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Found 25 results

  1. I just can't decide between the MLP Movie and Thor: Ragnarok!!! What other movies are you guys eagerly anticipating?
  2. Hello and what's up everypony. So Hasbro hasn't released an official poster for the movie yet, although the banner below has been spotted at a fan expo: However, that hasn't stopped us fans from making our own. Which of them is your favorite? If I missed any feel free to post. I'd love to see 'em!! BTW all names are from DeviantART. BRACE YOURSELVES, LONG SCROLLING AHEAD... Vest's poster: JeditheSciFiFreak's poster: DinnerBlaster9000's poster: My poster: DiamondWhits's poster:
  3. Is it really a good idea to advertise the movie in August? It's kinda late.
  4. Hasbro started production of the Movie before Season 6, right? And Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt in season 6. So, I hope they don't bring up Rainbow Dash's dream of becoming a wonderbolt in the movie, but not bring up her status as a Wonderbolt, either, for the sake of the movie's continuity, since Rainbow Dash didn't become a Wonderbolt prior to Season 6.
  5. Who do you think the villain of the upcoming movie will be?
  6. Maybe I'm just worried over nothing, but will Twilight be the main character in this movie, or is a new character going to take center stage.
  7. Next year on August first, A prequel book to the My Little Pony movie will be released. Here is a link:
  8. I don't mean like just a cameo or something, I'm talking like speaking roles and maybe a little bit of helpfulness or action. I personally want to see more of Ember (If you couldn't tell). I would also like to see more of Derpy, and Lyra and Bon Bon. I wouldn't expect villians to appear, but you never know.
  9. I know it's a little early to ask this, but when do you think they'll release the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray?
  10. So, how do you think the movie should begin? Should start with a shot of a book opening or something, like a callback to the series premiere?
  11. So on several Articles announcing Liev Schreiber & Taye Diggs, I found something in them that Rita Hsiao (Writer of Toy Story 2 and Mulan) is now Co-Writing the MLP Movie Screenplay along with Meghan McCarthy. Hope it's True.
  12. What do you think the movie villain's motive will be?
  13. What would your response be if the 2017 movie was the end of the mane six's role as being the mane characters and wrapped up their story, and Starlight and her new band that she'll form in the s6 finale will be the mane characters for FIM from S7 onward?
  14. Out of boredom, I decided to make a Wikipedia page for the 2017 Movie of MLP. I've now sent it in to be reviewed, but for now their buried in submissions so I wanted some input on how and what I can Improve or add to the page while I'm waiting. Not to sure how to put in the picture of the logo yet but I'm trying to. P.S. I'd like to thank SubZeroSilver on Wikipedia for helping organized and edited a lot of the article to make it seem more professional
  15. There's a lot of celebrity voices that have been hired or are in talks to be in the 2017 My Little Pony movie (why my phone hasn't been ringing I'm not sure.). I'll give you a name that is striking fear in my soul, and that is the name of a celebrity that many of you youngsters may not have heard of....his Don Johnson. ? In 1987, there came forth the G.I. Joe movie, starring Don Johnson. The year before, in 1986, there came The Transformers movie, starring Leonard Nemoy. The reason these celebrities scare me is: in both of the movies you had the real cast of the successful cartoon series pushed aside for larger characters voiced by the celebrities. The villain of Megatron was changed to have the voice of Leonard Nemoy rather than the amazing Frank Welker. A rag tag group of new Transformers, including Rodimus Prime took over the reigns from Optimus Prime, who was merced early on. In GI Joe, we had to deal with whiney Don Johnson and his scrub friends trained by WWF's Sgt. Slaughter. Meanwhile Cobra Commander (who was once a man!) was pushed aside by Mickey from Rocky/The Penguin as the main villain. The regular Joes were doing...something. Duke died was in a coma. So, light of the celebrity casting..... Will Hasbro pull out their tricks from the 80's and push aside our beloved Mane 6 for a unwanted group of celebrity voices as the real stars of the movie, with the best voice casting on television, in my opinion, being relegated to supporting role status? Or am I being paranoid....because why change what made them such a success? Discuss!
  16. Personally, I don't want any of the Elements of Harmony bull. I honestly think the princesses should do something at the last second in my opinion, instead of the M6 doing everything themselves.
  17. A lot of people seem to want mlp to stop after the movie. My question is, would you mind if it continued?
  18. Nothing big like plot events or characters, just little things like references, callbacks, or nods to the fandom?
  19. Okay so, I've been thinking a lot on this and want to know others' opinions. Firstly, let me preface this with - I know many people perceive the fandom to be dying. They have since season 1, and we're all still here; there are plenty threads for that discussion, and it's wholly irrelevant to the topic at hand. ^^'' Long story short, we, the pony crowd, are getting referenced all over the place lately. Robot Chicken, Deadpool, that awkward Christmas movie The Night Before's Trailer #1, lots of cartoons like Gravity Falls, Power Puff Girls and Teen Titans Go, etc, etc, etc. In addition it's made headline news when a celeb like Will Shatner "comes out" as one of us, even though almost none of the celebrities themselves seem to think it matters much. So my question here is, has pony become a niche little piece of the wider pop culture or not? Is it in the middle of that? How would the 2017 movie affect that? Any evidence to add for or against my little theory?
  20. This doesn't just apply to the Academy Awards, but as well as Golden Globes, Annies, and/or various others
  21. Holy S**t. It's conspiracy time. So I've been thinking, and it seems strange to me how the Cutie Map tells them pretty specifically where to go to fix a problem. I am 78.4% certain that there are more problems in Equestria than the map is pointing out. What if the map is just cleaning shop? It's telling the mane six where to go so they can weed out the problem, then the map gains a foothold in that area. It is telling them to go places all over Equestria so it can finally spring up and take Equestria all in one fell swoop. All it needs to do is tell it's blind henchmen, the Mane 6, where to go. Genius.
  22. So we all know Now that Meghan McCarthy has became the Head of Storytelling for the company's Girl brands at Hasbro Studios. But the question is: Is she still gonna be the showrunner on this show and be able to write more upcoming episodes, right?
  23. So today when I was surfing through the Internet and visiting the Equestria Daily website at the same time. And I found an article on SDCC 2015. Well, according to some user named: The_Pointillist and said that DHX Media might end G4 after the movie in 2017 before moving onto Generation 5 or spin-offs follow from there. It looks like we might get some news on the 2017 movie, Late Season 5 or Season 6 and of course the new Friendship Games movie in the Equestria Girls trilogy. BUT...I don't want G4 to end, I want G4 to live on forever and ever. I mean why not split G4 into G4.1 or G4.2 for example and use the same art style like they did it in the show and the Equestria Girls movies too. Plus I'm hoping they would announce the future of MLP:FiM...I'm hoping that they could announce a CMC spinoff series, BUT this could be awesome! If they do that, I might be a showrunner and end up working with Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen at DHX Media Vancouver, that would be 200% super cool. THE POINT IS: Why not DHX expand its staff? That would a great idea, that way: DHX can let one group on MLP, another on EG as well as the upcoming 2017 movie and the would-be CMC spin-off series (set in the same time, I meant present time as blank flanks though) G4.0 = Main series and movie G4.1 = Equestria Girls G4.2 = CMC spin-off series (MAYBE) So our Educated Guesses from The_Pointillist at SDCC 2015 might happen or NOT happen: --Hype for Late Season 5 Episodes. Hints of an "Everything Changes" Scenario moving into Season 6. --First official announcements concerning the 2017 movie, and whether or not there was any truth to the leaked Sony emails. --Then a little bit of "slipped" begrudging commentary concerning Season 6. The goal will be to have everything but the animation for it done by the end of Season 5 so that there's a minimal hiatus. Minimal meaning "not none, but not years and years worth of it either". --Some animation for Season 6 will be done before the end of Season 5, lending more support than usual to a "2 to 3 week hiatus/cliff-hanger" scenario. --DHX will actually say FiM/Gen 4 ends with the 2017 movie, and that Gen 5 and/or spinoffs follow from there. (We'll have to wait and see then) --A more casual, up-rated take on FiM appears on a new network, that isn't on Discovery Family. Link to article on the SDDC 2015 MLP panel: