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Found 12 results

  1. 2020 is upon us! So, how was your 2019? For me, this past year was definitely one to remember, and so life-changing. I got a truck, graduated high school, got two jobs, and started college. I basically have become a grown up just within the past year.
  2. Breaking news from the closing ceremonies. Next year's BronyCon will be the final one. After 8 years, the biggest of the pony conventions will be bidding farewell. And the convention intends not to go out with a whimper, but with a roar. Bronycon intends to make history one final time during August first through the fourth. Wait. First to the fourth? That's right. For the first time ever, the fandom will be getting its own four day con! So fillies and gentlecoltsn plan accordingly. Do what you can to attend the last hurrah of our greatest institution. Maybe MLPforums themselves can get in on the festivities? I know I will be there. And I hope you will be too.
  3. I am definitely heading, I have been going there since 2015! I did not have much to do this year, but next year is what matters the most! 2019 is the final year for BronyCon!
  4. As you all know, Star Wars 9 teaser trailer is out! This thread is for discussion about the movie. What do you guys think?
  5. 2018 was a great year for movies, but 2019 looks like it's going to be even better. So, which movies are you looking forward to the most?
  6. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx
  7. Since there's already a thread for movies, here's one for animation. What are you looking forward to this year in the realm of animation? Personally I'm looking forward to Long Lost Gulch, Hazbin Hotel, Infinity Train and Toy Story 4, though I'm holding out hope for JG Quintel's Close Enough to maybe start airing this year, but I don't think that's going to happen...
  8. Well after recently watching one of the best TV episodes in all of television, I really feel positive. I feel like expressing that positivity into what I see for 2019. The potential for maybe something good to happen to me for once. Maybe it will be the best year of my entire life. Although I'll be the first to admit, the opposite may once again be true, and if it were bad enough it could be my last year of life (You know what I'm implying here), I'm really looking forward to a year in and of itself for the first time, quite literally ever. I know this is about 3 weeks late, but I'll dive into it here. Why exactly do I feel cautiously optimistic about 2019? Well here are a couple of reasons. ~What's coming out in 2019?~ There are some AMAZING things coming out this year. Among them being Toy Story 4, Borderlands 3, Hazbin Hotel, and Long Gone Gulch. Toy Story 4 seems, so far, to be on its way to being a phenomenal ending place for the series (Here's the summary that says so). I really feel the hype on this one. As for Borderlands 3, I'm REALLY excited. It's another Borderlands game, what do I have to say here? As for Hazbin Hotel, it's been shaping up to be among my favorite adult animated shows of all time (I DOUBT it will beat out Rick and Morty and the older seasons of the Simpsons, but I think it will be up there). But nonetheless, definitely loving the dark creativity. And for Long Gone Gulch, the character concepts and the blending of genres are both QUITE intriguing to me. I see it being perhaps among the best of all time with the potential shown by Rawhide's character. I'm sure there's more to be excited about, but these are the main things. Like yes, the Bowser's Inside STory remake is a thing, and yes so are things like Infinity Train. But these are the things that REALLY make me feel like there's hope. Maybe a Chance at Love? <3 I think it's ACTUALLY possible I'll find him. You now, the one. I know it's been a struggle in that department with you know the fact I as of now have a whopping 3 ex-boyfriends at the age of 21, but I've began to become hopeful in recent times I might find the fourth and maybe they'll revise that saying to "the fourth is the charm." But I have hope for a three reasons. Firstly, I have made my own blog post citing what I want in that department, and I'll link it right here. Secondly, over those 3 failed relationships, I gained a better understanding of how to make them work, or at least I'm led to believe so. And last, but not least, the potential move may help out a LOT here. If I moved in with my brother I'd be moving into the second largest city in the state and the seventh largest city in the country (San Antonio, Texas). By my math (and admittedly a few assumptions), that leaves me in that city alone... Just about 10,000 possibilities. Yes, 10 THOUSAND (for a male looking for a relationship with another of the same sex, that's an awful lot of possibilities). At least 1 ought to be compatible? Of course this is all me trying to be positive. The realism of this is still... a bit shaky at the very best.
  9. Which two teams do you think will play in the 2019 Super Bowl?
  10. Looking for up to 3 roommates, totaling 4 people in the room. Just booked the hotel room for BabsCon 2019. Checking in or day early, checking out one day late. 4-17-2019 to 4-23-2019. Two queen size beds. 1 roommate (2 people)- $405/person 2 roommates (3 people)- $270/person 3 roommates (4 people)- $202/person Simple room rules: No getting drunk or "wasted" in the room. Sleeping it off in the room is fine however. Please contribute to keeping the room clean. If we decide to order food, please be willing to contribute $$$ for food.
  11. Land's of the Clyonies... Art Sneak Peak and a Story sneak Peak.. Story Sample.... The Dragons wanting the terrority of The Kingdom Of Long Heart Stone, declaring an all out war, to all the kingdoms within the massive land . Those who were of age and are strong enough to fight were all ordered to join the army, Fight to protect the lands from the threat that endangers them all. Charolette Lagoon Lake, in tears begging Her love not to go.'' Please, Zane Chance Cloud don't Go.'' Zane, dressed In battle armor, finishing up packing his Back Pouch.''Charolette, I have to go, the Dragons have burned so much of the kingdoms, many have sadly perished in the flames.'' reaching for his sword on a high shelf. " The dragons are now atacking small villages. I have to help, do something, defeat those dragons.'' looking at his love, seeing her tears .'' I will do anything to keep you safe.'' walking over to Charolette, putting out his hoof, gentelly pushing her chin upward, looking into her eyes.''Don't worry, I will be comming back to you.'' Giving her a Kiss, the two embrace in a hug. Walking out of the room, in the hallway headinding to the exit door of the cottage. Charolette races out, seeing Zane Chance Cloud spreading his wings, Shouting in desperation, tears falling from her eyes. "'Stop, Please. There is something I have to tell you first.'' Zane quickly turns, seeing his wife racing towards him, Folding his wings turning around to face her... Charolette Lagoon Lake. Trying to catch her breath, '' You need to hear this zane.'' taking his hoof in hers and placing them on her belly. Zane feeling a small kick.'' Charolette looking up at he husband.'' I'm pregnant.'' Zane over whenlmed by the news. Mixed emotions of happiness and joy knowing he is going to be a father. Happy and joyful to hear the news.reaches out to embrace his wife kisses her a second time. Placing his hoof on her belly, as he feels the baby inside move again.''Not to worry little one, your father will be coming back to you and you mother.'' Charolette worried about the war going on , fearing that her husband would not be able to keep his promise, yet wanting her husband to be a part of their baby's life .'' Before you go, I want you to choose a name for him.'' Zane looking at his wife, her eyes soaked in tears., from crying'' What if the baby is a girl ?'' Charolette ''No. I know he is a boy, I can tell..'' Zane, trying to get his wife's mind off the war, being silly.''Oh really,'' Smiling ''did a magic fairy tell you this.'' Charolette laughing.''You know magical Fairies aren't real.'' Zane.shrugs'' Not going to argue with you on that.'' Charolette.'' so about his name.'' Zane, looking up at the sky noticing that it was getting dark.'' Night will be here soon.'' Everyone was expecting him, Thinking about flying off to camp.then it struck him.'' how about Knight Wing.'' Charolette.Head looking down putting her hooves on her belly again feeling the baby move. Zane, seeing how his wife's mood quickly changed.'' You don't like it?'' Charolette looking up at her husband.'' It's Perfect.'' smiling, putting her hoof on her belly .''Knight Wing '' Knowing that more than ever, he has to do something to protect. Not only his wife, now their baby too. Spreading his wings, his wife stepping back to give her husband his space. As he takes flight Zane flying close to his wife "'Promise to write me every day?'' Charolette smiling, seeing her husband flying close to her .''Only if you promise to write back.'' waving her hoof in the air.'' I Love You.'' Zane "'I love You, Too.'' turning towards the sky, Taking flight for camp he fades that off into the distance. Charolette Lagoon Lake, on the ground watching as her husband fades out of sight. This is just a crumb to my Rich Story telling. of my book series... there is way more to the series, Crystal Frost us the Core of the Story however Knight Wing Plays a Key role... here is sneak peak of my creative art, that i will be first publishing in a Coloring book, plan to do this in 2019 the beauty part got around 100 illustrations done... Already.. in time the books i plan to publish once written.. for now here is sneak peak...