. This album is just really agressive yet so advanced and doesn't lack originality at all. All of the songs from this album are a must listen and the tempo from a song to another is really great. I also love the immersion of classical music in some tracks which brings an ambiance of some sort and helped me go along with some songs on the album. Favorite Tracks: Go To Hell, Where Angels Weep, Hexenkessel, Abandon All Hope, The Eye Of The Abyss, The End Rating: 97% Hexenkessel: Other notable releases White Devil Armory by Overkill Armorist: R.I.B. by Tankard Rest In Beer: Redeemer Of Souls by Judas Priest Ravenous Plague by Legion Of The Damned Doom Priest: (I know the video is from 2013 but the album came out in 2014) The 7 Deadly Sins by Necrodeath Wrath: So, I hope you have a great new year, metalheads and non-metalheads bronies, and that this year brings you good health and prosperity (and hopefully great new metal releases hahaha) Thanks!
  6. So, 2014 is coming to a close and we will soon enter the mid 2010s with 2015. Since everyone's doing it, why don'y I recap my life this past year. This wasn't the best year of my life but it was sure one with a lot of changes in my life. Lets go over them shall we. Lets start with the forums. This year, I've grown a sort of following here... Well, not really a following but surely have gotten more popular here. I've seen staff members mention me in favorite member threads. I'm become a known Pinkie fan, Pokemon fan, shipper, and reviewer. I tend to not stick with one and just go with all of them. Moving over to my life, I have moved houses halfway through the year. My mom finally got re married and moved to a different town. In this new school, I'm making several new friends and this school has a lot of bronies in it. I can go to gamers club and there's a lot of MLP talk. I have also become more of a writer. I thought of an idea for a cartoon about magicians and have since been thinking of the idea in my head. I have also been writing fanfiction, mostly for MLP and some for Pokemon. Speaking of which, I got my first Pokemon up to level 100 today. It was a Swampert. Just something minor. With every good thing, there is also a bad thing. I have lost quite a few people this year. My step grandma died this past Spring and my cousin died this past fall. Those were quite sad moments. So, this is my 2014. Well not my favorite year, it will certainly be a remembered year. I hope for more adventures and forum surfing in 2015.
  7. So what do you guys think was the metal album of the year? If you don't see your pick in the poll, just list it and I'll eventually add it to the poll. Note: I'm only accepting studio albums. No EPs, DVDs, live albums or compilations.
  8. According to the searches I made there is no thread for this so yay. So my question is, what is your personal Game of the Year for 2014 so far? The year isn't over yet of course but we are in the last quarter and quite a few games have released so far. If what you think will be your GOTY has not released yet, what is it? At this point, my GOTY is easily Child of Light. That game is a masterpiece in so many artistic ways and plus the game is just fun. Sure, it is a bit simple in terms of an RPG as well as a bit short compared to other RPG's, but everything else makes up for that entirely, music, art, all of that. Anyone that has read my review of it will know how much I love that game. You should play it if you haven't. It is amazing. In terms of a runner up, it might be the new Smash Bros. For 3DS or maybe Pokemon Omega Ruby for the same system, those are gonna be sweet! Smash Bros. on the go? Genius. Nintendo, you are printing money. How about you all?
  9. Hey, do any of you have the new Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo 3? If so, let's talk about it a bit. The changes you've noticed, the new mechanics, etc. Also, what do you like and dislike about the new 5th Act? Let's hear those responses.
  10. Alright, I really don't know what made me go and make this thing, but I made it. I really don't know what to name this, so I ended up coming up with this. I hope it'd be good enough for you fans of Derpy...
  12. BronyCon 2014 is going to be in Baltimore again on August 1st-3rd of next year! It was announced on EQD Any of you all making plans?
  13. So, it's official! AGT 2014 has already begun! And it has begun with a dose of OMG! A young pianist led off the season and blew everyone away! So, what more do you expect from AGT 2014, and what do you NOT expect to see?
  14. I apologize that I couldn't post this properly. Internet Explorer wont let me paste this from my Word Document. Hopefully the attachment wont prove difficult to use. Give it a read if you can, comment your thoughts, and let me know what you think about the new Godzilla film! Godzilla rant.docx
  15. So, with the recent release of yet another movie under the line of The Amazing Spider-Man, I figured it was about time to make a discussion thread on the series. There was no thread for the series already so heck, maybe this could be the official thread for the series. I'll present a brief overview of each of the movies, and what is planned for future films from synopsis' I have read. The Amazing Spider-Man 1: Young Peter Parker is left with his aunt and uncle after the disappearance of his parents. In a quest to find answers, Peter finds a briefcase that belongs to his dad, and the ultimate hunt begins. In a trip to Oscorp to find out more about his father's partner, Peter is bit by a genetically engineered spider. Amazingly, he gains the powers of a spider. After his uncle dies, Peter vows to fight evil as "Spider-Man". His struggle is only beginning, because Doctor Curt Connors, Peter's father's partner, has changed, and not for the better... <Release Date: July 3, 2012> The Amazing Spider-Man 2: the hunt is still on for Peter Parker as his quest for answers delves deeper. With tragedy unfolding in his life, Peter's greatest challenge begins when Max Dillon, a former fan of Spider-Man, becomes Electro and begins to destroy the city. More tragedy comes Peter's way when his friend , Harry Osborn, slowly descends into darkness... <Release Date: May 2, 2014> The Amazing Spider-Man 3: (I have read multiple synopsis' on this film from Marvel. The following, however, may not be correct.) Peter's life is falling apart after awful tragedies overturn his life. Things only get worse when six villains arise to kill Spider-Man. Lost and depressed, Peter loses hope. And when a strange alien symbiote turns his suit black, Peter doesn't fight it as he descends into darkness and anger... <Release Date: May 10, 2016> Venom: (Once again, no official synopsis can be found here) A single film reflects on the creation of the ultimate evil: Venom. After the symbiote leaves Peter, it bonds with Eddie Brock, and the two merge to make Venom. This is their story... <Release Date: 2015, 2016, or 2017> The Sinister Six: A movie depicting the formation and the outcome of the Sinister Six... <Release Date: 2015, 2016, or 2017> There is supposed to be an Amazing Spider-Man 4 and 5 as well, but no idea has been formed for them yet. So, this thread is all about what you think of these movies. I will update the synopsis' as more info on the movies are released. So, let the discussion on these films begin.
  16. I really thought I'd never do something like this... I made a thing from the event at the Equestria Games... If there's info or downloads you need, I'm here. *I'm still learning about the stuff, please try to be as honest as possible.*
  17. Comic Con 2014 is less than a month away and I can't wait! I'm super excited about the TWD actors going, William Shatner and Robert Englund going! This link has all the info you need on how awesome it will be!
  18. Skrillex released a new album around a month ago called Recess. I used to like Skrillex but his songs began to get old and lame; personally I don't like him. There are literally two songs I like on there only: All Is Fair In Love and Brostep and Stranger The rest of the album isn't that good to me. What do you think about it? I think Skrillex shouldn't have really bothered with it.
  19. Semifinalist match: Final match: Well, there you have it, my little ponies. With a total of 54 votes, it seems our unofficial champion is the one, the only... APPLEJACK Pinkie Pie reached a not-too-far behind total of 43 votes, and occupies the second place slot alongside her maybe-sorta-kinda cousin. Not bad at all! Well, that does it, fillies and gentlecolts. While it's impossible to say conclusively whether this really would've been the final outcome of the original tournament, it was certainly a strong probability. I want to thank everyone who participated (surprised me how many of you actually did ), and above all else, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. And with that, I leave you with a brohoof and a platter of apple fritters, compliments of our champion! /)
  20. I looked and looked and couldn't find a thread on this. So, this very year, the series Left Behind is getting a movie. With this film coming out, I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this book series and movie. Yes, I know it already had 3 movies, and you can discuss them here, as well.
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time for the 2014 MLP FORUMS MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT! YESTERDAY'S RESULTS - FINAL FOUR See below Alright, I have to put on my angry/disappointed dad voice now *ahem* *PULLS OVER CAR* ALRIGHT PEOPLE, WE ARE GOING TO LOVE EACH OTHER AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW! ANY POSTS MAKING FUN OF FELLOW USERS OR ANY POSTS DISRESPECTING ANY OF THE CHARACTERS BEING VOTED ON WILL BE FROWNED UPON AND I WILL FORCE FEED YOU BRUSSEL SPROUTS AND COOKED LIVER. WE ARE FRIENDS DAMMIT SO LET'S ACT LIKE IT. *deep breath* Alright, for the National Championship, ALL FOUR ponies are up for vote along with an ALL CHARACTERS vote. If you vote for ALL CHARACTERS, each character will receive 2 votes worth. If you vote singularly for just one character, they will only receive HALF a vote worth. Final tally will be (All Characters vote total) x 2 + (Single character total) x .5 = character's final total Let's try this again as if these new votes will matter mwahaha THIS YEAR'S BRACKET MAY THE BEST PONY WIN!
  22. Honestly, what a great way to start off the new year! Snow, Snow guessed it, more SNOW. I'm sitting here in Buffalo NY, watching those little white things trickle from the clouds, a constant reminder of the "Polar Vortex" this winter endured. But to much people's dismay (almost everyone i talk to), I actually like the snow. For me, there's snowboarding, sledding, pond hockey, and a lot more (I'll stop for the sake of boring you) and much as i would like to tell those people to move somewhere else, I can't help but agree with them this time around. I was in Florida for the past 6 days and it's amazing to think that i was wearing shorts and a tank top 24 hours ago. Residing in the Rochester/Buffalo area i can safely assume that i've had my fair share of snow storms these past years (Sorry, but a foot of snow is NOTHING), and i was looking at the annual snow accumulations for 2014 which had Buffalo at 121 inches and Rochester at 102 inches. Definitely a far stretch from the record of 199 but a lot of snow indeed. As spring nears by (thank Celestia) there's been this sudden influx of news articles claiming that this is the worst winter ever. Personally i can say that it is definitely up there due to the fact i had to walk a quarter mile to class in blizzard like conditions. The main gripe i had with this winter was that the snow wasn't spaced out. It came in storms which led to a lot of problems for everyone. I'm ready for that winter wrap up. P.S. thanks for reading this first blog, i didn't know what to write about and just had that journalists itch to write! More interesting stuff is on the way...
  23. It’s another year and that means another Assassin’s Creed game is coming our way. Unlike last year, however, this year will reportedly see two Assassin’s Creed games. One will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC while the other will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. A tipster leaked the former to Kotaku and that has forced Ubisoft’s hand resulting in the announcement of the next Assassin’s Creed game. Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed Unity over the weekend – the game is slated for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will feature a new protagonist named Arno and will be set in Paris. The time period is the French Revolution if the guillotine didn’t give it away.According to Nicholas Gigante over at The Examiner, the game will also do away with competitive multiplayer in favor of four player co-op. Beyond that, we know nothing else about Unity.‎
  24. With all these vidyagames coming to our local cloud gaming stores, which ones are you going to grab? Mine's The Division!
  25. Yay, 2014 peoples! Top Posters Overall: @Scootalove - 8,993 posts @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Finesthour - 8,355 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Zygen - 6,950 posts - 6,510 posts @Lady Rarity Pony - 6,282 posts - 5,789 posts @Champion RD92 - 5,365 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2011: @Finesthour - 8,355 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Lady Rarity Pony - 6,282 posts @Champion RD92 - 5,365 posts @Radiance64 - 4,780 posts @Shankveld - 4,460 posts @Doctor XFizzle - 4,122 posts @Crispy - 3,918 posts @Discordian - 3,770 posts @Skullbuster - 3,688 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2012: @Scootalove - 8,993 posts @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Zygen - 6,950 posts - 6,510 posts - 5,789 posts - 4,824 posts @Dusty Soul - 4,126 posts @Nightfall - 3,751 posts - 3,730 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2013: @Geek0zoid - 3,043 posts - 2,604 posts @FNGRpony - 2,570 posts - 2,366 posts @Blue Moon - 2,307 posts @Grand_Finale - 2,182 posts - 2,162 posts @dashian500 - 2,153 posts @Charcoal Embers - 1,973 posts @repsol rave - 1,925 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2014: @Delernil - 675 posts - 433 posts @WhiteGuardian - 427 posts @Deesinn - 409 posts - 406 posts - 322 posts - 320 posts @Judgement - 314 posts @ninjamon102938 - 222 posts @RoguesWolfe - 209 posts Top Posters Who Are Staff Members: @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Radiance64 - 4,780 posts @Evilshy - 3,428 posts @Harmonic Revelations - 3,326 posts @Chigens and Kay - 3,157 posts - 3,039 posts @Aureity - 2,648 posts - 2,284 posts