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Found 1 result

  1. I've been in a bad mood lately, so what better time than to look at a comic that features Dash and all of Ponyville in just as bad a mood? Misery loves company, after all! In all seriousness, this was actually an interesting comic. It took a few pages for it to click, but I realized that this entire comic is written and drawn like it's a children's storybook, Dr. Seuss style. It's being narrated by Zecora for starters, so all the narration is in rhyme and several of the pages are drawn and displayed like storybook, with stand-alone images on a blank page with a blurb of narration next to it for example. The story even feels like a storybook tale. It's not overly complex, but it didn't have any reason to be. Rainbow Dash is ecstatic about the newest Daring Do book being released today, so her and Tank rush to get in line. Things go sour on her way there, ending up with her coming down with the "Grumpies", which spreads like a plague all across Ponyville and beyond as more and more ponies end up making it worse. Several pages are spent detailing the spread of this too, with RD listed as "Patient Zero" and jumping from case to case number, like Lyra being #37. Along the way, Big Mac stubs his toe on a rock, so he kicks it at Clover, Apple Bloom slams a door in Cranky's face, Shining Armor is mad that the DM murdered his level 12 Elf-pony by immolation (been there dude, I feel your pain) and Applejack mocks Luna, who then goes and makes Celestia just as mad. Also, Zecora breaks the fourth wall more than once, since she can't think of a word that rhymes with muffin. Near the end, she even goes and buys a copy of "Daring Do and the Lost Book of Words that Rhyme With Orange". (Answer: Door hinge) So Dash shows up to her grumpy friends who are sick of waiting for her and gets in line, even more mad now as things escalate out of control. Tank, being the loyal friend that he is, sets out to help Rainbow Dash... very slowly. After Zecora gives him a push and he runs right into Rainbow, she just nightmarishly tears into him while drawn like she's turned into a snarling demon straight out of hell. Under her verbal onslaught, Tank bursts into tears. Like a dead fish slap to the face, this is enough to snap Rainbow out of her nasty mood, profusely apologizing to Tank as she consoles him. This also serves to snap her friends out of their bad moods too, since they help Dash console Tank. This causes a domino-effect that ripples through the town as ponies begin apologizing to one another and stopping the grumpy mood. Big Mac apologizes to Clover and returns the rock he kicked to Maud, Apple Bloom helps Cranky with his groceries and Shining just rolls another character, since it's just a game to have fun with your friends. RD gets her book, they all go to the park to read and everything is right with the world. Except for one guy who's still grumpy. Whoops. All and all, this was a funny little one-shot and a fun read. My only complaint is the art style, which fluctuates and switches between at least 3-4 different styles from page to page. There's only one artist and colorist credited respectively, but it feels like every other page was drawn and colored by a different person. If you can get over the art changing mid-page at times, then I would recommend giving it a read.