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Found 62 results

  1. I know most of us have changed our usernames and avatars so, if you want, post your 3DS Forums or Wii U Forums username here so we can all find each other. that's ok with you... By the way, I'm elviswjr.
  2. Here's an old one. Now for the masses who don't know, I'm a huge 3DS fan. I thought the handheld was great and an amazing adaptation of the successful DS. I bought my own during the first year of its release, and, even though it was called a failure, I sure had a lot of fun with it! Having bought the newly released, remastered editions of my all-time favorite Zelda, I was set! Smash 4 was a hit and Resident Evil: Revelations had me at the edge of my seat. Everything was awesome! At least, it was until... The New 3DS XL Now, I know Nintendo's history with handhelds. First comes the innovation (Nintendo DS), then comes the remastered version (Nintendo DS Lite), and then the one no one cares about (Nintendo DS XL). And don't get me started on the GameBoy Micro. Seriously, what is that? (Rhetorical) So by the time the N3DS came out, I was a bit upset and for a lot of reasons. Firstly, I couldn't play Binding of Isaac on my old one, and secondly, that meant the 3DS was nearing the end of its life. Has that happened yet? No and I hope that never comes to pass. I mean, come on, the Vita? That's literally the second joke I've pulled on that system. Better graphics isn't the world, y'know? Anyway, the problem of today was that I had my heart set on the N3DS. I figured, "Oh, well I might as well get it because I don't have enough money for the Circle Pad." Yeah, that was my reasoning back then. Buy a 200 dollar system to make up for a 10 dollar appliance. Some mathematician I was. The thing was that I was willing to sell my original, aqua blue 3DS on this shady market website and... it didn't go well. I was willing to supply the case, the box, the instructions. It was like new and it was perfect! I... even wiped the disk. OUCH And in the blink of my eye, all 3000 of my Smash 4 trophies were gone. I was so upset when I didn't end up selling my 3DS. I made so many calls to Nintendo that week, and... the only thing I can say is that their customer service is pretty good. No complaints about that. (Oh, fun fact: The "on-hold" music is the Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Field theme. If you're bored, feel free to give 'em all call. Tell 'em I sent you) No, I never did get my trophies back. Probably because the system has some sort of "ultimate algorithm" that (wow, thank you spell-check. Seriously, "algorythim"? What is this?) locks the system. So all that data I had on my SD card was completely useless. So much for reading directions. Lesson of today is to respect your handhelds. Celestia knows what you do to them. -RealityPublishing
  3. Bought colors 3D for my 3ds and tested it out with my fav crystal gem Pearl. Just a redraw of Pearl from one of the episodes. Took about 4 hours. I'm super upset though cause I accidentally went over the drawing with a blank canvas and it saved and now it's gone from my 3ds, but at least I have this picture ;-;
  4. They have arrived! The classic Gameboy games, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are out now for the 3DS! With wireless functions! That's pretty cool. I have downloaded Pokemon Yellow so far and I named my Pikachu Meepshkee. :3 So far I have caught a male Nidoran and a Mankey, still very early in the game. It brings back so many memories. ^__^ Let's discuss it! Any of you have any of the games on 3DS? Current team? Nostalgic joys? :3
  5. Welcome! I've made this thread to have people who own Tri-Force Heroes share their Friend Codes and play together! So, what are you waiting for? If you'd like someone to play Tri-Force heroes with, this is the place to go! I'll start: Mine is 2165 6018 4192 Let's play! ^-^
  6. Today the latest Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon were announced for 3DS which will be coming out Winter 2015. There aren't more details but I'm guessing it will include 6th Gen Pokémon too. I'm excited for this because I love the Mystery Dungeon series and I hope this game will be better than the last one Gates to Infinity.
  7. Welcome to The Animal Crossing Master Thread Welcome, hello, and greetings! I made this thread for all things animal crossing related. The idea is simple: a hub for all of us on MLP forums to be able to share, trade, discuss and do all things Animal Crossing. I noticed no such thread existed prior to this, and that simply won't do. This is a game that is very community based and heavily reliant on having friends. So what better way to make friends than to check places you already frequent. So whether you have the game, or plan on getting it, this thread is for you! Commonly Asked Questions: What Is Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing is a life simulation game made by Nintendo. It was first introduced to English speaking parts of the world with the Gamecube game back in 2002. Since then, there have been 3 other major installments on the DS, Wii and now the 3DS! So this thread is all about New Leaf then, the newest installment on the 3DS? Correct, however when the new spin off game "Happy Home Designer" comes out, depending on its level of multiplayer involvement, it may too be incorporated in some manner. However it does not appear as though that game is going to be very multiplayer heavy. However there is a Wii U title called Amiibo Festival coming out that is more or less a Mario Party spin off of Animal Crossing. We are not certain if it will support internet play yet, so when more news on that pops up, I'll update this thread accordingly What if I play one of the older games? Can I still use this thread? Yes, you can to discuss those games, however since the Wii and original DS wifi has been shut down for good, trading with the older games or visiting towns is literally impossible now. There are some people working on like a way to get Wii and DS games back online, but the community for those games is now very small if non-existent. Animal Crossing unfortunately is a series where you sort of need to stay current to get the full benefit of it. There is a way to trade with the gamecube games via sending codes back and forth though. What can I do with this thread? That is completely up to you! You can trade, discuss the game, send your villagers to other people, get signatures for petitions in your town, visit other towns, or whatever you like! The idea is to bring players closer together and grow the animal crossing community as this is a game that's a lot of fun when you have friends! Where can I get the game? The game will work on ALL 3DS and 2DS models, and is around $25-35 in shops these days depending on where you go. You can also get it on the eShop right off of your 3DS if you have an SD card large enough for it. I have a European/Non-American version of the game, can I still play with people with different versions of the game? Yup! All versions of the game are compatible with each other. In fact there are certain items you can only get by trading with other versions of the game. Rules I ask everyone to follow certain level of etiquette when playing with other people. Remember these are real people and deserve respect! Treat them as you would like to be treated. Do not attempt to damage other players towns, or property. This includes destroying flowers, chopping down trees, or otherwise engaging in conduct that they do not desire. Some people may use hacks or cheats. This is something you have to accept and deal with because not every item in the game can be acquired legitimately yet, and to get some items you need to cheat. Please note there is NO way to determine if an item was brought into the game through any kind of cheating. It is physically impossible to track this kind of thing. No scamming of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: taking items from other players towns without permission, not meeting your end of a trade, or anything that involves obtaining items or services from other players without giving them the agreed upon payment/trade value. You MUST follow all rules of MLP Forums. No exceptions. Please do NOT report people facetiously. Anyone caught falsely reporting anyone will be subject to being blacklisted as well. Please ONLY report people who are legitimately ruining the game experience for other players! Please be respectful of the other players! Do not offer any kind of cheating services, this includes glitching, duping, RAM editing, and anything else to try and manipulate the game. If you wish to engage in any of these things, please do so on another thread/site/via PMs. You do so at your own risk though! Forewarning: duping runs the risk of losing items, RAM editing runs the risk of save file corruption and glitching can lead to many various undesired results. YOU ENGAGE AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND I WILL NOT BE DOING ANYTHING TO HELP CHEATERS. Must adhere to all of Nintendo's Terms of service, obviously. Reporting Cheaters/Rule Breakers/Anyone Playing in a Manner That is Intended to Reduce the Enjoyment of Other Players Sadly, not everyone likes to play fair or nice. As much as I'd like to think we're all better than this, let's face it: this kind of thing is going to happen. However I wish to reduce the amount of people getting harmed by this kind of behavior. Please note, if a person has SEVERELY harmed you in a manner that is NOT GAME RELATED, please CONTACT THE SITE STAFF AND REPORT THEM. THIS IS ONLY FOR REPORTING PEOPLE FOR GAME RELATED THINGS, NOT SITE RELATED. If a player has scammed you, please post the agreed upon items, and as much detail of the scam as possible. Using the 3DS screenshot feature can help you significantly in helping prove a lot of these cases. You may PM myself with the details and I will take action from there. If it is a violation of the site rules, I will tell you to speak with the site staff. Do not report people offering cheating services via PMs to me. All I will do about that is advise you not to use them and ignore said PMs. DO NOT post violators on this thread. They deserve a chance to tell their side of the story before attempting to slander them. Anyone caught doing so will be reported to site staff. I do not want people trying to hurt other people's play experience just because they do not like them. Anything breaking the site rules once again: will be reported right away. Please allow some time for me to look into it. I am only human and I am only online so many hours of a day. At some point I may appoint other people to take care of this stuff if necessary. I doubt we will have many issues though. People are not going to be black listed on a first offense unless it's extreme. Please make sure to get the person's friendcode and username on the site. Blacklist Below are a list of players who have played in a manner intended to damper other players experience and thus have been blacklisted with their friendcodes. You may still choose to engage with these players if you so choose, however consider this a warning that these players have chosen to harm other players experience. You choose to interact with them at your own risk! No one! Yay! Trading So, how do you trade on this thread? Well you can do so in any manner you like, but here is a good format for doing so. First of all, it's a good idea to make an account at MoriDB and create a list of items you are selling and a list you desire. This makes it easier for people to browse through your items and see what you have vs. what you want. It makes selling and buying a lot more streamlined and saves everyone a ton of time. However you are free to trade however you like. Just remember to offer fair trades to people. Don't expect insane prices for items that are very easy to acquire and do not lowball people for rare items. If you are unsure about an item look it up via the Animal Crossing Wiki. Friend Code List To make things easier on everyone, I have made this list for people to add their friendcodes so it's easier to find people who frequent this thread. If you want your friendcode added, simply post it with your town name or PM me and I'll add you to the list! Mist - 3840-6082-2301 Watatown Resources Below are a nice list of resources to help you with the game and are great tools for assisting in your experience! Try and check these resources BEFORE asking a question, please. MoriDB - An item database where you can display which items you wish to sell and which items you are currently seeking. It contains every item in the game. Animal Crossing Wiki - More or less the wiki of all things Animal Crossing. There is a good chance that anything you need to know is here somewhere if you look for it. Thonky's Animal Crossing Guide - One of the most definitive guides to Animal Crossing. Thonky's guide covers tons of the extras in the game and goes over almost everything there is to know about New Leaf from designing your face to the coffee shop! Animal Crossing Trade Reddit - A great community to trade if you can't find what you're looking for here. Will require a Reddit account. Happy crossing!
  8. I've had my *new* 3ds xl since it's release, and bought a few games for it. Now after finally playing through all of them, I'm ready to get a new game. I'm torn though. See my friends are recommending either Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and Animal Crossing New Leaf. I've had some experience with games "similar" to them, or so my friend tell me: Gods Eater Bust (PSP)- which is supposed to be very similar to the Monster Hunter Franchise? Harvest Moon games- which has a similar feel to Animal Crossing, only more open-ended? I'm not sure which one to get, any tips or experiences would be appreciated.
  9. I found online people saying that Ocarina of Time 3d is getting expensive becasue apparently it's not printed any more. I happen to own a copy of the game... a PAL version to be exact. WOuld that be considered as valuable as an NTSC copy? (Satoru Iwata, you will be missed
  10. *based on the 3DS version* Tales of the Abyss is the eighth installment in Namco's popular "Tales of" series, and was first released on the PS2 in 2005/2006(and rereleased on the 3DS in 2011/2012, coming to Europe and Australia for the first time). When it was released, Tales of the Abyss had a lot to live up to following the huge success of one of the previous titles Tales of Symphonia(not to mention Legendia fell short for many people). Despite some of flaws Tales of the Abyss is an excellent addition to the series that sits up their with Symphonia as one of my favorites in the series and of the best games on it's respective platforms library The story and characters are fun and engaging for the most part despite adhering to several cliche's common among JRPG storytelling. The world in Tales of the Abyss follows a society that depends on a a "Score", or prophecy, read by a historical figure in the game, Yulia, that foretells the destiny of the world and the people who live in it. Meanwhile the game's main character and nephew to the king of Kimlasca, the immature and incredibly selfish Luke Von Fabre, is still confined(for his safety) in his manor after he was kidnapped and lost his memory. While he still gets regular visits from his loyal friend, the woman-fearing Guy Cecil and his teacher, Master Van Grants, things go awry when an attempt to assassinate Van causes Luke to accidentally teleport himself and the assailant, the battle-hardened sister to Van Tear Grants to a different country, and along their travels they meet many allies along the way, including the really fucking pessimist and sarcastuc yet awesome Jade Curtiss, a general of Malkuth, Fon Master Ion and one of his guardians Anise Tatlin, and Princess Natalia of Kimlasca, and Mieu, a cheagle who is basically the game's cute animal mascot. They also face many foes mainly involving the Order of Lorelai, who is obsessed with fulfilling Yulia's score(though the Six, The Order's main faction, has plans of their own). The game has a pretty strong cast for the most part, with Luke though it really depends if your willing to put up with him throughout the first 4th of the game, as he is absolutely unlikeable with almost no redeeming values(and his abusive behavior towards Mieu doesn't help). However, after a certain point he vows to change, and throughout the game he changes from a spoiled brat you never want to deal with a game to a guy that you really don't want to depart with, and is easily one of the best characters in the game. The other characters are also really awesome like Tear, Guy and Natalia, and I already gushed over Jade, as he's up there with Kratos as one of my favorite characters in the Tales series. The only character I never really cared for was Anise, who only reminds me why I dislike most child characters in video games. The game also has a strong set of antagonists, the most notable one being Ashe, who serves as Luke's Rival, but the others are also strong each with their own distinct personalities and goals that do a good job of putting them in a sympathetic light. Again the only antagonist I don't care much for was Mohs, as he pretty much serves as the game's religious nutjob. Gameplay-wise, the battle system got a bit of an overhaul from Symphonia, with every character being fun and easier to use. On top of this, it's the first game that allows you to run freely while choosing your enemies. Techniques(now called Artes) work the same as previous games, certain artes cam be mapped to certain button placements to allow you to execute them in battle, and short cuts allow you to use any skill quickly(including your allies). Also, whenever an elemental ability is used, an elemental circle called "Field of Fonons" and can change your artes attack depending on the FOF and which arte is used. At a certain level, when you go to Overlimit, you can use an attack called "Mystic Artes" which is basically a Limit Break. Each character also has their own set of skills(called AD Skills) that amplify certain actions, and each character can fit artes with something called Capacity cores that does different effects for them. Many key features from previous Tales games such as Cooking, Titles, Grade and Skits return and work exactly how they should. Only problem I have with cooking is that Wonder Chef doesn't make an appearance, which I find inexcusable The soundtrack, while not as memorable compared to other JRPG soundtracks imo, is still really solid with its share of standout songs. The voice acting is also fairly strong, which is actually pretty amazing compared to the Voice Acting you hear in other JRPGs. The game is also packed with content. The main story should take about 30-40 hours to complete, and that's not even including the plethora of sidequests to do, which range from pretty mundane tasks like being a waiter and rearranging boxes in warehouses, to fighting in the coliseum, learning more earning powerful new artes and learning more about your character's backstories. Some sidequests also include getting alternate outfits for your characters. One thing I feel the game falls short in is replayability, again coming after Symphonia where you can have different paths, even if only slightly different, this game doesn't really change during different replays. That said there are still plenty of things to do that you will either miss on your first playthrough or you can only get on subsequent playthroughs, and there's still a ton to do if your a completionist. In all, Tales of the Abyss is an awesome game that's a welcome addition to the Tales franchise and is one of the must-haves on the PS2 or the 3DS, two platforms already lauded for having a strong JRPG library. If you have either platform, I highly recommend getting this game
  11. So there is a new game coming out to the Wii U and 3DS later this year in September called Rodea the Sky Soldier by Kadokawa Shoten and NIS America. This game already came out in Japan last month. Now this game is designed by Yuji Naka who used to work for Sega and he programmed the famous Sonic the Hedgehog games and Nights into Dreams. This game looks interesting because it seems to be a mix of platforming elements and flying elements and the gameplay feels very similar to Nights into Dreams. Of course I haven't played it yet but it seems like a game I would really like. However I predict that this game may become rare and valuable in the future so just in case I want to pick it up as soon as I can because it seems like a really interesting game.
  12. Just recently, Bamco announced , a sequel to the massive crossover project between Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega, and have revealed a bit of the roster which features some familiar faces from the last game(Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vespira, Akira Yuki of Virtua Fighter, Megaman X) as well as some new appearances(Leon S Kennedy of Resident Evil, Kazuma of Yakuza, Kazuya of Tekken). While I'm expecting to see most of the original cast return, I'm mostly interested to see some of the new characters/team ups each company may include in the next game. For this, since there's a lot of characters to cover, I'll probably just separate this into 3 different blog posts, one for Capcom, Sega, and Namco respectively _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting things off with Capcom as they're probably the easiest to work with, both because they have the most popular stable of characters...and I'm kind of a fan of most of them Team Commando Featuring Capcom's original mascot, Captain Commando, since the game prides itself on teams, it'd be a huge missed opportunity to leave them out a second time(especially since he DID appear in Namco X Capcom, a precursor to PxZ) Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia Much like Team Commando, it just seems like a huge missed opportunity to leave them out again, especially when Capcom seems to love including Joe in crossovers Ace Attorney Characters Was very surprised to see them miss out on the last game considering how popular the series is. With how bonkers the cast is, they'd have a funny fighting style to see for sure(especially if Phoenix's moveset in UMvC3 was). As for who'd team up with Phoenix, I could see Apollo, Athena, Edgeworth, Maya, hey maybe even Franzy working well Breath of Fire Characters I'm actually not to familiar with the Breath of Fire series, but I know for a fact that they're popular among Capcom fans, and they'd more than likely work well in the game(and it helps that Breath of Fire could use some crossover love) Guile and Charlie(Street Fighter) Kinda seems like a no brainer, especially since Charlie is supposedly gonna have a big part in Street Fighter V. Plus Everyone loves Guile Gene(God Hand) From Clover's Swan Song, God Hand, Gene has that sort of whacky style that can't be replicated from anything else. And God Hand is awesome Final Fight Characters As par for the course, Final Fight series prides itself on co-op teamwork, and to see them in the game(whether it be Haggar/Cody, Haggar/Guy, or Cody/Guy) would work perfectly Powerstone characters Much like Breath of Fire, the Powerstone franchise could really use some more love from Capcom. In particular, I'd love to see the game's lead, Edward Falcon make an appearance, either with another character(probably Rouge) or even as a support unit Onimusha characters Like Breath of Fire, I'm not very familiar with the world of Onimusha, other than, much like BoF, it's very popular among Capcom fans, and they look like they'd work well in the game Jin Saotome(Cyberbots) While I'm not familiar with Cyberbots, I am familiar with Jin due to his appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom...he's a fucking badass. He's long overdue for a new appearance in a game anyway BONUS ROUND
  13. I am in need of all 3DS players around. So, it's been a month since I have received the 3DS. So far, the games I've played are: -Pokemon XY and ORAS -SMT IV -Persona Q -Devil Survivor Overclocked. -AA:DD (via IPhone) -PLxAA (via Let's Play) -All Professor Layton, excluding Azran Legacy My wish list next is Devil Survivor 2 RB which will come out in May. But, I'm in Spring Break and I need some more games. My initial thought were -Mario Kart 7 -SSB4 -Fire Emblem Awakening But, does people still play MK7 and SSB4? Also, is FE:A really worth it? Also, put some more games you'd recommend.
  14. Hello Pokem fans! As you may or may not know, the offical 'Pokemon' webiste announced on May 7th, 2014 that the original games Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire will indeed have re-makes. The re-makes are titled: Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The games are confirmed to be released world-wide on November 21st, 2014. (NOW OUT AND READY TO BE PURCHASED). Now, I know that we still have awhile longer to wait, but I, like most Pokemon fans, am hyped for these games to come out! Fans have been speculating for a long time that these re-makes would be made, and now they are. So, I figured I would start a thread to discuss the upcoming games. * I pre-ordered Pokemon Omega Ruby . * I chose Mudkip as my starter. My Team's Status - Swampert (Royal) level 64 - Mightyena (Wolf) level 61 - Berloom (Vuka) level 60 - Rayquaza (Diablo) level 71 - Skarmory (Cobalt) level 58 - Electrike (Wixom) level 59
  15. I will start us off Dream Suite Code 5400-2214-1557 My 3DS friend code is 5086-1486-8628 Leave your's below and lets all hang out!
  16. Face it, the 3ds ROCKS! Want a friend who online daily? Wanna trade them legends? Wanna team up to kill that Nap dragon?! Shiiiiiiiit, You a Rper? Welcome to the handheld version of "Lady Rarity" Rper! Friend me, message here (or pm me) and I will add you back! 4356-0599-4945
  17. Hey everyone. Just curious as to who here has played the BIT.TRIP series. It's a series of indie games first released on the Nintendo WIi (later released on iOS, Android, NIntendo 3DS, and Steam). The six main games in the series are: BIT.TRIP Beat - hit "beats" with a Pong-style paddle in time with music, BIT.TRIP Core - hit "beats" with a laser that can shoot in four directions, BIT.TRIP Void - collect and "bank" black beats and avoid white beats, BIT.TRIP Runner - run, jump, slide and kick obstacles and collect gold, BIT.TRIP Fate - rail shooter / bullet-hell, and BIT.TRIP Flux - reprise of Beat with elements of the other games included. The games together tell the story of the birth, life and death of a character known as Commander Video. The story is told through a series of cutscenes between levels, and partly in the highly abstract and symbolic gameplay itself. It's quite deep and profound, it has at least one meta-story in it (in my opinion, the series is a commentary and celebration of the video game industry as a whole), and it's surprisingly difficult. I love it, personally. Curious to know what others think of it.
  18. Didn't see any other thread here about it. NA Announcement Trailer: Coming Spring 2015! Who's hyped?
  19. Hey guys! With pokemon X and Y releasing tomorrow, I thought it would be great to create this thread to share friend codes to join in on others online for trading, battling, and more! Remember, this is ONLY towards Pokemon X and Y. Just drop your username and friend code on your post so others can add you! Username: DXSilverX Friend Code: 4055-2971-6617 Also, what will you be getting, X or Y?
  20. Well, this review might seem a little overdue. Sorry, had to actually unlock all the characters and the stages before I actually officially review this game. And, now I have so I might as well review it. So, the premise. It's Smash Brothers, but this time on a 3DS. That's about it. All right time to start out with the bad. Well the game controls decently on a handheld, I did have some issues controlling the characters with the circle pad. Sometimes when I want to smash say left I smash right or sometimes it can screw me over and make me fall off a cliff. It's just a minor nitpick. I also sometimes have trouble telling which one is me. This is probably because I'm playing it on a regular 3DS as opposed to a 3DS XL, but the stages would sometimes be zoomed out where I can't tell who I am. At least I didn't double up with characters. Also, some characters are missing, notably Ice Climbers and Lucas. Another minor note is some of the AI seems a bit more OP. When did Master Hand get so difficult? I've heard it's even more hard on 9.0 intensity on classic mode where you have to fight this monster thing. Now, time for the good. I really like all the new features in this game. Smash Run is a good, fun feature. Probably a replacement for the adventure mode. Maybe the adventure mode will be on the Wii U version. Also, liking the roaster despite the missing characters. You can finally have the battle of the gaming mascots with Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac Man. Also, Bowser Jr. is in the game. That might seem lame but when you switch his costumes, they turn into the 7 other koopa kids. So, you can play as the koopa kids. In Classic mode, I like how instead of fighting through one set destination, you can take branching paths to different locations leading to something different every time. Just one of those nice cool new things. Oh, and for surprising new characters. Duck Hunt. I didn't see that coming at all along with Bowser Jr. I didn't look at the leaks due to spoilers and I do not like leaks. So bottom line, it's a pretty fun game to hold you over for when the Wii U version comes out. The Wii U version will probably have more features and all that, but this version can hold you over until then. Final Score: 8/10
  21. Characters have always been one of the biggest things in Super Smash Bros, and with the Wii U version coming right around the corner, I figured it was time to look back at all of the characters we’ve seen in this series, more specifically, the newcomers of each game. What qualifies as a newcomer is a new character whose been added to the series roster whether as a hidden character or the starting roster. Since this is about newcomers, this list won’t include the first 8 original Smash characters(Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu.), but I will count the secret characters in Smash 64, and most of the characters here are there for their impact, whether it be for Smash or for Nintendo in general. Now, without further ado 5) Mr Game and Watch There’s a really irresistible charm about Mr Game&Watch, whether it be his bizarre fighting style or his general goofiness. But in all Mr Game and Watch was the character that started a trend of weird characters appearing within each game(otherwise known as WTF characters in the Smash Bros fandom), with other characters like ROB, Wii Fit Trainer, and Duck Hunt Dog joining Mr. G&W. While some may argue that Ness was the first WTF character to his obscurity, but Mr. G&W was the true leader in weirdness….speaking of Ness… 4) Ness and Lucas(Earthbound and Mother 3) Included both Ness and Lucas since they’re both here for pretty much the same reason. To put it simply, Ness and Lucas’s appearances in Super Smash Bros is one of the biggest contributors to the Mother series’ popularity in the US. Before SSB64, hardly anyone knew what the Mother series or Earthbound was, come Ness’s appearance in Super Smash Bros and BAM, everyone is suddenly interested, with the series exploding in internet popularity, prices of the game skyrocketing, fan translations of the first and 3rd games, and constant petitioning of Nintendo to bring the series to America. 3) Pit(Kid Icarus) Even before Super Smash Bros, Kid Icarus was a pretty popular game(with a solid sequel on the Game Boy) among the Nintendo fanbase, and a game that fans pretty much begged a sequel too. Seeing his inclusion in Brawl brought a lot of happiness to KI fans, even with his design being drastically different from past appearances(cartoon angel to anime pretty boy), and his inclusion must’ve been really well received, as Nintendo finally released another sequel on the 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, which was led by Sakurai himself, with Pit sporting a new look. Thankfully the game was well received and sold well, which helped build its popularity(even if Sakurai shows disturbing bias for the series in Smash 4) 2) Snake(Metal Gear Solid) This list could consist mostly of the 3rd party characters since they’re well… 3rd party characters, but if you asked me which one was the best, surprising, most important 3rd party character in Smash, my vote would go to Snake, and no that’s not my MGS fanboyism kicking in. Here’s a brief history lesson: Hideo Kojima and his son Kojima Jr. are playing Smash 64 on a nice day, Kojima Jr asks why isn’t his character in it, and since Kojima is an awesome dad, he goes to Sakurai(whom he’s friends with btw) and asks his if he can put Snake in Melee, Sakurai says ok, realizes that Melee is too far into development, so he says “meh, I’ll put him in the next game” and the rest is history. Whatever your opinion on his inclusion is, you can’t deny that his inclusion had a huge impact on the series. We probably would have never gotten Sonic, Megaman, or Pacman without Snake, and I'm personally happy for it...even if it means we'll now have to deal with Sonic fanboys begging for the entire Sonic roster 1)Marth and Roy(Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Sword of Seals) Taking the number one spots are two characters that were originally intended as Japan exclusive characters(which I’m glad didn’t happen since Japan exclusivity sucks balls). Marth and Roy were main characters in one of Nintendo’s older franchises and formerly Japan-exclusive, Fire Emblem, specifically the first game and Sword of Seals respectively. No one knew who either of these characters were, but their appearances were insanely well received in America, that Nintendo decided to release Fire Emblem Blazing Swords, the first Fire Emblem to reach America. The game sold very well and received critical acclaim. Every Fire Emblem game since then has been released internationally and continues to do well, and I’m very glad for that. I’d hate to think of a world where Fire Emblem Awakening was only released in Japan, since that’s probably one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'll probably make a top 5 worst newcomers list sometime in the future depending on my mood, though I'm less inclined to make one since no.1 is probably going to be Dark Pit
  22. Feel free to add any pony you would like to [recomended that you tell others what you play] My 3DS FC: 1203-9842-7746 (I play: Pokèmon, Tomodachi Life, Colors 3D (Wes da Best), Denpa Men 3, Kid Icarus Uprising (Wesley) [to be updated in future]) My Wii U FC: Wes_Da_Best77 ( Games I play: Nintendo Land, New super Mario Bros. u, New Luigi U [to be updated in future])
  23. Nintendo has just announced a new version of the 'Nintendo 3DS' handheld called the 'New Nintendo 3DS'. A standard size 3Ds and a larger variation called "LL" come in a multitude of colors. The standard sized New 3DS has colored buttons similar to a Super Famicon Controller. Ooo, retro. Whilst the New 3DS "LL" sports a look similar to a Gamecube controller. Ooo, early 2000s. The "New" 3DS comes with a second analog stick that is similar to the C-Stick that on Gamecube controllers. Ooo, overused joke. The cartridge slot is found underneath the handheld to the left, the pen in the middle and the power button to the right. It also has a ZR and ZL buttons between the two shoulder buttons. Other functions include the screen being able to auto-dim in certain situations allowing extended battery life, has a better CPU so it can run games faster, 3D has been revamped to allow head tracking so anyone can view the 3D effect from different angles and it will implement the "Amiibo" that was announced with the new Super Smash Bros. title. It'll be released in Japan this October. Plans for U.S. won't happen in 2014. Personally, I can't wait for this. Having a C-Stick similar to the Gamecube controller sounds really nice.
  24. So recently, I've gotten into online battling on Pokemon X. For some reason I find it very fun. I've not done any ranked battles, but I really want to. All I'm really doing right now is making teams, breeding and training pokemon. This blog probably won't be to long, I just wanna ask if there are any veteran pokemon battlers out there who could offer advice, or possibly anyone out there who might wanna battle, leave a comment if you do, and then we can exchange friend codes. For now, goodbye.
  25. Yeah, so my 3DS could use some new games and my wallet could lose a little weight. Any games you guys can recommend?