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Found 44 results

  1. This is it. The last day of the year. Looking back, what have you accomplished? It can be something small or big, just share it with us! For me, I started exploring out of town on my own, I made friends of enemies, I had my first crush, I joined a basketball team (AND got the winning shot in a game! Woo!), I worked hard for some new muscles, and I won a small art contest. It was a pretty eventful year for me! Hopefully 2016 will be just as fun!
  2. I was at home at the time, just browsing these forums and waiting for 2014 to end How about for you ponies?
  3. Made a 2014 version of this topic almost exactly a year ago, so felt like trying it again for this year, even if 2015 has a few days left before we really move on :3 So, what was your best moment of this year? I find it kinda hard to pick since this was an uneventful year for me- though, in a sense, a lot of good things have happened and I have very fond memories- but... 8D But... ... okay, I can't actually pick x3 How about you guys? I hope it's been a good year for you all, and may the rest of it be kind to you too!
  4. What were your 3 favourite movie moments for movies that you saw in theatres in 2015 1 Hotel Transylvania 2 when Dennis Dracula-Locker turns into a bat for the first time 2 the peanuts movie when the Charlie Brown asks the red head girl why she choices him 3 star wars when one the original characters is killed
  5. you know that game with the kid and it looks like earthbound and the goat mom waifu and the developer IS TAKING HIS SWEET GOD DAMN TIME FINISHING IT~~
  6. Hey Folks, what do you look forward to the most at this coming BABScon? For me, I'm always excited to reunite with people I've met before and meet new awesome people. That and taking photos of cosplayers!
  7. It's been 5 years for this community and I wanted to make a tribute video on how much y'all have made an impact on my life. Thank you for all that you guys have done! We're not just a fandom anymore, we're family! So, with that said, here's to another amazing year of ponies!
  8. I'm surprised there hasn't been an active thread for this game. This is the newest IP by Nintendo I wasn't expecting much from then bought it on impulse turns out to be really good! There's a single player campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode that has a few options: Ranked, unranked (local) and unranked (online). Unranked online is called Turf Wars, where you get to play for three minutes where if the team has the most pixels marked, they win. Ranked has a few modes and if you keep on winning those, your rank goes up. Lose, and your rank can go down. In Multiplayer, you have a whole array of weapon types you can purchase at the game's weapon shop. There are five primary weapon types, with 25 weapon variants that have their own properties. Clothing gives you innate bonuses that you can level up. The more expensive the clothing, the more slots it has. Clothing is limited to hats, shirts and shoes. There's a lot to do in this game. And remember, stay fresh!
  9. Yo! I was just wondering what you all thought the best albums of 2015 were. For me it was- David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect Blackmore's Night - All our Yesterdays So, list as many as you want!
  10. Well, 2015 has gone by kinda fast. Been a pretty interesting year too for gaming. We have seen many new releases and some very interesting titles, also some that are....kinda terrible. In this thread though, we are here to discuss our personal favorites of the year, our Game(s) of the Year! This can be one or many, whatever you think has been the best of the year so far. Definitely one of my top favorites is Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One. This game, while it has some small kinks, is near racing game perfection. The sheer amount of cars and the details in all of those cars, the 26 tracks, the rain and night effects, the ability to customize all of your cars to your liking, both in tuning and visual appearance, this game is just absolutely wonderful and also relaxing for me to play. I have already put near 50 hours into it. Yeah, I really like it. :3 Definitely one of my absolute favorites of 2015 and beyond for that matter and it is now my favorite racing title ever, bar none. Another one is Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. Yeah, there is no way this one could not make my list. Considering that it is a Mario fan's dream, this game is pure 2D platforming bliss. It is so easy to get into making levels and different concepts and playing levels made by others is infinitely replayable. To me, this is the definitive Wii U killer app. Infact, it is the game that made me buy the console this year. Well played Nintendo. Well played. How about all of you? What are some of your top games for this year? ^____^
  11. Ah 2015, a year which a lot of metalheads awaited, mainly to hear future releases that were out in this very year and a year which was actually not bad as for those releases.Some bands released quality material as usual, while others seemed to have failed in front of their own fanbase. But today, I'm here to talk about my favorite albums of the year 2015!: 1.The Book Of Souls by Iron Maiden While some people think that this album is still the same old boring produced same pace Maiden (Modern Iron Maiden for a more concrete definition), I for myself honestly think that it works in this release. I think it's the most old school sounding modern Maiden release! From songs like If Eternity Should Fail to songs like the 13 and 10 respective minutes epics called The Red And The Black and title-track called The Book Of Souls, I think we have all the proof to say that it aims more at their older sound than their other modern releases, even if the production is far from being their best. But I'm not done here! While sounding like that at some points, most of the songs from this one, kicks ass, I mean, it does not lack the Maiden energy, that carries to most of those songs! Also, while I think Bruce Dickinson's vocal aren't the best he did, I think they're alright! And the musical arrangement are not bad, and they manage to get really epic in the album's 18 minutes closer called Empire of the Clouds. In conclusion, I think this album is one of the better modern Iron Maiden release, and it's not a letdown. Favorite songs: If Eternity Should Fail, The Great Unknown, The Red and the Black, When The River Runs Deep, The Book of Souls, Empire of the Clouds. 2.VII : Sturm Und Drang by Lamb Of God I gotta say that for a first full listen of a Lamb Of God, I'd say it is not a deception of any kind. This album does not suck, it's even a good one! With it's variety of riffs and styles, it shows it's potential right away! The clean sections might not be the best thing about this album, but they do not make that one go down instantly! For a full review check out this post in this very blog: Favorite songs: Still Echoes, Erase This, Footprints, Delusion Pandemic, Torches 3.What Should Not Be Unearthed by Nile From the variety to the excelent immersion of it's songs, here next we got this great new release by Nile. I got myself listening to songs in some generous amount of times (such as Evil To Cast Out Evil and the first underestimated Liber Stellae Rubaeae). To list the positives, we got some nice drumming from George Kollias, good vocals and some of the heaviest songs the band has released yet such as Call To Destruction, Rape of The Black Earth, etc... For the negative point it is the drums production which could have been a bit better! For a full review check out this post in this very blog: Favorite songs: Call To Destruction, Liber Stellae Rubeae, In The Name Of Amun, Evil to Cast Out Evil, Rape Of The Black Earth 4.Terms of Surrender by Black Fast This really recent band from St. Louis called Black Fast released a nice piece of modern Thrash Metal music. With this album called terms Of Surrender, they were able to show what they were capable of. In this nearly 45 minutes record, the band were able to play a Thrashy, yet really progressive and interesting style of metal. The entire album is really original full of catchy songs in their own right! Those riffs that are either original or just plain creative. You just have to check out this great album for yourself as it is a really talented one! Favorite songs: The Keep, To Propagate the Void, Tongues of Silver, The Coming Swarm, I Conspire, Vacuous Idol, Until Dust Check out the music video of "I Conspire"!: 5.Plan of The Damned by Acid Reign (Single) About time that this band released new shit! And it's with a "rebooted" line-up that Acid Reign released a... and yes I know it is not an album but who cares! ...single! The song begins with what seems to be a mid-paced start but soon after the 2:30 mark of the song, you know, it's dat part where it THRASH! And bam! The Thrashy parts starts just as H the lead singer says "THIS IS NOT A TEST!". Here, nice and thrashy riffs awaits you for a nice finish! I really hope that they keep heading this away for their future new release! You can check out the song here: Honorable mentions: 1.Redemption From Refaim by A.R.G. A neat album from a band who released the last album prior to that one in 1991! Equilibrium: 2.Ungod by Morgoth A great comeback album in the vein of their first oldschool Death Metal album called Cursed (1991). It sounds oldschool and it deserves attention from the eyes of the Death Metal scene Snakestate: 3.Underworld by Symphony X An album that has it's moment while a some are kind of forgettable, but not a lot of them are actually. A pretty typical album from them. I recommend you to listen to Kiss Of Fire a thousand times, because it's one of their best songs ever, thank you! Kiss Of Fire: 4.Genexus by Fear Factory Not their best album, but a good one at least. Some good Industrial Metal there, really a lot to check there. Djent incorporation also makes this one worth it. The title-track, Genexus: 5.Suicide Society by Annihilator I don't get why people hate this album, all that those people seems to say is that the song My Revenge is a rip-off of Metallica's Damage Inc. just because Jeff Waters "took" a riff from that song, but why would say that a song is bad because of a freakin riff?!? Come on, metal scene I know you're a lot better than that (or is it?). You know what, screw those people, because I like this album and I recommend you that one, and you can ignore Snap, that song is not worth your time. Creepin' Again: 6.My God-Given Right by Helloween Not that bad this album is, check out my full review: Battle's Won: 7.I Worship Chaos by Children Of Bodom A good album from this popular Finnish melo-death band. I Hurt, is one of my favorite songs from the band if not my favorite, because it simply just kills! The rest of the album is alright and you should check it out for yourself! I Hurt: 8.Reveries... by Supuration This one is an album of re-recorded songs from the band's demo's and E.P.s. I got myself listening to some songs a lot of times, including the album's opener Avoid the Contamination, Suffocate Through Asphyxia and others... They even recorded a cover of Anthrax's Among The Living, check it out! Suffocate Through Asphyxia: 9.Dead Man's Path by Malevolent Creation A recent release from those Death Metal veterans. They released a nice album with a couple of great sounding songs like Imperium (Kill Force Rising), Blood Of The Fallen, etc... Blood Of The Fallen: 10.Emanations by Ouroboros I just recently got into these guys, and their first album is really good but their second album evolves their Technical Thrash/Death Metal sound into a whole new level with the additions of symphonic elements, honestly, check that one out! The album in it's entirety: 11.Envers Et Contre Tous by Anonymus Quebec's Anonymus released a neat new album this summer which suceeds to the also neat État Brute (2011). It gots the typical elements of their modern music: Fast, Thrashy and efficient! Décrisse: 12.Repentless by Slayer Ok, you might don't take me seriously, but I think that this album is a half-good, half-meh/bad type of album, it gots some nice songs (Repentless, Take Control, Piano Wire, Atrocity Vendor and You Against You) while the rest of the album is either full of meh or not terrible/bad songs (Vices, Cast The First Stone, When The Stilness Comes (Not bad), Chasing Death, Implode (Not The Worst), Pride In Prejudice (Worst song of the album)). I think it should have been a lot better, but either way that's their music, so yeah... Repentless (Damn already to 6m views): 13.Bad Magic by Motörhead This release, is a sad one, because it's officialy their last ever due to the death of a Legend called Lemmy Kilmister, Rest In Peace! Metal music will highly miss you! Also, I feel sorry that I have not listen to much of this album mainly it's their last, because priorities man! But from what I've been hearing it seemed good, while not being the best I heared from Motörhead. Last music video the band has ever released from a song called When The Sky Comes Looking For You: To conclude, I think that this year was not all that bad concerning those releases, it had defenitely some good ones and some who I can revisit! I highly anticipate 2016! With albums from Vektor, Voivod, Megadeth and other set to be released for next year, I think that this year might deliver us some surprises from the Metal scene! Happy new year 2016! Psss... You can also check out the 2014 edition of this, thanks...:
  12. Two years ago, during a stormy afternoon on the land of Spain, I was staring at the Log In screen of MLPForums, decided to join just because of my newfound interest in MLP and its fandom. After nearly 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to make an account, another 10 minutes of me seeing that it had to be done through Poniverse, and yet another 10 minutes trying to remember my email's password, I finally joined this place. Although I though I wouldn't stick too long, little did 16 years old me know about how much would I stick to this place, and how would I grow to love it. Little has changed about me and my opinion since my blog about my first forumversary. Still loving this place as much as I did since the day I joined, and it doesn't look like that view will change in a while. I had a few issues here and there, but nothing that tainted my vision a lot, to be honest. Soo what has changed since 2014 and 2015? Well, a lot of things. I made more friends, I lost some, I joined staff twice (as Poniverse Staff and then as MLPF Staff), topped the Ship the Member above you post chart, and then left the thread because it became boring, and started to ship raid everyone, and many other things that I don't feel like explaining. It's not this long, I know, but this place has a small spot on my heart, and it doesn't seem to grow old, so yeah, happy anniversary me, and I hope that I can keep enjoying this place for a third strike c: -Me IRL at this moment (who am I?)
  13. Not sure what to think of it. Some of it's funny. I'm not into the whole "The Office" shtick. However I love the Muppets too much to skip it. I would really like the show more if it has cameo appearances from past shows. Like Clifford from "The Muppets Tonight". I mean I know he went back to his roots to be a bass guitarist/male model. But... he was my favorite character in that iteration of the show. What about the bit puppets from Muppet Treasure Island? Clueless Morgan would be funny, he would be still calling Kermit Captain Abraham or something. Also what's up with Janice's gummy uvula? Anyway that's my input about the 2015 show, what do you guys think?
  14. And it is a wrap folks! The 2015 video game awards have officially ended and what a show it was. While it still had some hiccups here and there, this was easily the best Game Awards in years, and it could very well be my favorite that has ever been done. Though I would have liked more award categories discussed on the show, the awards were good themselves, the extra stuff was awesome and the game premieres were also good. Far Cry Primal looks insane. The segment for Iwata was also....heartfelt and wonderful. What do you all think? What are your thoughts on the awards this year? What did you think of the winners? The Game awards always fill me with joy watching them. Also, here is this: Viva is so talented that she won the award for best voice actress for a game that she wasn't even in. XD
  15. Veronica Taylor talked to me in her Ash Ketchum voice! It made my day! I bought: Sega CD Games Green tea KitKat Mother 3 Fan Translation repro cart GBA Magic Pengel PS2 Knight Rider NES Framed Aladdin wall poster CC Lemon (It tastes like regular lemonade, if you must know) I got autographed: Lucario and Mystery of Mew DVD by Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum) Smash Wii U by Sean Schemmel (Lucario) Power Rangers Season 1 Vol 1 DVD by David Yost (Blue Power Ranger) and Walter Jones (Black Power Ranger) Phantom Menace DVD by Andy Secombe (Watto) Return of the Jedi DVD by Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) CastleVania SotN PS1 by Rika Muranaka ("I Am The Wind" composer)
  16. What Should Not Be Unearthed by Nile (2015) NILE IS ILLUMINATY CONFIRMED! All jokes aside, I highly anticipated this album from this Technical/Brutal Death Metal band. The first two songs they introduced, "Call Of Destruction" and "Evil to Cast Out Evil" were really frikin' good and I could not wait for the release. And then today came, the album was out and I'm here writing this review completely wordless after the listen... OF THIS MASTERPEACE. This album is their ultimate offering, it offers the best quality Tech Death they've ever done since their beginning in the musical industry, and it feels good! Pros: This album has a lat of positive points to say the least and here are all of them: First, the variety. Nile has been known to be a band with medium variety incorporation in their albums, but this one offers their best variety to date, uncluding midpaced songs to really classic fast tempos like Nile Songs, but with many musical elements, such as doomy melodic elements, like in the 6 minute song called "In the Name of Amun", that helps the immersion factor along this one. Secondly, the riffs. Man the riffs are really great and they assist in the auditive chaos in this one, in songs such as "Call To Destruction", "Liber Stellae Rubaeae", "Evil to Cast Out Evil" and "Rape of the Black Earth" they proved all along that this one should be looked mainly for the riffs! Also, George Kollias continues to be a beast at the drums but he seems to have gotten a little better since their last album called "At the Gate of Sethu", keep going George you're a goddamned beast and a good model from drummers! I can tell you other reasons on how about this album's good, but you may just discover those by yourself if you're a fan of this genre of Metal, enjoy! Cons: A place where this album fails a little at, is a bit in the production, because the Drums seems really quiet sometimes, maybe they could have optimized it a tad better, but it does not necessarily make this one bad, it's still a masterpiece aside this little flaw. Ratings: Call To Destruction (10/10) Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep (9.5/10) Liber Stellae Rubaeae (9.5/10) In the Name of Amun (9.8/10) What Should Not Be Unearthed (9.5/10) Evil to Cast Out Evil (10/10) Age of Famine (9.5/10) Ushabti Reanimator (9/10) Rape of the Black Earth (10/10) To Walk Forth from Flames Unscathed (10/10) Overeall Rating: 97%
  17. Gamescom 2015 is happening right now! Anyone keeping up with the announcements? I have been keeping track of the Microsoft conference and the announcements there are pretty stellar! I am probably one of the only people alive that geeked out about Train Simulator finally coming to Xbox One! Yeah, it's true. What has been some of your favorite announcements and details so far from the conferences? :3
  18. VII : Sturm Und Drang by Lamb Of God (2015) What an album by those guys of Lamb Of God! To be honest this is the first Lamb Of God album I've listened to fully but for a first this is gold in overall! Pros: A good thing about this album is the gold-mine of great riffs, really catchy but sometimes even technical. Chris Adler did really well at drum in this album, performing really accurately at most parts, and this, I really loved. I also love the set-ups for some songs, it went this way for the weird Overlord and for the great 5 minute closer called Torches. Cons: What was definitely not my cup of tea in this album were the clean parts, mainly in Overlord despite the good set-up of this part of the song and also that part with the guest vocalist in the song Embers, but those elements despite being here did not make me despise this album at all! And that is really good! Ratings: Still Echoes (9.5/10) Erase This (9.2/10) 512 (8/10) Embers (8.5/10) Footprints (9/10) Overlord (8.7/10) Anthropoid (9/10) Engage The Fear Machine (9/10) Delusion Pandemic (9.5/10) Torches (9.2/10) Overall Rating: 89%
  19. Link to header image: I'm sure most of you by now have heard of the new indi game Metroidvania sensation, Axiom Verge. The game is like Super Metroid but with some Contra and other elements fused into one. A uniquely stylized environment of wonder and mystery awaits you in this game. The Electronic music makes you feel lost and alone as you fend off odd alien monsters with unique yet somewhat familiar weapons to Metroid. It's no secret that this game is Metroid inspired as the creator, Thomas Happ, is a huge Metroid fan. Even with many Popular Title references, it borrows from such titles in a unique way that it make you ask for more. Not to mention the wide varieties of collectibles, power-ups, and weapons to stand up to your foes with. Explore, shoot, solve puzzles, and most importantly, have fun! This is a quality gaming experience that is highly recommended, especially for major Metroid buffs. So tell me, what do you think of the game? If you haven't played it yet, are you interested in trying it out? Let me hear what you guys have to say.
  20. It's starting to get to that time of year again, even though we're only 2-3 months away from the San Diego Comic-Con. Sure it may sound early to talk about the Comic-Con exclusive My Little Pony toy. But on the other hand, we're learning more about Hasbro's Comic-Con exclusives(We know about the GI Joe figures and there's word that Hasbro will also release its first line of Force Awakens toys for this year's Comic-Con). In 2012, we got the legendary Derpy Hooves figure. Not only did that figure sell out like crazy, it sold out really fast when it finally went online. I acquired one through a third party group. In 2013, DJ Pon3(AKA Vinyl Scratch) joined the exclusive group with a Swarvoski crystal-encrusted figure(Later on, Twilight got a figure of her own with the same crystals). I acquired two: One for me and one for a relative In 2014, we got two exclusives. The first was the Mane-Iac in Pony form with Spike the Dragon. The second was an Equestria Girls version of the Mane-Iac. As with the DJ Pon3, I got two Mane-Iacs(One for me and one for a relative) all while acquiring the Equestria Girls figure for myself(Ironically, it's my first Equestria Girls figure). So what do you suppose we'll get this year? Discord? Daring Do? Starlight Glimmer? Tirek?
  21. Link: It's offical. Disturbed has returned after a long hiatus. They are currently making Immortalized and they recently posted their Official Music Video, The Vengeful One, to tease the album. For dedicated fans like myself, this has been long awaited. Here's to the new album and hopes that it'll be successful. May the beast rise once more~
  22. Super important everyone fills this out so we know how many bronies or fans there are and so we have loads of juicy data :>
  23. May as well finish up with a running motif. This will be the last daily post, I'm afraid. Nowhere left to go from here except, perhaps, the 1890s, and finding recordings from the 1900s was hard enough without looking for even older stuff. I'll tell you what, though. Send me surviving recordings from between 1890 and 1899 that don't break the one-per-artist rule. If I can get all ten, I'll put together a short ten-part series featuring these recordings in the near future. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed our journey through music and history, and I hope it's inspired you to look back at the songs of previous generations with an open mind. Tallyho. Postmodern Jukebox, with their cover of Gangsta's Paradise.
  24. It's happening guys! It's happening! What are your favourites? (Find other songs: Mine are: What is Eurovision?
  25. So this is a thread concerning the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs. Here you can discuss about them as the Playoffs take it's course during the following weeks. This thread will be updated whenever there's a new matchup I know there is gonna happen. and remember: go habs go!! But seriously, remember that the forums rules still applies here, so respect everyone's team. So whitout further ado, have some nice NHL Playoffs! BRACKET (updated for Round 2):