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Found 25 results

  1. I know there are Pokemon threads, but I'm wondering if anyone else is playing the 1.1 or 1.2 patch of Pokemon Clover. You know that hard one made by 4Chan peeps with all of the offensive jokes and memes (most of which are old now considering the original version was from 2017)? Maybe even posting teams (though I know this game seems to have a way of discouraging using the same team for everything). Myself, I'm at the third gym and my team looks like this: AKBAR- Lv.27 Iguallah Na'Vi- Lv.26 Nonegative 3Chan- Lv.26 Clovour Stinky- Lv.26 Mudpants ChickFilA- Lv.27 Frieden Top Kek- Lv.26 Kekroach (Probably going to switch out Frieden for a Deemdow for the gym.)
  2. Well, this again, 4chan has a list of season 6 episodes, but the same guy who made a list of season 5 eposides previously, with most of them being true. Who knows if said results will repeat this upcoming season Update: it's probably fake, not like we didn't see that coming
  3. According to Horse News and this web link, 4chan has been sold to 2chan founder, Hiroyuki Nishimura. This is pretty big news as there were questions of 4chan's fate after Moot essentially left the site. Now this confirms that he is no longer owner of the site and is now under a new management. What would happen to 4chan's culture remains to be seen however. What do you guys think.
  4. ITT we simulate a real life 4chan thread. I'll start. >Still going to MLPForums >2014
  5. So I am here today wanting to ask you all about 4chan's board for everything MLP. While most of the community did start from there, it has a bad reputation for clopping to anything and making the community look like furries. Although it is not as bad as most people say it is "Porn isn't that common" its still pretty weird. Basically, they mix up all kinds of fetishes and add ponies to the mix. Some threads do eventually go from humble to everyone insulting each other in a matter of time. So, I wanted to get your opinion on what you think about /mlp/? Do you think it is not that bad, or do you find it disgusting?
  6. I want to know about this forum site called 4chan. I've heard about it frequently in the brony community so I'm curious to know what's the big deal with it.
  7. Alright all you fillies and gentle colts, we got us an issue with 4chan again. from what I've been hearing, 4 chan has "hacked" into tumblr and started causing all sorts of . as Bronies we had a history with this god of chaos known as 4chan. Now for dramatic effect and for the sake of expressing the severity of this situation ill explain it in 2 ways. 1. we fought with this 4chan awhile back, back when Bronies were first coming to power over the internet, 4chan damn near denied the rise of us Bronies. with them banning all pony related content on their forums it seemed all hope was lost. but we did wall all Bronies do, fight till the god damn bitter end. and we came out bucking. we managed to push back 4chan and remove the ban of ponies from their website. as far as I know, Bronies, are the only ones to actually defeat 4chan. in order to save our dear friend tumblr from a terrible fate. we must alert all the Brony forums and for the army that Bronies once were and defeat our old nemesis once again. 2. 4chan is going to far. from what my informants tell me. some peeps from 4chan are posting rape and gore in what is supposed to be safe tags, as well a hacking into tumblr accounts and photo shopping picture of people into porn. yeah that's not going to happen. not while us Bronies are still here. so I'm asking you please. for the sake of tumblr, the internet, and the people whose lives are being negatively effected to point of possible suicide. we need to stop 4chan from doing this, or the people who are involved. post in this if you agree with me or would like to discuss a plan. even if I have to go into this alone I will do everything I can to fight against these dark and twisted people. :okiedokielokie:
  8. Write a letter to the /mlp board on 4chan. Each post must contain only (1) word. Be as crazy and awesome as you want! This thread is similar to letter to Tara Strong. I started the letter with Dear 4Chan. Dear 4Chan. ----------------
  9. I need an explanation about this "Scruffy" guy and his hatred from the satyrs and satyr-posters. Here's a related picture ( ):
  10. I remember one day, I was surfing 4chan's mlp thread, and I swear, hours must have passed of just random and useless threads. Found some clop here and there, but it was like "meh quality". Suddenly I came upon this thread talking about some sort of mecha-dead-Lyra. Too bad I can't find the thread or the picture atm, *shrug* anyways, it was for greentext people and they had to come up with a story about loving the horrid lyra "thing", but as you came to actually love her, her form would revert back to normal. I decided to see the full thread and read some of the stories. I laughed I cried I "wtf?!?" I reached the end where there were no more replies, and I have to say...It was some of the best mecha-necrophiliac mlp clop-fics I ever read. So yeah...thank you 4chan for that life changing moment lol
  11. One of our community guests, Catie Wayne, known to some as Boxxy from 4chan's /b/, recently posted her video about her fantastic time at BABSCon 2014.
  12. The following is a copy & paste job from my last Tumblr post: 4chan & My Little Pony It is everywhere you look, on your facebook wall, you’re notifcation list on twitter. It’s trending on reddit, instragram you name it. It is the ‘hive mind’ It is what is ‘popular’ on the internet. Pointless, moronic and always forgotten. It is the scare cam let’s play videos spearheaded by pewdiepie, it used to be the call of duty commentary videos made by those who have fallen into obscurity. What becomes popular on the internet? cat videos, music videos, offensive memes and jokes. All of it pointless and ultimately forgettable. Where is the only place this holds water, validity, memory? 4chan. This is where it all used to come from, now it’s gravitated toward reddit where there are screenames and accountability, because social media changed the game in that respect. Chasing what is trending on the internet is like a dog chasing it’s tail, there is no merit to it. The old model of 4chan which peaked at less than 20 million users is on it’s way out. I find that interesting, because given the ability to say or do anything anonymously what did the community seek? Recognition, in the popularity of viral memes, videos etc. What is 4chan’s swansong? My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy magical technicolour talking ponies I just find it interesting that this is what the site will be remembered for as it’s userbase continues sto shift toward ‘the front page of the internet’ - reddit.
  13. The original idea: From this idea, I sometimes imagine Bronies/Pegasisters and the MLP Ponies themselves as Mongolian-influenced. I would occasionally play some Mongol music when I think of the Bronies and Ponies; imagine them in Mongolian attire; imagine them attacking, besieging, and plundering cities and towns; and even think of them conversing in Mongol (or a related accent). I even called Bronies, "The (Solar/Rainbow) Horde"! Just think of something like this: ... except that the warriors' faces look "European", and the "horse" looks "Pony-ish". or this: Secondly, what if 4chan became the next Roman Empire (with Moot as Caesar), and Bronies lurk about, waiting to plunder it to the core? (and) Finally, who will be the Bronies' Khan? Lauren Faust? What do?
  14. Hey all have any of you watched 'pony thread simulators' and if so what do you think of them? I found them oddly addiciting personally, and now also I can't associate the super mario Bros theme tune with anything that isn't /mlp/. Here is a perfect example if you've never heard of this before:
  15. I believe 4chan's where everything pony-related was born: the artwork (nasty and not), the fans (nice and trolls) and... well, everything. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I've heard this name for years, but I've never actually visited the site at least once in my life. I've never felt the urge to see what's going on there. To be honest, I was also kind of scared of 4chan's hugeness and wanted to stay away from it. I have a few question though. What exactly is 4chan? Is it a forum just like this one? What's its fanbase like? Is it nice and friendly like this one? Should I be thankful to it because of the MLP fanbase we have today? Should I sign up and follow it to stay informed about the latest memes and whatnot?
  16. Oy, 4chan idiot here again. After roaming around awhile back on board /r/, I noticed how useful it is, and how many benifits it would have, had it existed on here; thus, I decided to make a /r/equests thread, since making a board would take too long. /r/ board is a board where posters can submit topics about something they're searching for, or would like to have people post of, i.e. wallpapers, music, anime/manga, tv shows, art requests, and misc. items. Now, since MLP Forums does not permit thr sharing of torrents publicly, some of those are knocked out the window, but you can request, and a fellow /r/eader can pm you. I'll start off; I am looking for the [guitar] tab of this song: Nirvana - Old Age (Track Version) [Also known as "Home Acoustic 04-Old Age Track Version"] If you can find it, or know how to make it into tableture it would be much appreciated. Happy posting!
  17. Oy, it's been a long while since I posted a topic, and most of the others are boring. Now, if any of you have been of board /x/ on 4chan (which is doubtful since the people here think 4chan is disgusting), you might know about the occasional '/x/'s Experiences' threads. For those of you who are completely unaware of what they are, they're simply threads in which a poster writes about his/her experiences that scared the shit out of them, or just those occasional spooky experiences. One thing I may point out, is that on /x/, most stories are told with actions in >greentext. Here is an example. Primarily, I believe posters do this as to sooth the eyes, and not make it a continuous paragraph-wall of text. Feel free to do it however you prefer, I simply find >greentexting is better. Any hoot, continue to post! *(DISCLAMER: IF YOU ARE SPOOKED ALREADY, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO.)* There, now you should be ready.
  18. I dunno if this kind of thread has been banned now or not but if it has it can be closed. Anyway:
  19. This thread probably won't last very long /b/anana /co/lonist /v/andal /a/ardvark your turn!
  20. well i was wondering how many people use 4chan i do myself because its a lot more sensible than the people on the internet say it is and can sometimes come out with useful info or interesting things
  21. if you have heard of it and watched it than you're no stranger to it if you haven't than here is the basic's it is a at least 10 min collection of vids (separate) that conclude of how messed up some people/bronies are when they go on 4chan personally i think its funny but there are some parts where i just feel creeped out and if you want to watch it look it up i can't post it because its considered NSFW (its not bronies in general its what happens when they go on 4chan)
  22. Sauce: http://knowyourmeme....eentext-stories This thread is dedicated completely to greentext stories, read the article above to do it right. Rules (gasp! There's rules! This is an awful thread!): No Sexual innuendos Keep cursing to a minimum Don't be offensive towards race, religion, political views, etc Must begin with > Must be in these Text colors: 1 2 3 Example made by me: > Be browsing MLPforums at school > Some tough guy comes up to you > Yo weirdo, what ya lookin' at? > Say its just a forum > Lemme see that > He looks at the screen > He screams > I can't stand you ponyfags! > He Destroys the computer monitor > He then jumps out the window > Dafuq just happened? Jimmie status: [X] - Rustled [ ] - Unrustled
  23. All those characters are taken by others, and I hate roleplaying as someone that isn't either me or an OC which is essentially just me (I like the word "me " big time) so I think I'll make a more interesting ask thread since I'm bored: ask me anything! That means anything. Anything from why I'm attracted to Twily intensely, why I both love and hate 4chan, why I'm better than all of you (hint: The Great and Powerful Ashbad likes himself quite a bit), things like/dislike about bronies and such, why Nickleback is such a horrible band, and why Twily is always on my mind. Feel free to also ask questions on why I like Twily so much. Expect some /b/read.
  24. destroy die destroy RIP /mlp/
  25. I'm going to be going to bronycon in new york this June. I feel obligated to take down the card stand that all those OPs previous to myself have all failed to do. Should I? Or is it not worth it? Also, how should I do it? Both realistic and creative ideas are welcome